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Sunday, 2 August 2015



When our political masters don’t want the vast majority of people to understand what they are talking about they frequently use the type of words or expressions which are unlikely to be understood. “Purdah” is one such expression.

The word “purdah” is from Old Persian and is one of the words adopted from the days of the British Raj in India. British officers observed that in many Muslim, and some Hindu, households the women were kept formally segregated from the men by, in the main, a system of veils or curtains. On the face of it such a word seems to have little relevance to modern British politics but the basic idea is that the administration of the country should be kept segregated from politics when there is an important election or referendum occurring. There was thus a rule during the Scottish Independence Referendum that the Scottish Government wasn’t allowed to be an active participant in the Referendum and so Scottish Ministers were not allowed to use Scottish Civil Servants to advance their case and, in particular, were not allowed to use public money to fund their campaigning.

It was noticeable during the Scottish Independence Referendum that the rules of purdah were not applied to the British Government which made many publically funded interventions. In some cases, specific civil servants even made political comments, in a way that was fundamentally not only unfair but disingenuous. The current argument over the rule on purdah, in principle, is about fairness and a degree of equality of arms and of opportunity between the Yes and No campaigns in the EU referendum.

This issue particularly important where the Government is proposing different spending limits for the Yes Campaign and for the No campaign, especially when you consider that the media as a whole is run by big business and therefore has very little concern for the democratic rights of our country and much more concerned with profit and the ease by which regulations can be altered to their advantage, concerns which are better served by remaining in the EU.

Indeed the main way in which people get news in the country however is by the taxpayer funded BBC which has already taken more than £20m in subsidy from the EU itself and which shows no signs of shame in its blatantly biased pro-EU editorial slant. Those in the Out Campaign will therefore be faced with considerable structural difficulties in getting their arguments heard.

A true level playing field would probably require the Out Campaign to be allowed to spend several multiples of whatever the In Campaign is able to spend. In fact Cameron’s scheme is to allow the Out Campaign to spend much less than the In Campaign.

Thus the arguments over the purdah rules are of course very important.

It is very instructive that David Cameron and his Government are clearly showing, having been forced to come out into the open by the Backbench rebellion the other day, that they intend to be devious and unfair about the way that the referendum is conducted.

Also that David Cameron’s talk about negotiations within the EU is nothing more than a smokescreen, since, in effect, what he is saying to our European “partners” that even if they offer him nothing of note at all, he is going to campaign to remain in the EU. The whole exercise therefore isn’t so much one of veils or curtains but rather of smoke and mirrors!


  1. PURDAH-Not the main thing on English peoples minds at the moment! ?
    Don't you agree Robin ?
    Anyhow!, Lets get this totally predictable purdah nonsense ( CALAIS !!!) out of the way and damn quick! The coming EU Referendum will be yet another exercise in carefully calculated PROFESSIONAL POLITICAL TREACHERY !! For De-Facto "proof " of my confident assertion you need visit only one row .

    A study of the 5 key relevant purdah articles therein provides ALL you need to know about purdah in the context of the EU referendum. Having analysed the articles I am certain that Ca_MORON along with the ' SHADOW GOV'T leader, the REAL PRIME MINISTER Jeremy HEYWOOD are out to make a YES to staying in the EU a certainty!
    Will you come to the same conclusion ?
    William Kearney.

  2. Robin,

    Have you contacted Tony Shell? His research is excellent and he has come to same conclusions as I have, but put them more succinctly.

    His website is

    I had been been posting linked to that website on the Telelgraph and all my comments have been deleted and mu user is blocked.

    I will now take those @@@@ards to Ofcom now for their blatent anti English anti-white racism.


  3. The establishment figure, James Jones the former Bishop of Liverpool, the son of Major Stuart Jones, talking about the Calais situation, repeated on BBC 4's Today programme's 'Thought for the day' the liberal establishment's lie that we are a nation of immigrants.
    Before the start of mass immigration in the late 20th century, the last really big immigration was by the English from northern Germany in the mid fifth century.

    1. Immigration Watch has said again and again that England had the world's second most stable population and that immigration was minimal between 1066 and 1948. But you can repeat this ad nauseam. Liberals like Jones are being used to repeat the lies by those who want the English and all Europeans gone until they become the truth for future generations.

    2. Sorry, that should have been Migration Watch. Written in haste.

  4. I can't imagine many people lose much sleep fretting about 'purdah'. When are you going to deal with matters of major concern to ordinary people which affect their lives materially, such as the ideologically driven "austerity" cuts, the real purpose of which is to destroy the nation.

  5. I see that those working for the one world oligarchy were meeting on Hawaii to discuss the Asian equivalent of TTIP which is called TTP I think. All this will be discussed, as with TTIP, in secret and then presented to the world's "democracies" as a fait accompli. How apt that they should be meeting on Hawaii where the natives, who had their islands stolen from them, once numbered 1m and now number 8,000, vastly outnumbered by Chinese, Japanese, Americans etc who voted for US stateship when the Hawaiians said no. Those trying to preserve England and the English should ponder on the Hawaiians' fate and that once the English are in minority we will never escape the EU and one world government. Cameron is an even bigger liar than Bliar, or at least much in the same mould. Still, fences are going up all over Europe. One solution to the Calais problem would be to rebuild Hadrian's Wall across the Sahara; but that would not keep out those from Syria or North Africa.
    By the way, I wonder if Turkey's beaches are the next to be targeted with the headquarters of the Islamic state, that they support, just over their border in Syria?

  6. The BBC is now a propaganda machine spewing out half-truths and bread and circuses for the brain dead masses. But if it is sold off then it will be 24 hour lowest common denominator tv and every educational programme a thing of the past. Lord Reith, what speed are you spinning at now?

    1. "a propaganda machine spewing out half-truths." Your evidence for this?

  7. Unaccompanied minors (under eighteen) entering England illegally are, by law, supported financially by local government untill the age of 24 including paying for university education. That seems to contrast with the native English who have to get loans.

  8. I'd benefit from some concrete examples of this "blatantly biased pro-EU editorial slant". I haven't detected any.

    1. I'm sure that the BBC does have a "biased pro-EU editorial slant". But it does have a pro-immigration editorial slant. The hard-luck stories of would-be illegal immigrants are repeated to tug on the heart strings.
      Between 1939 and 1945, there were no such messages from the BBC sympathising with the poor Germans who wanted to come to England and take it over.
      In those days, we had a Conservative prime minister; not a self identified Radical.

  9. So Heath, the architect of our national extinction may now about to be exposed at the hands of a brave ex-copper. I hope that my prayers for England may now be answered and that those behind him and their plans for English and European extinction may now be revealed. Powell could have saved us in 1968 but Heath was told to act swiftly to ensure our ultimate demise. And Heath admitted that the EEC was to lead to today's EU and beyond to one world government and European extinction.

    1. One thing we fought against in the 1939 - 45 war was one world government. How things have changed.

  10. It makes be sick to the stomach that the English have been sacrificed for the greed and vile perversions of those in the British establishment like Heath and from beyond our shores. Like the native americans we are melting before the sun as those same people have now turned their sick greed on Europeans.

  11. The English Democrats' leadership does not seem to understand the importance of bringing the pure English into general use. There should be a report on bringing back true English at every annual [yearly] conference [meeting/moot/gathering] of the party. A native language policy is what every serious nationalist party has.
    The current situation is that the English nation does not speak English, but a degraded international mishmash.
    The nationalist party should be demanding that we return to speaking English.
    (I have not written this in English because [for that], as a nation [folkship], we have lost the words required [needed]).

    1. A specimen statement on implementing language policies.

      "Revival of the English Language as New-English. That is, English cleansed of foreign words, mostly from Latin:
      One of the main constitutional aims of the English Democrats will be "To revitalise our English national identity by promoting the introduction of the New-English language as England's national language". This aim will be a core part of the English Democrats' policies.
      What remains of the English language faces significant challenges. The English people must develop a commitment and determination to secure a future for our language, which is degrading more rapidly than ever under the pressure of globalisation.

      We believe that the English Government, Local Government and other bodies can take positive steps to support the English language. Steps such as:

      Reforming how English is taught and used within the education sector. This includes provision in Further Education Colleges.
      Reforming Public Sector Procurement, applying English language clauses as social clauses.
      Ensuring that there is specific reference to the New-English Language in the relevant Government Bills, and that an English Language Commissioner sits as an ex officio member of Government bodies
      Implementing the Standards from an English Language Measure to effectively to deliver real change, for example, by ensuring that Local Authorities promote the New-English language in education and services and provide leisure activities through the medium of New-English.
      Further, support Local Authorities in becoming New-English speaking workforces.
      Establishing a Civil Service College in England, with a strong emphasis on the New-English language as a core skill.
      Ensure all those who are employed by the English Government are supported in learning and using the language.
      Supporting the use of New-English in national broadcasting.
      Investing in childcare available through New-English, and investment in adult learners.
      The English Democrats will hold a discussion with the people of England to ensure that we have the correct language policies in place to implement when we form the English Government.

      We will publish a document as the basis for a discussion on the future of the English language.

      When this document becomes available. You can send your comments to the English Democrats.

      Over the coming months and years the English Democrats will be publishing a number of papers and holding public meetings open to all who have an interest and a passion for our language. The English Democrats do not wish to be party political or parochial as they go about our work in holding the discussions and forming policies, the future of the English language is far too important to act in such a way."

    2. That is very interesting. As one with an interest in Anglo-Danish England as being the true England I also have an interest in helping to solve the duality of English caused by the Norman Invasion and the three hundred years of fighting wars in France for the benefit of a Norman/French ruling class. Being fluent in German and semi-fluent in Norwegian, I know that the foundation of English lies there. The basic language was Anglo-Saxon but was so influenced by the Danes and Norwegian Irish that its word order is now almost identical with that of Scandinavian languages, no longer of German and Dutch.

    3. I agree, but I'm not sure that the English Democrats' leadership understands how important it is to have our own truly English language.

  12. I was a little concerned to see reference to Steve Uncles', the EDs' candidate for Kent's police commissioner, suggesting that those trying to storm the Tunnel should be shot at. I see that this was then backed up by the party. This would undoubtedly be the action taken by those patrolling the US/ Mexico border fence but I thought we were different here. Perhaps members would like to add their comments but I can see this branding the party as right-wing looney. However, I have spoken to people here who would probably agree. And perhaps many cockneys driven out of London and living in Kent would, too, as well as lorry drivers and road haulage firms. We will have to see the reaction.

    As regards America, I have just completed a heart-rending book on the Native Americans by Jon E. Lewis. The Americans broke all of the 370 treaties they made. This seems to be the norm wherever they go in the world and they seem to regard all but as exceptional Americans as lesser mortals. Their brutality towards the Indians was in excess of that meted out by the Nazis whose gas chambers seem quite humane by comparison. There were 18m Native Americans when Columbus landed.
    Now there must be less than a million making their genocide three times more than European Jewry. Should not they be included in National Holocaust Memorial Day? And now the Crown Corporation of the City of London who, some say, were the hidden hand behind the slaughter, have turned their attention to the English and other Europeans. The writing is on the wall.

    Meanwhile, it is four years since the London riots and an Afro-Caribbean community leader has said that if stop and search continues, they will do it again. This has been going on since the Notting Hill riots of the 1950s and no doubt will continue for as long as we have ethnic pluralism. As I have said before, Powell pointed to the United States where black/white relations are continuing to worsen as the demographics change to the detriment of the latter.

    Finally, Caleb Maupin in Cross Talk on Russia Today said that American foreign policy is predicated on the protection of the state of Israel. Certainly, there seems to be a bewildering process of bombing/weakening all the surrounding Arab/Muslim nations which may now have reached Saudi Arabia which had thrown in its hand with Israel and the US. For us in Europe the consequence of this Israel protective policy has been to send terrorists into Europe, followed by hundreds and thousands of Muslim and sub-Saharan refugees. The final outcome seems to be the collapse of everywhere from the North of Europe to black Africa. Is this a coincidence or just the result of the joint paranoia of the Republicans in America and Benjamin Netanyahu?

    1. We are being invaded. What do you suggest? It's beginning to look as though British soldiers will have to be stationed on French soil.

  13. One of the reasons why we are unable to revolt or rebel against our government is because of the draconian policies of the anglophobic and racist Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which controls the various Police Forces in England and Wales. That organisation does not even use the correct definition of 'racial hatred' as defined in Section 17 of the amended Public Order Act 1986. Instead it uses Prof Macphersons definition which is wide open to abuse with the accuser having unlimited opportunities to accuse one of racial hatred, while requiring almost no proof.

    This is the crux of our problem and will not go away until the CPS is tackled. We need to complain to the higher authorities about them, otherwise we ill continue being subjected.


  14. Yes, reconstitute our native language, but also reinstate our native patron saint - Saint Edmund.

  15. The Traditional Britain Group have called for the government to resign as a result of mass immigration and the on-going Calais crisis. If they are talking of the process going back to 1948 then Cameron will no doubt say that his government cannot be bound by the actions of previous governments, although surely his party could be. Thinking again about Calais and an item I have posted - yet to appear - about Steve Uncles' comments, I now think that even for the sheeple the final straw is about to break the camel's back as English backs are against the wall. They say that that is when the English turn; we will see!! Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget, for we are the people of England that never have spoken yet.

    Meanwhile, Teresa May has referred to a report showing that black people are still more likely to be stopped and searched than white. The figure in black areas of London is three to one, whilst in rural "white" areas this can be as high as eleven to one. The cry has gone out again against institutionalised racism in the police and a black policeman and head of the black police association was saying that it is because coppers no longer know their local community. With this in mind, it occurred to me that, both here and in America, non-whites should be policed by non-whites to avoid the problem as education does not seem to be working. And then this begs the question, what benefit is "multiculturalism" which goes totally against human nature, if that is the case. The answer is not much. Some of us are still scratching our heads to work out how the country is so much better than it was 60 years ago because of it. In Malmo, the city is rocked by inter-immigrant crime as the native Swedes become a minority there. This was solid, stable, homogenous Sweden, much like solid, stable, homogenous England. What is happening to us reminds me of the lost land of Doggerland in the North Sea. Over thousands of years, the stone age inhabitants had to watch as the post-glacial seas rose and rose until England was severed from the Continent in 5500 b c.
    So here we English stand as the land we are forced to inhabitant gets smaller and smaller until the multicultural tide sweeps over us and drowns us and our country for ever. By the way, the black policeman spoke in the accent that is destined to replace cockney completely in London by 2020; still it had only been there since the 14th century. It is called an Afro-Asian patois.

    I also see that the Traditional Britain Group is having a speaker along who represents the Confederate cause as whites both in the US and in Europe fight a rearguard action for survival whilst all the guns of the financial-political elite are ranged against them, terming white survivalism white supremacism. No similar accusation is ever made against any other race fighting for survival.