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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Total of 18 million EU migrants? Is this the number of immigrants who have come from the EU since UK Accession?

Total of 18 million EU migrants? Is this the number of immigrants who have come from the EU since UK Accession?

I ask this question because of the huge discrepancies in the official figures.

Let me explain. The official numbers of EU migrants is much lower than the true number. However the discrepancy between the official figures and the National Insurance numbers (which have only recently been revealed) is simply staggering. The National Insurance numbers are only the numbers of those who are actually signing up to work as employees or self-employed rather than children, and economically inactive dependents ie they are much less than the real total.

Over the last five years the Government has claimed that there have been “only” (sic!) one million EU migrants. The only figure available against which this claim can be checked against is the 2.25 million EU migrants who have registered for National Insurance in that period.

So on an over simplistic calculation: if in the last five years there would appear to have been more than 2.25 million EU immigrants (of whom the vast majority will no doubt be in England), it isn’t as completely fanciful as you might have thought that the total number of EU migrants over the 40 years (8x5) since the UK joined the EU would amount to 18 million! (8 x 2.25)

Here is an article about the true scale of EU migration:-

Ministers accused of hiding true scale of migration and real number may not emerge until eve of referendum

Britain's official statistics body announces review into migrant figures amid concerns real figure could be significantly higher

The Office for National Statistics has announced an official review of migration figures amid concerns that hundreds and thousands more migrants have come to Britain than figures suggest.

According to official figures 1million EU migrants came to Britain over the past five years, but over that same period 2.25million registered for national insurance numbers.

Eurosceptic Cabinet ministers have called on David Cameron to publish figures revealing the number of active insurance numbers being used by migrants.

The ONS, which produces Britain's national statistics, has said that it wants to use the figures as part of its review to ensure that the public have a more "complete picture".

The review will be published alongside official net migration figures, which are expected to show that he number of migrants coming to Britain is at near record levels.

Jonathan Portes, Principal Research Fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, said that the review is likely to be a "big moment" during the referendum campaign.

He has tried to use Freedom of Information laws to try to obtain the figures from the Government but has been repeatedly rejected.

He said: "The fact that the Office for National Statistics is going to look at these different sources and reconcile them is entirely welcome.

"This is an important issue, we know the current numbers are far from perfect and the Government has data which is highly relevant. They are doing their best to hide it from us."

Official figures suggest that 257,000 EU migrants came to Britain last year, but over the same period 630,000 EU citizens registered for a national insurance number.

David Cameron has refused a request to release the figures, claiming that the difference is accounted for by short term migrants.

Official migration figures are based on a survey of more than 800,000 migrants as they enter and leave Britain, known as the International Passenger Survey.

The ONS said that "at times when migration patterns change significantly, there is a risk that the International Passenger Survey design may need to be changed to fit these".

It said: "When available, DWP and HMRC data on national insurance number activity (those who have applied for a national insurance number and are still active in the UK) will be incorporated to provide additional information for the users of our statistics and a more complete picture."

Earlier this month John Whittingdale, the Culture Secretary, told The Daily Telegraph: "There is already enormous concern on the basis of the numbers that that are published. The suggestion that they may understate the position is a cause for even greater concern.

"I have heard the reasons why national insurance numbers don't necessarily reflect actual levels but at the very least that's a debate which we need to have and I can see no reason why we can't have the figures.

"The massive influx that has occurred as a result particularly of the expansion of the EU is putting pressure on all of the public services - housing, education, health.

"It is creaking at the seams. There is a very strong feeling that his is a small country and we simply cannot go on having an enormous influx over which we have no control."

Here is the link to the original article>>> Ministers accused of hiding true scale of migration and real number may not emerge until eve of referendum - Telegraph


  1. At last and about time the ED got up to speed on this MASS immigration issue!A number of countries are going to fully understand what the word Nakba means this year, to include England when the true figures come out post referendum.A long term forensic researcher on migration matters (Robin knows who I am and my challenges upon the state regarding immigration into UK, subsequently and alleged by me rigged elections and other matters, namely-Project C so on)I provided a short but as it turns out,highly relevant comment as Anonymous-3rd Sept 2015 at 11.06. Article title 'Leadership of the No to EU Campaign'. Having my own records I estimate the figures for the period mentioned to be between nine and twelve million,pushed I would say ten million as a mimimum figure. This figure is going to make it very difficult for leave campaign to win.It is going to take a maximum turnout to stand any chance of success.As a final remark,there exists one massive and highly relevant issue pertaining to the referendum that no one has as yet picked up on.I believe the first to do so could if handled properly,run the remain camp ragged!?

    1. Russia has brought peace to Syria but there is no chance of the "refugees" going home yet. The odious Peter Sutherland, the ex-Goldman Sachs, UN commissioner for migration, alluded to a plan to swap failed refugees who are being sent back for good refugees. This is the gent who said that Europe needs mass immigration from the global south to destroy its homogeneous countries. This sounds to attune with the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. I also mused on the fact that Nostradamus predicted a mass invasion from Taukrey via the Balkans.

      However, Turkey, who has been supporting the Islamic state and Al Nusra in Syria, leading to much of the mass exodus has now blackmailed the EU to allow Turkish visa-free travel in the Schengen zone. Germany's links with Turkey go back before the First World War and plans for the Berlin to Baghdad railway. As much as I hate him, Ian Duncan-Smith has spotted this one. Do you think that all those Turks are going to stay in the Schengen zone, many probably have connections here.

      But I would be interested to hear what total immigration to England has been since 1948? I am sure that Migration Watch could supply you with the figure Robin. I seem to think that the population of Britain at the start of the 50s was about 50m or it could have been lower. If the figure for EU migration is correct ignoring those from the New Commonwealth that the population of Britain must be way beyond 65m and 80% of all those immigrants are living in England. The Times said that Osborne is planning to build his way out of trouble, a continuous chronic housing shortage is good for his developer friends and the party coffers. But at this rate there will be little left of unspoilt countryside outside the national parks.

      The point about EU immigrants swinging the referendum is a valid one. I saw Londoners being interviewed about the referendum. One of the last cockneys wanted out, a posh business lady said a Brexit would be bad for business and an Afro-carribean wanted to stay in. That about sums it up.

    2. I was of the opinion that ready resident EU nationals could not vote in the referendum. On the other hand I am aware of a few naturalised British citizens with idigenous Austrian French and German origins supporting and voting for Brexit. Perhaps the indigenous peoples of Europe want out of the EU too. Following the AfD gains in Germany DEXIT is now a possibility.

      I've heard reports that many non whites see the EU as too white and East Europeans as racists and will vote Brexit.

      Hard to say which the result will go but its going to be close either way and will be disputed for months by the losing side.

  2. Jesus ! Thank you anonymous. This just exemplifies how the English population have been lied to and purposefully been kept in the dark by our elected elite of traitors. Please continue with your work for all our sakes and I'm interested in what Nakba means. How do we manage your "highly relevant issue" and what help do you need ?

  3. The first comment-Anonymous at 20:30 I found as shocking and yet profound,especially the link to the insightful comment provided in an article from 30th Aug last year titled--'Leadership of the No to EU'Having taken the time to study all the comments provided in 2015 on the subject of the forthcoming referendum,I noticed some stood out alongside the linked article mentioned as prescient of the current chicanery coming out of No10 as pushing the remain arguement.See Article for Sunday 2nd Aug 2015 regarding the 'Purdah Controversy--'and comment Anon at 15.49. That correctly predicts the likely role of both Cameron and the actual Prime Minister Heywood in the bullying recently disclosed in the MSM. Obviously these prescient insightful comments are not coming from some prophet but rather well informed serious researchers, who realise credible information is as the Gov't knows,everything!Without sufficient nay superior information,no aspiring political movement/party stands a chance of political success going forward.The ED needs to organise an InFo War team of its own,to take on the Mind Whackers in Gov't Info/Ops UK!Not so much a case of taking on the scary British Bulldog but the even more scarier British Bull***t Propaganda and blatent ommissions and intolerable lies! Enough is enough!

    1. That is exactly what the Scotland UN Committee did from 1979 after the first failed devolution referendum. Scotland UN can thank Russia for putting the case of home rule to the UN as no other nation was interested. As a result Russia became a member of the Council of Europe and ECJ. This fact is whitewashed from the MSM and SNP deny it too.

    2. Is this a Russia plans to divide and rule story? The Western MSM are claiming that Russia is behind the collapse of the EU. Frankly, I don't think that Russia needs to make so much of an effort. The EU was destined to collapse as it is wholly against human nature and based on a flawed political ideology and domination by the one per cent. As has been said, the peoples of Europe want to retain their borders, the national identities and their national sovereignty, all of which the Marxist USSR style EU is against. If Russia has played a role then we should thank them. A French economist, Yvan Blot, said last night that the aim of the US or those that Trump and Sanders are fighting, has been for the last ten years at least to split up Eurasia, break Europe off from Russia and split Russia away from China and India as the US will be nothing faced with co-operation between around 3b people as opposed to their 300m. They would never ever achieve the oligarchic hegemony that they had planned.

  4. Somebody has leaked the involvement of big business in ensuring that the planned TTIP agreement is wholly to their advantage and that American corporations will play a role in EU legislation. This could have been an mp as they are now allowed to see the draft agreement but have to memorise its contents as they are not allowed to photograph it or even make notes. This way it is the mp's word against those behind TTIP.

    However, a gent from Global Justice Now has said that Brexit might make things worse as - surprise surprise - the government most in favour of TTIP and pushing for it is the British government and Cameron's oligarchic elites. I have no doubt that Cameron would sign us up as soon as look at us once we are out of the EU. Other EU governments are trying to put the brakes on as is the European Parliament. The same goes for employee protection legislation. This is why I wish we could keep the European parliament even if we come out. TTIP will make the European parliament largely redundant and hand over rule to American big business and wipe the democratic slate clean.

    Meanwhile, Nigel Farage has pointed out that the EU has completely succumbed to Turkish blackmail. It has been said that Turkey has been one of the main drivers behind the Syrian Civil War for her own ends and I don't know when they cottoned on to the fact that if they - along with George Soros - steered the refugees in Europe's direction then they would bring Europe to its knees and could then blackmail the EU into opening the door to the 80m Turks and further Islamification. The Ottomans were stopped at the Gates of Vienna. But when they knocked on the gates this time they were flung wide open.

    Apparently, Trump has the Protestant southern states and the Catholic northern ones behind him. Basically, the white Christian original settlers. And it will not be long before indigenous Christian Europeans are in the same boat.

  5. Recent regional elections in Germany on Sunday March the 13th saw a large swing to the anti-immigration party Alternativ fur Deutschland (AfD). AfD won seats in the parliaments of 3 states and secured 24% of the vote in Sachsen-Anhalt, 10% in Baden Wurttemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz. In Sachsen-Anhalt the DfB is now the second largest party after Merkel's CDU.
    The question of immigration is no longer extremist but mainstream. It is rated as the most important issue by 50% of the population, far above the future of the NHS.
    The UK population has increased by 10% over the last 16 years. The Archbishop of Canterbury says that it is "very reasonable" for people to be worried about the crisis and "outrageous" to condemn them as racist.
    There are pressures on primary schools and immigrants put a burden on public services, compete for jobs with the host population and depress wages.

  6. The biggest threat to English sovereignty is not the EU but the UK. Europe is waking up to the problem of mass immigration. Under British governments, both Labour and Tory, immigration has continued unabated. Outside of the EU, there will be no way of stemming the tide of humanity coming to England's shores. England will be unprotected from the tender mercies of America which is the model for multi-culturalism and the low wages beloved of the Tories.
    The English stand a better chance of being English within Europe, along with all the other European nations who wish to keep their national identities than as an American colony and the American notion of the melting-pot.

    1. Anon,

      I see your point. I supported "English Independence within Europe" for a while until I read about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. I've said it before - there is no point in voting for Brexit if the same mass immigration from the sub continent continues.

      What we need to focus on either way is legally destroying cultural Marxism. Yes Europe is waking up but if we are to remain in EU we must destroy the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan in the European Parliament and of course resist TTIP.

    2. This is what is worrying me.

    3. The multicultural crunch is coming in the US as whites come close to being a minority. Those same working class whites are counting on Trump with his wall along the border. But even blacks are supporting Trump as he will give them their jobs back instead of offshoring them. And blacks hate the Hispanics for pinching their jobs. I saw an interview with a black American lady who was backing Trump. She couldn't even remember Obama's name and he was meant to be the president to help the blacks and has done nothing.

      I was talking to somebody recently about driving on the Continent and they said it is better there as it is not as congested as here. the M6 is now becoming an absolute nightmare. The optimum population of Britain is 30m and we are more than double that. Eventually, the English will revolt merely because they are being crushed to death by the sheer rate of numbers if nothing else. The EU migration chief has said that the third world will keep on pouring in as they are breeding at such a rate that their countries are becoming uninhabitable. The UN is probably behind most of this with its Agenda 21.