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Wednesday, 29 November 2017



Two weeks ago the Foreign Minister of the Irish Republic made the entirely credible threat that, if the Irish Government didn’t get what they wanted in keeping an open border with Northern Ireland, then they would veto any proposed EU trade agreement with the United Kingdom. 

The reason that such a threat is entirely credible is that for any EU trade agreement to be ratified it has to go through the process of ratification, not only by the EU institutions, but also by all 27 remaining Member States of the EU. 

This is part of the reason why the EU has been so very slow over the years at entering into trade agreements.  In the case of the trade agreement with Canada, the vast majority of terms were agreed relatively quickly, but the ratification was then held up for years because the Belgium Walloons were being difficult about an obscure point and until they agreed the Belgium state could not ratify the agreement. 

We may also have difficulty with the Walloons, who are, of course, notorious about being difficult about almost everything.  There has also been a direct threat from Spain of vetoing any EU trade agreement with the EU unless they get what they want over Gibraltar. 

Then in terms of troubles ahead there is the problem that Germany is currently politically rudderless. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor for so many years is no doubt focussing all her efforts on internal political considerations (and her own future!) rather than thinking about issues relating to Brexit!

As things stand under Article 50 we are out of the EU in March 2019.  That is just 16 months away!

Even if we were already agreed on almost every aspect of the trade agreement negotiations that would be an almost impossibly short period to succeed in getting all the EU institutions and also all the Member States to all ratify the agreement. 

As it is, we haven’t even begun the trade negotiations because of the EU’s approach to negotiation - that the divorce package must be agreed before any trade negotiations can begin.  This negotiating approach was always intended to minimise the British Government’s negotiating position. 

The EU will be left desperately short of money as a result of us, one of its major cash cows, leaving the EU which is why they are trying to get us to agree to pay a vast ransom before they will even agree to discuss any trade deal, so that we cannot use our financial position to extract any concessions from them.

In addition to our financial position our Government’s negotiating team throughout that the question of the EU migrants who are here would be helpful.  In many cases they are sending back to their home countries a significant proportion of what they are earning, plus child benefit and other remittances which help keep their home countries financially afloat. 

Our negotiating team also thought that it would help us that our security services are more effective and sophisticated than most of the rest of the 27. 

All of these issues seemed to give potentially strong negotiating positions.  That is why all of which points the EUs current negotiating stance is intended to strip away from us!

When you couple all of this with the relative weakness and incoherence of Mrs May’s Remainer dominated Government - it has never looked very likely that she was going to be able to deliver a good deal on trading terms between us and the EU countries!

If the Irish deliver on their threat it would be politically impossible (not to mention - politically suicidal!) for any British Government to negotiate away the integrity of the United Kingdom, let alone a Conservative and Unionist Prime Minister whose very Party, as it currently stands, was formed on the question of Ireland in 1922 when Conservative and Unionist MPs came together in the original 1922 Committee to vote to withdraw from Lloyd George’s National Coalition over the question of Ireland. 

There is also the electoral dynamic in the House of Commons which requires the support of Arlene Foster’s Democratic Unionist Party who would not agree to what Ireland is asking for anyway.  So Mrs May’s Government has even less ability to agree what Ireland is demanding than any other British Government would be able to!

So it would appear that no deal is really the most likely outcome. 

If Mrs May’s Government are really sensible it would be currently planning for that and certainly not parting with any English Taxpayers’ money to buy the possibility of having trade negotiations, when those trade negotiations are clearly going to go nowhere in the long run.

Brexit, membership of the EU and properly implementing the referendum decision combine in a cluster of issues which are very important to a lot of people.  They are perhaps more important than traditional party loyalties. They also cut across the line of the political spectrum represented by the Post War two party system British Establishment Parties. 

Therefore we have a real prospect that the Remainiac manoeuvres that we see going on in Parliament may lead to a smash for the Establishment. That means that there is to a real prospect on re-alignment of the political spectrum, hopefully more in accordance in delivering what ordinary people really want out of politics.  In my view, that is patriotism; coupled with welfare for our people; control on immigration; coupled with higher wages for our people; support for traditional values; an end to political correctness; integration not multi-culturalism; a land in which there is room for difference and innovation; self-improvement without the dead weight of bureaucratic “Equality and Diversity” quotas.  In short an England that would truly make you proud to be English!

As against that majority view we do, on one end of the spectrum, have perhaps no more than 25,000 corporate globalists supporting the Tory Party, but they are armed with vast resources and control of big business and much of the print media.  On the other end there are certainly no more than 600,000 internationalist, socialist, statists supporting Labour again armed with influence in the state hierarchy, academia , teaching, Social work and in the media - especially the BBC.


  1. A puzzling factor so far and I haven't seen it written or recorded, is this statement that we cannot (even having signed off the article 50 document)begin negotiating trade with other countries until we exit the EU. Anyone aware of this restrictions validity.........surely that has to be in the negotiating melting pot. If it isn't then I say get on with those as a matter of the utmost expedience and thereby secure our export trade deals in readiness.

  2. It does look very unlikely that the EU27 will properly ratify any deal by March 2019. In this case I look forward to reading the headline...UK crashes out of EU without a deal. Trade will be conducted on WTO rules. UK escapes Brexit divorce bill. Fox announces 50 trade deals.
    Oh what joy!

  3. You mention "integration". That word has been bandied about for many years, but has no empirical definition, in this context. Norman Tebbit suggested that an immigrant had "integrated" if he wore an England sports shirt. My definition is this. An immigrant has integrated if he will say, hand-on-heart, "your people shall by my people". (Book of Ruth.)

  4. Robin, firstly, if I may be so bold, I am surprised that somebody with your education fell into the Belgium as an adjective trap. The name of the place is Belgium but the adjective, as in an inhabitant of the country, is Belgian. Sorry, but it is one of those things that rankle as I become more and more cantankerous with age!

    As regards the Irish, Sinn Feinn has threatened civil unrest if we attempt to put some welly into the border. Hopefully, as Nick Ferrari said, there will be civil unrest in England and Wales if Brexit is denied us. Doubtless, the Irish want to continue to hand out Irish passports to all and sundry so they can pass through the emerald isle on their way to England. They are another lot who want to see England collapse. Brexit is proving how difficult it is to fight globalism, as Trump is finding out. Money and Marxism will brook no opposition as I said last time. And now we have the business of the "ghastly" Britain First. Interestingly, I am told that Britain First was born in Ulster; perhaps this is no surprise. I also have heard that it has a strong ex-services following. I hope that we are approaching Multiculturalism's or Multiracialism's as it used to be called in less touchy feely times, Waterloo, as the white race fights a desperate rearguard action to retain an identity and a homeland. According to the BBC, Britain First was born as an offshoot of the BNP, not sure if that is correct but they would say that, wouldn't they?

    According to Theresa May and the Trump re-tweets, Britain First are sowing discord between our communities. My money's on them banning Britain First very soon. The problem is that I have been told that they have 1m members, twice the membership of the Labour Party and more than any of the established political parties. As for "communities" we were a one tribe, homogeneous, cohesive nation - class divisions apart - until the Windrush docked in 1948. There were no b...... communities! And those Labour mps in that year warned Atlee that mass non-white immigration would break our strength and cohesion. Enoch repeated the warning in 1968. All correct in the prescience. The Greens' Mr Ali has called May racist as well as, as Enoch predicted, the tail more and more wags the dog.

    May has told Trump that Britain values tolerance, respect and decent values. Blown a gasket I'm afraid as this is the last thing that any of them have shown to the native English whom they have treated with contempt since the late 1940s. And all those Labour mps do not speak for their constituents who have said that May has not gone far enough in her condemnation of Trump and Britain First. The fact is that the native English never wanted mass immigration to create little Pakistans, Indians, Jamaicas, Nigerias, Somalias or even Polands and if Britain and our continental neighbours had had true democracy they would have rejected it from day one.

    So Britain First has 1m members. But this is nothing when faced with the 1m who have been able to evade border controls and sneak into this country as illegals in the last year. Francis is right, war will be the only outcome in Europe and probably North America as well. As Macron proposes troops to Libya to sort out the mess that Szarkozy, Cameron and Killery Clinton created, a Libyan minister said that Libya was trying to help the migrants to stay put through investment. This is what Ghaddafi planned with his African Union but that would have denied Western exploitation and the petrol dollar to the usual suspects, so he had to go.

    1. Anon above.

      I think you are correct about Sinn Fein who are really Anglophobic cultural marxist separatists (not mentioning their past terrorism).

      Has anyone noticed that since the enactment of the Local Government Act (1972) in England and Wales, that England bashing became acceptable? Coincidence? Anyway that Act alone divided existing long standing traditional English counties into new areas. The West Riding of Yorkshire was probably one of the worst affected counties. Not only was it split into fake counties of West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, but parts (Saddleworth) of it were given to Greater Manchester while other parts Sedburgh District were given to Cumbria and parts shifted into the new North Yorkshire.

      Lancashire too was partitioned losing areas to the new Merseyside while County Durham was split up and Newvastle taken out of Northumberland.

      The result today are the creations of multicultural marxist statelets devoid of any history of their true origins and populated by hostile minorities.

      That Act introduced by Heath must go following Brexit. England was weakened by that statute alone and like the 1972 European Communities Act were Acts of War against England and the English.

      God Almighty has now authorised us to use force and other means to remove the globalists.

      Its back to the Old Testiment commands until we get our country back.

      Stuff the SNP, PC and Sinn Fein - they are globalists to the core and are all controlled by the Luciferian Cult of Aton along with Orange Order, Freemasons, Common Purpose etc etc.


    2. Indian is an adjective. The noun is India. (Typed with tongue firmly in cheek!)

    3. You're right. A typo due to speed. Perhaps Robin made the same mistake for the same reason. Touche.

  5. Sorry, meant to add something else to my - as usual - lengthy diatribe, we hear from RT this morning that refugees in Calais ( thought they had been cleared from there ) want to come to England as they believe that the English will be less hostile to them than our continental neighbours. Sadly, they may find that this is not going to last. Eventually, the camel's back will snap.

    On another point, I watched the programme on the Golden Age of Children's Television on the BBC. This was before money and Marxism took over whereas, as the programme concluded, children's programmes now are about selling things to kids, in those days it was a service. And, of course, the programmes up to the end of the 1970s were guaranteed largely diversity free and not yet swamped by Cultural Marxism. It was not only a golden age for children's television but the end of England's golden age as the global south continued to roll in. Being in a town of frequent flooding, I tend to equate the two, the English in their cities, towns and villages are now drowning under the globalist tide that breaches our defences and rolls on over the white cliffs as we fight for air and for freedom. Now wonder we are becoming less courteous and more aggressive. We are now suffering from laboratory rat syndrome as we rebel against overcrowding and congestion. Well, the Marxists wanted to use us as their laboratory rats and this is the result.

  6. Finance Comes First.

    Out from the undergrowth comes this er, think tank publication on maintaining free access to markets for financial services.

    "The parties should seek (as early as possible in the negotiations) to agree a
    framework for their future relationship, whether as part of the UK’s withdrawal
    agreement or some other arrangement, which commits to preserving current
    access arrangements for financial services whilst the EU/UK Agreement is being
    negotiated and finalised and a phased period of implementation of the new
    relationship thereafter."

    And the price of such agreement or "other arrangement" will be....? Or has the number now hit the news?

  7. Another undefined word that the Politically Correct use to their attempts to rubbish the views of patriots is "divisive". As alluded to above, immigrants tend to live as "communities" (a P.C. euphemism). In practice, this means Polish immigrants living as Poles in their own little corner of Poland, here in England. They speak Polish and keep themselves to themselves. The same goes for Slovaks, Romanians et al. If this isn't divisive, what is? I, for one, seek unity, with immigrants adopting England as their country, learning and speaking English and saying, "your people are my people".