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Friday, 28 June 2013

12th July - English National Unity Day

12th July is English National Unity Day

On the 12th July 927AD King Athelstan of the Royal House of Wessex, was recognised as the first King of all England at the Council of Eamont, Cumberland. The English Democrats will be holding celebrations on the 12th July 2013 across England to mark English Unity Day and to call for an English Unity National Holiday.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:-

“This 12th July will be the one thousand and eighty sixth anniversary of English Unity. It was the day on which King Athelstan realised the dream of the Venerable Bede and Alfred the Great and completed the mission of the Royal House of Wessex to unite England into a single united Nation State.

“England is by far the oldest Nation State in Europe and arguably the oldest Nation State on earth.

“The 12th July is an anniversary of history and pride for all patriotic Englishmen and Englishwomen and should be celebrated with all the enthusiasm that the Americans bring to their Independence Day or the French bring to Bastille Day.”

Notes to Editors

The recently published 2011 Census showed that England has over 32 million (32,007,983) people (or 60.4%) who have stated they have only English National Identity. A further 4.8 million (4,820,181) people (or 9.1%) stated that their National Identity is 'English and British'.

In sharp contrast with this nearly 70% being English there were only a mere 10 million (10,171,834) people (or 19.2%) who claimed to be 'British Only'. A substantial proportion of these 'British Only' appear, from cross referencing with the results of the Census' ethnicity question, to be of non English ethnicity (ie Scottish, Welsh or Irish).

The Office for National Statistics nationality statistics can be found here)>>> The Nationality results are at: 2011 Census: KS202EW National identity, local authorities in England and Wales.

Also demand for English Independence is increasing rapidly in England and although reactive to the movement for Scottish Independence it is not dependent on it. The June 2011 ComRes survey done for the BBC showed that then there was 36% support for England to be a fully Independent Country irrespective of the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Further information from:

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats


  1. Eamont Bridge is the place and lies just to the south of Penrith. The village is in two halves, north of the bridge and south of it. The name of the river was originally Eamoot, Anglo-Saxon for the moot, meeting, of the rivers, ea and referred to the place a bit further east where the Eamont joins the River Eden. The name of the river is a back formation. Perhaps it had a Celtic name before that.

    I had always thought that the meeting took place on the south side of the river. Land on the south side was in Westmorland until Cumbria was formed by local government re-organisation in the 1970s. Land on the north side was in Cumberland and the river formed the boundary between the two.

    I had thought that the land to the north remained in the Kingdom of Strathclyde and thus part of Scotland. This is why I thought the meeting took place to the south; but this is something that I need to check.

    Athelstan is still remembered in Wessex and there is an Athelstan Road in Southampton.
    Of course having the 12th July as our national day would leave Cumberland a bit out on a limb.
    However, the alternatives would be St Edmund's Day which would affect Danelaw sensitivities or St George's Day which is a bit problematic as he was from Palestine. Most patron saints are natives of the country they represent, except St Nicholas for Russia and St Andrew for Scotland.

    1. The king of the Cumbrians was at the meeting, as was the king of the Scots and the king of the North Welsh.

  2. Further to the above, talking of the Danelaw, I sometimes wonder whether the strong support for the English Democrats in Yorkshire and down the eastern side of the country is down to the Danish blood.

    Proof of the Danes love of freedom and independence is shown by the growing support of the Danish working classes for the Danish People's Party a "right wing" party which even somebody on the left of politics there said was understandable.

    The Danish People's party is an anti-globalist party which stands for an independent Denmark.
    As such, it is opposed to globalization to the benefit of the global plutocratic elites and to the detriment of the Danish worker and opposed to international socialism; both of these believe in the creation of a borderless world and the destruction of the homogeneous European nation state - see Peter Sutherland of the UN on this - which is viewed as an impediment to such a one world state.

    Thus the DPP rejects a multicultural multi-ethnic Denmark and wants a halt to mass immigration, most of which is from muslim countries and recently led to the rape of two under ten-year-old girls by a Somali immigrant who was defended by his community. The recommendation that he be deported after serving his sentence was then overturned which has caused outrage there.

    But the party is against the relocation of Danish industries outside Denmark which has led to the end of Denmark's shipbuilding industry. Basically, the DPP wants to turn back the globalist/globalization clock and give Danes their jobs back and protect their homeland from disappearance.

    Sadly, this would probably have been the situation here 20 to 30 years ago but with New Labour's going out to the third world begging them to flock in here, it is probably too late. Our fate is now sealed. We are known as the country which has most embraced globalization - whether we wanted it or not - and are destined to be a third world globalist pawn. But I wish the Danes every success. It is nice to know that one European country will remain so as we embrace our Afro-asian future.

    1. Don't fool yourself, the Tories and the Lib Dem quislings are every bit as guilty as New Labour, when it comes to encouraging immigration. (Immigration applies downward pressure on wages)
      Ties between the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North East with the other side of the North Sea have been maintained across the generations from when the Angles, Frisians and Jutes first settled in England. Towns along the east coast were in the Hanseatic League along with the likes of Bremen and Bergen.

    2. Now the Tories are talking about giving an amnesty to illegal immigrants

    3. My heart sinks but this is no surprise. What happens in America is sure to happen here. Mass hispanic immigration into the US was the result of Ted Kennedy and the Left's overturning of a bill in the 1970s to preserve the European nature of America. However, after that it was encouraged by the Republicans as it forced down wages. Now the amnesty has been passed there allowing 11m illegal hispanic immigrants to stay but strengthening the border with Mexico (don't make me laugh they have been trying to do that for decades). However, the Republicans have gone along with it because they want those hispanic votes off the democrats.

      As I explained elsewhere once you have mass immigration then no major party will oppose it as for the capitalists it means cheap labour and for the socialists it is ideological. Plus once you have enough immigrants all the main parties are chasing their votes, as has happened in France also.

      This only leaves the minor parties to try and preserve national identity. In Denmark one of those newly arrived minor parties has now become a major party so that they might actually achieve their aims. All the three main parties care about is staying in power here and the Tories about cheap labour. Has not the news that we have not enough electricity to go round not registered with these greedy corrupt buffoons the fact that the optimum population of this country is 30m and we are already over double that and heading skyward due to immigrant birthrates. We could have achieved this without mass immigration and through contraception (something the Pakistanis don't appear to believe in). By the end of the century we will be like a third world country, teeming with people mostly of third world origin and built on from end to end. The Danish national anthemn is There is a lovely land. Luckily for them it looks as if it will remain that way. We are finished and it seems that we are powerless to do anything about it, bar emigrate.

  3. The English government is cutting support for new mothers. in contrast to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    1. There is no ENGLISH government. There is only the BRITISH government in England and so no wonder we get shafted!

    2. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have elected governments; England has an appointed government. Appointed by the British government. "No taxation without representation" was the cry of the American Revolution. England is in the same position now as America in the 18th century, i.e., ruled by a foreign government in London (two foreign governments if you include the EU)

    3. Surely the governance of England is decided (in theory) by election not appointment.
      The English vote do they not?

      The problem, as Robin says, is that it is a British government so the political preferences of the English voters are diluted by input from other countries (Wales, Scotland etc) not to mention the ineffectual method of representation (first part the post).

      However, it is no more APPOINTED than any other UK governance.

    4. There is no English government, appointed or otherwise. If there were there would be a cabinet (or a council) that would nto be under the control of the UK government, composed only of English MPs, that were the only body authorised to introduce legislation for England, that would be voted on only by English MPs and implemented only by government departments with the word "English" in their name (eg. The Department of Education for England, The Department of Transport for England and so on) that flew the English flag from all their offices and establishments, including schools, hospitals, and with English Assets that could not be sold off to pay for Scottish banks and local government expenditure (as currently happens) and so on and that altogether had only the interests of the People of England at heart. There is no such body and no such organisation. Hence there is no English Government.

  4. Do not be fooled by the British Government regarding ENGLAND ! they have no scrupples they have all been getting away with it for so long.

    They will Trick & cheat, Swindell skulldugery decieve miss lead you name it they will do it ! dodgy postal votes

    Just keep spreading the word of the LibLabCon they are getting less and less Votes !

  5. "Further to the above, talking of the Danelaw, I sometimes wonder whether the strong support for the English Democrats in Yorkshire and down the eastern side of the country is down to the Danish blood."

    It's an interesting observation - support appears to be stronger than in Anglo-Saxon Wessex!

    1. William the Conqueror in his "harrying of the North" created a wasteland where anyone who moved was killed. The effectiveness of his policy of ethnic cleansing is attested to by the fact that modern genetic studies struggle to find any Viking genes at all in Yorkshire although I understand that they are common in the North-West.

  6. It is not down to blood, but to a culture of independence coming down the through centuries. Unlike the Anglo-Saxons, the Anglo-Danes were never slaves. The Anglo-Saxons on the other hand were mostly slaves from the Roman conquest til the later Middle Ages (even today they are still tugging their forelocks). The population of Gloucestershire was almost entirely made up of slaves. As the plowboy said, "Hig, hig, micel gedeorf hit is, fortham ic neom freoh."

    1. The Anglo-Saxons enslaved the remaining Celts. I am not sure that the Saxons were slaves under the Romans as they did not arrive until the Romans had left or were about to leave. The Saxons were brought in as mercenaries even before the Roman Empire fell and established a bridgehead for their fellow to follow. But thereafter nothing is quite so simple and there were Celts who joined the Anglo-Saxons and fought against their fellow Celts. Celtic society is notorious for inter-tribal feuding.

      Saxon society was built on slavery but so was Viking society and it all only ended at the end of the Middle Ages. This is the retort we should have for Africans who go on about slavery, into which they were sold by other tribes who had already been doing it before by selling to the Arabs. Most English people probably have ancestors who were slaves at one stage or another. And the first slaves in America were white but they could not take the climate and died. Hence the need to bring in Africans.

      Quite why the South, the Essex marshes apart, is more acquiescent than the north is a bit of a mystery, unless it is down to the climate. Quite why the Danes put up with multiculturalism less than the Swedes and the Norwegians is another mystery. The latter just keep their heads down like the English.
      But the English and Scandinavians have one thing in common, they appear to be acquiescent but underneath there is something going on. Hence the Anders Breivik business, although he had other psychological problems. The question is, where the gasket is going to blow first. All - to quote William Hague - are potentially very violent and aggressive people, whilst appearing placid and patient.

  7. "To make us love our country, our country must be lovely", Edmund Burke. They are doing their best to make our country unlovely.
    I might add that our country should love us in return, but our country is doing its level best to replace us, the English. Or at least, this foreign (British) government is.

  8. The White Dragon1 July 2013 at 16:55

    I live in 'Wessex', near Wantage, Oxfordshire. There is a statue of King Alfred in the Town Square. The Town Council is currently flying the Wessex Wyvern flag there.
    I spoke briefly with the Mayor early in June and she said she and the Council are keen to fly flags. I have emailed her about this date and hope she will recognise it.

    I would be interested to hear from others if your Councils fly flags and if so which ones and when. I've said to the Mayor that I will send her a list of notable dates for her to consider celebrating with the 'flying of flags'.

  9. The fact that Wantage is prepared to fly the Wessex flag is very encouraging. It was Alfred's birthplace after all. Perhaps Wessex folk have some guts after all. This is the same Alfred whose remains may shortly be identified and reburied, we hope with much pomp and ceremony, in Winchester Cathedral. Whether it will mean much to those under 50 is another guess.

    I used to know Wantage well when it was still a quiet country market town. Now I gather a giant Tescos has been built on its outskirts and the centre has died a death, like all small country towns threatened with supermarkets. Here we had an array of very good shops about 20 years ago until large supermarkets were built within spitting distance. Now we have two convenience stores and a lot of ladies' hairdressers. Although we still have an ironmongers thank goodness.

    1. This talk of regions and regional flags is dangerous. It plays into the hands of the European Regionalists who want regions such as "Wessex" incorporated into a federal EU, with the name of England removed from the map.

    2. The White Dragon of England4 July 2013 at 18:38

      Just for the record, Wantage has two supermarkets, a Sainsbury's and a Waitrose which has recently doubled its size. The Market Place has not suffered much I don't think, there is still a good butchers, a nice deli and other small shops, I can only think of one empty property off hand, and there is a market every Wednesday and Saturday.

      As for the flags, the Mayor said she is keen to identify with England and Englishness and the flying of the Wessex flag is one element of this. We should not be averse to flying flags which identify us with England's history and heritage. I would like to find sources of information about this. Councils have been encouraged by Eric Pickle's Department to do this. The more we get authorities to identify with England the quicker we will get what we are agitating for, a parliament for England.

    3. You have a point. The news today that house prices have risen nationally by 3.6% makes those of us in the north feel like breaking away; but we must stick together. The fact is that house prices in the south-east may be rocketing due to mass immigration and foreigners laundering their money in London thus making property prices ridiculous; but here in this part of the north they are static, if not falling. The obscene wealth of the cosmopolitan south-east and the poverty of the north makes us feel like two different countries with two different attitudes to life.

      But regionalism is not just an EU agenda; the EU is just part of the bigger one world picture and the movers and shakers of the latter have almost achieved their objective of obliterating England and the English. I am always intrigued that many of the English themselves do not realise that this has been done deliberately. They seem to think it just happened and is something natural and they don't seem to have cottoned on to the fact that it is not happening in non-European countries. They bury their heads almost as if they are taking shelter from an act of God, like a thunderstorm or a gale, hoping they can re-emerge when it is over. Well, unless somebody does something it won't be over. Multiculturalism isn't just for Christmas it is for ever and like Topsy just keeps on growing.

    4. This is another classic case of the media giving just those tiny fragments of a story that will get people revved up whilst not having to explain themselves fully.
      House prices are always rising and falling all over England whether the newspapers report them or not.

      The part of East Sussex where my brother lives has much greater poverty than them part of Cheshire whet my cousin lives.

      An ' on paper statistic' is irrelevant to real life. It is somewhat galling when newspapers continue to sell the myth that the many poorer residents of the South East are somehow always better off than those in the North when inevitably it is often the other way around.

      Don't believe everything Rupert Murdoch tells you my friend.

  10. Meanwhile, across the Channel, Marine Le pen, dubbed a second Joan of Arc and certainly there is something masculine about her as with Joan, in fact she is more of a fighter than most of the men, is about to be accused of inciting racial hatred for her comments on muslim immigrants as an occupying force.

    Marine treats the accusation with scorn. Her sentence is likely to be a year in prison - a chance to write a book - and a fine which I am sure will be paid for her. However, she is a solicitor and might even mount her own defence. She is a match for any French barrister.

  11. Actions like these by the state to silence opposition only bolster the rebellion.

    1. Today's news that the French are living in almost as much of a police state as we are is interesting. I wonder whether that information gathered from 'phone calls, e-mails and texts is being passed on to the NSA, despite their protestations at the NSA spying on the EU.

      Of course, even without the islamic terrorist element, this is what happens when you abolish borders and mix everybody up in a great big melting pot. Such a society, built on the civic nationalism begun by the French Revolution, can never be as cohesive as a state based on ethnic nationalism. The United States is a prime example. It works to an extent but with constant inter-ethnic friction, something unknown in Britain between 1200 and 1948.
      Thus the need for a much less free society and if they achieve their aim of the one world state well careless talk really will cost lives then.

  12. Wessex Regionalists are left wing marxists they are also very Pro EU
    They would love England to be broken up under the guise of the Old Anglo Saxon Kingdoms and Earldoms.
    Beware of the Regionalists

  13. 12th of July! Ooh er missus. Big day in Glasgow tomorrow. Having lived in Brig'ton Cross I once had to listen to the SASH 39 times. I think that year was the biggest walk they'd ever had. If you don't know what I'm on about youtube the Orange Walk in Glasgow. And what is wrong with English regionalisation? The Swiss Cantons are proud of their autonomy. It doesn't make them any less Swiss. We should emulate them.

  14. Yes, we know what else the 12th of July is about, but we're talking on England and not Scotland or Ireland. The type of regionalisation we are so much against is the type that was attempted to be foisted on us at the behest of the EU following the Maastricht treaty. Former politicians like John Prescott and others had a field day with this, chortling that 'England would no longer exist'. The former PM Gordon Brown was fond of referring to 'the nations of the UK and the English regions'. It absolutely stuck in his craw even to say the word England. England was formerly several separate kingdoms and at the time of Alfred these were 4 - Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria and East Anglia. The unification of England, which is presently being celebrated, followed the Battle of Brunanburh in which King Athelstan's army defeated the combined forces of the Scots, the Irish and the Vikings. Hael AEthelstane cyninge!