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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


On Saturday the 3rd November I was pleased to be invited to Southend High School for Boys to take part in a hustings organised by the Southend Ethnic Minority Forum which is a registered charity number 1116747. They proclaim reciept of funding from Southend on Sea Borough Council and the Ford Britain Trust. Their 'Mission' is stated in their website as being:- “to work to eliminate racial and religious discrimination, to champion the needs and interests of the Ethnic Minority Community, and to promote equal opportunity and harmony in the whole community" . I suspect the irony is unconscious and they aren't aware that the second item is inconsistant with the other two.

Here is a link to their website which appears to be somewhat out of date but the group is still active (click here >>>

All the candidates were asked searching and, in the main, sensible questions about how policing will be governed after the Police Commissioner Elections.

I was additionally asked questions about English National identity and the direction of travel of English Nationalism.

We had an interesting debate about Englishness and many of the ethnic minority speakers said that they were proud to be British but they didn’t regard themselves as being English.  When I challenged what the situation would be when/if Scotland goes independent and the United Kingdom is thereby dissolved I got a very interesting reaction.  Some of the speakers became very cross at the idea that Britishness might cease to be a possible national identity! Talk about living in denial!

During the hustings the other speakers of our community trotted out all the usual platitudes and tautologies about “valuing” and “celebrating” our ‘Diversity’ of our community.  I made it clear that the English Democrats policy is equality before the law and ‘equal rights not special rights’.

Many of the participants in the Southend Ethnic Minority Forum have had various (seemingly mostly paid) roles within the various consultancy committees which are the products of the British State’s policy of Multi-culturalism!  They were not keen on the idea of ‘equal rights rather than special rights’, as that would impact on their own interests, nevertheless they could see that our policy was a position that it was impossible to openly argue against!

All in all a very interesting meeting!


  1. Equal rights not special rights. I think I'll use that! The Race Relations Industry is worth millions every year. It has to constantly justify itself by finding inequality and racism around every corner in order to keep the cash flowing in. They might have to go out and get a proper job at some point.

  2. Perhaps David Cameron should look to the United States where as the ethnic minority/minorities become the ethnic majority the Left is always destined to triumph. By 2040 the erstwhile ethnic majority i.e. Europeans - 90% of the population there just 30 years ago - will be in the minority. Most countries of Northern and Western Europe are heading in the same direction. Interested to hear that these pupils - echoing Krishnan Guru-Murthy's comment to Ed Milliband - agreed that the New British can never be English. The English were a people - the Anglo-Saxons having absorbed the Brythonic Celts and Danes - on the eve of the Battle of Hastings. Whether the Normans ever became English is open to doubt. They were the ones who began pushing the British agenda. The collapse of Britain could indeed lead to a dilemma regarding Englishness and Britishness. Britishness smacks of all-inclusive citizenship whereas Englishness is about blood and belonging. The former was the idead that gripped America and France after the end of the 18th century and it is leading both of them to extinction.

  3. There weren't any pupils there. The hustings was on a Saturday.
    I would have thought that after 1,000 years the Normans (descended from Vikings anyway) were at least as English as anonymous!

    1. "I would have thought that after 1,000 years the Normans (descended from Vikings anyway) were at least as English as anonymous"

      Not so anonymous or English. What do you suppose are the origins of class distinction and privilege? Bear in mind also that England is still not a true democracy.

  4. Interesting about the Vikings and what happened to them in England and in Norway. England prior to 1066 seems to have been much like England in the 1950s, the Danes had been assimilated and christianised ( as Enoch Powell pointed out ) during the reign of Canute and wanted to farm the land like the Anglo-Saxons. It was a peaceful place. The Norman Vikings became like their neighbours in France, militaristic and in a permanent state of warfare. Something in this island turns warriors into farmers in due course ( perhaps it did happen to the Norman Vikings but much later ). As regards the Britishness agenda of the Normans (i.e. they wanted to rule the whole of these islands, not just England) and the Englishness of the Anglo/Danes who preceded them I am influenced by the following quote form Michael Wood's "In search of the Dark Ages". "The Normans took over not a provincial backwater but an older and in some respects a superior civilisation. It was the Anglo-Saxon achievement to build England; it was left to the Normans and their successors to make Great Britain. And now, when one considers the vicissitudes of the later history of Britain and Ireland, it is tempting to think that they have not yet succeeded so well" ( And that was in 1981, before Alex Salmond appeared on the scene!! )

    1. Sorry that should have been England and Normandy, not Norway. Once the Vikings of Norway were defeated by Harold Godwinson at Stamford Bridge the Viking age was over and the Norwegian ex-Vkings turned into the world's greatest pacifists ( even after, as now, they came up against militant Islam ).

    2. Here's another comment regarding Norman Britishness as opposed to Anglo-Saxon Englishness. The Normans and their Flemish, French and Breton allies were lured over by the fabulous wealth of England and they wanted to get their hands on it. William the Conqueror was obscenely greedy as were his henchmen. Once they had got England they could not stop. Anyhow, the point I wanted to make was that I am reading about Anglo-Saxon architecture. The reason so little remains compared with architecture of that period on the Continent is that the Normans obliterated most of it and rebuilt in their Norman style. The reason given for the obliteration is that they wanted to destroy all traces of Englishness. Does that sound familiar? Their descendants - the British establishment - are still at it. Sometimes I think that what has happened to England since the 1950s is a determined attempt to finish the job started in 1066.

    3. There was a Norman empire including much of France and Italy, as well as England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
      England is the last remaining colony. But it will continue to be colony until the language is cleansed of French words. You are right, the British/Norman establishment is still at it, using the BBC to root out English words from the language such as 'help' (aid), 'last' (final), and so forth. [asf.]

  5. Talking of invasions our dear Teresa May has stated quite clearly that 35 million Romanians and Bulgarians will have an absolute right to enter Britain (England actually), there have been two kind of invasions here, the first are the deeds of surrender disguised as treaties which allow invasion of alien laws which are intended force submission and legalise the second which is the physical arrival of the victors, the arrival of another tsunami of aliens may be a blessing in disguise the English may? if they can drag themselves away from the toxic effects of the Media stand and fight.

  6. The reluctance of ethnic minorities to use the word "English" suggests thst "British" is merely a qualification of their true nationality. So someone from,say, Pakistan, living in England still regards himself as "Pakistani" but is prepared to add "British" as a concession to his new domicile. If this is the case, then contrary to what John "I won't accept a peerage" Prescott once said, it is indeed English which is the true nationality, rather than "British"!

    1. I suppose that it is akin to the way that Jews in America are often to referred to as American Jews as if their real homeland was Israel. Even Francis Fukiyama is referred to as a Japanese American writer. It is as if, despite what is going to happen with regard to the extinction of white America before the end of the century, non-WASPS - and blacks are proud to call themselves African Americans - still think they are an offshoot of somewhere else and WASPS think of them in the same way.
      The situation in Britain today cannot be compared to the assimilation of Danish and Norwegian Vikings by 1066. The Danes especially were neighbours of the Angles, Jutes and Saxons on the Continent, looked like them, spoke similar languages and were like pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons, hence, once they became Christian and farmers, just fused with the English.

  7. Off topic,I was looking at the Telegraph's site the other day,regarding Bulgarians and Romanians getting the right to come and work here:

    Someone suggested we need to do something about it(see the comments under "best rating").I reproduce another comment made:

    "Perhaps a demo and mass lobby of Parliament,on a Wednesday (for PM Questions) afternoon and evening,get to meet our MP's(don't know if you need proof of ID to request to see your MP or get in to Parliament).That way,even if there aren't masses of people,we get to make our point.

    The advantage of Lobbying Parliament is that MP's get to see us,journalists get to see us,even though there will be no media coverage(unless there are many thousands of people,which is a bit ambitious).The only disadvantage is that written permission(supposedly a formality) is required by the Met,for a demo with flags,placards etc.

    Keep the objective broad,maybe "Stop Mass Immigration",something that everyone can agree on."

    Can I suggest that Mr Tilbrook applies for the permission required,then let the internet do the rest.This won't work if it is seen as an English Democrat event(or any other poltical party)-it has to be for everyone-party banners/placards should be discouraged.Hopefully other parties will support it,the Daily Mail might even support it,like they did with the "No to 70 million" petition.

    1. Did the "No to 70m" petition ever get anywhere? After all, just like Alan the Postie in the previous Labour administration, Theresa May says she does not see 70m as a problem and probably like Alan is not having sleepless nights about it. However, to look at her these days she looks as if she has aged about 30 years in the last few months and doesn't get much sleep at all, poor lamb.

  8. I saw St George's cross and thought, "A racist party wants to head the police, will they never learn?". Then I read a little and thought, "No, maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's just an out of touch guy that doesn't realise holding a red cross during an election has become a symbol for racism, no matter what his true reason for holding it is".

    I'd like to reclaim the flag back from the blunt racists out there as much as any balanced person but facts are facts, during an election of this flavour it's a standard for racism, not nationalism.

    Then I read this post and the comments thereafter and it disheartens me to see one of my choices on vote day does in fact appear to be for a racist in a nationalist's hat...

    I would very much like to be proven wrong on that last point.

    1. What an odd reaction to seeing your country's flag. I really cannot imagine why you think anything that I have written is in any way "Racist"!

    2. Robin, having listened to and watched many political interviews and debates in my time I was fully expecting you to place your blinkers on and grasp at that point with both hands; which is why I said this in the 1st para:
      "[holding a red cross during an election has become a symbol for racism] matter what his true reason for holding it is"

      The entire 2nd para says:
      "I'd like to reclaim the flag back from the blunt racists out there as much as any balanced person but facts are facts, during an election of this flavour it's a standard for racism, not nationalism."

      So I am now even more disheartened that one of my choices firstly doesn't know that waving a national flag during these police elections (in England) will have him perceived by many - I would argue the majority - of the voting Essex public as potentially supporting racism.

      NB This is not the Olympics, this is a personality vote flanked by the words 'crime' and 'policing'. If I were standing for election into a sporting role I would proudly drape the cross about my shoulders.

      Secondly, one of the two people I was considering to vote for doesn't appear to pay attention to the point being raised, but rather chooses to attempt to score imaginary points by remarking on statements that are plainly not there.

      Please Robin, please pull it back from here. To have you put yourself out of the running for my vote leaves me with but a single choice; which really is no choice at all.

  9. Chris you need to get a life old boy. Racism accusations are TOTALLY meaningless, the word has been exaggerated and over-used so often that it no longer means what it started off as. People
    need to talk about important issues like immigration without feeling under pressure to understate
    our opinions. Also, the English flag does not cause offense, but certainly the Union Jack does get
    a portion of raised hackles.

  10. I hope that the gentleman or lady above is following the Chinese change of government. Set aside the fact that it is wholly undemocratic then perhaps he would like to post a similar comment in respect of China, preferably on the website of the People's Party - don't think they would show it; I don't think I saw a single non-Han Chinese face there. The same for the Indian subcontinent, Africa and most of the rest of the non-white world. I sense he or she will not be happy until every white country is consigned to the dustbin of history. I wish him well when this takes place. If he is young enough then perhaps he would like to emigrate to the United States and be there when this, for him, momentous change happens there. I would fully understand, Robin, if you choose not to show this comment.