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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Should Cameron be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968?

Section 14 says:- "It shall be an Offence for any person in the course of any trade or buiness

a/ to make a statement which he knows to be false; or

b/ recklessly to make a statement which is false;
as to... the nature of any service..."

In his conference speech Cameron claimed “I support gay marriage because I'm a Conservative.”
Whatever the merits of gay marriage, on whichthere are no doubt many good points to be made on either side, let us focus on what this comment reveals about Cameron’s true politics.

Wikipedia defines Conservatism is:-

"Conservatism (Latin: conservare, "to preserve") is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and supports, at the most, minimal and gradual change in society. Some conservatives seek to preserve things as they are, emphasizing stability and continuity, while others oppose modernism and seek a return to the way things were."

What could be a more traditional element in our culture than the Christian concept of marriage?

Here is the full text of this part of Cameron's speech:- “But we're also doing something else. I once stood before a Conservative conference and said it shouldn't matter whether commitment was between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, or a man and another man. You applauded me for that. Five years on, we're consulting on legalising gay marriage.

And to anyone who has reservations, I say: Yes, it's about equality, but it's also about something else: commitment. Conservatives believe in the ties that bind us; that society is stronger when we make vows to each other and support each other.”

A further useful clue as to where Cameron is coming from is in the Encyclopaedia Britannica which says:-
"conservatism, political doctrine that emphasizes the value of traditional institutions and practices.Conservatism is a preference for the historically inherited rather than the abstract and ideal. This preference has traditionally rested on an organic conception of society—that is, on the belief that society is not merely a loose collection of individuals but a living organism comprising closely connected, interdependent members. Conservatives thus favour institutions and practices that have evolved gradually and are manifestations of continuity and stability. Government’s responsibility is to be the servant, not the master, of existing ways of life, and politicians must therefore resist the temptation to transform society and politics.

This suspicion of government activism distinguishes conservatism not only from radical forms of political thought but also from liberalism which is a modernizing, antitraditionalist movement..."

Could this picture really be a true insight into the soul of Cameron?

Is Cameron any more "Conservative" about conserving England’s countryside? In his speech he says:-

“There's one more thing. Our businesses need the space to grow - literally. That's one of the reasons we're reforming our planning system. It's hard to blame local people for opposing developments when they get none of the benefits. We're changing that. If a new manufacturing plant is built in your area - your community keeps the business rates. If new homes get built - you keep the council tax. This is a localist plan from a localist party.

Now I know people are worried about what this means for conservation. Let me tell you: I love our countryside and there's nothing I would do to put it at risk. But let's get the balance right. The proportion of land in England that is currently built up is 9 per cent. Yes, 9 per cent. There are businesses out there desperate to expand, to hire thousands of people - but they're stuck in the mud of our planning system. Of course we're open to constructive ideas about how to get this right.”

So a clear NO there. In the interests of Big Business, Cameron is happy to concrete over England!
Then there was another classic Tory deception.

“Part of our answer is controlling immigration. So we've put a cap on the numbers of non-EU immigrants allowed to come into our country to work. We mustn't lock out talent - I want the best and brightest entrepreneurs, scientists and students from around the world to get the red carpet treatment. But the bogus colleges, the fake marriages, the people arriving for a month and staying for years, the criminals who use the Human Rights Act to try and stay in the country - we are clamping down on all of them.”

Cameron's "conservatism" has absolutely no real intention of doing anything at all about the main source of immigration, which is the EU.

My rhetorical question was - should he be prosecuted? It will be no surprise that the British Political Class does not apply the same rules to themselves, the masters, as they do to us their subject peoples, so sadly he cannot be tried and convicted in a Court of Law however knowingly or recklessly false the statement he makes.The only court in which he can be tried and convicted is what Harriet Harman called the "Court of Public Opinion"!


  1. Like the rest of his party Cameron is interested in conserving one thing and one thing only: the material interests of the UK branch of the nascent globalist oligarchy to which he and his fellow ministers belong.

  2. There has always been a debate regarding Cameron's politics and I have argued that he is more liberal then Conservative. He is trying to attract a wide range of voters. In other words he is trying to become all things to all men while meaning nothing to the majority. Politicians today have no roots just like Tony Blair and have no conviction or sense. It's a case of which party shall I join . . . let's toss a coin!

  3. NO!! He should be tried under the Treason Act.