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Thursday, 7 December 2017



Sometimes there is justice in the world! 

Theresa May, the Remainer politician, who has, like most of the Tories in Parliament made out throughout most of her political career that she is a Eurosceptic, but she was revealed, when the EU referendum came, to be the untruthful Remainer that we always suspected that she was really! 

Theresa also makes out that, as a Church of England vicar’s daughter, she is a practicing Christian, whilst in fact she was the prime driver behind "gay marriage". 

As Prime Minister Theresa rushed to welcome Trump when he was inaugurated as President, despite her private office having been very partisan against him in the Republican primaries and also in supporting Hilary Clinton in the actual election for the US presidency.

This, of course, is the very same Theresa May who has had the temerity to lecture Donald Trump on what he should tweet about Islamist threats!

(It is an interesting reflection on the great value of the American constitutional guarantee of the right to "Free Speech" that Ann Coulter and Trump and indeed any other Americans are free to re-tweet the videos or to make comments like Jayda Fransen has made, However because Miss Fransen has made those remarks within the UK she is being prosecuted for hate speech. How ironical that old phrase from Rule Britannia, “Briton’s never, never will be slaves” is now becoming!)

Well Theresa has been well and truly bitten now hasn’t she with Donald Trump’s response?

Theresa and some of her fellow Conservative MPs exposed themselves in their knee-jerk responses to be unpatriotic appeasers. Many of the same were exposed as “Brexit Mutineers” by the Daily Telegraph just a few weeks ago. Now here they are again standing shoulder to shoulder with Emily Thornberry, Yvette Cooper and Sadiq Khan. All of whom are yet again showing that they are more attached to multi-culturalism and Islamist appeasement than they are to acting in the best interests of our country - which is clearly to have the best possible relationship with the Government of the United States!

I doubt whether it is irrelevant that this spat took place at the very time when Theresa May and her Government are in the process of betraying the interests of the country over Brexit in offering to pay £50 billion of English Taxpayers' money to the EU simply for the privilege of being allowed to engage in trade negotiations, with no real prospect of those trade negotiations actually resulting in any trade agreement, let alone one which is advantageous to our Nation!

These people are not only hopelessly incompetent, but also are unpatriotic even to the UK.

Of course it goes without saying that they also all hate the very idea of England and of the English Nation!


  1. In theory we would normally have to pay a severance fee to leave the EU but there are many twists. We now know that we were tricked into joining it's predecessor the EEC at the expense of our sovereignty, Heath made sure he concealed his Treason.

    The 1975 Referendum was about remaining in EEC for the trade only.

    The EU and other member states have ganged up against us on many occasions and imposed unwanted laws upon us.

    Taking account of the above I think it is time we took matters into our own hands and ignored all international agreements that damage our interests. Ireland has stabbed us in the back again so it's time to walk away with no deal and stuff the anti semetic EU from extorting any more money from us.

    Concerning the infantile response to the Trump tweets, I brlieve it is poetic justice for May that she has had a near miss.

    She is a heretic, devious Machiavellian and in many ways worse than Cameron.


    1. Francis, you beat me to it. I had to smurk when I heard that two gentlemen of exotic extraction, not sure if it was from Pakistan or the Arab world, had been arrested for plotting to blow up the security gate at Number 10 and rush forward to pin Theresa to the front door with more 12" bladed knives.

      I had not realised that Jayda Fransen had now been charged with hate speech but I learnt from RT last night that the number of "right wing extremists" arrested had increased by 77 pc this year to around 150. I am sure that Enoch Powell today would have been arrested and charged with hate speech.
      I did, however, muse that if our politicians since the War had heeded his words or if Theresa May had been supporting members of Britain First rather than arresting and condemning them then she would have been free to walk the streets of the capital of not England but God knows where unscathed.
      They will all surely, given time, be hoist by their own petard, God willing.

      Meanwhile, perhaps the English should take a leaf out of the Zionists' book and declare London the capital of England again and not that for anybody from all over the globe who chooses to worm their way into our country.
      After all, if the Jews can do it after 2,000 years then why not we after a mere 70.
      London, they keep telling us, is a world or international city. On whose sayso? When did we ever vote for that?

      As regards Mr Trump's action re Jerusalem, the Zionists are still repeating his words that this would somehow speed the peace process forwards. Many can't quite grasp the reasoning. Russia has quite rightly said that the Israelis should only have the western half of the city and that the eastern half should be declared the capital of a future Palestinian state.

      RT also emphasised links between Trump, his extended family and Zionism. An ex-member of the CIA has opined that Zionists not only frame American foreign policy but control many aspects of the United States itself. But I had better watch my step as apparently any criticism of Zionism and Israel is now viewed as hate speech as well.

      Perhaps most worrying is the closeness that Benjamin Netanyahu feels for Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, which appears rather unhealthy. We know that Kushner has been acting as an unofficial ambassdor fostering closer ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel to prepare for their planned third world war against Iran.

      Albert Pike, the masonic satanist, living in the mid 19th century, predicted WW1 and WW2 - or perhaps he had read the plans already laid out for these - and said that the third and final conflict would be Luciferian and between the Jews and the Muslims. Seems we are gearing up for that, especially since the leader of Hamas has described the union between the US and Israel as satanic.

    2. Sorry spelling mistake again. It is smirk not smurk. Think I was thinking of the smurfs at the time!!

  2. Excellent feisty comments Robin, very true and had me chuckling too. A welcome change from mainstream media opinion. Nick

  3. Even stating the obvious with regard to Islamist terrorism is decried by the Politically Correct as "hate". The government minister who said that "British" jihadists should not be allowed to return and deserved to die has been jumped upon by these clowns. Thankfully, he refuses to recant. (Thus far!)