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Wednesday, 9 March 2016



The EU Referendum has brought on a spate of discussions about “Sovereignty”.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary says that “Sovereignty” is:-

“1 supremacy 2 self-government 3 a self-governing state”.

“Sovereign” is defined as:- 1. Supreme ruler especially a monarch. 2 British history a gold coin nominally worth £1. 1 a supreme (sovereign power) b unmitigated (sovereign contempt) 2 excellent, effective (a sovereign remedy) 3. Possessing sovereign power (a sovereign state). 4. Royal (our sovereign Lord).”

However when politicians talk about “Sovereignty” they are often hoping that most people will not understand what they are talking about and will switch off and thereby silently accept whatever is being said.

But really “Sovereignty” is quite a simple idea wrapped up in a complicated sounding Norman originated word.

National Sovereignty simply means the power and the right for our national political institutions to make decisions for our national community unrestricted by any superior or more powerful decision maker.

The British State and the British Establishment have long maintained the theory that British Sovereignty rests with the “Crown in Parliament” which was the basis of the settlement following the “Glorious Revolution” of 1689.

Various other political theorists have argued that ultimately Sovereignty rests with the People.

In the Scottish “Claim of Right” all of Scotland’s senior political figures (including Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling) signed a declaration stating:-

“We... do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount"!

The English Democrats, as modern democratic nationalists, have long campaigned to assert the National Sovereignty of the People of the English Nation. English Democrats do not want decision makers in the EU having either the power or the right to tell our Nation and our People what they can and cannot decide!”


  1. Following the comments by Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England and ex-Goldman Sachs Bank, that economic chaos would follow a Brexit, Russia Today interviewed an economics professor called Prem Sikka. He was for staying in the EU and added that sovereignty is a vague word and that our national sovereignty has not been or would not be substantially compromised.

    There was also reference to three U-turns on the EEC/EU performed by various governments, the first of which was that we were told that EEC membership would not affect our sovereignty. Well, I don't suppose that EEC membership did. It is just that the EEC became the European Community and then the European Union on its inexorable march towards a complete federal state. It has also been said that if we remain in then our membership will lead to our being forced to be in the Eurozone. You will probably find that we have signed a treaty to that effect. But that is just the first step towards currency union with the United States. Meanwhile, the veteran anti-EU or even EEC campaigner Lord Stoddart has said that it is now the government, the bankers, big business and bureaucrats ranged against the British people. It always has been that way, your Lordship, right from the start. Heath knew exactly what the ultimate outcome of our joining the EEC was to be. And it would seem that two thirds of the British public are happy with things that way.

    Referring back to the last item, our friend Peter Tatchell, made an appearance on Russia Today last night on the subject of the refugees and homophobia. The Dutch parliament has just passed legislation to enable separation/segregation of the refugees into heterosexuals, homosexuals and Christians, to be housed in separate refugee asylum centres. Do Christian gays have to be housed separately from Muslim gays? Tatchell was nearly standing on his head to affirm that his is quite normal and understandable. And he lashed out at the "far right" who would argue that this is another reason why the refugees should not have been let into Europe in the first place. The Dutch undoubtedly would argue that this is purely a temporary measure and that when the newcomers have got used to adhering to "Dutch values" like Gordon Brown's famous "British values" then all will get on like a house on fire. However, perhaps their prime minister, Mark Rutte, is not on board as he has described as the refugee influx as being like the Fall of Rome.

    On the refugee front, the Turks have engaged in a blatant form of blackmail towards the EU, using the refugees or the release of the same into the EU as a weapon to achieve their aims. They have achieved two at least. The first is billions of euros heading their way - some of which might find its way towards killing Kurds or arming Isil and Al Nusra. The second is visa-free travel for their citizens in the EU and the third is speeding up Turkey's accession process to the EU. Turkey's population is about the same as Germany's, just shy of 80m and twice that of Poland. In view of the way that Erdogan's Turkey is behaving at the moment, however, I doubt if such an accession will be occurring any day soon.

    Finally, we learn that there is a high mortality rate amongst male supporters of Donald Trump. The reason for this is that they tend to be members of the American white working classes who have lost their traditional manufacturing jobs to the Far East and are unemployed or in insecure jobs. They are voting for Trump because he is opposed to TPP and wants their jobs returned to America. Meanwhile, Clinton told Sanders again that she did not oppose TPP until it had been passed because she did not know what is in it. If she was so concerned about it then surely she could have found out before it is too late?

  2. It is about time We the English People stand our ground and take back that has been taken from us, slowly and deliberately by successive Governments. Now our Freedom and our Legal Rights as Freeborn English Men are to be further Eroded by the EU and Cameron's failure to have the Common sense and the Guts to stand up to the Unelected Beaurocrat's in Brussels. The Conservative leadership is full of Cowards and Charlatans. Who are either very Naive or Corrupt. Think I will go with the Latter.

    1. I think that I share m p Fabricant's views as regards the fear-mongering being stirred up about the terrible consequences of a Brexit. Unfortunately for him, in a quiet chamber, due to the absence of so many members, his muttering "b.......ocks" was picked up by the microphone and broadcast to the nation. Alan Sked demolished the Stephen Hawking assertion that a Brexit would damage European scientific co-operation by saying that being out of the EU has never affected Switzerland in this regard. Isn't the European nuclear fusion experiment near Geneva on Swiss soil?

      Meanwhile, we hear that aboriginal boys in Australia are committing suicide in increasing numbers. So there you have the future for the English. Those who have not been encouraged to follow the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and fuse into a brown stew may experience more and more demoralisation as their land is progressively taken from them and colonised by the global south. They are already underperforming in schools, much like the aborigines of Australasia and North America, so this may be the next stage in dejection and demoralisation.

      The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that it is not racist to be opposed to mass immigration. Isn't it a shame that there was nobody in 1968 to utter such a view and stand along side poor Enoch. I think the Archbishop is viewing the possibility of Muslims outnumbering Christians with gathering alarm. But you are 50 years too late, your Grace. How do you propose sorting out this mess now?

      I am not sure if this is correct but I have been told that Russia has issued international arrest warrants for those behind the Federal Reserve Bank, the Rothschilds, J P Morgan employees, Ben Bernanke, the list goes on and on. It would be nice if they were to succeed. Trump is backing them if he lasts the course. The Russians know that, as Gen Wesley Clarke has said, the newly founded Federal Reserve was behind the Russian Revolution and probably the same people were behind the French Revolution which started the whole thing off - even the "English Revolution" under Cromwell. And the Japanese have started putting their money under the mattress as Japan, like the ECB, introduces negative interest rates i.e. stealing the money out of your account. Deflation is coming which means that prices and wages will fall. If you keep your money under the mattress then it is growing in value against falling prices. You just have to hope that nobody gets wind of it and robs you.

  3. There's lots of articles in the msm such Express and others telling us that Obama will be making speeches to the House of Commons about the need for the UK to remain in the EU. Since when did we elect Obama to speak on our behalf? If there is anything that annoys the most it is Obamas meddling in our affairs. At least Juncker isn't that stupid.

    Unwanted multiculturalism has been forced onto us for 68 years, The genocidal islamophile Soviet Union lasted 69 years before it came to an ubrupt end, let's hope that we vote Brexit and finally break the genocidal Coudenhove-Kalergi plan for good. The thought of Turkey and Asian Islamist country joining the EU is quite frankly frightening.

    It seems to me that communist and cultural Marxist regimes have a maximum lifespan of 70 years. The EU started in some form in the early 1950s, so I expect will last no more than 5 more years. Let's destroy it before it destroys us.

    1. Francis, you and I should definitely meet up some day. You will be aware that the name Francis comes from the Franks and means a free people. There is so much going on at present. I think I referred to the petition asking people to vote against Obama's visit. It got enough votes to trigger a response from the House of Commons along the lines of we invite whoever we want. I wonder if they will invite Trump when he is president? On that score, anarchy is breaking out all over the hitherto "white" world as whites face the prospect of being minorities in their own countries. The elites in the US are desperate to get rid of him somehow but with only three more states to win on Tuesday, Ohio, Michigan and Florida, he is deemed virtually unstoppable. The elites are preparing for martial law as if he wins or if he loses there will be chaos.

      In Germany, the Alternative fur Deutschland has given Frau Merkel a good shaking. It is noticeable that it got 25% in Saxony-Anhalt which, I think, was in the former East Germany and where the Pegida stronghold of Dresden is situated. Frauke Petry the AFD's leader (I think that Frauke means little lady) has touched on some of their other policies. We know they are anti-EU and want a referendum on Germany's membership of the euro. The East Germany connection is interesting as people there have realised that they have switched one form of Marxism for another. Interesting what you say about the 70 years, Francis. Of course, Frauke, is a young attractive woman and Angela, who is looking decidedly old troutish, must feel really put out by this. But I think the CDU have a younger woman themselves to replace her.

      What is happening in America has been referred to as a bloodless revolution. Sadly, I don't think the elites will let it remain that way.

      As I have said, Turkey has a population of 80m heading our way. But Turkey itself is descending into anarchy under Erdogan.

      Here we were treated to little India on the Antiques Roadshow last night, Wembley style. Very nice but if they want India then they have the whole sub-continent to play with. The BBC is getting even more determined to ram home the multicultural agenda.

      As for the MSM, in particular the Daily Mail, they are a mission to blame Russia for everything from the refugees to bumping off the founder of Russia Today in Washington. I think that could have just been arranged by the CIA as Hillary has said that Russia is winning the propaganda war. Perhaps Russia is just matching common sense and diplomacy to the Elites' insane plan to bomb the world into submission on the path to world hegemony. I must look up Trump's German surname. I wonder if it is connected to trumpet. According to the Bible, the last trump precedes the waking up of the people and the coming of the Kingdom of God.

    2. Thanks anon. Yes my name is Frankish in origin. Having traced my ancestors back several generations I discovered that I was not 100% English, but that doesn't mean that I don't consider myself English. On my mother's side there are French names going back to the 1800s escaping persecution in France, and a southern Irish great great grandfather who left Ireland to flea the 1850s Irish famine. On my fathers side there are MacDonalds who escaped from the Glencoe Massacre of 1692 perpetrated by the Campbell's. If I told this to Irish Yank he would see me as some fellow Irish fugitive. The reality is I am more than 80% English, look English, sound English and bahave like an Englishman. I want MY country England to gain its freedom, and also help others gain theirs. Yes I have what could be termed dustant refugee ancestors perhaps it is their DNA that has alerted me to the dangers of multiculturalism, Anglophobia and anti white racism. I could never understand the motives of white so called anti white racists until I realised that they were satanic atheists.

      I do believe that the Yanks have had enough and I know of one staunch Democrat supporter now backing Trump. The NWO and multicultural ruling elites are seriously getting worried now and will do ANYTHING to stop Trump.