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Tuesday, 17 November 2015



In response to the latest Islamist atrocity in Paris there have been many of the usual plain silly politically correct media comments and a few sensible ones. This article is one of the better of the latter ones:-

Paris terror attacks: Europe must confront failed integration

In the wake of the Paris atrocities there will be empty calls for solidarity. But Europe has to be more honest about the dangers of mass migration

The body-count in Paris currently stands at 128, with another 100 severely wounded. But it is a mark of twenty-first century Europe that none of this is surprising.

The suicide bombers at a football stadium, the hostage-taking at a Parisian theatre and drive-by shootings at a restaurant have become normal.

Will it take another attack like this to remind people that an effectively borderless continent with free internal movement was always a security disaster waiting to happen?

The truth is that France, like the rest of our continent, has effectively been inhabiting two realities. On the one hand there is the politically correct, politically acceptable discussion which says that terrorism and "radicalisation" must be confronted at home and abroad.

More eager to tackle it abroad than at home, the French authorities - like the British government - pretend to be working on ‘integration’ within their own country. In fact, in France - even less than in Britain - such a thing barely occurs.

And it is not only Muslim migrants who notice this. Even before this year’s wave of terror, 74 per cent of the French public said that Islam itself was "incompatible" with the values of French society.

These people know that the actual terrorism is committed by a small segment of the Islamic community. But they also know that too many people urge on that small segment or think it is in some way justifiable.

It only took two gunmen to shoot up the offices of Charlie Hebdo in January and another solitary gunman to attack a Jewish foodstore.

But the French public knew what their political leaders and media try to pretend away - which is that behind those few people were a large number of French Muslim citizens, and more recent arrivals, who thought the cartoonists and the Jews had it coming to them.

Hollande and Merkel have poured fuel onto Europe's fire by arguing for an effectively borderless continent

Yet all the time – and even after the terrorist attacks in Paris in January – President Hollande, like Chancellor Merkel, pretends that the main problem is nativist bigotry. And of course while talking about an abstract ‘radicalism’ which might afflict anyone at any time, Hollande and Merkel have poured fuel onto Europe's fire by arguing for an effectively borderless continent.

Where are those mass immigration advocates this morning? Where are the people who pretend that an immigrant from a Muslim background and an immigrant of Christian background are equally likely to integrate into France?

Did it need this to remind us that the reality is different from our multicultural fantasy? Or will it take another attack like this to remind people that an effectively borderless continent with free internal movement was always a security disaster waiting to happen?

After the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January Paris briefly halted to hold a pointless protest of solidarity with pencils held in the air. World leaders solemnly linked arms and marched through the streets.

For a few hours everyone said they were "Charlie". But in the end almost nobody was Charlie and the whole charade added up to mean absolutely nothing.

In the days ahead doubtless we will have more "defiant" gestures. Twitter and Facebook will be alive with more futile hashtags of "solidarity".

But the only solidarity which matters – doing what is needed to keep our continent secure – will continue to evade the politicians.

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Douglas Murray: Europe must confront the danger of mass immigration - Telegraph

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  1. I have been sent what is described as a banned video about what is happening in Germany, thousands of young men raping and pillaging and pledging to interbreed to turn Germany muslim. When I mentioned something about this at church and the water thrown on the railway lines because it came from the Red Cross I was told there may be a few bad apples! The UKIP spokesman on RT last night said that ISIL have said there are 4,000 embedded terrorists among the "refugees". My wife is getting nervous after seeing six arab-looking young men in our small Cumbrian town this morning. Had I heard them I would have known if they were speaking Arabic or Hindustani from the local Indian restaurant.
    It seems that only Russia has the guts to save Europe now. Incidentally, I was told by the Jehovah's Witnesses this morning that St Michael the Archangel is a representation of Christ and he is the
    Patron Saint of Moscow. The Russians are trying desperately to bring peace to the Middle East so these invaders can return but the chosen few who want to rule the world and wipe out Europe and Europeans will have none of it. I was watching an RT video about Christianity in Egypt after the beheading of ten Coptic men in Libya. The bishop said that after 600 years of Christianity Islam arrived in the 7th century and they were given the choice of conversion, pay a tax or be executed. Some of my fellow churchgoers know that persecution is on its way but on Sunday the minister said that 1,000 refugees before Christmas is a paltry sum and we should be taking many more. These woolly do-gooders do not have a clue. Try turning the other cheek when the sword descends.

    1. The patron saint of Moscow is Saint George

    2. Are the sure about that? I know that the St George ribbon is important for Russians but I still thought that the patron saint of Moscow was the Archangel Michael.

  2. The Anglo-French establishment is exploiting our natural sympathy for the victims to wear down our opposition to the EU with phoney emotion as represented by the singing of the Marseillaise in French at Wembley. Never underestimate the establishment's hatred of Englishness. It is an affront to our nation that the crowd will be instructed to sing in French. They won't be singing it in English because the words about opposing tyranny might be too near the mark.

    Tremble, tyrants and you traitors
    The shame of all parties,
    Tremble! Your deadly schemes
    Will finally receive their reward!
    Everyone is a soldier to fight you
    If they fall, our young heroes,
    The earth will produce new ones,
    Ready to fight against you!

    To arms, citizens...

    No wonder the establishment doesn't won't too many to know what they are singing. It wouldn't want the anti-establishment message to be understood by the English

    1. Let the French be French and let the English be English.

  3. Under multiculturalism, foisted on to the English, by successive British governments, (I don't remember being asked if I wanted to go "multicultural",) someone from, say, Somalia ups sticks and comes to live in England.
    However, he continues to live as a Somali in his own little corner of Somalia, here in England.
    Integration? Forget it! Not under the multicultural regime.
    Multi-racial? No problem! So long as it is understood that if you want to live in England, you have to want to be English.

    1. Multiracialism is still white genocide as planned in the 1950s by our enemies when they told us that the last generation of white children were being born and they their control commissions, the UN and the EU, would encourage interracial marriage so as to ensure what Francis has called the multicultural holocaust of Europeans.

  4. Multiculturalism has not and will never work. The fanatical supporters are not so much concerned with multiculturalism, than with using its pc name to commit ethnocide against the native indigenous English and other indigenous northern nations (the US is The West, we English are actually a northern folk). And to a lesser extent against other EU occupied countries who are used as funnel routes to a England and other northern nations, for so-called immigrant and refugees.

    The lab/lib/con have been giving in to terrorists since the days of John Major. How many hundred/thousands of English children been victim or Muslim rape gangs for decades. All with the cover up of the establishment? How many were murderer? All the victims were victims of Islamic terrorist. For it is their belief that women and infidels are of lesser worth and must be made subservient to Muslim men and Islam.

    These type of attacks are acts of terror and these attacks are still going on. Lets not forget that parts of England has a no go areas for English folk because they will be attacked by Muslims, This is another act or terrorism, that the establishment has done little or nothing to stop it, and the media mostly will not cover.

    These are sides of terrorism that the establishment has not confronted as it should, and probably even supports. Hence its continued importation of Muslims and demographic ethnocide against the English in those parts.

    England has also been under the terrorist occupation from the EU for decades. This force has not only instigated and made war on other countries and attacked countries with no lawful right. It has and is committing terror by way of it deliberate dismantling and destruction of the indigenous nations of England, Sweden, Netherlands etc and others including France and those of the Mediterranean. All backed by the 'UK' establishment. Our forced to remains silent by way of coercive laws brought in to serve the EU and Islam. Lets not forget, so-called religious hate crime, sharia law etc were all in brought in because so-called 'moderate Muslims' demanded it. And the establishment saw these things as another tool to use against the English. And have been and continue to want to win the Muslim block vote to us against the English interests.

    Muslims will never follow any laws of England. Their law is the Koran, it tells how they must spread Islam by stealth and violence, whatever means possible. Some incorrectly called 'moderates' will say otherwise. yet they know the facts are different.and this they are by stealth and guile.

    The fact is many no see Islam as a terrorist cult, and the EU in a similar, but marxist/corporate alliance vein. And millions have been and will continue to be victims of both.

    One of the surest ways to bring about the end of such violence in England and other EU occupied nations, is to say NO to the EU. Leave the EU permanently in all areas, and never again join or have an alliance with similar organisations (no matter their name). That is the only way we can have full control of our borders once again. This would greatly increase our security and help prevent such attacks as the French have been victims of. ..

    Though the signs are not good, as Cameron and the establishment are still bringing in more so-called refuges and immigrants and Muslim numbers increase daily here. And Cameron is still trying to delay any referendum. In fact at the moment he looks like he is doing his best to find another reasons not to hold one. What with his "renegotiation" lies.

    1. I don't think that leaving the EU will make any difference. These people want white genocide in order to achieve world domination and Cameron is one of them.