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Friday, 26 October 2012

“Hope Not Hate” Comes Out as Labour’s dirty tricks department

I recently wrote a blog article on "Hope Not Hate’s" anti-Englishness (here is the link to that article >>>
I thought that, out of courtesy, I should send a copy to Nick Lowles (in the yellow shirt).  

Here is a copy of my email to him:-
"Dear Mr Lowles,
I have mentioned your above article in this blog item and thought that, out of courtesy, I should let you know.
Here is the link >>>
Do you wish to respond?
Yours sincerely,"

My email elicited this response:-
"How could I not take up your kind offer.  I have a lot to say so it'll be with you in a day or two."

I would of course be delighted to have the chance of a proper and fair debate on political matters with Nick Lowles. England’s future is paramount to the English Democrats. Attempting to slander the English Democrats by making out we are not civic nationalists will only damage the voice of the working men and women living in England.

To that end I would hereby publish a challenge to him to agree to appear at the Shire Hall, Chelmsford, Essex (near to Chelmsford Police Station), at 12.00 noon on Wednesday, 14th November.  If Mr Lowles confirms that he will attend then I will arrange for the media to be invited (as well as Essex Police to ensure that order is kept, knowing the sort of tactics that some of Mr Lowles’ associates get up to!). We want fair and adult debate and we hope that Nick Lowles wants this as well.

So far, unfortunately rather than agree to meet me in debate, Nick Lowles has sought to target a "Hope Not Hate" campaign against the English Democrats’ Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies. This seems to be on the grounds of not being a Trade Union supporting, politically correct Labour apparatchik. This is what Nick Lowles says: "“Removing Peter Davies as Mayor of Doncaster is really important.  Since being elected he has attacked and undermined trade unions, he has blocked funding for Gay Pride, invited the co-founders of the Campaign Against Political Correctness onto his cabinet to get rid of ‘politically correct non jobs’ and has attacked Black History Month and International Women’s Day.”

The above statement made by Nick Lowles has twisted the facts, used inflammatory words and have a political bias to them. Unfortunately his comments call into question not only his personal integrity but his professional integrity as well.  When has challenging, as Peter Davies has done, whether full-time Trade Union officials should be paid for out of taxpayers’ pockets made someone a 'fascist' and 'racist'?

No doubt Mr Lowles’ friends within the hierarchy of Doncaster Labour are well pleased with him.  However the interesting thing is that he has implicitly admitted that "Hope Not Hate" are now nothing but more than the Labour Party’s dirty tricks department, rather than a genuine independent campaign against fascism and racism, neither of which allegations could be even remotely pinned on Peter Davies, or indeed on the English Democrats.

We are just as anti-racist as "Hope not Hate" - in fact more so, as it now appears that they are anti-English! Together we have helped bring about the demise of Nick Griffin's BNP. This might hurt Nick Lowles conceit but the ‘truth’ is simply ‘the truth’.

So the question remains whether Labour’s "gofer" will engage in mature debate or prove himself just a cowardly keyboard warrior?  Is Lowles a man or a mouse (sic!)?  Or is he just a Labour Party stooge? Perhaps looking for a Westminster seat?  Maybe backed by Len McLuskey’s misuse of Unite Union members' funds to try to improperly gain influence within the Labour Party?


  1. Labour are just as much in need of a Gravy Train as any brother E.U. stalwart.
    They are obviously smarting under PD's lash :)
    Debate doesn't look hopeful, does it.

  2. These hope not hate figures are all the same - anti English, anti British, in fact anti anything patriotic.

    I dont know why you wasted your time trying to get this man into a debate. Seachlight, UAF, Hope not Hate are good at mouthing off, but they offer no answers to the dreadful state the UK as a whole is in.

    They are pro immigrant, pro gay, pro Palistine terror, pro IRA. Why would you want to assiciate yourself with someone like this?

    1. True but the satisfaction of knowing this creep Lownles would never has the courage
      to discuss things because he knows there is no justification or logic to his position. He
      is just an anti-White racist.

  3. Laughable and insulting spin by Labour but I expect most people still find even labour's twisted description of Peter Davis much more attractive than any narrow minded labour zealot.

    All we see here is the Labour party indulging in more preposterous and ugly political spin. They hope that by throwing mud they can get some to stick irrespective of honesty of their position. They have no policies and they have no identity beyond that of their own political bigotry.

    As for getting an open and honest debate with the likes of these propagandists, if I was you i wouldn't hold my breath waiting.

  4. Hi Guys - I suspect you will be aware of the negative campaign(including threats and violence) by this group towards the EDL, whih has resulted in Police banning a proposed march by the EDL - democracy it seems doesnt apply to some.

    I realise some of you may be unsure about the EDL but all I can say is if we join we have a chance -if not.........

  5. Just why do these people 'hate' themselves and their own country and people so much? Its ALL about hate for them, that's obvious. Hate, spite and envy. And anyone who stands up to defend their own people gets abused and shouted down by them. Nick Lowles should be ashamed but of course he's like all those self-haters in denial about what they are doing...'There's none so blind as those who choose not to see'.

    One can only assume that with the absence of Blakey and Butler in this shot its just Flash 'Colossus' Gordon uttering .... "I hate you England"!

  6. Dear Robin
    New Labour is about intelectual thought from the Swinging sixties and has very little to do with the ordinary working
    people most can see where N L is at and does not reflect them at all, what we do see is many allowing themselves to be lead because what is promised to them, which in the long term will not serve them well as they are being used.
    New Labour is another very right wing party under the guise of working for the people.
    We need simple and clear cut policies which every one can see how it will effect them and that the government is working for all the people.New labour will watch whilst Rome burns then blame someone else, it may do us no good confronting these people because they will not change and will try their hardest to destroy you by what ever means,is it not best to lead by example and not waste your valuable time and this idea. people are not stupid and they may not voice how they feel but may just quitely vote for you,if they believe they can trust you,
    this does take time but is the best way, people like to be treated like adults even though it is general now to treat peole like a child., and there`s a reason for that too.

    1. Mr Lowles' objections to Peter Davies as Mayor of Doncaster centre on his (Peter's) opposition to "politically correct" causes. I'll back Mr Lowles if he will declare his support for "Heterosexual Pride", "White History Month" (I should add here that all humans are in fact brown; NOT 'Black' NOT "White" and that the only difference is the shade thereof,) and an "International Men's Day". How about it, sir?

      Clive, Weston-super-Mare.

  7. Margaret Clare Stoll27 October 2012 at 10:39

    In response to the comments above 'why does Robin waste his time trying to engage with Hope not Hate', I don't see it like that. Robin's courteous invitation and the lack of comparable polite response really does show up these people in a way that ranting and raving, or even shouting, will never do. He has thrown down the gauntlet to them, asking them politely to engage in a rational and civilised debate. So far they haven't responded. Anyone who cannot/will not comply with Robin's polite and reasoned request is not a fit adversary. All they can do is shout lies, smears and half-truths and have no political platform from which to do so. Only the ignorant and unthinking would bother even to give them the time of day.

  8. I can understand those who think that inviting the HNH brigade along for a debate is a waste of time.

    On the ohter hand, The ED have nothing to hide, no hidden agendas and everything to gain being open and inviting. The fact that the invitation has not been accepted clearly shows the lack of moral fibre and backbone.

    Democracy has to be seen to be done in the public domain, not from behind the keyboard of a computer where too many offer little of substance from thier make believe world on the interent.

  9. The latent qualities of the English are being subsumed by the political and liberal classes who by the hour are through their stupidity, power seeking and subsequent greed rapidly destroying this country through their actions and propaganda. Time is not on this country's side. Much stronger information must be produced and disseminated over and over again and more direct, radical action must be considered otherwise the talking shop will continue and mindless platitudes will be on our lips as we descend into obscurity.

  10. You should not be seen in the same room as Lowles, the Hope not Hate is a front organisation , "they hate you", they are undiluted Marxists, they are predators, even mild right of centre Parties they will infiltrate and obtain intelligence and subvert, anyone in this Party who does not see lowles as a mortal enemy should buy the book by Saul Aklinsky, "RULES for RADICALS would learn something, the EDL and British Freedom are not crafty enough to survive ACPO and COMMON PURPOSE, use your brains.

    1. Thanks Mona but it looks like he has flinched anyway as I have not had a reply to my challenge which I emailed to him at 4.00pm on the 26th October.

      Dear Mr Lowles,
      I have mentioned you in the above article on my blog and thought that, out of courtesy, I should let you know.
      Here is the link >>>
      Do you wish to respond?
      Yours sincerely,

      Robin Tilbrook

  11. I think that announcing publically an invitation for debate with Hate Not Hope is something the English Democrats could do every six months or so. They will of course continue to refuse as lefties always refuse debate with nationalists and they will continue to hide behind insults, allegations and their 'no platform' excuse.


  12. The sad thing is that the English are being led to extinction by people like these who are totally lacking in any logic, wisdom, maturity, common sense or foresight. They have all the maturity of a seven-year-old and that is the problem. The wise, the foresighted, the mature do not just scream at anybody who disagrees with them. Most of them probably were students in the 1960s or 1970s or at least are perpetual students who have never rubbed shoulders with the real world and certainly not many members of the working working class. They are locked in the arrested development of the Students' Union where they downed copious pints courtesy of the hard-working taxpayer and discussed how they could bring about their Marxist utopia. Utterly pathetic. Why don't you grow up or emigrate?

  13. thanks for sharing.