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Thursday, 16 June 2016

The deadline for voter registration is extended for the EU Referendum

The deadline for voter registration is extended for the EU Referendum

What does the extension of the deadline for registration of voters onto the electoral roll in preparation for the EU Referendum tell us about the British Political Establishment? 

The first point to make is that the mere fact that they wanted to extend the deadline shows the extent to which the British Political Establishment is desperate about the increasing possibility that the overall UK vote will be for Brexit. They think that the people who have left it until the last minute to register are not the sort of people who will vote for Brexit – bear that optimistic point in mind! 

Less encouragingly the date for the deadline for registration is actually written into the electoral legislation and the fact that there could even be an Establishment fix, in which the law under which the election is conducted could be changed whilst the referendum is actually ongoing, is the most appalling indicator of just how far the British/EUish Establishment will go to the fix the outcome of this Referendum. 

What this means is that those of us who are in favour of Brexit really must be on our guard for an Establishment fix. For instance, we do need volunteers to go to the opening of the postal ballots and check that there are no shenanigans and that the boxes are then sealed and have remained sealed when the count begins. 

Even that does not offer a full guarantee, as was demonstrated by someone I knew at university who became a senior Labour Party activist. He was amused to tell me that on one occasion when the local party had selected a candidate who the central party thought was unsuitable. They had managed to get the election re-run. So he was sent to oversee the election with, as he put it:- “with two ballot boxes, one for people to vote in and the other with the right result in”! 

There is also another implication to be drawn from the sudden change in law. This is the very fact that there really is such a thing as a British Political Class which can and will collude where its interests are threatened. We saw this very clearly in the Scottish Independence Referendum where there were also shocking levels of misbehaviour and improper and undemocratic manipulation. 

One good example that came out at the time was this one I did a blog article. You can find the link here >>>


  1. I have a feeling the Jo Cox murder may have been a false flag.

    Why should a Brexit supporter want to kill an MP when the Leave campaigns arguments have won?

    Why did her husband go to the entire MSM within minutes of the attack?

    Why has there been widespread coverage of the murder, but little Police investigation.

    I anyone killed my wife I would would not want the MSM near me.

    This doesn't add up, but doesn't prove my theory either.

    I offer my condolences to Mrs Cox's family.

    Please don't let this issue be used to hijack the referendum.


  2. I've carried out further research into the brutal Jo Cox murder and I don't think it was a false flag nor was it politically motivated either. Only the MSM and Labour response has been politically motivated.

    Firstly the killer had a mental illness. Secondly those who know the killer noted that he had no political opinions. Third point the witnesses nearest the incident did not hear the words "Britain First", only a Muslim witness further away reported hearing those words. This witness later retracted these statements. Other Muslim witnesses not present at the time of the murder have repeated the Britain First lie.

    The Labour and Remain campaign therefore saw an opportunity to exploit the murder of Mrs Cox to discredit the Leave campaign. Why else is there a blackout across the entire MSM on the comment sections?

    Probably not false flag, but more likely Remain opportunists exploiting the murder for their own political gain. Disgusting.


  3. The Remain spin over the alleged Leave campaign's induced murder of Mrs Cox has backfired very badly. Leave support is unchanged, but Remain support has dropped to a new low of 32%

    A one trick pony own goal indeed. I think our win is almost a certainty.


    1. Francis, Have just been away in Scotland in a place that was like England used to be. Will the Scots allow that to change? Alex Jones on Info Wars has said that the Jo Cox attack was entrapment. Do not underestimate the CIA. We know that they were involved in the 1975 referendum campaign and they are probably even more so now. They probably infiltrated the American Neo-nazi website Tommy Mair used to log on to. And I am convinced that the shooting in Orlando was entrapment after the gun shop owner told the FBI about the purchases and they did nothing. They did the same with Lee Harvey Oswald as Kennedy had spoken of a secret government. Orlando was to get at Trump. They say they are going to pass a gun control law this week. There will be a massive rebellion and then they will bring in martial law.

      Have been told that the a poll amongst the Dutch showed that 80% want us to vote Leave so they can demand their own referendum and do the same. After that it will be like a row of dominoes as other countries on the Continent vote for an exit and the EU begins to collapse. The English and possibly the Northern Irish but probably not the Scots and the Welsh could bring down the whole planned one world government. This is what Alex Jones has said. This proves there are similarities between the English and the Russians as Powell said, our natural ally.
      Russia is being subjected to a massive hate campaign by them at the moment but will be self-sufficient in food by 2020 as we are living like sardines and fighting for imported food. At the other end of Europe Putin has said he will stop their planned one world government. More and more people know about this plan. Two chaps I spoke to yesterday said that Proud Turk Boris had said something. As for Jo Cox, the word from Sweden is that this is what they did before their EU referendum, murder a popular lady politician. Ruth Lea, the businesswomen, said on Sky News that the rise in the Remain vote was partly down to Jo Cox and partly to the IMF's further scaremongering. Harriet Harman has said that politicians now are the subject of so much vitriol. And she wonders why? They lied about the EEC transmuting into the EU over time - Heath admitted later that this was the plan - and they have allowed millions and millions of people from all over the world to colonise England in line with the Coudenhove Kalergi plan for racial and cultural fusion.

      Meanwhile, Corbyn turns out to be another Marxist globalist ideologue as he has admitted that you can never reduce the level of immigration as long as we are in the EU and we should concentrate on austerity instead. This just shows why he does not give a monkeys about his core working class voters. Ian R Crane said that for every 100 immigrants, 25 natives lose their jobs.

      Gove has attacked UKIP for the queue poster but this merely underlines what Corbyn has said. We are now with our English backs firmly against the wall and this is our last chance to be free. What Tommy Mair did, even if he was manipulated into it, was absolutely terrible and the man was not the full shilling but I wonder if his cry for a free Britain might have resonated with some.

      I wonder what the reaction of those who have been brought here from all over the world to put an end to Old European, ethnically and culturally and religiously, will say when the Coudenhove Kalergi plan is finally revealed and they discover that they have just been used for this purpose. Who will they turn on? There is also a possibility that if we leave the bankers will engineer total global financial collapse. The Chinese are telling their people to buy gold as quickly as possible in anticipation of this as are the Indians.

  4. Say's it all!

    YouTube Video-F**K the 'Vote Remain'Campaign.

    Paul Joseph Watson.

  5. URGENT!--Get This Video Viral!

    YouTube---GET THIS VIRAL Did Jo Cox HERO Bernard Kenny DIED IN 2013.

    Contrived Hoax To Destroy BREXIT/EXIT!!-??

  6. I see the Polls are now shifting back towards Leave following the sewer Remain campaigns exploitation of the death of Jo Cox to advance the Remain case.

    I never thought this Referendum would bring the worst out of people, but I've been told that the CIA via an American friend was again behind the Cox murder. Gordon Brown ordered the killing of Cox in order to discredit Leave.

    The Invisible government put in place in 1947 by the CIA still controls us, even the Queen is controlled. The ROI is controlled by the same CIA ran government.

    Should any more political assassinations occur, no one will fall for it this time.

    If one looks at the MSM comments sections one can see that nearly everyone can see that the Cox murder was a false flag, they can see the political agendas of using the murder for their own ends, so I think we may have called their bluff this time.

    Oh btw Jo Cox's Birthday was on 22nd June, the day before the Referendum, what a coincidence and well see more propaganda to further sway the Vote back to Remain.


    1. Francis, Robin Cooke, John Smith, David Kelly etc more of the CIA's work.