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Monday, 2 November 2015



Back on the 8th August I wrote a blog article suggesting writing to the new Minister appointed to oversee English Devolution, Dominic Raab. Here is a link to my article>>>Robin Tilbrook: UK Government appoint “Under Minister” responsible for “Devolution” to England

It appears that the Minister for English devolution has so little interest in the English Question that he cannot even be bothered to sign off the reply!

Most of the answers we have had so far have been standard holding letters but one member got the reply below. What do you think?

Here is the text of the letter:-

Thank you for your email of the 24 August to Dominic Raab MP regarding English ethnicity, English Votes for English Laws and the Barnett formula.

Shortly after the General Election, the Prime Minister announced that the Government will implement the Smith Commission Agreement in full. The cross-party talks were convened to consider the devolution of further powers to Scotland, and culminated in the Smith Commission Agreement. Once the new settlement for Scotland is operational, the Scottish Parliament will be responsible for more than 50% of its funding.

The Scottish Government will therefore have greater accountability and autonomy; changes in the Scottish Parliament’s funding will be increasingly determined by changes in Scottish tax and the importance of the Barnett-based block grant provided by the UK Government will therefore decrease.

It is worth noting that levels of public spending throughout the UK – including comparisons between regions in England – recognise the fact that costs are different because there are different demands on services and benefits, depending on local economies and circumstances.

The Prime Minister has been clear that the United Kingdom should remain as one and that if we are to govern our nation in the best interests of the whole United Kingdom it is important that devolution is balanced and every part of the UK has a fair say.

The devolution of powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has led to changes in the constitutional settlement and the question of the fairness of that settlement to England must now be addressed. However, the Government does not believe that a federal UK or an English Parliament is the answer. The Government believes in a strong UK Parliament for a strong UK. The creation of an English Parliament could significantly weaken and diminish the role of the UK Parliament by reducing its workload and its status. The Government thinks it right and proper that English MPs should have a decisive role to play in the passage of legislation that affects only England. However, creating a separate English Parliament would mean that MPs from other parts of the UK would be denied the opportunity to contribute to debates and would therefore diminish the current decision-making process rather than enhancing it.

On 2 July, the Government announced its plans to implement ‘English Votes for English Laws’ to strengthen England’s voice, just as devolution has strengthened the voices of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland within our Union. The proposals will be debated soon and decided upon by the House of Commons.

Under English Votes for English Laws, every MP would continue to have a vote on every Bill. However, the key change would come into effect when the Commons considers England-only measures on matters which have been devolved to the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh and Norther Ireland Assemblies. English MPs would have the decisive say in Westminster. This provision would also extend to English and Welsh MPs where measures apply to England and Wales and are on matters which been devolved elsewhere.

You can read more about the Government’s proposals at the website:

For the matters raised on immigration, please write directly to the Home Office who leads on the immigration policy.

I hope you find this useful.

Policy Support Team
Constitution Group, Cabinet Office


  1. Will the English Democrats duck out and give anti-English Ukip a free run this time?

    The Oldham West and Royton by-election will be held on Thursday, 3 December, it has been announced.

    The by-election has been triggered by the death of long-serving Labour MP Michael Meacher. Labour chief whip Rosie Winterton moved the writ in the House of Commons to formally begin the process. Mr Meacher, a former environment minister, held the seat for Labour in May with a 14,738 majority from UKIP IN SECOND PLACE.
    Labour has drawn up a shortlist of four candidates for the contest - which will be the first electoral test for leader Jeremy Corbyn. Jim McMahon, Labour leader of Oldham Council, and Chris Williamson, the former Derby North MP who lost his seat in May, are included, as are local councillor Mohammed Azam and former parliamentary candidate Jane East.

    UKIP, which came second in the seat in May's general election ahead of the Conservatives, has called a press conference in Oldham on Tuesday, fuelling speculation that IT WILL ANNOUNCE its candidate.

  2. The campaign for the 2020 General Election starts now. The English Democrats need to fight by-elections in the north, particularly in George Osborne's 'northern power-house' so as to be up-and-running to take advantage of Ukip's collapse following the EU referendum vote in 2017. That following the death of Michael Meacher will be the first opportunity since May.

  3. In his letter Dominic Raab refers to Robin's reference to English ethnicity. I wonder how this went down with Mr Raab? The double aa implies Dutch ancestry at some point. I must check him out. Interestingly, in the book Double Cross about Rudolf Hess that I am just finishing - I recommend it - we discovered that the Bentincks, who came over with William of Orange, were still in touch with their continental cousins in pre-War years. All is obfuscation and they will never agree to an English parliament as the last thing they want is to awaken the English lion before the English are history. Returning to the fact that English babies are now outnumbered two to one by those from all over the world, it is surely time now to press for Francis's demand for the UN to recognise that we are being subjected to genocide as an indigenous people. Sadly, as I have said, this might be a vain attempt as Peter Sutherland, the UN commissioner for migration, has said told parliament that mass immigration into Europe is necessary to make the EU ( and beyond ) work. He just happens to have worked for Goldman Sachs previously, as so many in positions of power have. But the EU is crumbling despite Osborne's love-in with Angela Merkel to keep the British - and 70% of his own mps who want a Brexit - on board. A spokesman for the Alternative for Germany Party has said that Germany is now in a state of anarchy if not near civil war because of the marauding "refugees" with the Left and the "far right" battling it out.
    Eastern Germany is the most opposed and as the gentleman said, the East has just escaped over 40 years of totalitarian communism, they do not want to be dictated to as to what happens to their country by Berlin.
    The fact is that the EU is just another form of Marxism and those protesting have come to realise this. As for UKIP in Oldham. It will be interesting to see what happens. I know there are people within UKIP who know the hidden agenda of one world government - even probably Farage himself - but it is still too early for the truth to be told. However, Russia is supplying information from its archives to Edward Snowden so the something may be about to hit the fan. We are at the eleventh hour if anything can be done to save England and the rest of Europe. None of us I am sure who were born into an England that was nearly 100% ethnic English can take much more of this. As for Angela Merkel by the way, I feel sure that since her phone as tapped by the NSA they have something on her and may have something on file from her GDR days.
    Certainly she appears to be acting contrary to the interests of the average German.

  4. Robin, have just looked up Mr Raab on Wikipedia. I am sure that your reference to English ethnicity with a suggestion of pure blood must have gone down like a lead balloon.

  5. The reply shown above is bog-standard British unionist waffle. Once again, Ed Miliband's favourite expression is appropriate.
    What is sauce for the Goose, etc.
    If it's all right for Scotland and wales, it's also all right for England - but (and here's the quote!) "they just don't get it."
    Or more precisely they don't want to "get it". As my Grandmother was fond of saying, "There's none so blind as those who DON'T WANT to see!"

  6. Or should English Democrats think strategy in order to get more publicity and more time and announce they are willing to ally with Ukip over the referendum. Ukip have had great success working with types they do not particularly like, in order to further their aims. English democrats need allies short tern and long term.

    1. UKIP is having to play a very careful game, pretending they are not trying to awake the "potentially violent" English people while slowly doing so. Many in UKIP know all about things like the UN's Agenda 21 aiming at multiculturalising all Caucasian countries - no rush to do the same for non-Caucasians but they probably know they would not be so submissive - leading to one world government. But they are so aware of the propensity of the Marxist establishment to tar them with the racist brush that they have to be very cautious. However, things are coming to the boil so rapidly that it will be interesting to see the direction in which they head. Certainly, as Teresa May has said, they now realise they are going to have trouble keeping the lid on things much longer; and when the economy collapses all over the Western world then our police, like those in the US, will become increasingly paramilitary in nature. I was told by an ex-copper that the police lost control in London in 2012 and if it happens again they will probably have to bring the army in.

    2. For the English Democrats to ally themselves with anti-English Ukip would be daft. If the English Democrats were to find themselves in the same grouping opposing EU membership as Ukip that would be a different matter.
      Ukip puts the interests of the UK before that of England, while posing as English patriots to trick English voters into voting for them. Ukip must be exposed and opposed.

    3. I agree. I also was thinking of English Democrats being in the same grouping, allied as such, in the current campaign to leave the EU only. ..That is in the campaign group opposing membership. That when they can get more media coverage and air time.

  7. Interesting reply from the Raab's office, Unlike other responses, here Raab and therefore the establishment, openly promote their policy of double standards and government/establishment hypocrisy. Rather than trying to completely deny these things, as is the usual case. It appears the openness of this letter has also something to do with a disinterest office and carelessness in the content of the reply.. Either way it is a very good piece of 'official' evidence of the so-called 'UK' and establishment's subjugation/oppression/ethnocide/genocide of the English nation.

    1. A think tank has just come up with plans for British federalism as Britain is one of the most centralised states in the world.
      Am not sure if this just means the constituent countries or they are proposing splitting England up. Do you know, Robin? Doubtless you will do a piece shortly.

      Back to your old friend Viktor Orban, he is now accusing George Soros of being behind the flooding of Europe with all these "refugees". Have just been sent a piece about what is going on in Germany and it is truly horrific. George Soros is also meant to be behind an outfit in Syria called the white helmets who are producing false footage purporting to show that the Russians have killed civilians. The hospital they were meant to have hit has not been touched. They are trying to proving a confrontation with Russia possibly in Syria. 70% of people here are behind what Russia is doing so why are they doing this? Because their hegemonic plans are to our detriment and not for our benefit and just for the benefit of the worshippers of the Golden Calf.

  8. The problem with UKIP - red UKIP - in a place like Oldham at the moment is that English labour voters think that Jeremy Corbyn is going to stand up to them against a Tory government tied to the banking elite and the promotion of the want per cent and returning them to the status they had in the nineteenth century. UKIP may not fare as well there as they did in the election as, despite Corbyn's Marxist/Fabianist approach where immigration and multiculturalism are concerned many workers are having to battle just to put food on their families' tables. A contact of mine has just said that somebody on the Beeb referred to a Black Swan moment. I had to look it up but it is apparently something that happens totally unexpectedly. This may indeed be an English revolt or a total breakdown in law and order all over Europe. However, I don't see anything can be unexpected to the government here at the moment as they are watching everything we do and say. As for the Russian jet, the Cobra committee has already decided it was downed by a bomb despite no confirmation and pinning the blame on ISIS who have already claimed to have downed it will a missile, which has been discounted. This makes me think that London and Washington know who was behind it, probably the same people as September the 11th with even many in the US high command know that the official version was not correct. Russia will say nothing until it has finished its investigation and then will choose its words with care as always knowing that CNN and the Beeb will brainwash the sheeple into not believing their findings as they have with regard to the MH17.

    1. Red Ukip is out to give the impression to voters that Ukip is opposed to immigration. The fact is that it is only opposed to immigration from Europe.
      Ukip is every bit as globalist as the Tories.

    2. On the subject of conspiracy theories, e.g., the reference to "September the 11th" above, Could the two Wikipedia entries above the English Democrats on Google be an attempt to obscure the English Democrats website?

  9. There has been peace in Raab's native country for decades. Perhaps his refugee status should be revoked and he and his Brazilian wife repatriated to the Czech Republic.

  10. Nominations close for the Oldham and Royton by-election on November the 9th at 4.0 pm.

  11. The Daily Telegraph said,

    "What is EVEL? English votes for English laws
    Come again...? It's a proposal that would allow English, or English and Welsh, MPs a veto on laws that only affect their country.
    What is the current situation? Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish MPs can vote on English laws, but since the Scottish Parliament reconvened in 1999, MPs outside of Scotland haven't had a say on Scottish matters

    Is there a name for this? Why yes: this disparity is called the West Lothian question. You probably heard it mentioned during the Scottish independence debate

    Why is EVEL in the news? In the run up the Scottish referendum, UK party leaders promised Scotland more devolved powers if it stayed part of Britain. After the vote, David Cameron proposed English Votes for English laws to appease some of his MPs, and the plans are now being debated in parliament

    How would EVEL work? The latest proposal is for a grand committee that would let only English MPs scrutinise bills and decide whether to veto them


  12. I think up north they need to be reminded of Cobryn's violent beginnings and his support for terrorism against the English. Not only that he will be putting non-English first and supports mass immigration/importation.

    (and no, England is not reconsigned by the EU and the 'UK' (Ununited kingdom) establishment are hell bent on trying to carve England up into regions. Even though the English have said time and again they do not want this.

    1. "up north they need to be reminded of Cobryn's violent beginnings and his support for terrorism against the English".
      .English Democrats perhaps need reminding that their own Steve Uncles, who intends to stand for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, courted the same people in the past.
      People who live in glass houses etc.

    2. I did not mention Uncles nor say what you mention. I do agree that no one should have links with such organisations. And Corbyn being a marxist and open supporter of acts of terrorism is well known among his colleagues of his early years and he still is a supporter.


  13. (Hypocritical of the Welsh to still want a say in English only interests)

    Press release

    The Scottish parliament is hell bent on controlling EVEL
    Notice on their Home page how they also have a link to the Welsh Assembly

    The Welsh also want England destroyed and carved into region in order to finance Wales..They even want us to stop talking about devolution. (As for getting fed with the word England and English, once used so much in the media and abroad. That is because the world understands England pays funding to Wales.

    EVEL: SNP urges rethink on English 'veto'

    1. Plaid Cymru and the SNP are the natural allies of the English Democrats since all are nationalist parties who want to see the end of the UK.
      I don't believe for one minute that the Scots or the Welsh wish to control England or to see it regionalised. The Tories and the EU want Wales and Scotland, not as nations, but as regions no different to the artificial English regions.
      Evel is intended to keep 'business as usual'. That is why it must be fought by nationalists whether Scottish, Welsh or English. It is intended to disenfranchise the Scots and the Welsh while giving the English nothing and avoiding conceding to an English parliament.

    2. Maybe EDP should approach the Welsh and Scottish governments and ask them to support us with English only votes and an English parliament and independence. At least then we can move on for just hopeing the see sense.

  14. I noticed a placard during the million mask march in London which read "Rothschilds ...Expect Us". It seems that both Left and "far right" know who is Stig of the Dump. A spokesman in Germany said that Left and Right are now in open conflict just like under the Weimar Republic.
    But what has caused all this? The answer is mass immigration into Europe which was engineered for the benefit of the chosen few but with no popular consent. A spokesman talking of what was happening in Sweden said that the "far right" did not want race mixing. But going on the support for Enoch Powell here neither did the English or anybody else in Europe.

    Watching Arne Dahl on Saturday, I see there was a reference to a non-ethnic Swede so perhaps the term Ethnic English is acceptable and correct. The Sweden of Arne Dahl is no longer Sweden but more like New York in Swedish with the same "race mixing" and the same tensions, crime and friction. Most of the episodes are about East European illegal immigration and organised crime, Islamic terrorism and "Neo-nazis" all things that have come to boring, stable monoracial and homogenous thanks to the Marxist ideology of open borders and multiculturalism. Is it a better country? It may be more diverse and "exciting" but it is a country on fire.

    Sweden, England, everywhere is turning into New York with the same crime, the same tensions and frictions. If this is utopia then I'm a Dutchman. What happened to our tight little island, peaceful and homogeneous with nasty things happening beyond our shores and thousands of miles away. Now all the nasty things are here and getting worse.

    And don't expect the British establishment to want to help England or the English. They are tied to the City of London which rules not only England but most of the Western World via New York and Washington.

    By the way, did I mention that the files on the Dolphin Square paedophile ring of Westminster perverts who may have killed at least three of their victims have been shredded or disappeared. I am hoping that somebody has nicked them to photograph them. But this is probably a vain hope. What an obnoxious lot the British ruling class is.

    1. The term ethnic English is correct, as is Indigenous ethnic English. All people belong to an ethnic group. The ethnic English were also allowed to write this down on the 2011 census. We all know to be English is the be an indigenous ethnic English perosn. But it is sad sate of affairs when we have to keep drumming this it the establishments head, to be heard as what we have always been, English.