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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Much of the media focus on UKIP recently has been about the rough ride that they got in the recent Scottish Parliament by-election.  Despite all the flack (and publicity) and also their huge efforts and vast expense they achieved a very modest result.

More interesting from the English Nationalist point of view though is what standing there demonstrates about UKIP's credentials as, in any sense, an English Nationalist party (which is something that has been trumpeted whenever it seemed likely to give them electoral advantage).

So I am glad to see that Nigel Farage, in his very own words, has dispelled the myth that he and UKIP might be interested in English Nationalism (as anything other than a willing donkey!).  

NO English Nationalist could possibly have been quoted saying this:-

"Aberdeen is as much a part of my country as Axminster, Aberystwyth or Antrim," Mr Farage added. After being heckled by the protesters last month Mr Farage said: “We have never had a reception like this anywhere in Britain before. Clearly, it’s anti-British and anti-English. They hate the Union Jack.” 

Here is a link to the whole article.  Click here >>>


  1. I can't imagine his city friends being too keen the restriction of free movements of peoples across the European and indeed international borders. It will only drive wages up.

    Any politician who is wedded to a strengthening of the British identity is in for a rough ride.

    Particularly from the Scots.

    1. Free movement of people across the EU, far from driving wages up, has applied downward pressure on English wages, which are lower than for over 100 years in terms of buying power. Importing labour means that more workers are chasing a decreasing number of jobs. It is a matter of supply and demand. Beside which, for workers from Eastern Europe, UK wages are good, and their outgoings are less while here, than those of English people.

    2. There aren't many MPs, or local councillors who are not wedded to strengthening of the British identity. evidence of this is how local councils fly the union jack rather than the English flag from their flag staffs. There are only a few times in the year when they are obliged to fly the union flag, e.g., the Queen's birthday (but none when they are obliged to fly the English flag). But there is nothing to stop them flying the English flag any time they like, but they would rather fly the union jack all the time.

  2. In view of your last blog about Hp and this one about Nigel Farage, you should be going up to Sheffield and beating the drum for English nationalism. Similarly to Skegness, Rotherham and South Shields, where Ukip have entrenched,(but over 80% of folk think of themselves as English not British) and put them straight about Nigel Farage and Ukip.
    They think that by voting for Ukip they are supporting a pro-English party. You need to disabuse them of that misconception.

  3. Edward Snowden is, according to President Putin, still in the transit lounge at Moscow airport awaiting safe passage probably to Ecuador. The world is up in arms about what a totalitarian monster the United States is becoming as it follows the behest of the New World Order. Ordinary Americans cannot understand how their country is now the old Soviet Union whilst Russia appears to be the old United States. They now fear their own government.

    Of Snowden's plight Ecuador's foreign minister has said,"Is this betraying the citizens of the world or betraying some elites that are in power in a certain country?". There is hope now that those elites are going to be exposed and the whole globalist/globalizing empire about to collapse and the New World Order with it.

    We know what those elites have been up to at least since the end of the War as they plan their one world prison. Hopefully, shortly the City of London and the bankers will no longer be in a position to rob us of our freedom and deny nationalist aspirations and ethnic peoples a homeland.

    Meanwhile, Germany is furious at the role played in all this by Britain via GCHQ. It merely goes to show that Britain has been under the control of those American based elites for many years, if not from the start and any prime minister of this country was either chosen to obey them or groomed to do their bidding. With David Cameron this is obvious. Gordon Brown spoke of London and New York being the world's twin prime financial centres, twin centres of an evil empire more like. Hopefully, their days are now numbered and we can be free again. Meanwhile we should be ashamed of the fact that we have allowed these people in the square mile to bring such shame on our country. As somebody has said, it is strange that it is now Russia, China, Ecuador and Iceland standing up for freedom, which used to be the role on which Americans prided themselves.

  4. With his Budget review, Chancellor George Osborne has heralded a latter day Harrying of the North, despite the fact that the North East is the only region in trading surplus with the rest of the world . Money paid to councils across the north is to be slashed by 12%, while London with its largely immigrant population is to get an extra 40%.
    The Tories are abandoning the north, which leaves the English Democrats and Ukip as the only alternatives to Labour there, and Ukip is anti-English.

    1. That's fascinating stuff about the North East. As regards London, today's Daily Express, not my copy, tells us that births are at an all time record thanks to mass immigration; and this will not be just recent arrivals since Pakistanis have four times as many children as the indigenous population. So the money has to go to Afro-asian London to cope. I say afro-asian because an afro-asian patois will have completely replaced the cockney accent in about 20 years' time,by which time today's 40% white British minority will be down to about 20% or less.

      The Daily Express also tells us that somebody has daubed graffiti on a mosque nearing completion in Redditch. The mosque is costing £2.5m; no churches are being built now of course but they are closing down at a rate of knots. So where is the £2.5m coming from; Saudi Arabia of course which is pledged to islamify the whole of Europe. The Daily Express condemned this racist attack. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, Enoch. The paper also tells us that David Cameron has an i.q. of 131. I think mine was shown to be higher. I must have a higher i.q. than Cameron and I am sure that Enoch Powell who spoke about 30 languages had a much higher i.q. than that. The trouble is that there are geniuses and evil geniuses. The evil geniuses are the likes of Cameron and his friends and those elites in New York. The real geniuses are like Powell and David Attenborough. The sad thing is that the evil geniuses batter the good into submission or just ignore them.

      In America, Republicans are not opposing Obama's illegal hispanic immigrant amnesty. Why? because they want the Hispanics' votes; just like Cameron and the muslims. The fact is that when you have mass immigration then they bring votes to whichever party woos the immigrants so that in the end immigration can never stop because the immigrants want their friends and family to join them (like many of the 256m in Pakistan). The only way to stop it I am afraid will be when society collapses or if there is a backlash from the indigenous and previously overwhelmingly majority population. At the moment all we do is keep on running away, as everywhere else in the hitherto white world.