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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The rise of political Englishness - BREXIT or EXIT?

The rise of political Englishness

I always think it is a good sign of changing currents of opinion when you can see even people who in many respects would be political opponents concede the way things are changing.  Although they may put it in language that is different, and regard the outcome in a completely different way.  A really good example of this has recently been published. 

So good is it that I thought I would confine this blog article to providing a link for you to read the whole article which contains various graphics that would be difficult to reproduce in a blog article.

Here is a link to "It’s England’s Brexit" >>>

I think you will find that it fully lives up to the billing that I have given it.


  1. As I have before this is England's Border Poll. Whether we win it or not, a transformation in attitudes has occurred. Roughly 44% of Labour voters want Out while 62% of Tory voters do.

    Gordon Brown is seeking a "vow" from Juncker but I doubt he will be successful and will have nothing to sell us. If the pound loses value, that's a good thing because it helps exports.

    This Referendum will be decided by immigration and I am beginning to belief that Leave might actually win. The Orlando killings have shown that removing unwanted multiculturalism is now more important than economics.


  2. Robin, this article is very long and I will have to return to it. I suppose one point is that the Celtic Fringe countries see the EU as a way of by-passing English domination or being on an equal footing with England in an EU in which there are many countries as small as or smaller than they are. But the English see the EU as being dominated to some extent by Germany, a country slightly bigger but in many ways similar to England. As the Celts like being free of England, the English are fighting to be free of France and Germany, two countries that failed to invade her but are now having control over her. I am not anti-German or even anti-French but you cannot blame them. We would probably do the same to them given the change. Anglo-saxon England, they one we see as our true identity, was the richest and most well organised country in Europe; a bit like today's Germany which only German unification in 1870 brought into being. Brexit is not only about having a say about mass immigration into England which now threatens to completely overwhelm her but about national identity which is now on the cusp of disappearance. England is not alone, France and Germany feel much the same way and no doubt will follow us out. Countries such as Germany only really established such an identity less than 150 years ago and they will not want to give it up despite what Frau Merkel and the Turks have planned for her. JB Priestley said, "we are the people of England who never have spoken yet" until now and they are going to on 23rd June, about B..... time!!