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Thursday, 27 August 2015

British counter-terrorism strategy to be used to enforce political correctness

British counter-terrorism strategy to be used to enforce political correctness

Recently a “Conservative” MP, the unmarried Mark Spencer, surprised many of those who are not paying attention to direction of travel of British politics by enthusiastically endorsing the idea that “Extremist Disruption Orders” should be used against any teacher (and shortly, no doubt, any public speaker) that dares to teach traditional Christian morality by indicating disapproval of “gay marriage”. 

It therefore suddenly became apparent to some of the newspaper reading public that the focus in combating “extremism” was shifting from what most members of the public had thought was the objective, which is to deal with the Jihadist threat from fundamentalist Muslims, to one where the Government was in fact focusing on crushing opposition to political correctness by using blatant and increasingly heavy handed Police State tactics.

For those prepared to do a little bit of research it is worth considering the elements of “CONTEST” which is the rather silly jargonistic name that the government has given to its “Counter Terrorism Strategy”.

"CONTEST" and its agenda is part of the reason why the police are now so busy, that in the words of the Head of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), Chief Constable Sara Thornton, that police should no longer be expected by the public to turn out for burglaries!

Instead of doing what the public would want our police to do, which is tackling old-fashioned crime and criminals, instead they are being used as part of the UK State's enforcement of radical secularism, political correctness, multi-culturalism and diversity. That is the reason why so many people who have often merely made unpleasant or over-the-top remarks on Facebook are being treated more seriously than burglars.

One of the core elements of "CONTEST", is "PREVENT". Here is what the Government says "PREVENT" is about:-

“The Prevent strategy:
responds to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and aspects of extremism, and the threat we face from those who promote these views provides practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure they are given appropriate advice and support works with a wide range of sectors (including education, criminal justice, faith, charities, online and health) where there are risks of radicalisation that we need to deal with

The strategy covers all forms of terrorism, including far right extremism and some aspects of non-violent extremism. However, we prioritise our work according to the risks we face. For instance, following the death of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, the Prime Minister is leading a task force on tackling extremism and radicalisation. The special committee, which includes senior members of the cabinet and security chiefs, builds on the Prevent strategy.

The Home Office works with local authorities, a wide range of government departments, and community organisations to deliver the Prevent strategy. The police also play a significant role in Prevent, in much the same way as they do when taking a preventative approach to other crimes.

We use a range of measures to challenge extremism in the UK, including:
where necessary, we have prevented apologists for terrorism and extremism from travelling to this country
giving guidance to local authorities and institutions to understand the threat from extremism and the statutory powers available to them to challenge extremist speakers
funding a specialist police unit which works to remove online content that breaches terrorist legislation
supporting community based campaigns and activity which can effectively rebut terrorist and extremist propaganda and offer alternative views to our most vulnerable target audiences - in this context we work with a range of civil society organisations
supporting people who are at risk of being drawn into terrorist activity through the Channel process, which involves several agencies working together to give individuals access to services such as health and education, specialist mentoring and diversionary activities - more information on Channel can be found in the Channel Guidance and Channel Vulnerability Assessment

Click here for the full article:- CONTEST, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

It should also be noted that ‘Extremism’ is now defined…. "as vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values". The "Fundamental British Values" are being defined as "democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs". It is the state enforcement of the last clause which is at odds with traditional values and traditional English Liberty.

In this new wort should perhaps therefore not be surprising that NHS workers for example are reporting that they have been forced to attend seminars on "PREVENT" with the entire focus of their being expected to deal with is the threat of “Far-Right extremists” such as the EDL. In refocusing "PREVENT" on attacking the EDL and, no doubt, shortly any expression of Englishness, the authorities are in full conformity with the way that various EU bodies have been urging that these counter attacks should be deployed across the whole of the EU against those with “Right-wing” views.

It is a salutary thought to remember that the first “terrorists” were in fact the “Left-wing” French revolutionaries using the coercive powers of the State to transform France through La Terreur! No doubt soon "Fundamental British Values" will be the revolutionary "declaration of the Rights of Man"!


  1. Am I surprised? I have seen this coming for months. The Marxist multicultural totalitarian state that is the EU - although much the same thing has happened in most other hitherto white countries - will not brook any opposition to its plans and will imprison dissenting voices if needs be. It is all a total nightmare but I can't see there being enough stout-hearted Englishmen and women left to fight back; but we must keep trying. We are back in the days of Elizabeth the First or Mary Tudor so that opposing Marxism ( and the EU is a Marxist superstate ) is akin to opposing Protestantism or Catholicism - depending who was on the throne. They are about to introduce the equivalent of burning at the stake or hanging, drawing and quartering. Faced with the current refugee ( economic migrant ) tidal wave, the deputy German chancellor has referred to those protesting around Dresden as a small minority who besmirch Germany's image in the world. Of course we will never know whether the average German agrees with them, although perhaps not with their methods, as they would never dare stick their heads above the parapet. Interestingly, Dresden was a hotbed of revolution in the 1840s, Wagner being one of them. Of course they are Saxons, as we are to some extent. On the previous blog, somebody has commented about the 8m immigrants here born abroad. The figure has come from an Oxford University think tank. I would be interested to know who they are and what their agenda is. He is right to say that this does not take into account all those who have arrived from the third world since the War. The 8m also excludes illegal immigrants. The BBC says we must have one in six non-white faces to reflect their percentage here. That would be 11m non-whites alone. I estimate that the true figure is between 12 and 15 m, probably 25% in Britain which may mean more in England. By 2050 Britain is meant to be a third non-white. The problem is that whilst Europeans average less than two children per couple, the countries to the south and south-east are averaging at least four to six if not more. It is like leaving the bath tap running whilst we Europeans are sitting in the room below slumped over our tellies. We are just waiting for the ceiling to come down and bury us. A spokesman said that the assumption should be that all those arriving now are economic migrants and leave the UNHCR to say what is correct. Under Agenda 21 most suspect that UN policy is to move the overbreeding third world into the first so don't expect the truth from them. Indeed the UNHCR has just said Europe must expect 3,000 a day of these people virtually for ever.

  2. A spokesman from the "business community" was asked to comment on the 8m figure. He said of course that this would include persons such as the Duke of Edinburgh or Boris Johnson ( he of dual British-American citizenship) and other "cosmopolitans". His great worry was that the "business community" might be hamstrung by not being able to recruit ready trained people from all over the globe and we would not be able to bring in doctors and nurses from abroad. How did we ever managed in the 1950s and 1960s as we had to train most of these people from amongst the natives and pay for it? Once again the "business community" want to have the cheapest labour available ( with 2m of our own unemployed) and buy in ready-trained people from Eastern Europe and the third world who might demand lower wages and whose training had probably cost much less than it would here. When asked about the effect on the native population in terms of schooling and housing, he said that money would have to be shifted to those areas to pay for this. It is all about money and economics, nothing about a national homeland and national identity and - as Francis has said - our race, culture and spirituality. Indeed, I was amused to see black newsreader, Clive Mirey ( or however you spell it) say the face of Britain was changing. Did he grasp the irony of the fact that it was changed drastically by the arrival of his own parents and their compatriots? I see that in the item on the protests around Dresden, the protestors were described as "nationalists". A nationalist is anybody who does not buy into the one world, Marxist, internationalist, globalist, globalised, multicultural consensus. These are desperate times as the English and the other indigenous peoples of Europe fight for survival faced with the prospect of being minorities in their own lands in the next hundred years. However, there is one thing that this gentleman from the "business community", a Mr Rhodes, did not grasp. The more people they force into the country - and it will be standing room only and not a field left soon - the more cars and people we have on our crumbling road system. These will mean that the haulage lorries serving his class will be coming up against increasing congestion and ultimately total gridlock, unless the plan really is to make the whole of England look like Spaghetti Junction with houses in between. I am reading about Charles the Second's rounding up of all those involved in his father's execution. We seem to be reliving those times with a total absence of democracy and for the supreme monarch you can substitute Big Brother or the President of the European Commission. Truly frightening. Democratic Northern Europe is going to wake up and find it is too late.

    Meanwhile, dairy farmers have been impoverished by the counter sanctions imposed by Russia on European farmers so that we now have a milk glut. Thank you the Neocons in Washington who remain unscathed by and uncaring of the problems that their policies in the Ukraine and Musllim countries are causing Europeans. Russian farmers are profiting by no longer having to compete with EU imports.

    Sheep farmers in the North of England are having their sheep rustled on a daily basis. The word on the block is that the mutton is finding its way to halal slaughterhouses and even from there to the Middle East. The Police will not comment but have no idea where the meat is going? I smell another Rotherham here. But obviously, the metropolitan movers and shakers care little for England's farmers, or those of the United Kingdom as a whole.

  3. The French Revolution influenced the American "Revolution" which led to the United States being the leader in "multiculturalism". The French are now struggling with their own revolutionary concept. From there it came back to Europe and the likes of Blair and Brown who wanted England and any other European country turned into another United States. I believe they wanted to ditch our ethnicity, cultural, history etc. and start at year zero. Let us hope that Blair is soon brought before the International Criminal Court, although the Americans are trying desperately to withhold details of his dealing with George W Bush.
    And many of us suspect that Brown, too, has something murky in his past to hide. By the way, I see that a spokesperson said that Ted Heath could not possibly have interfered with little boys as he was asexual and had no sexual interest in man, woman or child. So that copper got it wrong, silly plod!! Meanwhile TPP, the Pacific equivalent of TTIP is going to lead to job losses in the States as the jobs go to the Far East.
    The agenda is for money to go where the cheapest labour and the cheapest good and maximum profit for the plutocrats are to be found.
    And once it is all agreed in secret then we are all to be the rootless slaves of these people with no protection and no homeland and no freedom to speak our minds. We always thought that 1984 was about communism, well it is about Marxism run by a plutocracy. Lady Jane Birdwood was right One World Marxism and Big Money. It is all coming about just as she said. I hope she is looking down on the horror of it all and saying, "I told you so"!!

  4. Yet another mask comes from the ruling elites. Terrorism to them means opposition to multiculturalism while meaning islamic terrorism to us.

    If so called "islamophobia" is to be outlawed, are they going to outlaw Anglophobia too?


  5. Robin. I checked the comments to this article on the 'counter- terrorism strategy a number of times to see if Anonymous 2 Sept 16.01 2015(EU Ref) took your reminder to respond to this article direct.No response so far. I hoped the disturbed person would make a comment if only to serve as a cue for me to reply as well.The comments made thus far to this extremely important and pivotal article have,by in large,chose to cover some of the wider context to Englands near catastrophic situation. While commendable in there own right, they do not serve as an ideal cue for those wanting to comment on this incendiary even frightening subject area? Having decided to make a non specific to me comment,choosing instead to provide a comprehensive overview. I hope the following replys (as per continuations) will serve as a cue to encourage others like me who as a result of their support for Nationalism have become as targeted individuals for State instigated harassment and disruption both by direct agents of the state and their ubiquitous army of oh so willing left wing proxies,covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) and everywhere snitches. This ends comment number one(1) See continuations headed -Exceptional Circumstances.

  6. Continuing-Re:-Exceptional Circumstances.
    Having provided a preface by way of my first comment.I will now provide an overview of the GB counter-terrorism strategy in action as experienced by myself over two periods 1997-2007/2007-2015 current! The first period involved in the main direct agents of the state.The second period a mixture,with officially sanctioned and state financed proxies co-ordinating with accredited private security, all choreographed by their local police/council authority masters collectively operating under the seemingly innocuous heading--The Community Policing Network and Partnerships.This seemingly well intentioned policing collective,is for those on the recieving end,isanything but innocuous as I personally can validate.The recent past/present Community Policing initiative serves to be two similtaneous synchronised parts,one overt,one covert.The overt is the local police proper, alongside is the prejorative 'plastic bobbie' with Home Office Accredited private security firms heavily involved also.The covert componant comprising of a lethal mix of State sanctioned, very involved and highly active proxies. These are descibed in the continuation to follow

  7. Continuing:-Exceptional Circumstances.
    Before describing the fundamentals of the lethal covert proxy network and their modus operandi for intimidation and disruption(applied methods to be provided in the next continuation). I will as a matter of necessity I believe, to interject at this point with what I consider is a vital qualification to this expose' in progress to say that these continuing comments are representative of some one (myself) living on the front line, rather than behind the lines so to speak.The City/Urban environment I am in, is a "majority" multi racial/ethnic Labour controlled area. The local authority is dominated by an agressive anti-nationalist local Gov/Police Liason intelligence team, supervised by a regional based Home Office connected security desk.They see to it that there two main polar opposite targets for prevention are put under surveillance 24/7 with those deemed "active" disrupted by deliberate harassment, intimidation(Psyops)and regular covert entry programmes designed amongst other things to discourage them from leaving their homes in confidence! The aformentioned polar opposites consist of nationalists and other anti PC British Values persons at one end with Umma suspected Jihadists at the other! Those of you reading these comments who themselves live in similar enviroments should have an instant resonance, those behind the lines less so perhaps? Continues--in next comment.

  8. Continuing:-Re:- Exceptional Circumstances.
    To fully appreciate the true signifigance of this expose' it is imperative that you take on board the following provable shocking facts.What I am about to disclose within the limited confines of this comment column should for those taking it seriously, have the most momentous implications on their perception processes as to how they view this British State, certainly as it apply's to one's self as an English Nationalist.
    The GB State has since the inception of both the RIPA of 2000 and CONTEST No 1 in2003, which included even then an early provisional PREVENT componant introduced a unprecedented organised selective recruitment programme which in reality manifested as nothing less than a FULL DELIBERATE MOBILISATION of BOTH indigene Leftist pro-PC and British values in full collaboration with their pro-PC British Values counter parts in the multi-racial/ethnic community. Continues in next comment.

  9. Continuing:-Exceptional Circumstances.
    Regarding the previously mentioned anti-nationalist, anti umma Jihad proxy based collaboration. Being placed on a political notification list serves as the the 'justification pivot' in a State contrived ' Modus Operandi' that then puts into action, their fully trained and instructed (by mobile phone) proxies to carry out theprevent/disrupt programme which is based on, of all things,the tried and tested counter insurgency methods. Needless to say,the choreographing of all this activity is made easy to the point of perfection by the powerful instruments of all pervasive surveillance techniques at both the local(intrusive) and national via GCHQ.In addition the existance of highly sophisticated mobile phone's,are as a dream come true for States security projects. In the hands of trained proxies they become as indispensablle weaponised devices that serve as the perfect instrument for monitering English nationalists in their day to day movements and when turned into an anchor they serve as the ultimate psychological warfare weapon. In view of these facts, to say that any and all anti PC or English nationalist is up against it would be as a gross understatement. Continued

  10. Continuing:-Exceptional Circumstances
    Having provided the underpinning elements supportive of the-'BRITISH VALUES ENFORCERS' (proxies) and their tyrannical ' modus operandi'.I will now list in itemised fashion the identities of 'BOTH' the PUBLIC and PRIVATE organisations operating as either seconded or voluntary for the GB States so called Anti-Racist- Extremist programme!
    Over time we have come to recognise that these terms are coded. We now know that these deceptive terms actually stand for 'Anti-White, Anti-Indigenous,Anti-Non-Violent "Extremist" and lastly Anti-English!
    Here in order of importance are the main proxy participants in the service of imposing British Values!
    1) First and foremost are members of the general public living in areas of demographic transition from indigenous to nonindigenous as rapidly increasing multi-ethnic/racial areas. The proxies front line! The English nationalist front line! Hence the clash! Active members of the general public are made up by in large of staunch labour supporters with a sprinkle of small c Conservatives of the strong law and order variety duped into helping the proxies under the deceptive pretext that they are all criminals aren;t they! In addition to the well meaning you have the sub proxy petty criminals and useful idiots that serve to deliver elements of the proxies proper psyops disruption campaigns which involve nuisance activity highly effective in making a targets life intolerable at times.In some circumstances that involve anti-PC persons. Anti Social behaviour suddenly becomes very popular with the authorities and their proxies! THINK ABOUT IT!! Involved members of the general public are of course nationally organised within their own respective community locations to be as a covert part of the Community Policing arrangement.Continues--

  11. Continuing:-Exceptional Circumstances.
    2) Between the general public covert proxies working within the Community Intelligence Programme as surveillance operatives, assigned with the usual specific task of monitering targeted individuals/groups.and the third proxy entity the all powerful Trade Unions(tobe covered in the next continuation) exists the notorious, so called Anti-Racist, Anti-Facist-Anti Jihad organisations.These well known organisations serve as the second most important proxie grouping, tasked with doing two things simultaneously,those being to survey, harass. group/gang stalk, intimidate,entrap and occasionally dish out some violence on either UKIP or other Nationalist supporters, while deceptively giving the impression they are acting under their own volition as Independent Agents when this is in FACT a complete and provable blatent lie with the GB Gov the complicit partner.So important are these groups to both the GB State and certain other external to GB organisations and their countries of origin that they deserve full exposure at a later date. Continued---

  12. Continuing:- Exceptional Circumstances.
    Worried about running out of room in the previous comment box I list the aformentioned notorious Anti-Racist/ Fascist organisations as Janus faced, fully accredited proxies of GB Government.
    1) Hope not Hate.
    Google the UKIP site 'Nope not Hope' The contents of this most excellent site, serve not only to verify claims made by me in this expose' but self evident of the same vindicate my efforts to get justice for all Traditional( not Marxist) Nationalists.
    2) Searchlight (Northampton University)
    3)UAF as another GB Gov accredited entity
    4)ANTIFA Specialising Thugs as Info/Ops Kinetic action at street level.
    5)Anarchist -No Borders.

  13. Continuing:-Exceptional Circumstances.
    No body of organisations in British History has done more damage to the Indigenous populations of these Islands and to their otherwise legitimate National instincts,passion and expressed love for THEIR country to be as a National Family:-i.e-A NATION PROPER. I HOLD THEM IN COMPLETE CONTEMPT!! They exchanged ENGLAND for MARX (ISM)! In both this and the next comment box I expose this lethal and highly dangerous anti-nationalist Marxist Cabal and their role as senior GB State proxies.The in house Trade Union Memos between certain "professions" make for very interesting reading. Did you know for example, that the Tax Payer pays the union fees of Mi5/6 Officers and their Union the FDA. See-Andrew Pierce Article in the Daily Mail of Monday Sept 19th 2011. Title Mi6 Stealth Subs cost us all a fortune! To say that the Trade Union Movement is part of the state apparatus would be very close to the truth.Every Union in the the wider Trade Union Movement is a willing part of the GB State PROXIE MATRIX! The FACT that most if not all the public oganisations that employ their members are all RIPA 2000 andContest/ Prevent Authorised, should suffice to persuade as to their danger to ALL and ANY anti PC/ BRITSH VALUES, not least Nationalists of every persuasion, especially English Nats. Continues---

  14. Continuing:- Exceptional Circumstances.
    Having provided some insight into the Trade Union Movements relationship with the GB State. I will now continue my expose of the senior proxy matrix as it acts out at the public interface.The fact that some unions are more(Marxist) militant (willing) than others has direct and sometimes serious repercussions for the public at large, with certain identified individuals being at risk of politically motivated dangerous negligence, or worse deliberate disguised abuse? Nowhere does this threat to identified persons apply more than in the NHS and with other public services in general especially with the Emergency Sevices.The highly disturbing fact, that some of the most militant willing unions are employed in ideal positions of "ownership"and control of key public institutions e,g--NHS as a prime example, should be as a totally unacceptable scenario especially in the knowledge they are GB State authorised proxies! To make this even more unacceptable is the disclosure by Robin "That NHS workers for example are being forced to attend seminars on "PREVENT"---so on- - - -! The FACT that a covert provisional 'prevent' programme has already been in place in the NHS since RIPA 2000 and CONTEST 1 2003 with the very serious outcomes for suspected or identified Anti PC persons and Nationalists in particular, MYSELF as a victim of both given examples of abuse can verify to the validity of claims made by me herein! These my disturbing disclosures should prompt an enquiry into the appaling NHS massacre of mostly indigenous persons either by hostile gross negligence or worse by deliberate disguised assault since 2000/3!!?? -Continues

  15. Continuing:-Exceptional Cicumstances.
    Having provided a ' Tip of the Iceberg' look at the trade unions and the NHS. I complete this particular proxy identification list with a look at mixture of trade union, non trade union and a specific private organisation.
    1) Unsurprising to discover is two of the main union proxies dominating the NHS are likewise in Local Authority Institutions to include the hub at the public interface, namely: The Civic Centre. As with the NHS, staff are simultaneously both council employees and trade union members, with little in the way of a clear divide between the two, which begs the question as who are you dealing with "someone from the council or somebody from a trade union?" Since political notification lists are based in local authority premises, it would seem as common sense to suspect to that a listed nationalist would get a forensic if not unfriendly response from trade union/proxy staff? My expierences with local authority staff confirm this to be the case.
    2)There are the union and non unionised based proxies within a group of main community pivots namely the local large and small super market chains, some individual shops also.These much frequented pivots act to serve as both major surveillance hubs and favoured harassment locations.One supermarket chain in particular offers state choreographed proxies the PERFECT harassment and intimidation setting by virtue of their supermarket design.One restricted way in. One restricted way out.Can you guess as to what chain I'm talking about? Continues:---

  16. Continuing:- Exceptional Circumstances.
    2) continued-Re;-Supermarket Harassment!
    Since 2007 and the start of the huge GB State controlled/ handled proxy involvement. I and others have found ourselves either monitered or harassed on nearly every trip to the supermarkets. Some of my outings to supermarkets have at times been nasty or at best frustrating experiences. Proxy antics at the checkout serve as one of their main psyops ploys! I could, if asked, write pages on the various types of confrontations that took place since 2007.
    3) FINALLY :-The premier Private Business Proxy, namely the larger/busy Taxi firms.All Taxi Firms are Local Authority Licence allocation dependent for both cars and drivers.Therefore, unsurprisingly they play a huge part in both the 24/7 surveillance process and on occasion as high speed communication hubs, that facilitate large harassment/gang stalking projects by other proxies.Taxi firms are as indispensable proxies! Continues--

  17. Continuing:- Exceptional Circumstances.

    As I mentioned in my first comments. The Briish Realm Mobilised both Indigenous Marxists and Non-Indigenous Marxists (by implication) under the umbrella term Community Resilience (Policing). Community cohesion in action. This deliberate collaborative BRITISH REALM PROJECT was an exercise in creating a irrefutable antagonistic divide between Internationalists and Nationalists,English in this case! In so doing the GB Realm has established definitive battle lines, that clearly signal that they and THEIR proxy marxist collaborators have declared war on their own traditional nationals, THE ENGLISH! This clearly signalled de-facto declaration of war was picked up by the astute national observer/ journalist Leo Mckinstry who produced a front page article for both the Daily and Sunday Express-Date Thurs August 9th 2007. The Headline reads 'HOW THE GOVERNMENT HAS DECLARED WAR ON WHITE ENGLISH PEOPLE' Will the penny ever hit the bottom of the English money box?? This STINKING STATE IS OUT TO DESTROY US-PERIOD!! Time to counter attack or die!! PS--GCHQ Payed my computer a visit tonight and moved the speed dials in such a way as to let me know they are monitering me. SO WHATS NEW??

  18. NEWS FLASH !

    Barbara Spectre; Request to The Home Office For A Banning/ Exclusion Order.

    Go to
    When the main page comes up,go to sub heading -Protective Action.
    See--Request toThe Home Office For A Banning/Exclusion Order (pdf)

    It would pay ED Supporters to visit this site regular for updates like I do to catch new developments.