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Sunday, 18 November 2012

English Democrats' Police Commissioner Results

English Democrats' Police Commissioner Results
Last week the English Democrats sent out a clear statement of intention to the British political Establishment. With a small budget compared to other parties we managed to achieve some fantastic results in the Police Commissioner Election's even in areas where we were up against the big spending phony Anti -Eu party, UKIP! Incredibly we came in second in South Yorkshire, polling a hefty 22,608 1st preference votes and also an overall majority of uncounted 2nd preference votes.

In every area where we stood the English Democrats saved our deposits and chalked up some remarkable results.

These results bode well for our future development; especially with an eye on the 2014 European election's where the form of Proportional Representation actually makes it possible for smaller parties to get elected!

However, we have a long way to go, we need more activists, more organizers and to secure more funding if we are to achieve our full potential over the next few years.
The process of building an effective campaign machine has already started and we need every member to play their part as we continue to grow in confidence, experience and electoral success. The English Democrats are in a great position to make a real difference, given the current situation in this country.

We have Scottish independence looming large and contributing to a re-awakening of true English nationalism. Then we have the dashed hopes of UKIP voters who see nothing but compliance, internal division and broken dreams from them, and as we all know the BNP is a toxic shambles. The next few years could be 'OUR TIME' if we act now and spread our message of sensible nationalism:- ENGLISH NATIONALISM!

A huge thank you to our candidates, their families, helpers and the voters who all put their faith in the English Democrats. Now we must consolidate and move onwards and upwards. Once again to all those who worked so hard…thank you all and well done!

Here is a look at the fantastic results.

English Democratss Police and Crime Commissioner Results:
David Allen, South Yorkshire, 22,608 (15.56%)
Stephen Goldspink, Cambridgeshire, 7,219 (8.15%)
Robin Tilbrook, Essex, 11,550 (6.87%)
Paul Rimmer, Merseyside, 7,142 (5.66%)
Steve Uncles, Kent, 10,789 (5.27%)

PS:- Our next campaign is already underway! In the Rotherham by-election we could do very well - with sufficient help!

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  1. Well Done for England and the English !

  2. Very promising. Hopefully more UKIP supporters will realise the English Democrats have much better prospects of getting an MP elected than they have so far achieved. Stay Calm and Carry On.

  3. Very promising. Hopefully many UKIP supporters will realise that the English Democrats have a better chance of getting an MP elected than they have so far achieved. Stay Calm and Carry On.

    p.s. my first reply disappeared off screen once I signed in to my Google account. Most annoying to have to retype it all!!!


  5. An England Scorned