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Sunday, 13 March 2016

English Democrats: 'EU referendum could be game changer' BBC

English Democrats: 'EU referendum could be game changer'

I was invited by the BBC to do an interview on 11 March 2016

They posted it up on their website. This is what they said in their introduction:-

"The English Democrats are holding their Spring conference in Huntingdon. The party, which campaigns for English independence, is seeking to stand candidates in the May elections."

Click here to see the video >>>
Having done these sorts of interviews on many occasions now over the last 15 years and upon mentioning one of the ‘E’ words (that is English or England!), always having previously been accused of being a “Racist” to have dared to mention it, I had the disorientating and dizzying experience of having this one be nice!


  1. England is a nation, not a region of Great Britain and we should emulate the Irish with their "we'll be a nation once again". I see that there is to be a programme with the chap who plays Mrs Brown going on with pride about his ancestors who took part in the Easter Rising in 1916. I have every sympathy with the Irish as long as they let the English have their nation as well.

    I mused on the fact that I heard that the later nineteenth century was a period of intense globalisation and then came the First World War and the Russian Revolution. Doubtless, this was all part of the globalisation plan as it replaced monarchies with republics on the road to Marxism in a continuation of the French Revolution and made it easier for the One World Plan to progress. But this was then countered by German extreme nationalism. I still harbour the suspicion that this was engineered by the same people so as to discredit nationalism of any type. But human nature is reasserting itself once again as not only Europe put the United States are beginning to fragment along cultural and racial lines as Europeans don't like being just also-rans in their own countries. There is talk of secession again in the USA. There is nothing wrong with nationalism provided it does not lead to war and bloodshed, which is no longer likely in today's Europe. The opposite is leading to bloodshed, the belief that you can abolish borders, nations and cultures and races and fuse everything into some borderless brown soup with no real culture at all. As has been said before, it is like mixing oil and water. In the end the two separate out and there is nothing you can do to make them coalesce.

    Returning to the AFD success in Saxony-Anhalt, perhaps we should remember that those living in the South of England at least have a fair dollop of Saxon blood, hence the South Saxons of Sussex, the East Saxons of Essex and the West Saxons of Wessex. The name comes from the Sachs, the short-bladed sword that the Germanic tribe were renowned for. And my slogan for the AFD might be "Petry is sexy, Merkel's got no sparkle". Angela does seem to like taking selfies though with testosterone-filled young men from the Maghreb. Perhaps that is why she opened the doors to them, even if they blow her up. At least she would go out with a bang.

    1. Concerning Ireland, the 1850s potato famine was exploited by corporatists to depopulate the South of Ireland of its indigenous inhabitants. The corporatists ordered the Army to remove good foods from the farmers. The corporatists needed the British Army as their fall guys so they setup the Irish Republican Brotherhood a shill republican terror organisation they could control and use to break up the UK. I have an ancestor who fled the South of Ireland because of the famine and I have been determined to find out the truth and who setup the fake sectarian Ulster Scot hating and Anglophobic IRB.

      The majority of unionists in NI are indigenous Ulster Scots, not descendants of English and Scottish immigrants as alleged by republicans. The Republican movement is itself the major obstacle to Irish Unity. They too are Kalergist shills, and not the unionists.