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Friday, 4 December 2015

Oldham shows UKIP have 'shot their bolt'!

This is our press release today:-


Oldham shows UKIP have 'shot their bolt'!

Despite having a clear run left for them by the English Democrats, UKIP have failed (again) to beat Corbyn’s Labour in Oldham. UKIP have 'shot their bolt'!

The English Democrats left the field clear for UKIP insurgents to do as well as possible in Oldham. Despite Labour’s new Leader making it clear that he was very much of the unpatriotic Far Left, nevertheless UKIP was unable to make the breakthrough.

This was even with all UKIP's tremendous campaigning efforts and its £100,000 campaign spend. UKIP’s "Believe in Britain" and "British" Eurosceptic message failed to resonate sufficiently with Oldham's patriotic English voters.

It is now increasingly clear that UKIP’s time has come and gone. UKIP’s shelf life is limited in any case to the end of 2017, by which time the EU Referendum would have been decided and UKIP’s sole purpose will have either been endorsed or rejected by the electorate of the United Kingdom.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “It was sadly all too predictable that UKIP’s insurgency in Oldham would fail, given UKIP’s failure to become an English nationalist party and its leadership’s obsession with increasingly old-fashioned and irrelevant Britishness."

Robin continued:- "UKIP’s shelf life is now approaching the end, as once the EU Referendum has come and gone, before the end of 2017, UKIP’s sole purpose will have ended. I am now looking forward to the day when the rising sense of English nationalism is politically and culturally centre stage - from 2018 onwards!”


  1. Bye, bye, Nigel; The Nationalists are coming.

  2. The truth is no nationalist arty would have won. Simply because of the huge scale of rigged postal voting, that is believed to run into the thousands. Postal voting was meant to be for he elderly and disabled. But now that has been by-passed, and since the days of Blair the postal racket scam (fraud) has been used to illegally win elections for the lab/lib/con. Especially for labour. It is known that the biggest
    perpetrators of election fraud have been foreigners and labour activists. Each time this has been exposed, the police have done little to bring to book those involved. And the establishment will certainly not want it changed. As it allows them to gain further control over the English by demographic ethnocide aided by 'immigration/refuges/illegals'. And these factors were put in place to do exactly as we have just seen in Oldham and before in other parts of England.

    English democrats should be worried as this undoubtedly has an effect on them when they stand candidates. And is a huge obstical in the way of election English MPs, especially in increasing areas non-English.

    ..It will not stop unless the parties that wan to leave the EU start working together in this area to reveal the establishment's postal fraud by design, that is going on at these elections. At these election labour activists were seen going in with bundles of postal votes, the forms marked by people identifying they cannot understand English!

    So all they all labour activists have done is gone to thousand of homes, and claimed they would fill the postal vote in their behalf of the occupiers at home, then illegally marked the forms for labour. Not to mention thousands of illegals were probably involved, along with votes being cast by people who don't exist.

    These problem will only increase as long we continue to have open borders, allowing thousands of so-called 'immigrants/refugees/illegals every month, year in year out.

    I don't think Ukip failed as such. These are areas with high population of non-English, I think it is an example of an anti-English establishment's party (labour) being complicit in postal rigging in favour of its party. And against any nationalist party in England. Whether they be English nationalist or British nationalist.

    I think English nationalists should be rightly concerned because postal rigging will no doubt be used against them.

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". On this occasion the enemy is all those involved in this postal rigging scam, not ukip.

    Lets be honest, it has been ukip that has given the public the largest voice against the EU, it is their party that has led the way in forcing the referendum. Credit where credit is due. As I would likewise want to see from ukip supporters concerning The English Democrats.

    1. Fraud or no fraud, Ukip was trounced. The sooner Ukip is out of the way, leaving the field open for the English Democrats, the better. Ukip just muddies the water.
      Do you honestly think that Ukip would work with the English Democrats? Of course they wouldn't. English nationalism is anathema to Ukip. They hate it. They are a British unionist party.
      They want to destroy English nationalism and the English Democrats. But English nationalism isn't going roll over and die.
      Credit where credit's due, Ukip is the loudest voice against EU membership and they forced the Tories to have a referendum but we don't know what tricks the Tories have up their sleeves to ensure the result Cameron wants. He can run rings around Ukip, because in the end Ukip has no substance or core belief. The English Democrats' core belief is in the English.
      The Liberal Democrats have no substance or core belief except getting into one or other parliament. The same goes for Ukip. The electorate has sussed out the Lib Dems as charlatans and the electorate is beginning to suss out Ukip as charlatans.

    2. The commentary on the by-election on the Heritage & Destiny website downplays the impact of electoral fraud. Whilst this was an issue, it is said, in the early 2000s fraud is less apparent now. The Asian communities are, however, still very efficient in organising a high turn-out block vote. H&D add that UKIP's policy of banning ex-BNP members means that the party denies itself the potential support of some activists who are experienced in working council estates etc in places like Oldham.

      UKIP are going to be around at least until the referendum but we look forward to the day when they vacate the stage to make way for the one true nationalism, English nationalism.

  3. I personally am sorry that UKIP lost. I much prefer them to any other party that was standing. They share a lot of views with many of us and in any case, they are in a far better position to challenge the status quo than we are at the moment. As for UKIP going away after the referendum, well the SNP still exists doesn't it?

    1. Personally, I'm not sorry that Ukip lost. They are probably the biggest obstacle to England becoming a sovereign nation once again.
      "They share a lot of views with many of us and in any case". Come off it. What! immigration from the third world but not from Europe?
      The SNP is a nationalist party but Ukip is an anti-English (and an anti-Scottish and anti-Welsh) unionist party

    2. The SNP is anti-English, that his how it came to power. Stirring up hatred towards English, That is how it maintains it existence. It is also pro-EU. If you do not think there are things that ukip share with us, then have a look at their manifesto.

      And the Welsh nationalist party are also anti-English. Stating they want England to only have 'regions' and not a parliament of its own.

      I know many English nationalists, most at the moment vote ukip, not because they believe in British nationalism, because they do not, but because they acknowledge ukip at present have the numbers to make a difference here and now. As already stated ukip are in a better position at the moment to get us out of the EU, which is essential to the future of English and England's survival.

      EDP is still growing. hopefully it will grow stronger and bigger.

      What would you do if Farage was in charge of the Out campaign for the EU referendum, not cast a vote to leave? ..By doing so in all but name give a vote for England to remain in EU and end any chance of England ever being able to also leave the the UK. ...Let alone build the EDP.

      What's more because you are not sorry ukip, lost (EDP not standing a candidate). You must prefer having elections won by foreign voters (and rigged voting)? Than won by indigenous English folk, whose interests now lay in tatters?

      And ukip are also for restricted 'immigration' from the continent.

      We are now seeing the fruits of that ethno-cidal mechanism, called mass immigrationism/refugeeism/immgrationcide/refugeecide, which the establishment first launched against the English in earnest in 1997. Even though there had been increasing immigration from the1950s, from 1997 all restrictions and quotas that were still in existence were thrown away. All gates were opened, all paths and routes signposted.