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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Old Speeches (Oct '05)

I thought that it might perhaps be of some interest to post up the drafts of my old speeches to the English Democrats' conferences over the years. It won't be a complete record but it will be most. I will indicate which postings on this blog are old speeches so if you are not interested you can avoid them!

This one was delivered in October 2005:-


Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow English Democrats and guests, welcome our welcome back as the case may be.

As you may know I am a solicitor. I do civil litigation, but one of my friends, who is a matrimonial solicitor, dealing with so called family law, which for lawyers means divorce, told me a story about a client and her curtain rods which may interest you.


Fortunately in the English Democrats we are a happy and functional family which is getting on with its mission and so I can say - what a difference a year makes!

In May last year we stood in 5/9 Regions of England for the European Elections. This cost about £75,000. We had 13.5 million leaflets distributed to 13.5 million English homes telling them of what is happening to England. We have since stood in local and parliamentary by-elections and in the General Election we stood in 24 constituencies and for about £1,200 we have had approximately 50,000 leaflets distributed to English homes in each of those constituencies and all telling them of what’s happening in England - a story most of them never hear from our British/unionist biased, so called “national” papers.

On the subject of press bias you might like to think about this. One of the people that the English Democrats are working with, Professor Hugo De Burgh, the Media Studies Professor of Westminster University, put his finger on it for me, the other day, when he said that, when he worked in Edinburgh as a journalist which was during the Scottish Constitutional Convention period, he found that there was, and of course still is, a Scottish National press and media establishment which is willing to report matters from a Scottish National point of view. In England by contrast there is no such English National press, all the so called “Nationals” are British Nationalist and they hate and fear reporting English National issues in case it rocks the British boat.

Well ladies and gentlemen we are here to rock that boat, we want reform but we only want what has already been given to the other nations of the United Kingdom, that is our own Parliament to deal with our own domestic matters. Also we want an end to unfair extra subsidies to Scotland and Wales paid for by us. We are continuing with our campaign.

David Knight has just stood for us in Portsmouth in a Council by-election and Caroline Ford is standing for us right now in Kingston Upon Thames. Garry Busheel who did so well for us in the General Election and with very much less canvassing and resources than other much larger established parties has offered to stand as our London Mayoral candidate against Ken Livingstone next time.

It is, of course, all a huge effort and no-one should under estimate the large scale of the task facing us. We owe a great debt of gratitude not only to those who have stood for us, without whom none of this would have been possible, but also it would not have been possible without a great deal of hard work and generous donations by many people, some of whom are here today. They know who they are and on behalf of you all I thank you.

I do think that we owe a debt to our candidates. We need more of them for the future. I will tell you that David Jordan who is the head of BBC political programming has assured Christine Constable and I that if we get anyone elected even to local government then the BBC will give us significantly more coverage.

Let us therefore give thanks to those of our General Election candidates who are here today.

I think the scale of the task facing us is shown by a recent event that may be know to many of you – The Tour of Britain Cycle Race. Imagine our surprise to find that the Tour of Britain website claims 4 National cycle teams, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Great Britain. Yes, Great Britain!! When we enquired into this, we were referred to Sport England. It turned out that Sport England would not fund English or England teams only regional or British ones. This it turned out was because of the rules set then by the Ministry of “Culture”! That is how deep the plot goes – it is not paranoid to believe in plots if they exist!

Returning to all that we have done over the last year, I should of course mention our joint enterprise with the Campaign for an English Parliament – the launch and subsequent meetings in the House of Commons and in the Lords of the English Constitutional Convention. We need to push forward with this and get as many groups involved as we can to reproduce the success of the Scottish Constitutional Convention.

I can’t resist mentioning to you UNPO – never heard of it? Neither had I but listen to this…..

But ladies and gentlemen I believe that all this effort which we are making and all the elections inwhich we are standing and all the leaflets which we are distributing – all this is having an impact.

We are now being taken seriously by the National and local media. The National media still don’t like us but we do have coverage from Regional and local media so all of you who work away at writing letters to the press; keep doing so especially to your local and regional press and radio and television stations; Keep mentioning the English Democrats. We need everyone in the country to know of us and what we stand for. Until that happens we cannot finish the first stage of our Party’s development which is making contact with all English patriots everywhere.

I think the seriousness with which we are now being taken is shown by the fact that the senior political programming management team of the BBC met Christine Constable and I a few weeks ago. We shall be having similar meetings with the management of all the National networks.

We are starting to worry the Liberal Democrats. Vince Cable, MP, once one of Labour’s activists in pushing for a Scottish Parliament, and now the Liberal Democrats’ shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and so one of their leaders, recently wrote an article for Demos, in which he claimed that English Nationalists are as much a danger to the social fabric of Britain as Islamic Fundamentalists! Yes! I will read his exact words so it cannot be said that I have misquoted him:-

Well having been compared to Islamic Fundamentalists. and just imagine, this insult was made just after the London bombing! Well, I ask you, when has an English Nationalist blown up innocent people? Vince Cable and his like approve of Celtic Nationalism; so I would also ask you, when has an English Nationalist blown up a crowded pub or burnt down peoples’ holiday homes?

But anyway as I was being compared to an Islamic Fundamentalist I thought I ought, in your name, to issue a FATWA – yes! A FATWA! Just like Sheik Osama Bin Laden’s one of Jihad against the West! I will read it to you.


I do think we have got to be able to have a laugh in doing all that we are for our cause and I ask you what could be more laughable than likening us, who only want what is right and fair for our Nation, to Islamic Fundamentalists! Islamic Fundamentalists who are so filled with unreason and hate that they will gladly kill themselves solely to kill total strangers?

No! I take this attack on us as a compliment. We have started to worry the Lib Dems and I promise to all those who hate the English Nation that we will continue to worry them as we press forward with our campaign and so today I don’t need, in the language of the First World War trenches of the Western Front, to issue an order of the day like Field Marshall Haig’s Order of the day when the devastating German attacks of the Ludendorff offensives in the spring of 1918 seemed to be about to win the war for Germany, in that order of the day on 11th April 1918, Douglas Haig wrote “Every position must be held to the last man: there must be no retirement. With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause each one of us must fight on to the end”.

No! My order of the day is much less pessimistic because we are making good progress in creating a party that can really stand up for England and make us all proud. So my order of the day can be Churchill’s famous one. I apologise to anyone who does not like what they then called “Tommy Rot”, but Churchill’s famous order of the day was KBO. Keep Buggering on!

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