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Thursday, 14 December 2017



When trying to work out what the British Establishment are up to in the Brexit negotiations it is worth bearing in mind that all the members of Theresa May’s Government have made their political careers, at least in part, out of claiming that they were Eurosceptics. The reason for that was clearly revealed in the EU Referendum when it appeared that over 60% of Conservative Party members voted for Leave and over 60% of Conservative Party voters voted for Leave.

It follows that anybody who was aspiring to be a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate or Minister before the Referendum would have destroyed their career if they had admitted that they would do what they actually did do during the Referendum - which was vote for remaining within the EU! You cannot therefore trust at face value anything that these people say about their politics. Let’s therefore look at what they are actually doing.

In analysing this it is worth thinking what you would do if you were a Minister in a Government which was enthusiastically committed to exiting the EU. The first thing that you would do would be get all of the research done as to what the difficulties, bottlenecks and obstructions would be in fully exiting the EU. David Davis is the “Brexit” Minister. Davis in many respects is admirable, but he nevertheless showed his compromising character in dropping his previously vocal support for an English Parliament, when it looked possible that he might become Leader of the Conservative Party and he was told that the Conservative Party would not support that. This is the same David Davis who has now admitted that in fact the Government has not done any proper research on the consequences of leaving without a trade deal. He admitted that this had not been done because the Government has no intention of leaving without doing a trade deal. That is a highly revealing indication of the Government’s agenda from somebody who is supposed to be one of the keenest “Brexiteers”.

The second thing that you would of course have done was to have opened up negotiations with all those countries that are interested in doing a trade deal with us and also with the World Trade Organisation and any other entities that we will need to be dealing with immediately upon exiting the EU. None of this has been done! That is another highly revealing fact as to what the Government is actually up to.

Another thing that any Government truly committed to exiting would be at the very least thinking about doing is reverting to England’s historic, strategic and diplomatic position in trying to make sure that no one power dominated in Western Europe. At the moment that power is of course the EU and therefore a Government committed to exiting the EU would be looking for allies and working with any opportunity to break-up the EU block. Obviously that would have meant supporting Catalonia and using our potentially massive trade leverage with Southern Ireland to force them out of the EU. In addition we would of course be seeking to work with the European Free Trade Association, EFTA, to reinvigorate that as a block which could counter the EU. It hardly needs saying that none of that is being done and, indeed, Theresa May’s Government backed the Spanish repression of Catalonian Independence and has not even shown any support for the Eastern Europeans opposition to EU policies on mass immigration.

Last, but not least, a truly Brexit orientated Government would absolutely refuse to pay the EU a single penny that we didn’t owe them, let alone over £50 billion of English taxpayers’ money.

Let’s not forget that any talk of payments to remain within the EU single market is actually talk of the use of ordinary English taxpayers’ money to subsidise big business in maintaining their access to the EU markets. It is not as if membership of the EU single market is of net benefit to the UK already because although we can buy as consumers (if we have the money!) Audis, Mercedes Benz, etc without paying a tariff the fact is that not only do the Germans and the French, etc., sell us more cars than we sell them, but also there has been a balance of trade in favour of the EU for almost all the last 30 years. This means that actually when considered a national economy the EU profits more from UK trade than the UK profits from EU trade. It would also mean if we went to tariffs that substantially more tariffs would be paid to our Government than would have to be paid out to the EU. Concessions are therefore not being given in the interests of ordinary people, or of our Nation, they are being given in the interests of the Conservative Party’s backers in big business corporations and in the City.

So where are we going I hear you ask? I thought one of the most interesting conversations that I have heard recently was one in which it was being suggested that the Westminster rumour mill is talking about Theresa May having gamed the DUP into refusing any different treatment for Northern Ireland than for the rest of the UK over the proposal that Southern Ireland and the EU had signed off on, which was that Northern Ireland would retain “regulatory alignment”. The rumour is that Theresa May wanted the DUP to refuse that for Northern Ireland only so that she could apply pressure on members of the Cabinet to accept “regulatory alignment” for the whole of the UK. If that remains accepted then we will not have properly have left the EU. The only plus of that situation is that as Michael Gove has been saying, then we won’t be constitutionally part of the EU and that means that a future Government (with more spine than the current one) can change anything that is being agreed at this stage.


  1. An excellent and vitally important piece.

    "This is the same David Davis who has now admitted that in fact the Government has not done any proper research on the consequences of leaving without a trade deal."
    --You have the viva voce at 8m 55s of the youtube clip below.

    Go WTO! Is 3% so bad? What about culture, identity.... finance must serve Society, not Society serve finance.

    "Let’s not forget that any talk of payments to remain within the EU single market is actually talk of the use of ordinary English taxpayers’ money to subsidise big business in maintaining their access to the EU markets."
    --Is there a breakdown of the divorce bill amount showing for instance what is to be paid for future access to the European market for financial services, etc?

    UK Column News - 8th December 2017
    (With this lot - Brian Gerrish 'ex-Royal Navy', Alex Thomson 'ex-GCHQ' it's always a case of 'believe - but verify'. Still, they seem au point here, and most if not all of this episode should be watched and shared widely imo.)
    The Government has not undertaken ANY impact assessments on implications of leaving the EU for any sector of the British Economy - select committee question posed by Hilary Benn MP.
    UK being closed into the Norway model, EEA a predetermined outcome: UK will be in the EEA customs union and will NOT be able to trade on its own bilaterally agreed terms with rest of the world.
    EU military unification will wrest control of UK military and defence procurement/industry from UK control.

    Free movement of people and abolition of customs barriers are all just the usual accompaniments of the "one world" fiefdom lunacy. See for instance the Address given by Lionel Curtis at Chatham House on 21 February, 1939, Mr. Ernest Bevin in the Chair.

  2. Call me cynical, if you like, but my suspicion is that politicians of all colours are secretly conspiring to leave us with a half-a**ed "Brexit", claiming that they "respected the electorate's wishes" but leaving us de facto, still in - still obliged to receive half-a million immigrants (including the illegals) per year and still having our statutes overturned by the ECJ. They are banking that when a General Election is ultimately called, we shall have to choose between two parties who have sold us up the river, and that we shall have lost any appetite for getting the job done properly.

  3. A referendum is the ultimate in direct democracy. But that is the last thing they want. In fact, I wonder when we ever did have democracy. The 1975 referendum was undoubtedly manipulated - it is rumoured that the CIA were involved. And now the Rand Corporation of America are saying that our exit from the EU will be an absolute disaster. I suggest you look up who the Rand Corporation really are. Very depressing. It seems that the vast bulk of our elected representatives really do not represent us at all but just act in their own interests. At a higher level it would seem that the western world at least is run by mostly psychopaths whose only interest is their own enrichment and power and don't possess an empathetic bone in their bodies. Where does the little man or woman go from here? A friend says that all empires are finally brought down by a steady chip chip at their foundations. So I suppose that we just have to keep on chipping and hope for the best.

  4. Truly Western democracy is nothing more than the beard of plutocracy - which fact should be no real surprise, since he who pays the piper calls the tune, and so 'twas ever thus, everywhere (e.g. Sun Tzu remarking on all the silver needed to raise and keep an army in his 'The Art of War').

    However in the case of the EU, a more sinister and indeed frightening movement has been apparent for some years and ongoing events increasingly corroborate the fears. Here are two of its current prophets:
    - Dimitris Avramopoulos
    -former President Sarkozy (I suggest you download and save a copy of that video now).

    There's another (infamous) video featuring a third individual to similar effect. I'll leave that to your readers' imagination, not least because today finding 1+1+1=3 has dangerous legal consequences in UK.


    QUOTE: Britain cannot have a special deal for the City of London, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator has told the Guardian, dealing a blow to Theresa May’s hopes of securing a bespoke trade agreement with the bloc. Michel Barnier said it was unavoidable that British banks and financial firms would lose the passports that allow them to trade freely in the EU, as a result of any decision to quit the single market. "There is no place [for financial services]. There is not a single trade agreement that is open to financial services. It doesn’t exist". He said the outcome was a consequence of "the red lines that the British have chosen themselves. In leaving the single market, they lose the financial services passport".

    Cue for further demands for money with menaces from EU. But allied temporally at least with the ascent of Bitcoin and/or a flight of investment banks from London, maybe this is also likely to provoke more popular interest in monetary reform.

    "People power! 100,000 protesters FORCE MPs to debate walking out of EU Article 50 talks"
    16 December

  6. I've stumbled on a government petition headed "Leave the EU Immediately". It currently has 125000-plus signatures. Look it up, sign it and share it with your Twitter/Facebook friends. Let's try to make this one of the biggest yet!

  7. Apparently, Corbyn has announced that he is confident of becoming pm next year if there is a general election. And despite his being labelled a Brexiteer, we will be getting a very soft Brexit; still staying in the single market etc. The ability of the EU to punish those who do not fit their model is shown by their current treatment of Poland. I am hoping that the Poles will tell them to bugger off and leave. They are using the excuse of the Polish government's meddling in the appointment of the judiciary but it is probably spite for Poland's refusing to take their quota of refugees.

    As regards Poland, we are cosying up to them to deal with the "Russian threat". The threat is being created to keep us in line - 1984 style. If you listen to what Putin has had to say about Europe it is that it is destroying itself. Most of what he says is about decrying the Liberal Marxist folly and not that he is going to roll over the border and destroy us. In fact, if he did invade, it would be to help us rather than to conquer us.
    As Russia becomes the major Christian power in the world, he has spoken of the fact that White Christians are now in the minority in the United States. The BBC is responding to calls for - probably re-establishing our Christian roots - by saying it is going to do more religion. More and more multifaith with Christianity just an also ran is what we will get.

    Not suprisingly, the Cultural Marxist elite here have silenced Britain First. As has been pointed out, such censorship is always aimed at Conservatives i.e. Europeans wishing to save what is left of their identities. It is never aimed at those who are ranged against us.

    I would urge bloggers to look on youtube for clips of Peter Hitchens, a former Marxist/Leninist who has realised with horror what he and his ilk have done to the country he once loved because it was White Christian, stodgy and boring and needed a bit of spicing up. He is absolutely brilliant in his analysis and his defence of the natives and what they have suffered at the hands of the Left and international capital. As he says, the Tories will not stop immigration because they get rich on the cheap labour. They are as ideologically driven as the Left and as cruel to the English. Hitchens is a few years younger than I but was also at university when Marxism was the ideology to adopt. Unlike Peter, who I thought would have had more sense, I could see through it even then as an infantile, unworkable and destructive ideology; as it has proved to be. Hitchens is now in despair at our political class who will not admit the truth and talks of different races and cultures living with their backs to one another and the authorities spending all their time, in vain, trying to make it work.

    The most recent thing is the news that the heart on their sleeve brigade have called the Home Office's giving details of failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to their banks inhuman. On RT some bloke from the black lawyers' association said it was dangerous as mistakes might be made. Yes, the tail is now wagging the dog to such an extent, aided and abetted by dogooding but brainless liberals that we should perhaps heed Hitchens' advice to abandon England altogether as it is now irredeemable. Iceland seems like a good place as shown by the Real Marigold Hotel on tour last night, homogenous and cohesive as once we were and sickeningly white and with the second level of longevity in the world. Racial and cultural cohesion is good for your health. Multiculturalism and diversity kill not only through interracial strife but through the effect on the psyche of the natives, as we know from the native Americans and aborigines.