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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A guest post - published in the Rayleigh Times


The Future of England

by John Hayter, Solicitor

The future of England under the Coalition is bleak. Under David Donald  Cameron mass immigration is still at over 500,000 a year. Four million net immigrants (the ones we know about) since 1997 have meant house prices are beyond reach for youngsters, and public services are unable to cope. It costs six times as much to teach a foreign child, who cannot speak English, as is spent on an English child. 93% of immigrants to the UK live in England.
 90% of jobs created in 2010 went to immigrants. One million 16 to 24 year olds (mostly English) are not in education, employment or training. England is the most densely populated country in the EU, apart from Malta, and the sixth in the World leaving aside small islands and city states. Still the contemptible politicians do nothing, preferring to talk about such trivia as reform of the House of Lords and gay marriage. Cameron spends £7-8 billion a year on Foreign Aid, yet the English people are denied life saving cancer drugs costing a mere £250 million a year. To rub salt in the wound Cameron has agreed with the EU that immigrants with AIDS will be entitled to free treatment of up to £20,000 a year on the English NHS.
A £49 billion subsidy a year from England under the Barnett Formula is spent on the three Celtic countries of the UK. Scotland receives £1600 a head more than England, Wales £1000 a head, and Northern Ireland £2500 a head. They have benefits in Health and Education, which we are denied.
We still have no English Parliament to prevent England being used by the three main Political Parties for mass immigration, as a mere cash cow for others, and as a free for all for developers. There is little democracy for England. The Prime Minister calls the shots, and his MPs are merely eunuchs doing as they are told, with scant parliamentary scrutiny.
Much law, rules and regulations come from the EU, and the Conservatives, like the other two main parties, use those as a stick to beat the people of England, who yearn to be free. Political correctness has had a devastating effect on English men and women, particularly suppressing  what was once so prized as freedom of speech for an Englishman.
The BBC peddles the Political Establishment agenda of anti-English,  pro mass immigration, pro multi-culturism, pro EU, and political correctness. (Stalin never had a better propagandist). One irony is that the BBC are so eager to embrace the political correctness of Diversity, and yet virtually all their political commentators on television and radio are Scottish!
What of Rayleigh. At the last General Election the Conservatives promised to abolish the targets for new houses and Gypsy and Traveller sites laid down by the East of England Regional Assembly. They promised to give jurisdiction over such back to the District Councils.
The Conservative Rochford District Council, however, have ended up with an approved Core Strategy little different from the one they had under Labour. This involves 2785 new homes in Rochford District on Green Belt, and a Gypsy and Traveller site or sites for 15 pitches in total by 2018. The reason for this has become clear in that Cameron has provided for an extra payment of Council Tax from taxpayers money to the Councils for every new house, caravan and mobile home. In January 2012 he committed £60 million of taxpayers’  money for more than 750 new and improved pitches for Travellers in England.
The proposed locations for the new houses with no corresponding public services or infrastructure are Hall road, Rochford (600), Ashingdon (600), Hullbridge (500), Hawkwell (175), Hockley (50), London Road Rayleigh (550), Canewdon (60) and Great Wakering (250).
The proposed Gypsy and Traveller sites in Rayleigh are one at the junction of A127 and A1245; two sites at A1245 on the right travelling towards Chelmsford just before the junction of A1245 and Rawreth  Lane; one site at London Road just before Little Wheatley Chase on the right travelling towards Rayleigh; and one site at Goldsmith Drive opposite Lords Golf Club, Hullbridge Road. Hockley has two sites, one in Plumberow Avenue.
Frontline services have been cut but the Chief Executive of the Conservative Essex County Council receives £220,000 a year, 12employees are paid over £130,000 a year, and 111 employees over £80,000 a year. £39 million was spent on Consultants in 2009/10, and in 2009 £4.8 million on publicity.
The Rochford District Council Conservative Cabinet of eight Councillors enjoyed the lion’s share of £287000 allowances for 2009/10. That reflected their 158% increase. A pothole only costs on average £50 to mend.


  1. An excellent article. The problem is that Cameron and the British establishment probably take their instructions not only from the Marxist totalitarian EU but from shadowy figures further afield. Left with nothing to do but tinker at the edges they are just lining their own pockets whilst the good times last.

    But the lack of democracy not only here but in all hitherto white democratic nations is now being widely spoken about. Norway, once a free, independent and highly democratic nation is now virtually a police state where anybody criticising creeping islamification or multi-culturalism is destined to be ostracised, lose their job or worse. This is all the aftermath of the Anders Breivik affair which was, of course, caused by their liberal left-wing politicians and their determination to flood Norway with third worlders.

    These people refuse to accept that the ethnocentric nation is like a person's home. It is where human beings choose to live and they don't want strangers living down in the basement, up in the attic or anywhere else.

    As a result of Hitler's inane excesses, European politicians and those in other countries of European settlement, thought that the abolition of the ethnocentric nation and all borders and us all plunged together in one huge melting pot would prevent another World War. Well it won't. The strains within the Austro-Hungarian empire led to the First World War which in turn led to the Second. That empire collapsed into a multitude of ethnocentric nations after 1914-18, with the exception of Yugoslavia - another enforced multicultural invention, which took until it was free of the totalitarian communist yoke to collapse. Multicultural groupings can normally only be sustained through the removal of free speech and other freedoms. The EU and the euro will be history in the next few decades and human nature will re-assert itself. You must work with human nature not against it.

    As regards housing, here, a long way from Essex, the developers are at it - no doubt with Cameron's blessing ( by the way I suspect his opposition to the imposition of the results of the Leveson enquiry is because if he backs them the press will retaliate by revealing what they have on him ). They are pressing to build hundreds of houses in an area where there is little work and where few can afford them. This means they will go to outsiders who will opt to commute, many no doubt fleeing more culturally enriched areas. It stinks. Incidentally, our county council chief executive is paid even more, about £250,000 per annum and they cannot even afford to clear the leaves off the pavements.

  2. Apart from the fact that somebody post-War decided that any European/white country wishing to preserve its national identity would be branded as racist, the fact remains that England was over-populated on VE Day.

    The introduction of widespread contraception gave us the opportunity to get our population down to the optimum of 30m for the whole of the United Kingdom. The population of England alone is now around 50m and Teresa May like her Labour predecessor sees no problem in the population of the UK reaching 70m.

    One wonders whether they are still worried at Germany having more people than we do. Or do they think it is some kind of olympic event and we would win gold if we were the most overpopulated place on earth? The key factors that have driven mass immigration, however are cheap labour so the few could become ultra-rich, fear of upsetting our former colonials for reasons of post-imperial guilt and the woolly-headed utopianist infantile thinking of at least two generations of international socialists/Marxists.

    They are all clearly lunatics and detached from reality. During the War we became self-sufficient in food. There is no way that could happen since our population has increased to such an extent through mass immigration and a refusal to address the question of population reduction. Our internal food supplies have been affected by the wet summer. It would only take some hold-up in the arrival of foreign food supplies for us all to be on the breadline. That is why self-sufficiency in food supply was deemed to be so important during the War. Perhaps India would send us food if that were to happen, I don't think so.

    I am struck over and over again by the stupidity and lack of foresight of those elected to run the country during my 60 plus years, with one notable exception of course.

  3. Amusing the way people still think reasoned argument is enough. These are internationalists. They are out to DESTROY. You're talking yourselves into the grave and no-one is listening.

    1. You are right, of course, those of us who think logically and apply common sense and are honest and decent have a tendency to think that everybody else is the same. They are not. I think I have mentioned before that the number of psychopaths in positions of power is meant to be ten times that of the rest of the population. These people have no feelings. They are just out for themselves, for power, money or both. How, otherwise, could Tony Blair, who nearly everybody thinks is a piece of excrescence, both on the left and on the right, think he could make a political comeback? He is oblivious to everything but his own ego.

      As regards Rotheram, some EDs may not be happy at the success of UKIP in all three by-elections but at least it shows that people are thinking in the right direction and perhaps it has finally dawned on them that the leaders of the three main parties are internationalists, of the international socialist variety as regards Milliband and Clegg and the globalizing financier variety as concerns Cameron and that they are quite happy to see England and the English as history.

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