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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Leaked Memo Shows Miliband Was Warned 2010

Leaked Memo Shows Miliband Was Warned Over Deficit, Immigration And Welfare - In 2010!

This memo shows that Labour's leaders knew very well what people's views were (and are!). Their failure to address the issue demonstrates that they were (and are) culturally and ideologically unwilling and thus unable to address the issue of mass immigration.

When Gordon Brown called Gillian Duffy a "bigoted woman" for daring to merely raise the issue of immigration in passing, he was giving voice to Labour's culture. Click here to watch >>>

This is the reason why Labour was unwilling to react to:-

“Labour is seen as having consistently ignored English people’s views on immigration. A Labour leader who wants to show change has to show that they understand that. This is not just an issue for lost working class voters – it was central to Middle England and a major concern for Lib Dems. Out of the 40 people who took part in the groups only one person mounted any sort of defence of a relatively open policy on immigration.

“The concerns were broad. Among C2s and Ds there was a particular concern about competition from eastern European migrants for work (esp in the trades). There was a universal concern about benefits and the provision of services, with immigrants sending child benefit abroad symbolic of the issue. Just as common was a cultural concern. This was partly about people adopting British culture when they come here and partly about standing up for British and in particular English traditions and English people. There was a strong sense that people who are born and bred in England should be prioritised.

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  1. This is less than surprising. I believe it was Brown who described Cumbria as "sickeningly white." Bigotry, amongst the Politically Correct means expressing a point of view with which they disagree.
    One of many concerns over mass immigration that occur to me is that (as has often been expressed in comments on this blog) the human race is Tribal. We look after Our Own.
    So it is not unreasonable to suppose that if immigration remains unchecked (as it will be if we don't get out of the EU,) we will reach a point where we English become an "Ethnic Minority" in our own country.
    Then, parliamentary candidates will be selected, not to represent their constituents but to represent the Muslims in their constituencies or the Somalis or whoever.
    The EU referendum represents the first and (possibly) only opportunity we will ever have to reclaim our country.
    Let's hope the "No" campaign gets its act together soon because "Project Fear" is currently, very much in the ascendancy.

    1. Clive we need a Plan C and Plan D. If Remain win, then we need to focus on indigenous rights and take the matter to the EU Parliament. There is no record of a meeting between Blair and the UN denying the existence of the English - this is a Marxist distraction to put us down.

      Should we vote Brexit we need to take the issue of indigenous rights to the UK Parliament and if needed sue them in the Courts.

      Concerning human rights, there is an abuse clause Article 17 that can be invoked when dealing with terrorists and supremacists. Have you noticed how thus abuse clause is selectively invoked. It is invoked when former Nationalist Councillors seek remedy through the ECJ (failed in this instance), but is never used when dealing with real terrorists like PIRA, jihadists and hate preachers in deportation cases. The legal profession is full of jihadists and cultural Marxists with dangerous political agendas.

      We need to tackle this issue first because either way our dispossession will continue.

      Now we here about falsification of our identity in GCSE in which we are now told that Africans and Asians were here before the Saxons. You know what that will mean?

  2. Clive,
    Is it true that immigration would remain unchecked "as it will be if we don't get out of the EU"? The EU is taking steps to stem the flow across the Mediterranean from Libya (the result of Cameron's adventure in Libya). If the combined navies of the EU are successful in doing that, the flow is likely to be directed towards the UK if it is outside the EU.
    You have a touching confidence in the UK government to protect the interests of the English. It is Blair and Cameron (at the behest of the Americans) who want fellow NATO member Turkey in the EU, something which has been resisted by most other EU countries.

    1. The last I heard there was talk of Turkey being thrown out of NATO. They should be for the genocide of the Kurds and their support for ISIS and Al Nusra in Syria. I don't believe that ISIL are behind recent bombings there. Turkish intelligence probably are trying to prove that ISIS are their enemies whilst they are both working hand in glove. Cameron is in a dither now as there have been two full-scale revolts in his party, the one over a Brexit and the other with regard to disability benefits. The nasty party is back with a vengeance. And if we throw Turkey out then perhaps we should invite Russia in. That way there will be peace across Eurasia and the American bankers can take a running jump. Larry Wilkerson called America an empire of debt backed by the Pentagon and it has been for the last 100 years when the Federal Reserve engineered the Russian Revolution. Jean Claude Vandamme has just repeated this statement by General Wesley Clarke on French television. The revolution is coming in America and it will then come to Europe and the banker-corporative-big business elite, the cocaine snorting Whore of Babylon of Revalations will be overthrown and peace will come throughout the world.

  3. Viktor Orban. Undoubted Leader of the Euro-Nationalist 'Anti Mass Migration Movement.

    Watch this inspiring courageous speech!

    'Time for Resistance' On YouTube-Title being--

    Orbans historic speech puts Hungary on a war footing! English subtitles.

  4. Today's attacks in Brussels should give a boost to Trump's chances as the Americans will be getting hysterical about it coming to their shores. Have just been told that Muslims are risking death by converting in droves to Christianity. It is strange that these attacks are confined to Belgium and France and there have not been any in Germany or here. At least the EU will be shown to have been totally stupid in acceding to Turkey's demands as you can be sure that among those Turks getting visa free travel will be Turkey's ISIL friends. Yes, Viktor Orban should be British pm as well. Obama has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Let's hope that this will drive more and more working class Democrat voters Trump's way. Trump has vowed not to let people die on the streets and cut defence spending and make peace with the world. Let's hope that they just let him live. But if he suddenly pops his clogs then Americans rooting for him really will revolt. By the way, the troops are on the streets in Belgium. Just one false flag attack and they will be on the streets here as well.

    Just remembered the other sickening news yesterday. The police have closed their investigation into a paedophile ring at Westminster. Isn't that a surprise!! How utterly sickening. So many know about the revolting behaviour of the likes of Edward Heath. I expect what the current bunch are up to will only be revealed once they are dead and buried. England is a cess pit.

  5. Some interesting stuff on thus site

    This explains false flags and the four Coudenhove-Kalergi strategies, one of which is r/K selection theory for mating. This is why white males have to feminised so that we are unattractive to women, who will then seek partners from other races. Its time to man up now.

    1. No time to look at this today but this is very interesting. I tell my fellow chapel goers about the need for muscular Christianity. The feisty Iben from Denmark has said as much and that the Muslims will win because Christians have become so soft. I have read a similar comment about Islam and the fact that Muslims view Europeans as weak. And it does not help that Angela likes taking selfies with strong young men from the Levant. Is this why they have been brought here by George Soros.

    2. Anon thanks.

      Yes the white male is too soft at the moment. The same happened in Northern Ireland. At the start of the troubles in 1969 the nationalist community was not ready for battle with the loyalist community who at the time were probably at their most potent.

      Nationalist women demanded that their menfolk do more to defend their culture from the other. We are now seeing white in England and the rest of Europe demanding the same but yet it is not reported in the msm. Even my wife has asked me to man up now that invaders once tried to grope her.

      Cultural Marxism is implemented by the late Eric Hobsbaum is about to be hoist by it's own petard.

      I do agree that the Muslims will start off this war with the greatest kill rate and aggression, however as the Northern Ireland experience shows, the other side ups their stake and the war reaches a stalemate situation until one side is unable to continue. I would say that the Republicans lost the NI conflict because their campaign was based upon deceit and lies. The CIA were well involved in training and weaponising the PIRA.

      This time we white Europeans will be up against many mini Muslim statelets in our lands. It will take air power to blow them to pieces and that is what we should do - obliterate them as there will be no rules in the coming conflict.

  6. We now hear that one of the Paris attackers arrived with the refugees and brought 90 others with him. France and Belgium seem to be attacked because they are not very competent with their intelligence. The Belgians knew that an attack was coming. Surely, the most obvious places for such an attack would be the airport and the metro so why were they not heavily guarded? I suspect that the Germans, the Swedes and we are more competent at thwarting such attacks, this is why they have not happened. We learn that 300,000 refugees in Germany have not been processed and that 50% are economic migrants.

    There was a Labour mp from Manchester, John Kane, speaking. He said that these attacks must not lead to the collapse of the EU, the closing of borders and the free movement of Labour. By the way, a British copper said that it was easier for us to pick up returning ISIL fighters than on the Continent where they can just sneak across borders. Kane said that the Muslims have contributed so much to our society and we must not lose the EU multicultural dream. He was, in part, responding to UKIP's statement that it would be easier for us to patrol our borders against such infiltration once we are out of the EU. Trump has asked for the closing of borders but then said he meant stronger protection at the borders and more close scrutiny of the mosques. Hillary Clinton has said that security at the borders should be beefed up but that more mass surveillance is needed. So we will be all be spied on constantly because of the actions of a few.

    I repeat what I have said before that it is hard for those of us who grew up in the 1950s, 60s and 70s to cope with what has happened to our country and our continent. In those decades one could travel all over Europe west of the Iron Curtain with no problems at all; Europe, having recovered from the War, was stable and secure. Now it seems that nowhere is in the hitherto white world. What a mess and if John Kane thinks that this is paradise then he lives in some sort of idealistic bubble. Common sense dictated keeping things as they used to be; but when you are faced with the ideology of free markets or the Left then common sense is the first victim.

  7. Daniel Macadams of the Ron Paul Institute described Trump as brilliant last night. He is not brilliant, just exercising logic and common sense and a desire to stop all the war and turmoil and bloodshed for the benefit of the top one per cent.

    He is no different from the ordinary working man in his approach. Enoch Powell shared that logic but most of our political elites do not. They are not governed by common sense, bar the sainted Viktor Orban. They are governed by greed, stupidity and corruption. Macadams said that the Americans are very angry with the way their establishment has treated them. We all are and it is time to sort it all out.

    At the other extreme, the NUS were protesting against the deportation of an African illegal immigrant who is one of their officers. Their banner read, "No borders, no nations". What an infantile mindset these people have and how dangerous they are. For a start, such a stance may be a nice childish dream but it is wholly impractical and would lead to hitherto white countries being totally buried by the global south. And secondly, it never was what the majority of whites ever wanted; just those who are adherents of Coudenhove Kalergi for reasons of self-enrichment or because of a pathetically stupid Left-wing ideology.

    By the way, Macadams informed us that the indictment of Hillary Clinton is imminent. This will strengthen Trump, especially since she may be replace by the odious Joe Biden who lacks any sort of charisma and is an obvious self-seeking psychopath.

  8. Timeline March 23
    "Nigel Farage Farage supends leading talent Suzanne Evans.

    Ukip has been beset by internal conflict since the general election, with Farage and his allies being suspicious of Evans, O’Flynn and the party’s only MP, Douglas Carswell.

    Evans was once a favourite of Farage, who let her write the party’s 2015 manifesto and briefly recommended her as interim leader until he “unresigned” days later.

    However, she has since incurred his displeasure because his allies suspected she was part of a group planning a coup against his leadership, something she and others have strongly denied."
    The suspension of Evans has upset thousands of Ukip members. The English Democrats should be offering those disaffected Ukippers a home.

  9. Some of us are beginning to suspect that the Belgian bombings were another false flag attack. The Belgians knew these people and yet, once again, just let it happen. And they have even released the third suspect at the airport for lack of evidence, incredible!

    I have just been sent a video of Vladimir Bukovsky on the similarities of the EU to the USSR that he fled from. I have mentioned before that he read in the Kremlin archives about the one world state to which the EU is leading. The USSR kept on expanding and expanding until it collapsed and he says that this is what will happen to the EU. Just as with the USSR, the EU is ruled by an unelected, unaccountable few with a puppet parliament there to rubber stamp their decisions. And just as with the USSR the aim is to mix up all races and nationalities and cultures, there will be no more nations. I listened to a Unesco spokesperson on the cultural cleansing of Syria by ISIS and cultural cleansing is exactly what they are doing to England and other European countries. Indeed, I saw a recent reference to culture wars and the eradication of deep identity, that will be the English and their culture. Somebody has leant me a copy of Mein Kampf. I have never read it and never really wanted to but already two things have struck me. Hitler said that Marxism would lead to the end of mankind. This may well be what the Coudenhove Kalergi plan of racial and cultural fusion will bring about but we will not know until it is too late. Kitty Little said that racial fusion will lead to mental retardation. Secondly, he wanted to help the poor of Vienna who seem to be suffering now at the same hands. Indeed, the War just seems to have been a hiccough. Their plans since have preceded apace and are gathering momentum.

    I saw both Toni Bugle and Steven Morris versus the Muslims on RT. Toni managed to silence the self-confident Mr Ansar by saying we need to give refuge to the Christians who are being massacred. He did not have an answer. Steven fought back accusations of white supremacism from somebody who was really getting very irate and could only call Steven the same just as Mr Ansar kept going on about the far right. It is unfortunate that the vigil was disturbed in Brussels by the "far right", if they really were the same. We should leave such brown shirt tactics to the Marxists.
    As for white supremacism. Anybody who speaks out against multiculturalism and the ultimate consequences and wants to preserve national identity for hitherto white countries is immediately labelled thus. Bukovsky has said that the EU is building an intellectual gulag where those who oppose political correctness/anti-racism are immediately silenced. In time they many resort to actual prison camps for us.

    And - with reference to Steven's asking why there is no Muslim condemnation of terrorism or child rape, where is the condemnation of the slaughter of Christian women and children on Easter Day in Pakistan? As RT asked, why was the Eiffel Tower not lit up in green and white? Was it not purely because it happened outside the West but because of a fear of stirring up Muslim/Christian or Muslim/European tensions?

    There is now talk of the European army coming into play. NATO has been discredited by Turkey's behaviour. Perhaps that was intentional. And the chaos caused by the George Soros's refugee influx would be an excuse for a European army and martial law.

    Boris Johnson and others have praised the Russians for their role in the liberation of Palmyra. But no praise from Mr Cameron as he is in with the elites. Quite what game Boris is playing at I am not sure. I cannot believe that he is independent of their control as only back benchers are. So what is his game apart from wanting to be pm. It would be nice if he could join the Trump camp. He was outspoken about the possibility of Obama asking us to remain in the EU.

  10. By the way, Bukovsky also said that when the EU collapses, it will cause the same chaos and bloodshed as the collapse of the USSR did. I think it will cause more. I urge others to sign a recent 38 degrees online petition against the government installing a puppet regime to control the BBC. This comes at the same time as we learn that the government is to pour hundreds of millions into the BBC to fight Russia Today and parliament is even claiming that via RT the Russians are undermining politics in this country. It is of course ok for Radio Free Europe or the Voice of America to do the same the other way. However, people would not watch Russia Today if they did not learn things that attune with how they feel about the government, London and Washington, the EU/USSR. And RT gives plenty of airtime to the English Democrats but this is countered by the arguments of the Left being the likes of John Kane and former Labour euro-mp Glyn Ford who said that people who are opposed to islamification have never lived near Muslims. We don't need to. We receive information from those who do. But this is not the point. Perhaps somebody should tell Messrs Kane and Ford that the people of England and the peoples of Europe in general never chose multiculturalism; it was forced on them by the Marxist EU and prior to that the British Labour Party. And now we hear that Libya is going to let loose an even greater tide of Arab/Sub-Saharan refugees on Europe unless we deal with the refugees already gathered there. This reminds me of another thing that Bukovsky said; just as with the USSR all has take place through coercion; the peoples of Europe have been coerced into going along with the Coudenhove Kalergi plan as they would have wholly rejected it otherwise. Marxism, whether red or blue and gold always uses the same tactics.

    1. I quoted a lot more from the video of what Bukvovsky said in his comparison of the EU to the USSR. Perhaps it will see light of day eventually. Further into Mein Kampf, Hitler said that North America was more successful as peopled by North Europeans who did not largely intermarry with other races whereas in South America and Central America the opposite was the case. All this is taboo but we will not know if he was right until he was too late. Unfortunately, Hitler decided to counter overpopulation in Germany by colonising Eastern Europe. France and Britain had solved that problem outside Europe. Yes, Hitler was stupid in most of what he did but some of it does make you think.

    2. I have said many times that Marxism can only be defeated by civil legal remedies, or war. I am writing an article on this very point.

    3. Francis. We learn that the city of Cleveland Ohio is getting in masses of riot gear in to cope with the republican nomination. They know that if Trump gets it or not there will be riots. A friend has pointed out that all our police, whether in Europe or the US, now seem to be adopting the same semi-military type uniform in preparation for anarchy. Difficult to know if they thought that this would never happen through their policies or whether they have been preparing for it for decades. There was an interesting interview with Alternative fur Deutschland last night. Their spokesman said that the burning of refuge centres in Germany is to be condemned but not unexpected and that the final outcome will be civil war. Merkel, as Obama, has completely trashed the German constitution and removed democracy. However, one interesting point is that the party gets 30% of their votes from second generation immigrants whereas the CDU and the SDP get only around 10%. He actually said what I have said for years, namely that action and reaction are equal and opposite. He also said that people should ask Merkel which financial bodies she is working for. I think that we know that, the same ones that the Clintons are working for and probably our government. Why is our government the most Russophobic? It is not just down to the fear of a 19th seizure of India by the Tsarist regime, that is long gone. It is probably because the people who control the City of London are the same people that the Russians sent west in the 12th century to become the financial elites of the West. And Putin has evicted the oligarchs and they have all ended up in London. Then we hear that there is talk of a Frexit in France and a Fexit in Finland. The Czech Republic has definitely decided to leave the EU if we do. The EU is going to collapse. If we vote to leave there is a possibility that Cameron will be sent to renegotiate and the EU will then tell us we have to vote again. More smoke and mirrors.

  11. There is an article on the BNP website talking about the way forward for Brexit. There was a letter from the senior law lords to Heath advising that the UK could not join the EEC unless it was defeated militarily. This shows that our membership of the EU is therefore null and void.

    1. Is this why are armed forces are being pared away bit by bit so as to merge with the euroarmy? Is that not a military defeat? I think most people have ceased thinking of England as not having been invaded for a thousand years now. I did agree with somebody who was pro-EU yesterday, apart from my fear about Cameron signing us for TTIP and abolishing all employee protection, namely that we have only had a democracy here since 1928 when all women got the vote. Easy come and easy go as its removal began again in the 1950s. Anglo-Saxon England was probably the most democratic we had been before 1928. As for the Magna Carta that was just for the aristocracy - or the robber Barons - and had nothing to do with the ordinary man. Remember Kind Hearts and Coronets when Gascoyne chose to be tried by the House of Lords? By the way, Francis, isn't the BNP defunct, wasn't it job done for Griffin?

    2. Anon. I wouldn't say that the BNP is finished, just battered and not up to strength. All of the splinter groups Britain First, Liberty GB, British Democrats etc have all failed. I would say a the BNP is reforming and publish plenty of blogs and articles with quite good circulation.

      Here is the article:-

    3. Thanks for that. I have asked the question again on the next blog and will add a comment to say that I have had the answer.

  12. FOR THE ATTENTION OF EVERY ENGLISH PERSON and for that matter EVERY NATIONALIST IN EUROPE! Let there be no doubt what so ever as to Brussels plans for us! Go to YouTube and witness their plans made explicit for all to see!
    See:- YouTube-Title- Europe will be diverse or war? Frans Timmermans.
    If we ever needed one person with one official message as a valid reason to argue the case for leaving the EU, Frans Timmermans is that person. Is it any wonder he is known in some circles as Coudenhove Kalergi MK2! God help us! Once again Viktor Orban is proved correct about Brussels deadly plans!

    1. Thanks for informing me of this. I will take a look. I don't think that anything will change if we leave the EU. The mainstream parties of all colours are pledged to Coudenhove Kalergi's plan and white extinction. Even UKIP has had to go along with this - although it probably does not reflect the secret view of the majority of their members - for fear of ending up in Vladimir Bukovsky's intellectual gulag or in prison itself. That reminds me that the Alternative fur Deutschland spokesman also said that behind mass immigration is the UN with its aim of correcting Europeans' demographic deficit. Europe - and particularly England - would be healthier and happier with fewer people but behind the UN are the bankers and big business wanting more and more cheap labour. Here I know so many people who are choosing to travel through the night so as to avoid the constant bottelnecks on our motorways already and still people pour in. I was on a normally quieter stretch of the M6 on Maundy Thursday evening and it was horrific as half the car owners in Britain, would that be about 12m vehicles, were on the roads that day. The ADF statement makes me think that the refugee influx is all to do with the UN's Agenda 21 aiming at spreading the world's excess population more thinly across the globe and using Europe as Lebensraum instead of getting the global south to put a sock in it.

      And now we hear of the threat of nuclear terror. ISIL has stolen nuclear material in Iraq where they are also developing the chemical weapons they used recently.
      They planned an attack on a Belgian power station and to kidnap the head of Belgium's nuclear industry and milk him for knowledge or probably behead him. Apparently there is some connection with the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Perhaps the Queen would like to summon the Pakistani ambassador and give him a dressing down? I doubt if that will happen but it does make you worry about the allegiances of Pakistanis living here. We have recently had the case of the two Glasgow mosques where terror attacks in Pakistan were being planned.

      It is very depressing. Will such attacks be the start of Armageddon? I just wonder what Enoch Powell is thinking? Wasn't the England that they are destroying a paradise of stability and peace and the rest of Western Europe as well.

      I have noticed that ITN news is becoming increasingly multicultural. Time was when they were less so than the BBC. Darkness is creeping over the land as our deep identity is now on the verge of being swept away. I should imagine that the aim is to reduce whites to an also-ran prior to total racial fusion.

      As for Viktor Orban. I can see him making common cause with Putin and Trump to fight for white survival. As for that other Blondie, Boris, he recently wrote an article praising Russia and castigating Hammond's banker instigated Russophobia. Whereas we have the biggest debt since records began in 1948 and still need more austerity, the Russian stock market is booming and Russia has a surplus. This is driving the elites bonkers. But no, I doubt trust Boris. I think he is just there to fight parties like UKIP and the EDs and then he will change horses.

    2. Thanks for that. It is also in the following link:-

      This is oligarchy's last throw of the dice and if they fail they will lose forever.

      I could never understand why the UN never intervened in stopping the European Holocaust, however I have been advised that the UN is now dominated by the 56 OIC muslim majority states and I am therefore not surprised at the ethnocentric abrogation of core principles and cherry picking of human rights procedures.

      We need to defy the UN too.

    3. I will have a look at this as well. I was given to understand that the UN was to be the seat of one world government when they have achieved their aims. The Gettys own the building. A recent video I have been sent about Trump versus Clinton, says that she is working hand in glove with the Muslim brotherhood and Obama keeps giving secret signals to fellow Muslims. Putin has thrown out all the oligarchs like Abromovitch who have ended up in London. I still stick to the Zagorsk Prophecy which said that America would collapse and then that Russia would bring back the world into the Christian faith. And I have learnt that more and more Muslims are ditching Islam and becoming Christian. The Russians believe that Christ will re-appear in Russia. I certainly don't see Putin as He or even as John the Baptist but I do believe that our only hope lies there and try to portray Russia in a positive light to others; whilst fighting the Oligarchs' massive Russophobic propaganda campaign.