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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Leanne Woods, the relatively new Leader of Plaid Cymru spoke at the Labourite “Think Tank”, the ICPR, at their meeting on Monday, in Manchester. In the meeting the ICPR were attempting to tout their latest version of trying to split England up, in this case, North, South and London, with their own separate “parliaments”.

Much of what Ms Woods said is unlikely to be either of any interest or attraction to any English nationalist - in so far as she calls for creation of another Far-left party but specifically for England.

I have written before both about Leanne Woods’ attitude towards the English. Click here for the article >>>

Also I have written about Plaid Cymru’s ineffectiveness as a nationalist party. Click here for the article >>>

Leanne Woods herself trumpets the very reason why Plaid Cymru are as ineffective as a nationalist party and arguably are not nationalist at all, in so far as she says:-

“Our Party is co-operative, internationalist and of the left. We will work with progressives of any hue in England who want to decentralise. We are also prepared to actively support a new Left party in England.”

So it merely goes to show how right my criticism was! Hers is a party merely parasitically coasting on the tide of Welsh nationalism.

From an English nationalist point of view the interest in this speech is the increasing recognition of, and the traction which, the rising trend of English nationalism is getting. Even the introspectives of Plaid Cymru are realising that unless what the McKay Commission has called the “English Question” is answered reasonably satisfactorily soon, within a federal UK, then the federal option will have gone. If, or, increasingly likely, when that happens, then Wales will either be locked within the definition of the "Kingdom of England" created under the Tudor legislation of 1536 (which included the principality of Wales within the Kingdom), or will have to seek its future as an independent State without its annual £billions of subsidy from English taxpayers. I suspect the latter option will appeal to many English nationalists!

There is also a laughable reference in her speech to Cornish nationalism, which now has no credibility following the 2011 census results in which those that claimed Cornish only national identity were just 9.9% of the population of Cornwall.

Below is a blog entry which Leanne Woods has written which is I am told is basically the text of her speech. What do you think?

A Rainbow Alliance for a Radical and Rebalanced Future

On Monday, I told the Institute of Public Policy Research in Manchester how greater devolution and closer political networking between post-industrialised areas could address the growing North-South divide. Here, I outline that vision further...

It was over half a century ago, in October 1962, that then-Prime Minister Harold MacMillan told his Cabinet:

"It was out of the question to allow Scotland or the North-east, or any large area, to be abandoned to decay."

His Home Secretary Henry Brooke was more direct:

"If we do not regard it as a major Government responsibility to take this situation in hand and prevent Two Nations developing geographically, a poor North and a rich and overcrowded South, I am sure our successors will reproach us as we reproach the Victorians for complacency about slums and ugliness."

MacMillan failed to halt the decline of the North. His successor-but-one Harold Wilson - the only Labour Prime Minister to have come from that part of the world - presided over the fastest pit closure programme in history.

Fast forward 50 years and today we have a Conservative Prime Minister who, upon taking office, referenced Disraeli's "two nations". We have an Oxford-educated Labour leader from the south whose half-useful One-Nation conference quip has now become the animating narrative for ex-New Labour.

The political language is identical to that of the 1960s because so too are the underlying conditions. In fact, the divide is greater and it continues to grow. Where are you born is as big an influence on your future life prospects as who you are born to. In this inaptly-named United Kingdom, the spatial and the social are inter-twined. Geography has as much consequence as class.

It is right to argue that the north-south divide is an over-simplification. The compass points of poverty in Britain are marked by west, too. The line of disadvantage lies between the South-East of England and the rest (with pockets of acute hidden poverty found in almost all communities across Britain).

In Wales our economy has drowned in wave after wave of deindustrialisation. At each successive restructuring of the economy - Wilson's second industrial revolution, Thatcher's Big Bang, New Labour's Knowledge Economy - we have seen income, wealth and jobs concentrated ever further in the hands of what the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change in Manchester calls the "working rich".

It seems that the role of the Deputy Prime Minister in every Government is to speak in vivid terms about how much they are committed to ending the wealth gap between the rich south and an impoverished north. But as far as actual practical solutions are concerned, we have had 80 years of failed policies - and now we have welfare reform and austerity.

If we really are to address this century-old divide, we need a fundamental shift in policy and in politics.

While an independence referendum is not currently on the agenda for Wales as it is in Scotland, it seems to be even further away for England. There has been some discussion of an English Parliament in recent years, along with some moves for devolution to the English regions, but again, these debates haven't yet featured in any meaningful way on the agenda. Plaid Cymru would like to see a proper regional policy within the union that would provide clear benefits for the regions and nations. We would like to see an English Parliament emerge, with groups of local authorities forming adecentralised regional level of government. Billy Bragg thinks a specifically English national party isn't needed when an existing party or a brand new party could place progressive Englishness at its heart. In Wales we have learned to claim Welshness for ourselves. We had to turn it into a civic project, and this project has enabled us to create a solidarity between different parts of the country while welcoming new citizens to Wales.

As a nation, Wales has been impoverished to the point of bankruptcy because of the indifference and negligence of those ruling on our behalf. Our economic position has required us to become radical decentralisers of power and wealth in the here-and-now.

Those people in England outside London and the South East could do something similar and work with us to redistribute wealth. We will have to be radicals and realists.

The economics of renewal goes hand-in-hand with the politics of liberation. We must show that we can reverse our economic disadvantage, that we can be better off and that our poverty is not inevitable.

Plaid Cymru often refers to the "London parties" - a political system in thrall to the power of the City of London, which puts make-believe property prices at the core of economic policy. For over a century the City of London has given priority to international trade over local lending and investment, and it has been able to convince politicians in those London parties to enact policy that benefits only itsinvestment flows and allocation of resources.

The City of London is, in the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change's words, "the Great Unleveller". Instead of a percolation of jobs, wealth and opportunity through mythical trickle-down, it has vastly increased inequality, socially and spatially, vertically and horizontally.

So how can we begin a re-levelling of this island?

There has to be a radical, muscular redistribution of economic activity - the redistribution of credit through a network of regional investment banks, and the redistribution of enterprise and activity through a system of economic incentives.

In England, this should mean powerful regional government for the North. So far, political signs are encouraging. The Adam Smith Institute has called for a Council of the North. IPPR North has been consistent in its support for northern devolution, and more recently the Hannah Mitchell Foundation and its president Linda Riordan MP have been making an eloquent case for a new northern democracy.

The task that I have set Plaid Cymru is the radical rebuilding of the Welsh economy. This is too difficult to achieve by acting alone. We are just 5% of the population of Britain. We need to work with others who share our interests. The Party of Wales would greatly welcome an alliance with progressive forces from all parts of England.

After all, does it make any more sense to put faith in a Labour Government? Labour never challenged the pre-eminence of the City of London as the only worthwhile bedrock of the UK economy. As a consequence, Wales and the North were economically left further behind. Is it surprising that 83% of Northern voters believe "politicians don't understand the real world at all", that of the 10 English seats with the lowest turnout, nine are in the North, and that the two lowest turnouts of all were in the central constituencies of Manchester and Leeds?

Plaid Cymru genuinely wants to support people in England who want to rebalance political and economic power. Our party is co-operative, internationalist and of the left. We will work with progressives of any hue in England who want to decentralise. We are also prepared to actively support a new Left party in England.

Pluralism can provide the path to progress. Syriza in Greece, Le Front de le Gauche in France and the Bildu coalition in the Basque Country are all networks. A broad network in England, united behind a core set of progressive values,could well include the Greens and other environmentalists. It could include the trade union movement, the churches and other faith organisations, the new People's Assembly movement, our sister party Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall, refugees from Labour and the Lib Dems.

The potential for an English left-leaning alliance is enormous. Utopian this maybe. But we need new utopias. Politics as usual has not delivered. Think tanks like the IPPR have been vital in placing territorial justice in these islands on the agenda. But we need to go one step further and start thinking the unthinkable. The art of the possible, of the purely transactional, has failed Wales, failed Scotland, and failed most of England, too.

A rainbow alliance for a radical, rebalanced, reindustrialized future - not one nation but a network of equals. Not the old Britain, but a new island - where each of us owns the key to our own future - is maybe the change we all seek. Let's work together to achieve it.

Here is a link to the ‘Far-left’ Huffington Post whose editor is the Far-Left/Islamist Mehdi Hassan.
Click here>>>


  1. Leanne Woods quote describing the aims of Plaid could describe the aims of all the establishment parties in a nut shell:

    “Our Party is co-operative, internationalist and of the left. We will work with progressives of any hue in England who want to decentralise. We are also prepared to actively support a new Left party in England.”

    It is telling when the language used is reminiscent of other tragic internationalist experiments.

    ''A rainbow alliance for a radical, rebalanced, reindustrialized future - not one nation but a network of equals. Not the old Britain, but a new island - where each of us owns the key to our own future - is maybe the change we all seek. Let's work together to achieve it''.

    Rainbow alliance and not one nation, are antithetical propositions to any legitimate form of nationalism.

  2. People such as Leanne Woods are just plain dotty. What point being a Welsh nationalist if your internationalist utoptianist insanity leaves Wales with little left that is so distinctly and enjoyably Welsh. Wales was a land of the saints, the land of song and the land of chapels. In the end it will lose its identity as fast as England has.

    As for England it is now becoming a totally surreal place. Apparently, Channel 4 - always a very "progressive" channel - is to broadcast the call to prayer during Ramadan whilst the BBC has relegated Songs of Praise to 6 30 in the morning so that all those silly dimwitted Christian elderly will probably be deprived of the only contact they have with church since becoming housebound. How these people hate their own people and their own Christian culture. They are besotted with a backward third world which in the end will sweep them away along with the rest of us. But we must still remember the message of Christ and the Good Samaritan especially since we have been exhorted to pray for reconciliation with our New Britons over the death of Lee Rigby, whom undoubtedly the newcomers regarded as being Christian by descent as they still regard the West as Christian.

  3. I have just read an interesting comment from a Jew on the Holocaust. The Left invented anti-racism and multi-culturalism and mass immigration into European countries as a response. This effectively meant not only punishing European countries, including Britain, for their part in the Holocaust but all white people by extension. From any part in the attempted genocide of international jewry, however, the Left went further; i.e. to ferret out all the sins of the white race and punish them for their treatment of other races.

    As Sonia Gable of Hope not Hate has said: Europeans must have their countries taken away from them and be denied an ethnic homeland for the way they have treated the rest of the world.

    The point that the Jewish gentleman was making was that the chief message of the Holocaust was the attempted genocide of a race for their supposed sins with respect to Europeans and Christians. By punishing Europeans and Christians for this through the means of anti-racism, multi-culturalism and mass immigration the Left (the next fascism as Churchill called them) are committing genocide on Europeans and Christians. Rather than remembering that the Holocaust was about attempted genocide and the need to not act in a genocidal way towards any other race or people, the Left is punishing European Christians in the same way that some of them punished the Jews. A point very well made.

  4. This woman is a deluder,in my opinion is full of union nowhere talk, just digging in and forcing stupid pradmatic ideas on the people of England.

    Those very same English People have more common sense in there left toe than her daft brainless rantings.

    How did she ever become a leader of a nationlist party ! Oh ! Yes !
    Robin has already answered that one LOL !

  5. The IPPR's proposed tripartite division could be the saving of England. It is a practical solution to the age old problem of the north/south divide and the overheated economy of London, and while London has always been separate from the rest of England, it has ,over the last fifty years, become an almost totally foreign city with a largely African and Asian, and increasingly Muslim, population. The government's standard regions are a real danger and were enshrined in the Maastricht Treaty. They fit into the "Goldilocks" zone being designed with populations of around five million. Even more dangerous is "Wessex" etc., which come with romantic invented histories and were concocted by the European Regionalists to appeal to naïve electorates across Europe and break up nations into manageable bites each with their own flags. These too aim to have controllable (by Brussels) size populations. It is the appeal to distorted history which makes "Wessex" etc. so dangerous. The "Wessex" of the European Regionalists takes its inspiration from Thomas Hardy's novels set in the nineteenth century. Their "Wessex Wyvern" flag is a mere forty years old.

    1. The Wessex Wyvern flag might be a mere forty years old, but the very word Wessex is only a hundred and fifty years old

  6. Anonymous makes some very good points.
    If the 3rd world was that great then why wd millions and millions of
    people be so desperate to leave it.(Particularly people from the Muslim 3rd World!)
    These Muslims who hate Britain really live in a fantasy world,
    hating the very thing FREEDOM that nourishes them(and indulges them!)
    Having visited several Muslim countries the worst thing is not that they are dangerous or threatening but that they are very BORING and as a result the young people
    become very frustrated and angry.

    1. And there are so many young people in the Muslim countries, meaning that those countries can no longer sustain them. International capitalism sees an opportunity by using desperate young Africans and Asians forced to work for peanuts, either in the first world or in the third world, and to hell with the interests of workers in the first world.

  7. The White Dragon of England7 July 2013 at 09:09

    Those poor Welsh who have enormous chips on their shoulders have my sympathy, but not my support. They live in a land which is still constitutionally part of England, and which has never been a nation, and can never survive in today's world without us or without subsidy from somewhere.
    It is not possible to build something lasting simply by being against something else, in the Welsh case by being against England, and playing the victim card. Being International Socialists is all they can do, a Welsh tragedy.
    As with Scotland, they need a Union with us; I'm not sure I want a Union with them.
    Regrettably they need, as people with a distinct language only now,to drop the anti-English attitude, things will go more happily for all of us if they do. Ethnically are we not pretty much the same?
    And PS. We want Monmouthshire back.

    1. The Welsh may never have been a nation, but I don't think that Wales, including Monmouthshire, is still constitutionally part of England. (I think that changed in the 1960s)
      It is unlikely that Monmouthshire will revert to England, particularly given the possibility of Cardiff and Newport merging.

    2. At least the Welsh have the Welsh language. What we English speak is an international hotch potch, even if it goes under the name of English. We need to re-make English as our national language.

  8. One could perhaps broadly agree with much of the analysis of the fact that the economy of England has been ever more centralised in London and the south east over the last fifty years. And one could agree that the regions and the north need to be reinvigorated with a program of reform and rehabilitation.

    It's it's just that her internationalist, progressive, Marxist, left liberal ideas are precisely not the solution to the problem but the problem in itself. Internationalism and globalisation keep the workers at the bottom whilst the rich get richer. It has no concern for a people's inherent right to maintain their own cultures and traditions in their own piece of land, profit is the only margin. The negative but inevitable consequences of Leanne Woods utopian, internationalist, rainbow world ideas are already well underway as whole swathes of the north of England are being separated on cultural and religious lines. Ms Woods and her ilk remain totally oblivious to reality whilst Wales remains relatively culturally homogenous and essentially isolated from the realities of mass immigration.

    Marine Le Pen has it right in France with her party's French industry protectionist and French culture maintaining policies.

    1. The French, unlike the English, care for their culture and cultivate their language (Marine Le Pen is determined to keep the future of the French language and culture in the ownership of the French nation). Even if the English did care for their language there is nothing we English have been able to do since the Norman Conquest, because our language's development has been in the hands of the Normans, their heirs and the education system from Oxford and Cambridge down, where education has for hundreds of years been equated with learning Latin.
      Now, the future of the "English" language has moved further away from the English folk to the USA and increasingly to the rest of the world.
      New English as the national form of English has to look to its Anglo-Saxon roots.

    2. Yes, interesting, international socialists and international capitalists are meant to hate one another but they seem to be locked in a deathly embrace, deathly because when the time comes for Europeans to rebel they will all be accused of treason and dealt with. That scourge of Searchlight, Lady Jane Birdwood, spoke of an alliance between Marxism and Money Power, all working towards one world government via the United Nations and throwing us all into a one world prison. We are nearly there with Britain and the US and most of Europe now police states. My bet is for Denmark to be the first country to re-establish its national independence and identity followed by Holland where Geert Wilders' Freedom Party is now ahead of the rest.

      It is a bit of a mystery that the Marxism which these international socialists espouse has lead to this enormous gap between the plutocratic elites, of which the likes of Cameron, Osborne, Blair and Clegg are merely a part and the rest of us. The middle classes and the working classes are coalescing as the great unwashed for these people, the urban poor. The fact is of course that the Marxists are just the useful idiots of the plutocratic elites but are just too stupid, like Ms Woods, to realise it. She is really pretty dumb.

    3. Karl Marx said that the Communism would follow the collapse of Capitalism which would come about because of its internal contradictions. In the meantime the Communists would rely on International Capitalism to pave the way for world Communism. Marx saw the plutocrats as the "useful idiots". So far, Marx has been right, e.g., he believed that Russia could not sustain Communism and he has been proved right.
      The plutocrats have been pushing the EU and globalism agenda, but 'Europe of the Regions' was planned by the Marxist Frankfurt School in pre-war Germany.

    4. In Tom Sunic's book 'Homo Americanus' there is a chapter entitled; Twin Brothers: Homo Sovieticus and Homo americanus.

      Sunic states that although it may initially seem preposterous to draw parallels between Communism and Americanism, the conclusion he draws is that the international socialists and international capitalists, are essentially on opposite sides of the same coin.

  9. Yes its about time you, "ENGLISH out there " realise the achilles heal in the British Govt is "the English themselves"
    This is why they are dragging there heals on the ENGLISH QUESTION !
    They are so frightened of a resurrection of ENGLISH awareness,ENGLISHNESS, even of The Anglo Saxon Language, Culture,traditional shires,including what is in the latin magna carta basicilly Anglo Saxon Law.
    They will be calling for ENGLAND to be INDEPENDENT next said one nasty lefty Politician. OH YES BRING IT ON !

    Re the Cultural side the Anglo Saxon heritage,the language,heritage etc
    This is how the Welsh and The Irish have scored time and time again.
    They havestuck to there guns saying demanding "we are Welsh" we have our own history and language we are different !
    YES and so are "WE ENGLISH" ! So stand together. No wobbling or no white hanky talk here.
    " England and only England" we will never give in.

    1. The English Democrats must put the New-English language (purged of words of French and Latin origins) at the heart of its policies just as Welsh nationalists put the Welsh language at the heart of theirs, the Scots nationalists put Scottish Gaelic and Braid Scots at the heart of theirs and the Northern Irish put the Irish language and the Ulster-Scots language at the heart of theirs

    2. The question of Norman French and latin imports is a very interesting one, virtually unknown in other languages, although Dutch and the Scandinavian languages do use some. Norman French words are made up of constituent parts like words in English of Old English origin. The thing is we do not have the constituent parts in our language as well so such words gave never have the same directness. There is no word liber (French libre) so the word liberty can never hit us in quite the same fashion as free-dom. It will always be like translating from a foreign language. Perhaps you should have used the word speech for language or tongue. People do not realise that language comes from the Norman French langue meaning tongue so that the word in French is just langue meaning tongue as well as language. Purged will have to go for rid of (i.e. cleared of although clear is Norman French) and origin and policies. Origin would have to be replaced by wellspring as in German Quelle but perhaps policies could stay as it has crept into other Germanic languages. I am all for it although it will get rid of certain shades of meaning such as coal and carbon, both Kohlen in German with one being Holzkohlen and stop English being the European language with the most words. Of course you could then remove all the Scandinavian words which have lead to further shades of meaning. The words Law and Bye-law would disappear and have to be replaced by Anglo-Saxon equivalents. It will be very complicated. However, without romance words we might be able to simplify our spelling and make it more phonetic. Those under 40 can't cope with it anyhow. I am sick and tired of reading accomadation and room's to let!!

  10. Perhaps Christ Beverley and his Yorkshire mates would like to pop down the road to Morrison's Bradford hq and ask them why they have reversed their policy of selling non-labelled halal meat. The British never asked to eat meat slaughtered in this barbaric fashion. The fear of being called racist is hastening the muslim takeover. Time to make a stand.

    1. Sorry I am not sure if I worded that correctly. Basically you will not be told if you are being sold halal meat which is monstrous. However, I wonder if Morrisons are now under pressure from those living locally to their Bradford hq to take meat from slaughterhouses owned by those same locals and no doubt there are some of those same locals working at hq who are encouraging this. We are now totally powerless against third world standards.

    2. Watching the programme 'The Muslim Premier League' yesterday before the tennis. It was showing Melwood, Liverpool FC's training ground and how Liverpool's few Muslim players specific needs are accommodated. The on-site Muslim doctor employed by Liverpool glowingly said that there is no issue with the meat being served in the canteen because... all the meat they serve is halal.
      So to accommodate these few Muslim players everyone else has to eat meat which has been barbarically slaughtered.

  11. Dont keep calling yourself British,you play right into the hands of the Establishment.
    You are ENGLISH not british, a made up name. ( by scots king James1 )
    This is why England is in such a political mess.
    The Politicians are using the british smokescreen to stifle England and the people of England by glossing over with words like our country,our nation

    In the mean time Scotland Wales N Ireland get all the recognition with plenty of money while England gets very little in comparison The English are suffering extreme INEQUALITY.

  12. The White Dragon of England8 July 2013 at 11:59

    There will never be a renaissance in England until we have our own parliament. In the meantime we must call ourselves English and challenge each any everyone who conflates Britain and England and British and English. They are not the same. And the union flag is not the English flag. We must all get active on all these issues. We must speak about it clearly and without fear.
    And fly an English flag on English Unity Day, 12th July.

    1. Some people living here within sight of those green Highland hills (or at least Lowland hills) of home fly the English flag all the time but are greeted when they cross the border by the sight of ths saltire fluttering in the breeze. So who really wants the union flag and the union apart from bonnie Davie Cameron who is terrified he might cease to be the British prime minister. He is at it again, promising the morose anti-English Andy Murray (there are dour Scots and miserable ones) a knighthood in the hope of stopping the Scots from voting for independence and getting votes from celebrity besotted youngsters. Wait for it he will be telling us David and Victoria must be knighted and damed next. Perhaps that is why they are having elecution lessons Your Majesty (sorry Ma'am).

  13. On a form recently where you write down your wretched
    " ethnicity"( not that I regard mine as wretched, quite the opposite) - I wonder what my grandfather who died in 1951 would have made of that - I put myself as white English. In fact that was an oxymoron as the white bit was not necessary in the eyes of many of us. But I wanted to get across that I was English not British so I hope that pleases you. No doubt this bit of non-conformism will have been noted by the powers that be but I have no doubt that they already have all our cards marked. Just remember that Edward Snowden has told us that GCHQ is reading our every word.

  14. As the capital of the Commonwealth and before that the British Empire, it is only right that the union flag should be flown in London, but there is no excuse for flying the union flag on a permanent basis in the rest of the country. (There are only a few times in the years when councils must fly the union flag, i.e., on royal birthdays)
    In towns with military connections however it is very difficult to persuade councils (and residents) that they should be flying the English flag.

  15. Vernon Bogdanor, professor of government at King's College London - "Englishness is a political force on the rise, and it will not go away."
    "Ukip might well be described as the English nationalist party, favouring as it does an English parliament. Ukip supporters are also far more likely than those of other parties to describe themselves as "English" rather than "British".
    From what we know of Ukip, Bagdanor is wrong about Ukip on both counts.
    I beg to suggest that Robin Tilbrook puts Professor Bogdanor straight about a few things regarding Ukip.

    1. Bogdanor - one of Blair's teacher/ mentors at Oxford will know full well that UKIP is not the way for English nationalism and is therefore fully prepared to endorse it.

  16. England and its two unions published 8/7/13

    In January 2012, IPPR published The dog that finally barked: England as an emerging political community. In it we argued that an emerging English political identity may over time come to challenge the institutions and practices of the UK more profoundly than anything happening in the so-called Celtic fringe, even Scottish independence.

    Our new survey provides an opportunity to determine whether these conclusions – many new, some controversial – are still supported by subsequent data. It also allows us to gauge the effect of real-world events, such as the Queen's diamond jubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, on public attitudes to Britishness, and to focus on a pair of key areas of interest: Europe, which has risen to much higher prominence in the 18 months since our first report, and the attitude of England's BME community to identity and England's relationship with the UK and Europe.

    Among the report's conclusions:
    •This new survey, conducted in November 2012, confirms that more people in England continue to identify more strongly as English than British: there was no discernible 'British bounce' following the public flag-waving events of 2012.
    •Those who do identify more strongly as English are also hold stronger feelings of discontentment with England's unions. That is, they are dissatisfied with the constitutional status quo within the UK, which is seen to favour Scotland and under-represent England's interests, and with England's place in Europe: English people – much more than any other regional population in Europe – see the European parliament as being highly influential.
    •By this analysis, Euroscepticism appears more strongly to be an English concern than a British concern.
    •England's BME community is less prone to identify as English rather than British, but those who do demonstrate the same attitudes towards the UK and Europe as the wider population, albeit less strongly.
    •According to people's political preferences, there is a strong relationship between identifying as British, feeling discontentment with the constitutional status quo and supporting Ukip – by this evidence, Ukip is much less the UK independence party than it is an English nationalist party. Although it has been reluctant to play the 'English card', doing so could strengthen its appeal to voters in England, with potentially far-reaching political implications.

    1. If Ukip is reluctant to play the "English card", the English Democrats are not.
      The reluctance to play the "English card" is Ukip's Achilles heel. Something which the English Democrats should exploit to the full.

  17. I am shocked to find that the number of immigrants in the UK is as high as 13 per cent and the number of Muslims is 5 per cent (from IPSOS Mori report). The number of immigrants does not include the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of immigrants

  18. If that is the number in the UK then what is it in England? A gentleman called Jason Richwine, of Ashkenazy Jewish i.e. European Jewish descent, has just been sacked for publishing a paper in which he explained that Ashkenazy Jews have the highest i.q.s, Chinese and Japanese and Koreans next, the Europeans after that. Behind them come the Hispanics and our Asians and then Africans and the Aborigines of Australia. It is all down to the northern hemisphere's having to cope with the ice age. He argued in respect of the amnesty for 11m hispanic illegal immigrants that America should be focussing on immigrants from the top three categories not the bottom layers. This was of course the intention of the 1970s bill to preseve the European nature of America which was overturned by the far left thus opening the door to mass hispanic and muslim immigration. Just as Heath sacked Powell and thus sealed our third world status fate. It is probable that those shadowy plutocratic elites referred to by the Ecuadorean foreign minister were standing behind those Marxist useful idiots.

    America, like Britain and South Africa, is facing the possibility of having a high iq white and jewish minority and a third world lower iq majority. This has probably been the plan for one hundred years. The mixed race coloured minority in South Africa (England's ultimate destiny as a people) has an iq lower than the Europeans but higher than the blacks. But as Mr Richwine has found out, after 60 years of cultural marxist progression such subjects are not even allowed to be discussed even if they will ulitmately prove disastrous for the whole of mankind i.e. who will support the third world when the first is like the third? Of course the people with the highest iqs, the Chinese and the Japanese, perhaps also because they lack white Christian guilt, have not bought into the one world plan and refuse to open their borders and insist on now being the most homogeneous societies, certainly within the advanced world. Perhaps those extra 5 points of iq have put them on a par with those who have resisted the one world plan in European countries since it began to be unrolled but were dismissed by the great and the good as being knuckle-draggers of very limited iq? Interesting.If Mr Richwine is correct then the days of Britain as the cradle of the world's inventions are now well and truly over. Thank you plutocrats and pea-brained Marxists. By the way, don't forget that the number of muslims is doubling every ten years.

  19. Max Keiser on the Keiser Report on Russia Today has informed us that Mark Carney, the former head of Canada's Central Bank who is now the governor of the Bank of England, is a former Goldman Sachs employee; just like those who now run Italy and Greece. Well, there's a surprise Keiser quipped cynically. Keiser also informs us that Carney will, therefore, do nothing to aid the British economy but everything to aid Goldman Sachs. They have us where they want us now; trapped in an economic crisis that will last for ever and only benefit them.

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