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Tuesday, 23 October 2018



Last Friday afternoon the story broke in the mainstream media that 20 more, as the BBC called them “Asians”, had been convicted of horrific offences of “child grooming” from the Huddersfield area. 

Most of the offences occurred during the period of Labour Government in the Labour controlled area of Kirklees.  These had been systematically covered up by Labour Councillors and MPs, social workers, police and all the usual suspects that we are all too familiar with from the Rotherham, Rochdale, Manchester etc. “grooming gang” cases. 

Even now the BBC cannot bring themselves to admit that these men are of Pakistani heritage Muslims, and Chinese, Vietnamese, or any other “Asians”. 

After the murder of the internationalist Labour MP, Jo Cox, by the deeply disturbed Thomas Mair (actually more as a product of the failure of “Care in the Community” than of political extremism), the English Democrats decided we would stand in the ensuing by-election.   

The Constituency was of course exactly in the area affected by this case.  The local media, the local BBC and all the local politicians were in the know about what had been going on for many years in Kirklees.  Nevertheless claimed that it was disgusting of anyone to stand in that Constituency against Labour!

So, as soon as we announced that we were going to stand, that Establishment bastion of Remain, the Electoral Commission, decided to remove without any consultation or prior notice, our registered “Description” “England worth fighting for!”  This was said to be offensive!   

What is truly offensive is the way that the Establishment had closed ranks to try to pretend that nothing untoward was going on in Kirklees and their claims that our standing was damaging “social cohesion” between the “local communities”. 

The media, particularly in the shape of Channel 4, tried to do a hatchet job on us.  They not only secretly filmed at our conference to try to get people to say things that they could use against us. Also they tried to create a situation where there would be a fight by getting a probably drunken Labour Councillor to attack our campaign stalls. 

I had taken, as it turned out, the very sensible precaution of making sure that our stalls were in the square just outside the Batley police station, so the whole thing was witnessed by the police.  They, very reluctantly, had to get involved to prevent the Labour Councillor from doing any more criminal damage.  Needless to say that they didn’t actually prosecute her, despite the fact that several of our people gave witness statements which, if the boot had been on the other foot, would certainly have led to prosecutions! 

Channel 4 were looking rather depressed at the failure of their wheeze, but they nevertheless showed their hatchet job which was broadcast just before the by-election. They broadcast a clip with the Councillor saying that we shouldn’t be standing but didn’t mention, of course, her appalling conduct!

Whilst this was all truly offensive, nothing compares with the betrayal of vulnerable white English girls and their families by Labour, by police and by local officials, by the media and by the British Political Establishment generally.   

That is something which should live in infamy for generations to come and which should motivate anyone who cares for England and the English people to campaign all the harder to at least remove all the guilty from any positions of authority or influence!


  1. The three Rotherham Labour MPs successfully sued UKIP Jane Collins and UKIP for Libel after she publically accused the three Rotherham MPs of turning a blind eye to the child rape gangs. For goodness sake we are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

    Robin you need to work with UKIP and get the UK government taken to the European Court of Human Rights over the procedural chicanery English Libel law facilitates.


  2. "Even now the BBC cannot bring themselves to admit that these men are of Pakistani heritage [AND] Muslims, and [NOT] Chinese, Vietnamese, or any other “Asians”. "

    "The Establishment" (in reality, individuals with names, faces, places but lurking in the shadows many of them) are just waging a race war against British Whites. At the current rate of progress the only thing that might interrupt it is a manufactured war with Russia which no doubt they regard as marginally superior as it would kill even more Whites.

    Have you heard Alf Dubbs calling on the Government to allow into the UK White South Africans threatened with genocide?