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Monday, 8 October 2018



These days we hear lots of complaints in the media about the funding of the police and many calls that we should have more police. 

Actually the real issue isn’t the numbers of the police.   

It is worth bearing in mind that in 1960, when the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales was generally an amazingly law abiding place, with many of our traditional English communities still vibrant, there was just one police officer for every 643 members of the population of England and Wales!

Since then we have had an avalanche of legislative verbal diarrhoea from the British State, which has created many thousands of new offences.  The British State is also seeking to interfere in many aspects of English life which in 1960 would have been considered to be no business of the State to interfere in. 

There has also been extensive political interference by politically correct British politicians in the way that the English police are allowed to operate.  This has dramatically reduced police effectiveness. 

The English criminal courts have also been massively interfered with.  There has been a long period of so called “reform” being imposed by the British Political Establishment at such a rate that new reforms have frequently been imposed before the previous set of reforms have even been properly implemented! 

Is it any wonder that now, even though there is now one police officer for every 477 members of the population of England and Wales, that nevertheless their effectiveness in preventing crime is vastly inferior to what it was in 1960?

There is of course also to consider the huge demographic changes that has been engineered in the population of England and Wales since 1960. These have imported forms of criminality from many of the lawless parts of the world.  In 1960 these were unknown in England and Wales. 

All in all the statistics about police numbers are a vivid reminder, if any were needed, just how poorly the British Political Establishment has governed our once peaceful and once largely law abiding England over the last 60 years!

Time for a change anyone?


  1. Well said you have it the nail on the head

  2. It's time for Change, there is an alternative to the Labour and Conservatives, The English Democrates

  3. “Actually the real issue isn’t the numbers of the police.”
    That may well be the case. However, apparently 600 police stations have closed in the last eight years. Bath, for example, is the largest city in the ceremonial county of Somerset with a population of around 90,000 yet it has no police station; the last one was sold off nearly 3 years ago.
    If we have sufficient numbers of police perhaps we should be asking where they all are!