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Monday, 10 August 2015

Letter to Mr Dominic Raab MP Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for English Devolution Ministry of Justice

I recently suggested that supporters of our Cause might like to write to the new Minister of English Devolution. Here is a sample of what one has written which is perhaps long for a Lobbying letter but comes from the heart and makes the point well.

Mr Dominic Raab MP

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for English Devolution

Ministry of Justice

102 Petty France



7th August 2015

Dear Mr Raab,

Re: English Devolution

I was pleased to learn of your appointment, as resolving the “English question” was a Conservative manifesto pledge, and consequently, I am expecting a resolution acceptable to us English including an English Parliament.

As an Englishman, I, and many of my colleagues, friends, business acquaintances, and family, have strong views on the subject, and have had these for many years, especially as we are now strangers in our own country. My thoughts, and those of others, follow below.

In September 2014 the people of Scotland voted 55% to 45% against independence after a long and sometimes antagonistic campaign by both sides of the divide. Just two days before the people of Scotland cast their votes in the referendum, the leaders of the three unionist parties - David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg made a public vow to give Holyrood more powers. Mr Cameron promised the day after the referendum that if he won the 2015 general election he would deliver on the 'vow'.

The Queen's Speech after the election demonstrated that the 'vow' to Scotland discussed prior to the referendum had indeed been kept by the incoming Conservative Party. The Scottish Parliament will now be able to raise 40% of taxes and decide on 60% of public spending. There are a number of other devolved powers that the Scottish Parliament will receive, including new welfare powers worth £2.5bn. The people of Scotland now have a devolved Scottish Parliament with its own Executive, First Minister and almost full control over how it shapes the future of Scotland.

We must remember that Wales too has its own assembly with a number of devolved powers and there are promises by the new government that there will be a further devolution of powers to Wales, including more powers over energy, transport and local government elections in Wales (pity they can’t run their NHS).

Northern Ireland has control over areas such as agriculture, education, health and social services, economic development and the environment with further devolution of powers in the pipeline.

Many commentators have suggested that the present constitutional settlement in relation to devolution is grossly unfair to England. The English people indeed are the only people in the Union who have no dedicated political representation. It must be remembered that there is no English government or parliament, no devolved English assembly and therefore no one to speak up for the people of England or represent their interests. The unfairness of the present constitutional discrimination against us English has been recognised by David Cameron who wants to introduce 'English votes for English laws', thus ensuring that only MPs representing English constituencies could vote on legislation affecting England alone.

However, what does this mean in practice? English laws will still be proposed by a British government and scrutinised by a House of Lords containing members from across the UK and abroad. There will be no administration devoted to English affairs and British MPs will still vote on British party lines. It simply ends up being a blocking device which can be used by English MPs to stop laws that they do not think are suitable for England. Why can't England be treated like the other constituent parts of the UK? Why not an English assembly like Wales? Why not devolved powers like Northern Ireland? Why not an English parliament with an Executive, First Minister and devolved powers like Scotland?

The British government and the establishment afford England no recognition as a legitimate nation. In many ways they have made every effort to keep England invisible, and discriminate against the people of England at every opportunity; indeed one gets the impression at times that the British state would like to abolish England, e.g., by breaking it up into regions. Many British politicians have expressed their contempt for England and the English and they are very anxious that England should not assert her identity.

It is a matter of fact that the British state refuses to acknowledge that England is a nation like Scotland or Wales. One can discuss whether these are true nations, but it is very clear that if that designation is afforded to both Scotland and Wales then it surely must be to England also.

No other nation is delegitimised and deconstructed in the way that England is. We English are constantly told that there is no such people as the English or that they are just a 'mongrel race', a nation of immigrants. The question, 'What does it mean to be English ?', is constantly thrown at anyone who identifies as English, in a way that it would never be thrown at a member of any other ethnic group. Have you ever heard of a multiculturalist MP asking Pakistanis to explain what it means to be Pakistani?

The British state also, clearly, has no problem promoting Scottish and Welsh identities and indeed celebrates these; however there is no focus on English identity or English culture. Scottish and Welsh children are rooted in their respective heritages in a way that English children have not been for a very long time. English children must make do with British identity rooted in a make-believe multicultural past.

Whilst Scottish and Welsh nationalism is actively promoted, English nationalism is characterised as 'racist' and 'xenophobic'; it's seen as the preserve of the 'far Right'. It has become totally acceptable amongst the middle class metropolitan elites to castigate the English, and they simply do not care what impact these statements have on the collective dignity and psychological well-being of English men, women and children. These politicians are quite willing to undermine our collective self-esteem whilst all the time going to great lengths not to offend minorities.

As long as the British state remains, England will continue to be subjected to second class status within the Union and the people of England subjected to the abuse meted out to them. We English need to develop a sense of Englishness again if things are to change and begin to assert ourselves in the way that the people of Scotland and Wales have done in recent decades. Thankfully, there are signs that this is starting to happen. More and more people living in England are rejecting British identity and simply identifying themselves as English. There is also emerging what might be called an "English political community". This is clearly a response to the gross injustices of the devolution settlement and the privileging of the other constituent parts of the UK, especially Scotland.

Many English people are asking why the people of England must pay ever increasing prescription charges whilst people north of the border don't pay anything! English people want to know why lifesaving cancer drugs are available in Scotland but not in England. They want to know why more money is spent in Scotland per head of population than in England and why this privilege is paid for by the English taxpayer via the Barnett Formula. They also want to know why Scottish MPs can vote on matters affecting England (e.g., the introduction of student fees) but English MPs cannot vote on matters affecting Scotland. Many English people are beginning to wonder whether we would be better off without the Union!

I think that the Union is effectively over. The SNP will use its position in Westminster to manoeuvre for another referendum in the not too distant future - regardless of what Sturgeon and co. are saying at the moment - and I am convinced that if this is held within the next decade Scotland will vote for independence. We English must now seek a constitutional settlement that reflects our interests of us, the people of England. We demand either a devolved English parliament with exactly the same powers as Scotland within a federal UK, as long as the union remains, or they must vote for independence.

It should also be borne in mind that we English have recourse to the UN regarding the elimination of race and cultures and I am aware the certain people are following this up.

My apologies for this rather long letter, but this matter is close to my heart because I no longer recognize the country I grew up in and, like many, feel betrayed and dismissed by a ruling elite who regard us English with contempt. I do not want my country split into regions or “power-houses” and will support anybody and anything that will promote England and Englishness.

Yours sincerely

D P Fair


  1. well said ,its how real Englishmen and women feel

    1. This is it, as I have said elsewhere, it is slowly dawning on the English with the Calais crisis that the day when they will be a minority in their own country is rapidly approaching. My other comments will no doubt appear in due course. I won't get paranoid about the Ministry of Justice. In actual fact referring back to its Orwellian appearance, I think that this really is our very own Ministry of Truth. And we are all Winston Smith ( that was his name wasn't it?). And we will soon be all spied on by smart technology in our television sets or even our utility meters.
      Evil triumphs when honest men do nothing.

    2. There still seems to be a delay in posting comments. However, I was enraged to hear the Mayor of Calais refer to an English mafia smuggling "asylum seekers" into England. I very much doubt if they were English at all, although I know that on the Continent they tend to speak of all those as being in Great Britain as being English. They may have been "British" but were probably East Europeans or from beyond Europe's shores with no love of England. Immigrants cashing in on more immigrants again.

  2. Dear readers, please could we accept the above letter for submission to the UN General Assembly in Geneva.

    The England UN Committee is keeping a low profile at the moment but is accimilatong evidence to submit to the UN in due course.

    Most of our reports have already been compiled by experts across England and quite frankly they are damning but we are awaiting the compilatiin of one final report.

    Yours faithfully

    England UN Committee

    Yoirs faithfully

    1. This is excellent news. Glad to know that somebody is fighting our corner. The above letter referred to the psychological harm that the English are suffering. The same goes for blacks and Asians pushed to settle here and goes to show that the tensions and frictions of unworkable ethnic pluralism are bad for everybody's mental health.

  3. Interesting to see how Orwellian the Ministry of Justice looks. How appropriate. From there Big Brother is watching us all.

  4. Petitioning Mr Raab looks a bit like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke when, according to the latest UN forecasts from the UN Population Division in New York, "Africa will account for much of the explosive growth in the world’s population this century, which is expected to rise from the 7.3bn people on earth today to 11.2bn by 2100.

    In countries such as Nigeria – Africa’s most populous nation – there are now signs that fertility rates are on the increase, which could have a significant impact on future estimates of the global population.
    Global population for 2100 could be has high as 13.2bn, particularly if women in Africa continue to buck the global trend by having more babies than expected, the UN has warned."

    1. As that Finnish politician had the temerity to say, these people should be limited to three ( perhaps that should be two!!) kids and then sterilised instead of breeding like rabbits and then rushing to white countries to help them survive. Time for a return of European empires or at least European administrators and advisors back in the Third World? India's population is meant to be doubling as well.

  5. A byspell (example) of New-English from the Anglish Moot webstead (website):


    "Engelsaxen/Englelond's eretide* takes in the goings-on from Roomansh Brittenlond's end til the Onglish ond Saxish kingdooms' setting-up in the 5th yearhundred* untill the takeover by the Normons in 1066. From the 5th yearhundred ond the 6th yearhundred, knowen as the “Dark Eldth”*, mickler*, self-stonding kingdooms were cumming intu being, among them the Seven Kingdooms (the Heptarchy in book idiom). Later the Wiking incummings et the 8th yearhundred's end brought monny* shifts in Brittenlond's mootish* stallwerk*, ond its deelings with other Evelondish* kingdooms took on weighty bearing right up tu Engelsaxen's end ond the Normons cumming ond taking over Englelond.

    Brittenlond = Britain
    eldth = ages
    eretide = earliest times
    Evelond = Europe
    mickler = larger
    monny = many
    mootish = political
    stallwerk = framework
    yearhundred = century

    1. Yes, it is easy to understand. Somebody has written a novel in English shorn of its Norman imports. Can you remind me of what it is called. To go back to our linguistic roots takes us back to our cultural, political and racial roots. But I can't see the one world oligarchic elites wanting that!!

  6. A brilliant letter which will probably fall on the deaf ears of one who celebrates all the cultures in his constituency bar the natives as they pack their bags and jump ship. Francis summed it up as our racial, cultural and spiritual extinction and I am glad that the write referred to race as well as culture. The English share their dna with the Frisians and the Danes not with those from beyond Europe's shores. Europe is crumbling as the tool of mass immigration being used by the Marxists of the Frankfurt School, as they intended and the bankers of Wall Street brings us to the edge of the abyss. Some now think that we are getting close to the end of times and the apocalypse and it certainly feels that way.

  7. Robin,
    On Wednesday the 19th of August, the bookies' front-runner to win the Labour Party leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn, will be appearing on BBC Radio 4's 'World at One' news programme to answer listeners' questions about his policies.
    It would be interesting to know your analysis of his policies.

    1. Yes do 'phone in and ask him about immigration, Robin. I bet the Beeb exclude you. Corbyn is meant to answer all questions honestly and without fudging the issue. This would give him a chance to show it.

  8. One third of Londoners do not want a Muslim mayor with most amongst the over 60s and nasty UKIP-ers. These are probably the remaining English trapped there who have seen London diversified without their consent and hate it. The youngsters are probably non-English, possibly non-white, or youthful utopianists. Lord Ahmed spoke of diverse London - with no consent for diversification - but mounting Islamophobia; but not as bad as the English North!! How do you think diversity would play out in Islamabad your lordship?

  9. A top German police chief has now said that Germany's borders must be sealed against the immigrant invasion. Germany just cannot cope.
    But the blame must lie with Wall Street, Washington and the City who have caused turmoil in Muslim countries for their own ends, especially in Libya. Fences are going up and the EU collapsing - hurray!! Those nasty Hungarians under pm Urban are leading the way!! I recently spoke to a young Hungarian living here temporarily. He thinks Urban is doing a great job; so one in the eye for the EU and the multiculturalists.

  10. A top German police chief wants the borders closed against the immigrant hordes. The EU is collapsing and the multiculturalists' time is up. Fences everywhere. But do not blame the immigrants; blame the One Worlder Plutocrats and their aim of total financial hegemony who have destroyed Libya.

  11. Further to Lord Ahmed's comments about islamophobia up north, I met somebody from Burnley recently who told me that Pakistanis are fire bombing the churches there, even with the congregation still inside in one case. Are you surprised that the natives are hostile Lord Ahmed?
    But in Carlisle, where they are holding back the tide, somebody has firebombed the mosque three times. This is reprehensible but not surprising. Powell set no time limit on his Rivers of Blood. He knew that as the demographics led to the marginalisation and ousting of the English there would be a violent backlash.

  12. There was to be a demonstration by "Neo Nazis" in Liverpool the other day but this was thwarted by a vast crowd of "anti-fascists" funded by the government. One of these carried a poster which read "No Nazis, No borders". Firstly, presumably anybody who has been opposed to mass immigration and native genocide since the War is a Nazi in their view. So most of the English population are Nazis. They are too afraid to demonstrate against immigration because they would be attacked by the "anti-fascists", labelled Nazis and made to feel guilty so they stay at home and keep mum. As for no borders, at a time when most European countries are building fences or closing their borders then I would ask these brain dead five-year-olds what would happen if the Southern Hemisphere were flooding north even quicker than at present. With no borders they would outnumber us in no time and much faster than the predicted date for most European countries of the end of the century.
    Do these screaming juvenile brains know any logic?

  13. No Nazis, No Borders came the cry of the noble anti-fascists in Liverpool the other day. A Nazi for them is anybody who was ever opposed to mass immigration. That is most Europeans. And no borders would mean the third world in the first in a decade not the several decades at present predicted.

    1. Sorry, here we go again, unintentional repetition. My apologies.

  14. Erstwhile Labour voters in the North changed to voting Ukip, because they thought that Ukip was an English nationalist party. Now they are flooding back to Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn. There have to be lessons here for the English Democrats.
    The EDs need to learn from the SNP. which was originally on the right, but is now to the left of Labour.
    Scots and Northerners are more community orientated than Southerners. That is why Ukip invented Red Ukip to appeal to Northerners, and it worked for them in the general election, even though they failed to win a seat in the North.

    1. Jeremy Corbyn has said he stands for black and white ( and presumably brown and yellow) "Britons" so those northerners will find that if some other policies are too their liking then his stand on multiculturalism and immigration probably mean that they only have a few decades left before having to flee. They must not be fooled by Jeremy.

  15. There was an item from Berlin on the BBC's pm programme last night.
    The authorities are pinning the levels of rent as foreigners are forcing them up and Berlin must be for Berliners they say. Is that allowed under the EU's free movement of Labour.? It must be 40 years plus since anybody dared say London was for Londoners and I can't see Jeremy Corbyn changing anything. The spokesman said that he did not want Berlin becoming like London or Paris. Paris, too, has a housing shortage for the same reasons but probably not as bad as London's. We now know that English people or maybe "British" are choosing to live on the Continent in places like Barcelona and commute weekly by air to London and sleeping on friends' floors as it is the only way they can afford to buy or rent a property. Perhaps this is now happening with Berlin. We know that the English have been ethnically cleansed from "cosmopolitan" London and are having to commute vast distances to work there. But it seems that those distances are getting greater and greater. Well done to the Germans for saying Berlin for Berliners. But undoubtedly they will be dismissed as Nazis for doing so. Meanwhile the Hungarian I spoke to told me that foreigners are buying up property in Budapest as well for investment purposes, just like London and forcing up purchase and rental prices. Foreigners being the usual suspects, the Chinese and others. As our own are forced to sleep rough the oligarchs get richer and richer.