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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Anti-Englishness in High places?

In Friday's Daily Telegraph, a paper whose editorial line, since its purchase from the disgraced Lord Black by the hugely rich and aquisitive Barclay Brothers, has been strikingly anti-English, there was published the Article below.

My rhetorical question though is whether it is in any meaningful or any truthful sense valid for the Tories to claim that it is the SNP who are being "vindictive" - or is this a typical example of Tory duplicity?

Isn't it the British Unionist Establishment Parties, all three of which have, at various times when they sought electoral advantage, promised not to introduce Student Top up fees but which have swiftly betrayed the trust reposed in them by the English electorate, once they have got safely into a British Ministerial car?

Wasn't it those Parties, not the SNP, which imposed or increased the Fees "vindictively" only on English Students?

There is one final question:- How long will the English put up with such blatantly vindictive anti-Englishness?

Perhaps the answer lies in last week's Yougov poll result showing 63%, of a GB wide survey, showing unmistakeable signs of a rising sense of English Nationalism.

Perhaps it is needless to say that the Daily Telegraph altogether failed to publish the results of that Poll!
Here is the Article:-
Families may 'move from England to avoid tuition fee hike'
The rising cost of a university degree in England could create “fee refugees” as parents move to Scotland and Wales to escape huge debts, it was claimed today.

Families may attempt to move to Scotland or Wales to avoid fee rises in England, said HEFCE. 

By Graeme Paton, Education Editor

An analysis by the Government’s Higher Education Funding Council for England said families may flee over the border to avoid fees of up to £9,000 in 2012.

Parents living “close to the borders” are among those most likely to relocate to another country, it was claimed, potentially creating “distortive effects on local economies and housing markets”.

A move from England to Scotland could save students as much as £36,000 for a four year degree because of sharp differences in fees policies operated by devolved governments across the UK.

The comments came as it emerged that the Scottish Executive could carry out checks on applicants to ensure they are legitimate residents and not attempting to exploit the generous funding system north of the border.

From next year, English students will be forced to pay up to £9,000 wherever they study but Scottish undergraduates will be given free tuition.

Fees for Welsh students will be fixed at £3,465 and those in Northern Ireland will pay a similar amount, but only if they stay in their own region.

The system has already caused outrage in England, with several students pursuing legal action against the Scottish government amid claims that the fee rises will breach their human rights.

The Scottish Conservatives have branded the plans “vindictive” and warned that it would “stir up resentment in the rest of the UK against Scotland”.

A paper presented to a HEFCE board meeting warns that there “may be issues with families, particularly those close to the borders, seeking to domicile themselves in Wales or Scotland in order to benefit from favourable fee arrangements”.

The report adds: “This could have distortive effects on local economies and housing markets if it occurred with significant numbers.”

Bob Osborne, emeritus professor of public policy at Ulster University, told Times Higher Education magazine that if a family “was living 15 miles from the Scottish border then you can see how they might try to wangle it”.

But he doubted there was going to be a “mass exodus of people from Surrey to Glasgow”.

The Scottish Executive has already said children whose parents move to Scotland for their careers will be eligible for a free university education.

But families who seek to exploit the system by buying a home north of the Border will not. A spokesman said the Student Awards Agency for Scotland will decide on a case-by-case basis, with people not living north of the border for long likely to be scrutinised.

The HEFCE paper also warned that there is a “question of affordability” attached to the reforms for devolved administrations. Most countries are committed to subsidising students’ tuition even if they study outside their home country and budgets may stretched if universities in England put up their tuition fees, it was claimed.


  1. The rules in Scotland already disallow claims based purely on Residency - otherwise students would take a Gap Year in Scotland before starting their degree. The current legislation is (deliberately) vague, but insists that students have to have been resident for a minimum of 3 or 4 years in any event.

  2. Peter Hitchens descibed the political removal of the English as a 'slow motion putsch'. Others have called it a 'bloodless genocide'. Both these assessments are true - in my opinion.
    The 'lesser' home countries will only revel in the demise of England, until they realise without big brother the wolves will eat them, or should I say as Churchill did, crocodiles.
    Orwell said of the high ups that they would 'rather steal from a poor box than sing God save the King.'

    Plus ca change.

  3. It's becoming increasingly obvious that the continuing discrimination against every man, woman and child in England by successive UK Governments is causing growing anger and resentment in England and yet still our elected politicians with English seats continue to ignore us and deny there is a problem. It's understandable although totally inexcusable for Labour to prefer the status quo because of course they need their Celtic MPs to form any future Labour UK Government and therefore govern England but there is no excuse for the Tories who were put there by the people of England. They are all as bad as one another and have shown they care nothing for England, only contempt. You only have to look at the early day motion 2426 proposed by Frank Field to see that. He is suggesting there be a debate on the merits of an English Parliament, just a debate, that's all and so far a total of 4 MPs have seconded him. Those 500+ MPs with English seats are deliberately choosing to ignore this blatant discrimination against their constituents and the undemocratic nature in which they are governed. To do so would render them as useless as the 119 Celtic MPs who would have nothing to do if they weren't allowed to meddle in matters which have nothing to do with them. Their careers must come first but hopefully England will let them know in no uncertain terms what they think of them come the next election for their betrayal and consign them to the political dustbins of history where they belong and put someone in their place who hopefully isn't afraid to say the word England. Everyone should write to their MP and ask them why they are not willing to second Frank Field's edm which would of course require them to start standing up for their constituents. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. I normally agree with all you say Robin but was puzzled by your attitude to this article. Surely, by pointing out that English families may well need to move to Scotland or Wales to benefit from free or reduced cost university education, the Telegraph is drawing attention to the unfair situation. Or have I missed something?

  5. If it is a matter of residency which decides the fees that is one thing. If it is a matter of race that puts the cat amongst the pigeons as the enemy denies there even is such an identity as English, on the grounds of centuries of immigration. I am looking forward to the CRE taking the case to court.

  6. "Dissent, without action, is assent" Anti- Englishness, disregard of English cultural traditions and exploitation of the English by the British Establishment is evident all around us. Other than move, as suggested, what do you believe that the average English family do ?

  7. I believe Robin Tilbrook and The English Democrats are a good example of 'controlled opposition' - give the disgruntled English a flag to rally around, thinking that their efforts will make a difference.
    Why no talk from Robin Tilbrook and The English Democrats about the creation of money by private companies, that then lend it to the government at debt?
    What is it I see on The English Democrats website? That silliness about St George's Day as a holiday! Ha ha! How about a campaign demanding more Morris Dancing? Ha ha ha!
    Don't give them your money! There's no such thing as democracy!
    THEY are laughing at all of us...

  8. Question was- How long will this be tolerated?

  9. This arrangement with exceptionally high fees for English students in Scotland is outrageous, particularly when considering that it does not apply to students from any other country in the EU.

  10. The nation wreckers know that in order for the plan for federal europe to succeed. England in reality and essence must be destroyed. The sneering home grown traitors play along and their handlers roar them on. England and the English have many enemies who are lapping up the opportunity to take revenge. Unfortunately dissent is verboten and the conditioning from the media coupled with the completeness of the historical revisionism of the educational establishment, and the ethnic cleansing by immigration and flight, has eliminated effective rebellion - so far. Those who rebel must be prepared to lose their life socially and employment wise. It should be the duty of every Englishman to challenge anti Englishness at every turn politely and honourably.