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Saturday, 19 November 2011

An interview with the leader of the English Democrats

I recently did an interview for "Politics UK". Here it is:-

Friday, 11 November 2011
Black/Tilbrook - an interview with the leader of the English Democrats

1. What are your Party's 3 main policies?
The English Democrats are seeking reform of the British Constitution to create a properly functioning democracy for the People of England. Thus we are campaigning for an ‘English First Minister, Government and Parliament with at least the same powers as the Scottish ones’.
We also want to protect our nation and national culture from the EU, so we are campaigning for a referendum on coming out of the EU. We would campaign in that referendum for a vote to leave.
We also want a properly functioning border controls which prevent mass immigration and efficiently deport illegal immigrants.
Here is one of our PEBs which makes our points well. Click here>>>

2. Should smaller parties have a "vision" or a manifesto?
The English Democrats have a full manifesto which can be found here >>>

3. Should we have a referendum on the EU, if yes, when?
Yes and as soon as possible (see 1. above).

4. What is you're party's "route" into mainstream politics (eg. local elections, Scottish, Euros...)
The English Democrats fight elections throughout England whenever we can. Our first significant victory was winning the Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council. We also are now starting to win District/Borough Council elections and won tow in May. We also have several Parish/Town Councillors.

5. Would you say you are on the left, the right, the center or another third way?

The English Democrats’ slogan is that we are:-
“Not Right, not Left, just English”!

6. What is your policy on university tuition fees?
The English Democrats have always opposed the unfair discrimination against English students which the current system imposes. Click here to see a video clip we did on this >>> Students
And for a more jokey take on the same topic, click here >>>
This unfairness will be much worse next year when the tripling of the fees to £9,000 takes affect.

7. What is your own personal view on ‘benefit tourism’?
It is the duty of a properly functioning state system of politicians and bureaucrats to ensure that tax payer’s money is not wasted and is only used for the benefit of our country. This is one issue amongst many where the current system lets us all down.

8. Under your leadership, where do you see the Party in a year’s time?
I expect the English Democrats to continue to grow and to become more effective as the political campaigning arm of English Nationalism. In a few years time I hope that we shall find that English Nationalism has become the mainstream but there is no doubt that it is on the rise and part of the reason for that is our distribution of over 25 million leaflets!

9. Why should there be an English parliament?
There should be an English Parliament because it is the only fair and logically coherent response to devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Click here for a clip on this issue >>> "Why an English Parliament?"
It is so obviously the only answer that our political opponents don’t usually even try to openly argue against it. They resort to the usual political tricks of obstructionism and evasion.

10. What one thing would you change about the British political system?
The key issue for any democratic nationalist is that the political system should be the democrat i.e. voice of the nation. So I would change the British system radically to enable English Nationalism to be given a democratic forum for the expression of the sovereign will of the People of England. Garry Bushell made agood point for us in this clip >>>

Thank you for inviting me to take part.

Here is the link to the original site >>>

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