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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Report every conceivably relevant instance as an Anti-English “Hate incident” or “Hate Crime”!

I am encouraging people to report every conceivably relevant instance as an Anti-English “Hate incident” or “Hate Crime” in order to flood the Hate Crime statistics and thus make the Police’s statistical results come out contrary to their intended PC narrative!

Here is the link to the College of Policing Guidance on the recording “Hate Crime” >>>

I was directed to this document by the Telegraph article, whose link you can find here entitled:- Hate crime levels spike in the wake of terror attacks as police record more victims, which I think shows that this Guidance is of the utmost importance.

In particular what is clear from it is that if any of us state that we think we have been subjected to, or just that there has been (it doesn’t have to be against us as individuals), a “Hate Crime” or a “Hate Incident” against English nationalists, or against the English People or against Englishness etc., then the police now have to record it as such. If we can show that the incident is a crime then again they have to record it as a “Hate Crime”. In any case at the least it must be recorded as a “Hate Incident”.

The days of the police being able to say that they have any discretion not to record it are over.

I would suggest that therefore what we should quote the guidance to them and say is that we take the view that this is a hate incident then pursuant to the College of Policing’s “Hate Crime Operational Guidance”.

You can then say that the officer has no discretion and must record this as either a “Hate Incident” or a “Hate Crime”. Then say:- 'If you do not do so then I will take this matter up as a complaint against you personally.' 

Then ask for the officer's badge number if they will not do it and complain to his superior and, if necessary continue with the complaint until fully satisfied!
Here is the rule to quote.


Section number 1.2.3. Perception-based recording of hate crime

For recording purposes, the perception of the victim, or any other person (see 1.2.4 Other person), is the defining factor in determining whether an incident is a hate incident, or in recognising the hostility element of a hate crime. The victim does not have to justify or provide evidence of their belief, and police officers or staff should not directly challenge this perception. Evidence of the hostility is not required for an incident or crime to be recorded as a hate crime or hate incident.

Crimes and incidents must be correctly recorded if the police are to meet the objective of reducing under-reporting and improve understanding of the nature of hate crime. The alleged actions of the perpetrator must amount to a crime under normal crime recording rules. If this is the case, the perception of the victim, or any other person, will decide whether the crime is recorded as a hate crime. If the facts do not identify any recordable crime but the victim perceived it to be a hate crime, the circumstances should be recorded as a non-crime hate incident and not a hate crime.


  1. Labour's Shadow Chancellor, when outlining plans to move part of the Bank of England's operation to Birmingham used that expression "the Regions and Nations". I suggest that everyone reading this reports it (and every subsequent use of this odious phrase) as a Hate Incident. Can we just phone 101, or do we call in at the local nick?

  2. The greatest hate crime against the English people was undertaken in 1948 when our politicians began the process, generation after generation and with increasing speed, of flooding England with people from every corner of the globe and fragmenting our cohesion and strength and ethnic and cultural identity. It struck me at yesterday's Grenfell Tower service in St Paul's how, even 30 years ago, such a service would have been wholly uniracial and Christian. But if rumours are to be believed then there would never have been the fire in the first place if England had remained so. Now the service is diverse and multifaith and doubtless Prince Charles, the defenders of faiths, loved it. There is no cohesive multiracial, multicultural or multireligious society on earth, all move and shift as their tectonic plates grind up against one another. What will the United States be like when it ceases to be white in a few short decades?

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could round up any Westminster politician still alive and have them in court on such a charge? It won't happen of course. Instead, the Cultural Marxist elite have now got their teeth into Britain First. But those determined on the ethnic and cultural extinction of Europeans will not give up. At the moment, I am wondering how they are going to get the better of those Pesky Poles and Magyars?

    I see that Tesco Express have now followed suit with their Christmas advertisement showing a blended couple. It seems that it is now de rigueur. You could argue that that is a hate crime against the ethnic English, that they are being gradually airbrushed off our airwaves and replaced by diversity. But it would not surprise me that any attempt to argue an anti-English hate crime would be turned around and viewed as a hate crime against the New British.

    1. Anon.

      I am hoping Poland can rule us now. As far as I am concerned they are the least worst of a bad log.

      The EU and UK today are so disconnected from their indigenous European roots meaning that the only surviving indigenous Eurooean nations are going have any similarity with our past.

      I am not rich enough to move to Poland, but instead would happily replace our leaders with those from Poland. I told a Pole that they could have the UK in return for granting the indigenous English a national Parliament to preserve our race and culture, albeit under their overall control. Yes it is costly but we are almost reaching the point of no return. For the first time in my relatively short life I am now hoping that another Eurooean Christian nation can take over and put in the mechanisms for English Home Rule.

      It just makes me want to cry one minute and blow up with rage the next.

      I have now traded the Halal bangers for Kielbasa and am not going back now.


    2. Francis, I have a theory that Russophobia is the hysterical response to the realisation on the part of European politicians that the native peoples of Western Europe would welcome the Red Army sweeping westwards to save us from the multicultural Marxist hell. All the so-called meddling by Russia, if it ever existed, seems to have been in favour of nationalists. I have been informed but am waiting in vain for it to be confirmed by the BBC or even RT, that the United Nations High Commissioner for migration, the odious Irishman Peter Sutherland, whose aim is the browning of the West, has been arrested and is being interrogated, along with the Bushes, Bill Clinton and others. Seems incredible but it would be nice to think that Sutherland would spend the rest of his days behind bars for his crimes against his own race.


    A few hundred years ago they'd have been burning old women at the stake as witches.