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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Last night’s Panorama programme (with an estimated viewing of up to 3.5 million) was an apparently dispassionate but utterly damning indictment of the culture of dishonesty and downright thuggery at the heart of Nick Griffin’s BNP. 

Here is the link:
and here for the BBC website report:

I have no personal knowledge of the truth of these allegations but I have heard much that fully corroborates the details of Panorama’s allegations.

As often happens in fraud investigations, the programme did not focus on showing the big picture but it did offer detailed proof of several very damaging and undoubtedly, if proven in court, criminal allegations.  It is also true that many of the even more serious allegations being discussed on the internet would never be published on a BBC programme for fear of giving Griffin a windfall win of damages for defamation because of lack of detailed proof of their truthfulness.

In any event, by avoiding the usual ranting approach of programmes featuring the BNP, I suspect that Panorama will have caused far more long term damage to the BNP than might be apparent now.  This is because it is not true that all publicity is good publicity. While such a sweeping statement might be true if you are a porn star, for a politician any publicity that suggests that he is dishonest, unprincipled, self-seeking or a joke are all usually fatal to that politician’s credibility.  Some of these allegations were very much along those lines and so the damage to Nick Griffin’s credibility will be serious. 

It seems that the root of the trouble was the simple desire to make money.  In a business man this is normal but for a credible political figure or party this can only properly be for their cause. As Erasmus said early in the 16th century:- (Piscis primum a capite foetet) A fish rots first from the head!

In stark contrast, in the English Democrats we have used every penny that we have raised for our Cause and none at all on the lifestyle, or even on out of pocket expenses, of our leadership.  Indeed I personally, as have quite a few others, have put a substantial amount of money into the Party to help campaign for the future of England, our Nation and for an English Parliament.

I fully intend that we shall continue to do so and that the English Democrats will continue to campaign to make the difference for the people of England without any taint of greed or self interest.


  1. I only watched the second half but there was two shots when the zooming in on the flag of St George told you all you needed to know about the BBC.
    in both case it had nothing to do with the BNP. one the BBC man was staring in to space and in the distance was a St George's Flag zoooom and another the English flag was flying outside of a Town hall were there was a meeting zoooooom nothing was said but we all know what the BBC is up to.Show the nasty BNP then show the English Flag bingo!

  2. A very interesting article Robin.

    Here is a story that didn't make it into the programme in the end:

  3. They didnt mention the Trafalgar Club either. Nick Griffins personal club with his wife as signatory which raises at least 60k a year and has never produced any records for public scrutiny. And the party has no assetts and nothing to show for it. Wher is all the cash going Mr griffin?

  4. The BNP IS a rotting corpse and should be buried. I guestimate that the membership is below 2000 and falling. Never-the-less that party can be useful to other nationalistic type parties as it will be the scapegoat for the nasty part of nationalism, when the subjects of race and immigration are raised.We must always show Persil whiteness on the race issue, I mean of course, that we accept the prevailing ideology on this topic.

  5. I certainly am thinking of joining the English Democrats because it stands for everything I beleive in without the horrible tarnished reputation of the BNP.

    In my opinion Mr. Griffins background will always be a contencious issue.