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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Are we heading for defeat in the war against Islamism?

Are we heading for defeat in the war against Islamism?

The Ancient Chinese Philosopher of Conflict, Sun Tzu, was the author of a famous treatise called the “Art of War”. One of his sayings is:- “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

This saying repays thought in all situations of conflict but is certainly very true of the “war” against ISIS.

At the moment “Western” Governments have no strategy at all for dealing with ISIS and, indeed, haven’t even got round to understanding the basics about the enemy!

Here is one of the more sensible articles that I have read recently about this official wilful ignorance:-

Paris attacks: Is 'radicalisation’ really the problem?

Big Question: Associating such atrocities as those committed in Paris with radicalisation reinforces the idea of ‘jihadi cool’. Isil are ultra-traditionalists, not radicals

Much of the condemnation following the attacks in Paris reflects the shock and disbelief that Western governments have in understanding the cultic appeal of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

President Barack Obama spoke of the ‘outrageous attempt to terrorise innocent civilians’, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her solidarity with the French people, proclaiming that ‘we will fight against those who have carried out such an unfathomable act against you’.

But there is a problem here. Understandable though such declarations are, the acts perpetrated by Isil are not, in themselves, unfathomable. It is the manner of official rhetoric, media analysis, and much academic commentary that often obscures an understanding of the threat. And the most misleading word in public commentary is the term radicalisation.

The stream of young Muslims who reject their host nations and travel to Syria in order to throw in their lot with the Islamic State in all its manifest brutality exercises western nations. Much of the concern about what is happening within certain Muslim communities is expressed as a problem of ‘radicalisation’.

In the wake of the atrocities in Paris, radicalisation is again cast as the central issue. A Guardian report following the attacks highlighted France’s ‘struggles to tackle radicalisation among its Muslim community’. The report noted that nearly half of the estimated 3000 Muslims from Europe to have travelled to the Middle East to participate in jihad are French.

Meanwhile, it was reported in Britain that counter-terrorism sources fear some 450 ‘radicalised’ Britons have returned from Syria and could perpetrate similar attacks to those witnessed in France. The Director of the Office for Security and Counter-terrorism, Charles Farr, states in this respect that Isil’s radical dogma is ‘a form of ideological grooming’.

Yet, what does this term radicalisation mean? Is this term an accurate description of the process that leads a young western Muslim to jihad? Words matter. An adequate response needs accurate diagnosis.

George Orwell observed that ‘the slovenliness of our language makes it easier to have foolish thoughts’. If the threat is to be countered effectively then at the very least one has to be sure that the political terminology one uses truthfully describes the actual nature of the problem. Orwell noted that ‘political chaos’ results from the ‘decay of language’ and ends up in prevailing orthodoxies that ‘conceal and prevent thought’.

This is precisely what has happened with the misuse of the term radicalisation. Radicalism, in fact, has precise origins, entering modern usage in the nineteenth century in the context of political and economic reform and social progress. It

was those secular, liberal, utilitarian reformers associated with Jeremy Bentham and James Mill (John Stuart’s father) who devised the modern understanding of radical. It stood for a programme of rational, constitutional, social and economic reform.

Radicalism as an ideology dismissed religion as irrational superstition and sought political reform along secular, capitalist and progressive democratic lines.

The one thing we can easily discern about Islamic State and its message is that it is does not do democracy or secular modernity. Therefore, it is not radical and it does not engage in radicalisation. Thus, fulfilling Orwell’s prophecy, distorted meaning ends up obscuring and preventing thought.

Rather than being radicalised, young western Muslims are attracted to what a more religious age than our own recognised as enthusiasm, zealotry or fanaticism. Any analysis of jihadism’s self-confirming zealotry suggests that those who are labelled as radicalised are not radicals at all. Ideological radicalism, properly understood, requires a clear break from traditional religion of whatever form in order to achieve a pluralist secular modernity.

Modern day jihadists are, then, the antithesis of radical. Their worldview is fashioned by a scriptural literalism based on the message of the Prophet Mohammed and the hadith of his rightly guided successors from the Seventh Century. It is this that inspires the thought and practice of Islamic State and its followers who look to the past to build tomorrow’s religious utopia purified by ultra-violence. They are ultra-traditionalists, not radicals.

This ultra-traditionalism guides every action in the present. Today’s jihadi is an enthusiast (not a radical) as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as one who is ‘possessed by a god’, or in ‘receipt of divine communication’. No matter how deluded their actions seem to modern attitudes, through their enthusiasm they engage directly in a divine mission to re-create the caliphate. This renders them immune to community sensitive ‘de-radicalisation’ programmes promoted by western governments because there is nothing radical in jihadist self-understanding.

The distorted rhetoric of radicalisation is, though, far more damaging than merely offending semantic sensibilities because associating such atrocities as those committed in Paris with radicalisation reinforces the idea of ‘jihadi cool’.

For to be radical means in some sense to be ‘street smart’. Contemporary Islamists are adept social entrepreneurs who understand this only too well.

Islamic State and its media outlets release over 90,000 social media posts a day. That’s nearly 33 million a year. The appeal of social media is clear. There are no gatekeepers. Messages posted from one remote or hidden location are

immediately transmitted to the hip pocket of anyone with a smart phone. An audience counted in millions.

Social media is the command and control network of fanatical Islamism. It is used to brand the Isil product, literally, to promulgate the message and recruit online. Segueing off the L’Oreal advert, for instance, a recent Islamist recruitment message targeting young western women runs ‘Cover Girl, No. Covered Girl, Yes. Because, you’re worth it.’

Western radicalisation rhetoric further distorts the threat because it implies that those Muslim youngsters inclined to join the jihad are merely deluded naïfs who don't really mean what they say and do, when of course they only too clearly do as their willingness to kill and be killed for the cause demonstrates.

In effect, much public commentary about ‘radicalisation’ removes human agency from those who seek participation in the jihad because they have ‘unfathomably’ been pumped full of ideological steroids and brainwashed by unscrupulous preachers of hate who groom their prey. The simpler but harsher truth is that they have been attracted by a message of jihadi cool in which western governments have been indirectly responsible for fostering.

While Isil offers jihadi cool messaging, governments merely respond with insipid pieties about cohesion achieved through culturally sensitive and misdirected ‘de-radicalisation’ initiatives that have proved expensive and ineffective.

In this context, it is worth asking, before engaging any more academics and bureaucratic agencies in taxpayer funded programmes, what precisely does the counter-terrorism community understand by ‘radicalism’ and ‘radicalisation’?

An answer to this question may reveal that we in the west have been only too successful in brainwashing ourselves.

Here is the link to the original of this article>>>
Paris attacks: Is 'radicalisation’ really the problem? - Telegraph

What do you think?


  1. "Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat",

    I trust that the English Democrats will keep these wise words in mind in the context of winning political power and eschew gimmicks and quick fixes keeping their eyes on the main objective.

    1. Agreed. This from one who is very proud to be English if the full meaning of the word i.e indigenous ethnic English. That is, English/Anglo-Saxon. And as were are commonly known "English."


  2. "The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink." George Orwell

    "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

    "I hope I shall never see the day when the Force of Right is deprived of the Right of Force." Winston Churchill

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
    ― George Orwell

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” Winston Churchill

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

    “If large numbers of people believe in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it. But if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them."
    [Freedom of the Park, Tribune, 7 December 1945]”
    ― George Orwell
    (..the English are increasingly being marginalised and treated as an inconvenient majority)

    "Every man should ask himself each day whether he is not too readily accepting negative solutions." Winston Churchill

    "Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all." Winston Churchill

    “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” (..Mosques?)
    Winston Churchill

    “It is the rare fortune of these days that one may think what one likes and say what one thinks.”
    ― Tacitus, Histories of Tacitus

    “This is slavery, not to speak one's thought.”
    ― Euripides, The Phoenician Women

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."
    [Special Message to the Congress on the Internal Security of the United States, August 8, 1950]”
    ― Harry S. Truman

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin, Silence Dogood, The Busy-Body, and Early Writings

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor—he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation—he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city—he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is" less to be feared.......Cicero, 42 B.C.E.

    “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Winston Churchill

    "The test of real character is what a man does when he is tired." Winston Churchill

    "A nation that forgets its past has no future." Winston Churchill

    George Orwell
    Politics and the English Language
    “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." George Orwell

    "A love of tradition has never weakened a nation" Winston Churchill

    1. "Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all." Winston Churchill"
      Especially when those words are English words, i.e., words that were in use by the English before 1066.

  3. Published on 9 Jul 2014


    In this gripping discussion with Harley Schlanger, historian and National Spokesman for LaRouchePAC we cover the geopolitical situation as NATO surrounds Ukraine and Iraq melts down by design with the support of the CIA-created Obama.

    At this point "Obama is indefensible to impeachment ... Obama is supporting ISIS in the middle east", Schlanger says.

    We also cover: The Saudi role in funding international terrorism currently and on 9/11, the bail-ins which are now assuredly coming to a pension fund or retirement account near you, and the "most dangerous woman in the world" IMF head Christine's Lagarde. We dissect the bizarre numerology "magic number 7″ speech she gave before the National Press Club recently. Was it communication to the Elite? Almost certainly. And the Sheeple better take heed.

    1. I have been told that 9/11 was the work of the Saudis, the CIA and Mossad. A French friend told me that the Israelis in the World Trade Center were told not to report to work that day. Saudi and Israel are working together. Salafist Saudi is funding the building of mosques here and in France and is determined to see us all Sunni Muslims. Israelis are burning churches in Jerusalem and praying in the mosque on the Temple Mount to stir up the Palestinians. There was going to be a piece on RT about Israel's role in the Islamic State as it backs the Al Nusrah front. On Cross Talk last night on RT, Peter Lavelle said that Israel is liking the chaos in the Middle East as usual. And from the Middle East it has spread to Europe. And in the US there is a mounting race war between white and black as whites approach the point of becoming a minority. But that chaos has reached Israel itself as Palestinians carry out daily stabbings of Israelis in the third intifada. I have just been sent something which I cannot even allude to but the aim seems to be to provoke a war against Russia and China which will really be the end of times. Russia, China and Iran are the only large stable countries left and the only ones not in hock to the empire of debt. China and Russia are in surplus, as probably is Iran. More and more people are learning what is going on and has been going on for centuries but are frightened to speak out. Meanwhile in Munich people are getting edgy with hundreds of "refugees", healthy young men, causing chaos. They are beginning to think that Munich might be the next Paris. It is now reaching the point within Europe and beyond where nowhere will be safe to travel to and we will just have to stay put. As I have said before, the day is coming when the English will be fleeing the cities and taking to the hills. This is what those in the home guard were told to do if the Germans landed, shoot their families and take to the hills. European Christendom is the target now of our enemies and Europeans, having been subjected to a massive mass media brainwashing campaign, seem to be going down without a whimper. I fear it is now one minute to midnight.

  4. An interesting angle on the situation: implying that ultra devout belief should be portrayed as fuddy-duddy and old-fashioned rather than radical. A random connected thought: some shopping precincts, rail stations etc which had a problem of youths congregating found that playing classical music over the tannoy helped to disperse them.

    More broadly, Western governments have a problem with ISIS because they and their ME allies have to an extent been supporting it. The prime concern of Western governments is to topple leaders such as Assad in Syria who resist Western hegemony and they have been happily using Islamist radicals to help in that.

    1. Only Russia can save us now but so many have succumbed to brainwashing. I was told by a lady from East Ukraine that the CIA was training Ukrainians to seize Sevastopol so that the Russians could not get to Syria to prop up Assad against the Islamic State and try to bring a consensus to that sad country.
      But they were outsmarted by Putin as the Russians are much brighter and well educated than the Yanks. When I told friends all they could saw is what the Sun has told them that Putin is another Hitler, Putin is another Hitler ad nauseam.

    2. Ukrainian irregulars recently cut energy lines to the peninsula.

  5. Islam is just a tool of the oligarchic, megalomaniacal, mad chosen few who want to rule the world, not the ultimate enemy. I have not said it until now but I will repeat it again, a decision was taken by those people in the 1950s to use their control commissions, the UN ( Agenda 21) and the EU (Marxist, multicultural and "liberal") and such as the Commission for Racial Equality to bring about white genocide. Then they said that the last generation, my generation, of white children were being born and that they would turn the world brown and commit white genocide, Francis's multicultural holocaust, to gain power. But a world without Europeans may just be a world like India, black Africa and the Muslim world, a world sinking into regression from which there will be no escape.
    White genocide was not moving fast enough for them, hence the mass immigration of young men with murderous intent and bent on interbreeding with European women, whether they want it or not, in order to turn Europe into another version of their homelands. 30 years ago Dr Kitty Little told me that they had studied the fall of empires in order to bring an end to European Christendom. And now the final move is the opening wide of Europe's gates to invaders bent on conquering us.

    1. Excellent point and thanks for the reference to the multicultural holocaust a term I coined.

      It could be argued that the multicultural holocaust was planned as far back as the early 1920s by Count Coudenhove-Kalergi a bad tempered mongrel himself. I suggest one googles that person to confirm this. Kalergi believed that the jews were superior and that white europeans should be mixed up with asians and africans to create a race of easily controlled afro euro asian peoples. Hitler got sight of Kalergis plans and obviously wanted to nip this in the bud and also believed that white Europeans were under threat of genocide. Had my late great uncles who perished in WWII and my grandfathers known about this plan I doubt they would have lifted a finger to fight.

      I am sure Kalergi did not want violence and mass murder but instead he wanted a stealth genocide that would be hard to prove and easy to conceal. Now that Kalergis plans have been in the open for over five years and that we are still hear, the elites have changed strategy to full blown use full blown Islamic jihad to wipe us out. The more they fail to deal with the problem the more people start to believe that we have been singled out for extermination.

      The question is can we survive this latest onslaught? I've come across a few very bad tempered mixed race children, in some ways I feel sorry for them but as far as I am concerned they are less likely to reproduce and the race mixing will be limited. If I look at myself I am clearly white skinned but I am not 100% English or British. One of great great grandfathers left southern Ireland during the 1840s Irish famine and came to England. I also have French ancestry too as well as Scottish blood on my fathers side. The difference between people with different and mixed European heritages is that they can still appear as an indigenous Englishman or other European. On the other hand people with mixed African, Asian or European heritage will never be recognised as an aboriginal in the country they reside and that was in my opinion Kalergis own goal. The Africans and Asians do not want to lose their bloodlines too. Yes there has always been race mixing to a certain degree but its something that should happen naturally, and not by design.

      The multiculturalists have now scored the massive own goal. They cannot undo it now. There will be more violence there will be more bombings and the more they deny the obvious the worse it gets for them. OK security forces may be able to contain most terrorist attempts but they have admitted that they cannot thwart them all. The next terror atrocity on English or other British or UK soil will be far worse than the July 7th bombings of ten years. It won't even match the Lockerbie bombings either. They will be either nuclear or chemical in nature. ISIS and All Queda will be competing against each other as to who is the most deadly organisation. The next terror attacks will be racially motivated and targeted specifically against the indigenous people and that will most likely be England. If not us it will be the Scots then Welsh then Northern Ireland in that order.

      Tony Shell at has many excellent articles on this subject.


    2. Francis. This is the sort of thing that I have resisted from posting. The French are talking about a chemical attack there next. I wonder where all Assad's chemical weapons ended up? I have just been sent something about Kate Middleton and Diana's mothers and other stuff like that. I can't handle it any more. There has not been an attack in Germany or Sweden yet but I think they are likely targets. And yes, the City of London is the heart of darkness. I asked the Jehovah's Witnesses about Megido and they said that they would tell me next time. But it seems a likely place south of Damscus for Russia, Iran and China to meet the Islamic State, Israel and the gulf states with the "West" forced to join in. It makes you realise that ignorance is bliss. You will then only worry when it actually happens.

    3. Megiddo is in northern Israel. Armageddon is a name derived from the Hebrew "Har Megiddo" meaning the "Mount of Megiddo".

  6. Today, November the twentieth, is the saint's day of St Edmund the patron saint of the English nation.

  7. What will immigration do to social cohesion?

  8. Submit?...not even if it kills me, an ENGLISH man.

    1. The English will soon be running to wherever they can find safety. They just still haven't twigged that they are on the list for extinction as Francis has said above. I have known this for 30 years but only now is it becoming bleeding obvious.

  9. I have just read a Daily Mail report stating that RAF Typhoons intercepted two Russian long range bombers over the Atlantic. Apparently the Russian aircraft were taking an unusual route on their way to attack Islamic State targets in Syria.
    Michael Fallon, British Defence Secretary, was quoted as saying: "Our highly skilled pilots have once again demonstrated their skill and professionalism. This is another reminder . . . they are ready at a moment's notice to protect our skies."
    Protecting our skies from Russians heading for Islamic State targets! Does the British Government think there are Islamic State outposts to be found in the UK?


    2. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the "West" are all behind the Islamic State for the reasons of following a policy which is protective of Israel so Assad must go and creating managed chaos for that reason. Saudi Arabia is having IS attacks but only on Shia. Obama meets Putin and promises to make peace but he does not want peace at all. But Obama is just another puppet. In time the aim is probably to bring down the Gulf States as well and turn off the oil. The sad thing is that Russia will fight to the death but Russia cannot take on those who are against Europe and all Europeans alone. Have just discovered who was behind the murder of the Tsar. Putin surely knows. But too much information, the future looks very bleak.


  10. Six BRITONS arrested in Belgium as UK hate preachers linked to Paris attacks mastermind (Well they are certainly not English)
    'Britain is SLEEPWALKING into danger' Theresa May warned police cuts are weakening UK

    Elderly will be living unsupported in 'silent misery' unless government act now (Stop giving money to 'immigrants/refugees/EU/World Bank/IMF/Overseas aid and Barnett formula, would be a start in helping our elderly)

    English Patriot

    1. The "refugees" are in camps all over Europe and the winter is here. I can see them invaded people's houses and turfing them out in order to stay warm or just launching running amok even more than they are now because they are cold. As for the hate preachers, George Galloway, who is good on who has caused this with the ousting of Khaddafi, Sadaam Hussein and their attempts to oust Assad, said last night that as part of his election campaign to the London Mayor, he had visited the East London Mosque and 99% of the Muslims are horrified by what has happened in Paris, Well, why don't they b......... do something about it. They must know who these people are.
      And now we have a man with a suicide belt who has probably left Belgium and who knows where he is going to pop up. The one good think Robin, re your comments on the collapse of the EU on RT, is that nobody will be able to get to work in the EU so they might just have to shut up shop. Now Jean Claude Juncker has said we need a common European defence force and more political integration into what RT called a federal police state with a Homeland security police like the US so that the two can then be merged in line with ultimate one world government of a world of slaves ruled by an elite.

  11. The British government has announced that it is increasing spending by £12 billion to boost "defence". What does "defence" mean when the government is replacing the English nation with immigrants? What is being defended? It's certainly not the English nation.

    1. Quite - defence is what Hungary's PM Viktor Orban has been doing: building a fence and patrolling the border. Our government thinks that Orwellian snooping and the Trident boy's toy constitute 'defence'.

  12. DNA testing has shown that London has been a foreign city ever since Roman times.

    1. While not noticed at first glance archaeology can be very political as it can be framed to support or weaken legitimacy.

      The ethnic groups or even racial groups that make up much of the world's countries were once upon a time tribes and armies which invaded other people's land; of which 'tolerance' was not the forefront of their mind. For example much of the ethnic groups in Africa are historical 'foreigners' in their current countries. Does that mean that these tribes/ethnic group should not be treated with respect in the homelands they currently reside in?

      Thankfully in our modern world for the most part we no longer face the threat of warring tribes and empires. The world can recognise that different population groups have the right to live on their land unmolested by outside forces and to engage in mutual cooperation with others.

      Unfortunately, for whatever reason, there are those that are ideologically driven to diminish certain population groups.

  13. Your are talking about when the Romans were in these islands. We talk from when the English drove out the Romano-Britons and their Roman empire associates, and took over London. Turning it into an English city full of English folk, whose world view still looked towards what is now northern Germany and Scandinavian, apart from the Christian aspect.

    1. Exactly. And now the English are just going to be running and running as they are driven into the furthest corners of their homeland. Anglo-Saxon England was the most prosperous and stable nation in Europe and that is why it was a prey for the Normans who brought with them the exotic bankers from the Continent who financialised England and were wholly at odds with the thinking of the average Englishman. It was then that London became a foreign enclave, especially the City where the Queen needs permission to go and which has its own police force to protect the bankers. The Queen's writ and probably parliament's too does not apply there because it is a controlled from abroad or by those who came from abroad to use the English to create the British Empire which brought misery to millions including the English themselves.

    2. In the Dark Ages, London was more or less deserted, being on the border between the English and the Saxons and then between the Saxons and the Danelaw.
      Even under Edward the Confessor it was already home to Normans.
      After the Norman Conquest, London was made the capital and became even more Norman.
      Now, today, look at it.

    3. Dark age London deserted, certainly not it was a prize. At one point Edmund Ironside had thousands of mails shirts their. During Edward the Confessor's reign some Norman's were working fro Edward. But that dos not take away the fact that most folk in London were English.

      Fact: the Norman's only ever made up 2% of the population of England.

    4. What ever it was, it's not very English now.

    5. Edward the Confessor. Don't know why he was made a saint as he was the biggest waste of space that the English have known and too saintly to consummate his marriage. He was brought up in Normandy and should have stayed there.
      He was behind the creeping normanisation which has turned English into such a mixed up language. The Normans terrorised the English into submission and the British/Norman establishment on behalf of international financiers still is.

    6. The Dark Ages were from the leaving of the Romans until the end of the 'heptarchy' (the seven kingdoms). Edmund Ironside's time was in the Earlier Middle Ages. He was defending the Saxons against Cnut's army. Lundenburh at that time was a frontier fortress town on the border between the Saxons and the Anglo-Danish Danelaw.
      From the 11th century on, as now, the foreigners (Normans) were concentrated in the trading hub which was, and is, London.

    7. To call the international language we use today, "English", is a travesty. We have to have our own national language which will be truly English.

    8. Edmund Ironside was defending the English against the invader Cnute. England had already been united by not only Athelstan, but by Edward the Elder and Athelflaed. In accordance with the long term plans of Alfred the Great. Uniting the already closely related tribes. In fact so closely were they relate that Bede who travelled the length and Breadth of England, wrote about The Ecclesiastical History of the English People in 731AD. That is before even before King Alfred's time.

  14. There is a suggestion that the EU might decamp from Brussels and seek a place of safety from the attacks that they have been behind to please their masters. I wonder where that Iron Tower or Tower of Babel is going to be? And isn't it strange that all these terrorists, including the killers of Lee Rigby, have been watched by the security forces but still allowed to attack. The term is entrapment as with the Boston bombers.
    The aim is more surveillance in the name of defeating terrorism until we have armed police on our streets watching the domestic extremists like the supporters of the EDs. Yes, you are all being watched for standing up for England and the English make no bones about it.

  15. Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?

    Turkey is planning to join the EU. And has made a deal to speed up the process. In order to get things moving faster it will get two billion euros. Turkey says then it will do more to control 'refugees' and 'migrants' coming from the middle east.

    Turkey may also being playing the game, that they cant' do anything against isis unless the EU gives them billions of euros and allows them to join. If they were allowed to join and their relationship with isis broke they may then demand the EU goes to war with isis (full armies etc on the ground) on behalf of Turkey an EU member. And Turkey has also been attacking Kurds who have been fighting against isis.

    The Saudis are always ready to line the pockets of the lab/lib/con/EU their corporate allies. There is an unofficial agreement with them that for oil we must increase the number of Muslim's into the country.

    Isis may be organised at the top by a number of governments including US/Saudis/Turkey and international world bodies. As are Fsa and al-qaeda.

    So it is no coincidence that though Muslims are killing each other, murdering us and heading here by the droves. At the same time the UK government demand more of our freedoms be taken away, demand more intrusive powers. Yet do nothing at home to counter these terrorists such as introduce a real border agency and leave the EU.

    Every tenth supports ISIS in UK

    16% of French'support isis

    UK and Saudi Arabia agree deal on officer and aircrew training

    UK Trade Envoy to Saudi Arabia: Kingdom’s economy has huge potential outside oil sector

    Fury at Government order to fly Union Flags at half-mast following Saudi King's death

    What Lies Behind the UK's Relationship With Saudi Arabia?

    UAE and Saudi Arabia provide new Egyptian government with $20bn

    Saudi's deny support for Isis

    Turkish Support for ISIS

    1. I always thought that we were being blackmailed by Saudi Arabia over oil into Europe's being slowly islamified by the Salafist state. As for Turkey, they have just shot themselves in the foot by shooting down the Russian jet as they have an agreement with Russia for oil and gas and a million tourists go to Turkey each year - not any more as Putin has said it will be too dangerous for them so Turkey will lose the money. This leaves me to believe that Turkey was just obeying the orders of the Washington-Tel Aviv axis. I discovered last night that there were Israeli special forces in Georgia with the US advising Georgia on attacking Russia. Why? And we know there were Israeli special forces in Libya when Khaddafi was overthrown? Why? I think we know the answer as to where the hidden hand behind all the carnage going on lies. The aim with Georgia as now is regime change in Russia and then China so worldwide hegemony is achieved by the few. Last night we heard that there are some in Washington who realise that Russia's action in Syria is the correct one but they are drowned out by the Neocons. Time to check who most of these Neocons are as with Victoria Nuland and the Ukraine (designed to stop Russia getting to Syria). And Congress is either just stupid or are just obeying orders. Dennis Skinner said to Hammond that Russia was wiping out the Islamic State, Turkey was backing them and buying their oil so why no condemnation of Turkey? Hammond said that Skinner was still a Russophile as in the old Soviet days. So who is Hammond in league with then? I think we can guess. And of course, Turkey and Israel want to build a water pipeline between the two countries as Israel needs the water and Assad's Syria is in the way. Ex-British ambassador to Damascus, Peter Ford, said that if free elections were held tomorrow, Assad would be returned as he is protecting the minorities, including the Christians and attacking those attacking them. Russia has vowed to protect all Christians in the Levant. So why does the "West" not care about Christians? because one of the chief aims of our enemies through Marxism was to wipe out Christendom.

  16. As long we continue to promote that the EU has played a major part in these creating wars and fuelling the terrorist attacks. And that while we are still a member of it EU we are still a major target.

    Leaving the EU permanently is not only good sense and a necessity both culturally and economically. It is a necessity in terms of security against terrorists and foreign wars.


    1. Leaving the EU will not make any difference. Do you think that Norway is any different or Switzerland that has more muslims than the UK? I have a suspicion that Anders Breivik was another entrapment to make the Norwegians feel guilty about opposing multiculturalism. This is probably why the Norwegian police took so long to get to the island. And have you seen their late pm, now head of NATO. He looks terrified so I expect they have something on him and he has to do as he is told, as with Heath, Blair, Hague, Hillary Clinton, probably Gordon Brown, the list goes on and on and probably includes Merkel. Our enemies, who control the City of London and nearly all the central banks, want Europeans gone. Out of the EU they will find another way e.g. mass New Commonwealth immigration again with a focus on Pakistan. It is less than a minute to midnight but the English are still being distracted by bread and circuses and have no idea of the fate that awaits them to achieve the New World Order and one world totalitarian government by international finance. Ever wondered why this recession and austerity just go on and on? Because the intention is to bleed us dry so we are like automata just obeying orders.

  17. I think that people are becoming more and more confused by Cameron's foreign policy, especially with regard to ISIL and the Middle East. He is becoming increasingly illogical. He is hoping to garner public alarm at the attacks in Paris to "bomb" ISIL. As usual, it is left to a backbencher to question his policy. Charles Treddenick, I think that's his name, a Tory mp has asked why, like the French, we are not joining with Russia in an international coalition which includes, Iran, Russia, Hezbullah, the Kurds and "the West" and even retried rear-admiral Parry has said that this must all be done through the United Nations and four of the five permanent members so as to achieve a united effort. And the Commons Select Committee on Syria has voiced similar sentiments. As with the Ukraine, Cameron, following Washington's Neocon line, seems to show no interest in making peace, unlike France and Germany did.
    And former British ambassador to Damascus, Peter Ford, has gone as far as saying that Cameron is engaged in a process of deceit where Syria is concerned. Sadly, I can only reach one conclusion, namely that, as with the Neocons in Washington, Cameron's orders are coming from the Zionist State. The big joke was when he said yesterday that nobody could have predicted the rise of ISIL whereas anybody could, especially since the whole monstrous organisation is the lovechild of the CIA, Mossad and probably MI6 as a tool to attack any secular leaders in the Middle East and replace them with jihadists. The alternative to Assad, as Peter Ford has said, is ISIL in Damascus and the total wipe out of Shia, moderate Sunnis, Christians etc. I now begin to seriously suspect that Cameron with his war financing ancestry is a Mossad agent.

    Meanwhile, the Macedonian government has block the passage of "refugees" across its border with Greece. The reason given is that these "refugees" have come from Pakistan and Bangladesh. They will only accept those from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The truth is that there are probably few genuine refugees amongst the hordes coming to Europe. Many of them have malign intent or are freebooters, economic migrants seeking the streets paved with gold. A representative of Belgian Jewry has said that attacks on Jews in Europe have increased to the point where Jews are leaving Europe. Following the item, I reached conclusion that these attacks are not coming from native Europeans but from Muslim immigrants. So now look at what their multicultural dream has led to.

    1. The government is using the BBC world service to encourage immigration from the third world, e.g., 'Home' about Nigerian immigrants in Leeds.

    2. And they (the BBC) are using the domestic networks to wear down English resistance to immigration

    3. Syrian refugees re-settled in Bradford were horrified to find that it was not an English city.

  18. Leaving the EU will mean having control of our borders and trade and commerce. It will be like having the handcuffs removed and the cell door opened, allowing us to walk free again. Of course there are other factors. But before the English start to rebuild they must get out the EU. If they don't get out of the EU than the English will never have a chance.
    Those who do not want to even try and leave the EU, might as well surrender now. As their stance is defeatist. The EDP is not defeatist.

    I'm English not European ("European" and" Europa" being words of Greek origin and meaning). Though I do share the same concerns as those countries on the continent who are in a similar situation as England. And I think the countries across the sea on the continent are all recognised as countries in their own right? Whereas England is not.

    Nowadays I believe the peddling of the " we are Europeans" 'tag' is more than anything a subliminal and coercive way of getting the English and other nations into believing they are solely 'Europeans' (or 'Europeans' first) and must therefore be part of the EU machine and surrender their indigenous ethnicities, cultures, homelands and countries. The English are English first and foremost. An Englishman and Englishwoman cannot have three loyalties, identities, ethnicities i.e. English, British and European. The EU likes to try and frighten us into thinking we are Europeans, As does the UK/British establishment, which works for the EU. While both telling us we English do not actually exist nor does England. There is no such ethnicity as 'European' and the actual 'ethnic British' are the Welsh and Scots. So it goes that we English are that, English/of English ethnicity (and we gave ourselves our own national name and named our own country),

    The English are not 'Westerners'. The US is the' West'. We English are a northern folk. Who in fact have very strong ethnic and cultrual ties with what is now called north-west Germany and Scandinavia.

    The currant wars and economic climate are certainly by design.

    1. Of course I want us to leave the EU but I still think that co-operation with other countries in Europe - Europe begins at Iceland and ends at the Urals - has been beneficial on a number of fronts but should be in the context of a free trade area. Interestingly, watching The Bridge on BBC4 I have heard the Swedes refer to Europe as a separate entity from which they are separated by sea. Europe, as here, is often used to refer to the Continent of which they are not a part. In fact the term used is usually the Continent and Scandinavia which implies that even Denmark is not part of the Continent. My one fear with the present Necon dominated and Zionist leaning government is that we would just become the 51st state of the United States which would be worse. The EU, as Robin has said, is on the verge of collapse. The EU was created to merge with the US as a step towards one world government by an elitist supremacist cabal. The European parliament building was based on the Tower of Babel with this aim. Pleased to hear you call the US the West as the US seems to think that its influence encompasses Europe as well. The fault lines are become more and more evident as Europe is beginning to understand that it has more in common with European Russia than with the US and its plans or their plans for worldwide hegemony. I agree that Europeans are not all the same, there are meant to be ten different racial strains, but we have more in common with one another, ethnically and culturally than those arriving here from outside Europe. We do need to band together as you say to stem this invasion and I feel that we need to keep links with those on the Continent and in Scandinavia of a similar mind.

    2. "We English are a northern folk. Who in fact have very strong ethnic and cultrual ties with what is now called north-west Germany and Scandinavia."
      And we need our language to reflect that by purifying it of Latin, French and Greek words.

  19. At present we are both a 51st state of the US and a state of the EU, in the eyes of their governments that is, and in the eyes of the UK establishment.

    The cia financially backed certain groups over here in order to push England into the EU (as did the lab/lib/con). To be joined to the US or EU in any manner is unacceptable. We need to be once again a sovereign independent nation. Free of US/EU interference. Able to trade with the continent and rest of the world on our terms, without any surrender of national sovereignty.


    1. The ultimate aim post TTP is financial and political union of the EU and the US. Britain may be the lynch pin in that regard looking both ways like Janus. Interested to hear about the CIA pushing us into the EU, never heard that one before. Was that the same CIA who forced Edward Heath the paedophile and child murderer to do the job on threat of exposing his vile dealings. Will that description of Heath not be published on this blog for fear of legal reprisals Robin?

  20. Jean Claude Juncker has said that if Schengen goes then the euro goes so gradually the house of cards is beginning to totter. How did they think that countries would not close their borders when faced with this? But Turkey - who has been arming ISIL and treating their fighters in their hospitals and running the black market in Turkey for ISIL oil - and Merkel have reached some agreement about the flow of "refugees" from Turkey to Europe. This many entail thousands more coming - somebody has said 5m into Britain. NATO has backed Turkey over the downing of the Russian jet which seems odd to many as most support the job that Russia is doing in Syria. There is now a lot of confusion in Europe over what is going on. Jeremy Corbyn has asked for those supplying and funding ISIL to be named and shamed. That will be the CIA, Mossad, Turkey and I wonder if the weapons that France sells to Saudi end up in their hands. That would be very ironic. I fear that Jeremy may meet the same fate as Robin Cooke with Iraq, a convenient heart attack. Many in the Labour part know that his fate was similar to that of David Kelly. The fact that Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have turned up as "refugees" makes me wonder whether Saudi has told all Sunnis to head to Europe to bring about the Islamification of the Continent. And will Russia have to open its doors to Christians from the West? I agree that England has most in common with Scandinavia. Had William the Conqueror and his bankers not been let in my Edward the useless Confessor then we would probably have maintained the link with Scandinavia and as somebody said, English history would have been very different if we had had Sweden just 20 miles away rather than France with whom we have hardly anything in common. We may like their lifestyle when on holiday but there the similarities end.

    1. "I agree that England has most in common with Scandinavia. Had William the Conqueror and his bankers not been let in my Edward the useless Confessor then we would probably have maintained the link with Scandinavia and as somebody said, English history would have been very different if we had had Sweden just 20 miles away rather than France with whom we have hardly anything in common."
      The best way to get back closer to Scandinavia is to replace international English by true English English as our national tongue.

    2. I wit that but it will never happen I fear naefrae. As I have said before we are partially still talking Norman French a foreign language as all those romance abstract words like liberty are made up of constituent parts that do not exist in English and so to not have the same emotional impact as the likes of freedom from free.

    3. New-English is up-to-date English made from Old English. Google 'Anglish Moot'

  21. I fear nothing for Corbyn. He is a terrorist himself. Cooke was also a lunatic hiding under a fluffy exterior.

    1. Corbyn was wrong about Ireland (so was the English Democrats' Steve Uncles) but he is right about Syria.

  22. I notice censorship in these EDP comments. Some not even being posted, when they are in fact very relevant. EDP must remain professional and be seen as professional and clean cut.

    1. I think that one of my comments may have been edited out about Israel's Samson option. This means they have the means of taking down Europe and the US and God knows who else with them if it is decided that the Zionist state should be dismantled on the grounds that it is a source of friction in the Middle East. See if it appears this time. In the meanwhile, I watched again the programme about the Queen's coronation.
      There was mounting anger as I realise how much of England has been destroyed and how it will soon be confined to tiny pockets around the country. This has all happened without any democratic mandate. One of its many architects is the odious sociopath Blair, akin to the odious sociopath Cameron. Max Keiser has just described Blair as a psychopath who have now it all their ways as for the first time in human history they have the means of ruling the whole world and think they have the financial and military means of doing it. Their one big stumbling block is Russia and that is why they hate Russia so much especially she is the last major home of Christianity which they have successfully removed from most hitherto Christian countries. The good thing is that Russia seems actually to be winning with God's help. This must be driving them nuts.

  23. Now deluded Cameron is quoting lines spoken by a 9th century English warrior, fighting for Alfred The Great, in a fictional TV series called The Last Kingdom.. In the programme the English warrior is oft heard shouting "kill the b.......", when leading his men to fight the Danish invading armies.
    Cameron tells RAF 'kill the b*******' PM draws up ISIS hitlist as airstrikes vote imminent

    Turkey 'is holding EU (England) to ransom' over immigration crisis: President demands £2.1bn a year for his help. Thousands of terrorist let or millions of Muslim Turks? Both will end up in the same unwanted results for us.

    EXCLUSIVE: English lessons for UK-bound Syrians scrapped as Home Office ‘can’t find them’

    Border shambles: Officials admit they have NO IDEA how many asylum seekers are in Britain

    Cameron told EU negotiations will NEVER happen as Eastern Europe plot to stop benefits cap

    Dutch PM fears EU could crumble like Roman Empire - but warns Britain NOT to quit


    1. Will look up that Dutch politician tomorrow. This was their aim to make European Christendom crumble like the Roman Empire.
      There is a delay in "refugees" coming to Cumbria, perhaps they are afraid as to what will happen as the mosque in Carlisle has been firebombed three times!!

  24. Cameron is using IS as an excuse to open the doors to membership of the EU by Turkey. Once he has won the referendum and it is out of the way, he will be doing his damnedest to get Muslim Turkey into the EU.

  25. "The Islamic State is one of the most well-funded terrorist organizations in the world. So where does it get its money? Oil is one source.

    The concentration of so much wealth in Arab countries with so small a share of the population, says economist Thomas Picketty, makes the region "the most unequal on the planet."

    Within the monarchies, he continues, a small slice of people controls most of the wealth, while a large proportion — including women — are kept in a state of "semi-slavery." Those economic conditions, he says, have become justifications for jihadists, along with the casualties of a series of wars in the region perpetuated by Western powers.

    His list starts with the first Gulf War, which he says resulted in allied forces returning oil "to the emirs." The clear implication is that economic deprivation and the horrors of wars that benefited only a select few of the region's residents have, mixed together, become what he calls a "powder keg" for terrorism across the region and outside the region."

    Bombing Syria can only make matters worse. The only effective fighters against ISIL/Daish are the Kurds and NATO member Turkey is attacking the Kurds while doing business with ISIL/Daish.

    The Russian plane was shot down because it was about to attack ISIL's oil tankers crossing the Turkish border.
    With his ineffectual bombing campaign, Cameron will be inviting ISIL to retaliate by planting bombs in London, like the ones in Paris.

    The war won't be won without ground troops and while Cameron won't put tommies on the ground neither will he give adequate support to the Kurds for fear of offending the Turks who are smuggling weapons to the Islamist fighters in Syria.
    As Robert Fisk pointed out in the Independent, having "photoshopped a fake poppy onto his lapel to honor Britain's war dead, Cameron has now photoshopped 70,000 "moderate" fighters onto the map of Syria - real number nearer 70.
    What a mess Cameron is getting us into.

  26. Once again, the English Democrats have failed to stand a candidate in a by-election in the north. This time the important 'northern power house' constituency of Oldham West and Royton, allowing anti-English Ukip another leg up.
    What would Sun Tzu have said about bad tactics and no strategy?

    1. There is a good chance that UKIP will get the seat there. People are fearful that if Cameron does go ahead with his bombing raids then there may be an ISIL attack here, possibly in Manchester. That, too, would affect the vote if Labour go in with Cameron on the raids. However, if it happens then the anti-Muslim backlash will be vast as anti-Muslim sentiment has already skyrocketed here since the Paris attacks. This will undoubtedly affect the Oldham West result with its high Pakistani population. Yes, the English Democrats should have been there. The time is getting close when the SNP will want another independence referendum for Scotland and England will be free of the union. Violent times are just around the corner. Britain First is growing in strength and if they do do well in London for the mayoral elections then words may turn to bloodshed. Enoch, we know you were right but you were pushed out by treacherous Heath who was lent on because of his perverted lifestyle to do the bidding of the one world elites.

  27. EDP needs to organise along similar lines to ukip (this has won ukip a lot of victories), but stand only for England.

    It also needs to have the same discipline as ukip, in that any obviously potential damaging links and views etc are not permitted.

    It needs to keep stating it for the English and England interests first and foremost.

    It needs to make it clear to the English public that genocide of the English nation, culture and homeland is deliberately being committed by the establishment and EU.

    It needs to to be professional and responsible in all quarters, removing any who are not.

    It should not be worried about using any good points from other parties manifestos and aims. After all, they have been doing this to each since they began.

    It MUST reach out to the younger generations of English, revealing the truth of what is happing to them a and why (in a resposble manner, not allowing itself open to attacks and ridicule). .And how EDP wants what is best for them and is fighting to help them.

    It must look friendly to the younger generations. It must speak be positively about the English young, promoting them as positive strong folk, all of whom are being targeted by the establishment simply because they are English.

    The EDP needs funding, so for all those English nationalists. Actions speak louder than words. Their are many who knock EDP yet do nothing more than moan about the state of England and what we are up against. Refusing to support the EDP simply because it is not 100% their thing. Well look at this way, you either want the English and England to survive or you do not. If you do? then support the EDP, because there in no time left to waste. And in your hearts you know this.


  28. "It MUST reach out to the younger generations of English, revealing the truth of what is happing to them a and why (in a resposble manner, not allowing itself open to attacks and ridicule). .And how EDP wants what is best for them and is fighting to help them."
    Ed, You are right - the EDP needs a 'Young England' nationalist youth wing.

    1. Agreed. It is essential that English Democrats have an English Democrats Youth Group. Striking at the heart of how our young are being treated, disfranchised, manipulated, ignored and coerced in to putting themselves last. While also stating with pride the best qualities of English youth and how we are proud of them. The fine achievements by them throughout our history and today. Instilling pride, a sense of self worth, and self-respect in them.

      The English Youth Group, should ideally have responsible intelligent members, who are aware what is going on (willing to learn) and those who can lead from the front in a responsible and disciplined way. Who can articulate clearly and accurately the stance of the party and Youth Group, Being able to talk to the media about the facts involved, backed up with the necessary knowledge and facts.


      To get an idea ho the Youth Groups operate, just look on the lab/lib/con and ukip sites.

  29. These strikes, and I whole heartedly support the safety, well-being and paraprofessional of the armed forces, are not actually what Cameron wants us to believe they are for. If he, lab/lib/con and Westminster were that serious about isis, they would have closed our borders long ago or at least had large scale formidable border force. Instead they continue convoy their potentially new bloc voters, in. Cameron played a major part in starting the war in Syria, for Saudi and EU interests amongst others. They so-called refugee/migrant criss is by design. It is also known to be a way of speeding up the establishments bringing in of foreigners and their non-English cultures. And furthering Islam for the Saudi's and securing their position in the middle east. I believe what will be targeted in Syria will be very select and designed not to harm the advance of fsa and isis. Though certainly putting our military at high risk.

    It is nonsense to say this is partly to stop the flood of 'refugees/immigrants' coming here. (when in these isles most are 'homed' in England, funny how this occurs at the same time the unwanted H2S" rail project, is speeded up by the government) ...And at the same time the government/EU agrees to give Turkey money for them to keep these people out, but on the flip side makes millions of Turks eligible to come here. That is essentially the deal.

    None of what is going on in Syria is for the benefit of the English. It is the wave of establishment and media propaganda that once gains has the English public, speaking more about Syria than they do about their well being of their own folk and country.

    Robin should stand personally in future by-elections in the "Northern Power House". With its share of the vote falling dramatically, Ukip is finished in the North. It is back to being a purely southern party. Ukip cannot win against Labour; the nationalist English Democrats can.
    Farage was devastated by his party's humiliation, when all the cards seemed to be stacked in Ukip's favour.
    The English Democrats must strike now the iron is hot. The tide of history is on the ED's side.
    Now is the time to get out there and get active across South Lancashire, South Yorkshire and Humberside.
    Robin must be seen on 'Calendar' and 'Look North' putting the party's analysis of Ukip's humiliation and at every future opportunity.

  31. No nationalist party would have won. Simply because of the huge scale of rigged postal voting, that is believed to run into the thousands. Postal voting was meant to be for he elderly and disabled. But now that has been by-passed, and since the days of Blair the postal racket scam (fraud) has been used to illegally win elections for the lab/lib/con. Especially for labour. It is known that the biggest
    perpetrators of election fraud have been non-English and labour activists. Each time this has been exposed, the police have done little to bring to book those involved. And the establishment will certainly not want it changed. As it allows them to gain further control over the English by demographic ethnocide aided by 'immigration/refuges/illegals'. These factors were put in place to do exactly what we have just seen in Oldham and before in other parts of England.

    English democrats should be worried as this undoubtedly has an effect on them when they stand candidates. And is a huge obstacle in the way of electing English MPs, especially in increasing areas of non-English.

    ..It will not stop unless the parties that want to leave the EU start working together in this area to reveal the establishment's postal fraud by design, that is going on at these elections. At this election labour activists were seen going in with bundles of postal votes, the forms marked by people identifying they cannot understand English!

    So all they all labour activists have done is gone to thousand of homes, and claimed they would fill the postal vote in their behalf of the occupiers at home, then illegally marked the forms for labour. Not to mention thousands of illegals were probably involved, along with votes being cast by people who don't exist.

    I don't think Ukip failed as such. These are areas with high populations of non-English and traditional labour supporters. I think it is an example of an anti-English establishment's party (labour) being complicit in postal rigging in favour of its party. And against any nationalist party in England. Whether they be English nationalist or British nationalist.

    I think English nationalists should be rightly concerned because postal rigging will no doubt be used against them.

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". On this occasion the enemy is all those involved in this postal rigging scam, not ukip.

    Lets be honest, it has been ukip that has given the public the largest voice against the EU, it is their party that has led the way in forcing the referendum. Credit where credit is due. As I would likewise want to see from ukip supporters concerning The English Democrats.

    English Democrats should be highlighting the postal voting fraud. The more that this scam can be lessened, even stopped. The better chances for EDP.

  32. By The Numbers - The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics: Clarion Project_Challenging Extremism.

    The Whole 'War on Terror' is a FRAUD -- Harley Schlanger

    Pat Condell on Liberal Apologists for Islamic Fascism

    The Invasion of Europe

    The Rape of Sweden

    The decline and fall of the European Union