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Tuesday, 21 June 2016



On Wednesday I was part of a thoroughly enjoyable demonstration on the Thames outside the Palace of Westminster.

The above pictures show me with the organiser of the demonstration, Bob Spinks.

It was not only perfectly organised, but an excellent idea of his, making the absolutely “on the money” point, that the EU, far from being good for jobs, has actually destroyed many jobs, focussing in this particular case on the fishing jobs that it has destroyed and doing so in a colourful, interesting and provocative way.

So much so that Remain were unable to resist trying to do a counter-demonstration led by the appalling Sir Bob (“God-awful”) Geldolf, who was vividly pictured in the press flicking V signs at the fishermen illustrating his sense of entitlement. 

Geldolf’s boat had very high volume loud speakers which he was using to try and drown out everything that was being said on the Leave boat.

Amongst the journalists, Michael Crick said that it was the best political demonstration that he had ever been to. I think that is high praise indeed for Bob Spink’s efforts.

Let’s hope all this activity pays off in the early hours of Friday, 24th June!

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  1. I think after the saturation coverage of the Cox murder, people are moving back to Leave. No there are questions as to whether or not Bernard Kenny is alive to have attempted to save Cox.

    Thus Referendum is about two things. If you want to be race replaced vote Remain, if you don't want to be race replaced vote Leave. Simple choice.

    Tonight Khan was totally dishonest again and the two women Remainers were terrible.

    For Leave Gisela Stuart did a fantastic job, perhaps she should defect to the EDP as she is out of place in both Labour and Tories.

    The CIA setup the Cox hoax hoping to blow BREXIT out of the water. Now most people can see the lies for themselves, and the entire Cox sob story will probably backfire very badly.