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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Metropolitan Police: All new police constables must be able to speak second language!

On my return from a short holiday one of the first stories of blatant discrimination against the English that greets me is that the Metropolitan Police have now made it a mandatory requirement for recruitment that applicants speak at least one foreign language. Here is the article in the Mirror and below are my letters to the Mirror and to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. What do you think?

Metropolitan Police: All new police constables must be able to speak second language from today

Recruits will need to speak English and one of 14 designated languages to join the country's biggest force.

All new constables in the Metropolitan police must be able to speak a second language apart from English from today.

The astonishing requirement emerged in an advert for fresh recruits posted online by the country's biggest force.

From today, anyone wanting to join the Met must be able to speak English and one of the following 14 languages:

• Yoruba (Nigeria)
• Hebrew
• Arabic
• Hindi
• Punjabi
• Italian
• German
• Turkish
• Greek
• Spanish
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Sinhali (Sri Lanka)
• Bengali

In a press release, the Met said the requirement is a one-month 'pilot' scheme designed to "bring officers into the Met with more of the skills necessary to help police and engage with London's diverse communities as effectively as possible."

However, the Met does not specify that the new qualification is temporary on its website.

In fact, the Careers page makes it clear that anyone who does not speak one of the specified languages is "unable to submit an application".

The only reference to a 'one-month trial' was made in a quietly-issued press release at 1am today.

Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has also come under fire for the 14 languages chosen for his list - when by his own admission almost 300 are spoken in London.

Critics questioned why key languages including Gujurati, Mandarin and Romanian aren't on there - but German is.

Andrew Boff, leader of the Conservatives in the London Assembly, described the list as "bizarre".

He told the Mirror: "I just don't understand what this list of languages is supposed to achieve.

"It looks as if it's been made up at random.

"Chinese Mandarin is not on there when we know that statistically they are one of the groups most likely to be victims of crime in London.

"And there are others - where I live, Lithuanian is the most spoken language.

"Why on earth is German on there? I'm sure there are Germans living in London but they are likely to speak good English.

"Not even Germans like speaking German!

"This list clearly needed a bit more thought.

"I support the idea of a police force that looks like London - but I don't think having a second language should be a condition of application.

"Why not make it a general recommendation?"

Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe said: "I am committed to providing a police service which looks and feels more like London.

"We know that almost 300 languages are spoken in the capital. We need to recruit and deploy officers with second languages in areas where those languages are spoken.

"I believe it will help boost confidence, help to solve crime more effectively and support victims and witnesses."

(Here is the link to the article >>> Metropolitan Police: All new police constables must be able to speak second language from today - Mirror Online )

Letter to the Mirror:

Dear Mr Robson

Re: Your article – Metropolitan Police: All new police constables must be able to speak second language from today

I read your piece with interest as it would seem that the Metropolitan Police have introduced a recruitment requirement which is not only objectively unjustifiable, but also the effect of which must impact adversely on ethnic English applicants. In racial equality law this is known as indirect illegal discrimination.

I am a practicing solicitor and your report indicates a clear indirect illegal discrimination by the Metropolitan Police. If our Capital’s POLICE FORCE cannot be relied upon to obey the law on even something as straightforward as their recruitment policy, then what indeed does that say about their effectiveness as a law enforcement agency at all?

Yours sincerely

R C W Tilbrook

Letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Dear Sir Bernard

We understand from the Daily Mirror article, a copy of which we enclose, for your information, that the Metropolitan Police may be guilty of initiating a blatantly illegal discriminatory recruitment policy for Police Officers.

May we respectfully remind you that it is now a long established principle of Race Relations Law that it is illegal for an employer to adopt Employment Selection criteria which either advantages or disadvantages specific ethnic groups. The employment criteria which you have introduced, seemingly without any effort at proper consultation, self-evidently advantages immigrants who come from any of the ethnic or national backgrounds whose languages you have selected and equally disadvantages those from an immigrant background whose native language is not so selected, as well as the ethnic English.

We are writing to you to point out the blatant illegality of your action and therefore request that you desist forthwith. If we do not hear from you that you have done so within the next 7 days, we shall begin to make enquiries as to whether any ethnic English potential applicants have been prejudiced by your policy and shall be looking to support them in bringing a claim against you personally as an individual guilty of racial discrimination contrary to the Equalities Act 2010 and also against the Metropolitan Police as an institution.

Yours sincerely

R C W Tilbrook


  1. We have to accept that we have lost London as an English city for ever, and take steps to make sure that other cities, e.g., Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford are recovered before they are also lost for ever, by either resettling their non-English populations abroad, or in London.

    1. This week-end I was talking to a Japanese lady who has lived in London since her teens. I said that I have no desire to go there now. We were talking about the poor state of public transport here in the countryside. She said that it is marvellous in London. I said that I find the idea of a 24 hours tube service pretty awful. She said that it is like that in Tokyo. I then said about all the buildings being pulled down to put up skyscrapers.
      She said there were still a lot of old buildings left. Firstly, she obviously had no emotional attachment to our 2,000-year-old former capital. But then I realised that in Tokyo and many other Japanese cities there are hardly any old buildings left. It then occurred to me that much of what has happened to London is the result of peoples or ideas from the east, be they the Jews, the Indians or those from further east where the idea seems to be a constant frenzied orgy of money-making, all wholly alien to the European and especially the English tradition. Finally, I spoke of the Japanese economy and she said that the population was shrinking, that was the problem. I very much wanted, after events on the M2 recently, to ask here why Japan is not talking those healthy young men flooding into Europe from Africa and the Middle East who could intermarry with Japanese maidens and produce big productive families of children. I would have been very interested to hear her reply!!
      As for resettlement, this would be no different from what the countries of Eastern Europe did with German minorities at the end of the War.

  2. Robin, blooming excellent and the best of luck. I like the photo, too, it makes Sir Bernie look more like an east end gangster that George Dixon et al would have had to deal with than the Chief Constable.

    It is appalling to learn that 300 languages are spoken in London. You are right, most fellow Western Europeans would have been able to speak some English, even the tourists.

    I was pleased to see Steve Uncles on Russia Today last night talking about the smug demand by those arrogant Subcontinentals for reparations for British India. He was spot on in saying that we transformed India into a 20th century westernised country before we left.
    As for our having prevented Indian industrialisation; there would have been no industrialisation in India if it had not been for Europeans, mostly the British and Germans.

    But there is another point. If we were to pay the estimated 3 trillion dollars to booming India they are after then this should wipe the slate clean and make a level playing field. We should then demand compensation for Indian ( pre-partition Indian) colonisation of England and the consequences for the English. I note that coppers are expected to speak the languages of the sub-continent. English is their second language they should know how to speak it.

    We want compensation for being dispossessed of cities such as Indian Leicester and many others. I knew a couple in the 80s whose daughter came from Harrow and worked for the DHSS in Hounslow as Indians took the whole area as their own. I saw a letter from a gent from Birmingham about how the Indians pushed him out. Here several Indian restaurants have been shut down as being fronts for illegal immigration from India. The Indians have pushed into England with no democratic mandate and without our consent. We left. Perhaps they should think about that. There is little difference from the East India Company and the Raj; plus there were only 300,000 British in a population of 300m.
    Their elite wanted us there or we would have been slaughtered.

    1. I am getting sick of all this reparations stuff going about. My new GP is a non muslim Indian. He appears pleasant enough. However I saw what these people do when given power they abuse it for their own ends. He later employed his wife as another Doctor in the practice, OK she may be competent but just imagine what would happen if an English Doctor did such a thing. There would be hell on earth with the unions and so on, so why not with those from the Indian subcontinent.

      Anyway. I have suffered from a depressive mental illness for nearly four years now and my new GP is not sympathetic at all. He believes that I am somehow making things up and need to get back to full working hours and not the reduced working hours I've been on for a few years now.

      I think the government wants these Indian Doctors so that they can be used to fake medical reports that suit the government's agendas.

      I am actually fuming with anger at the moment but mark my words if I am pushed into a corner, I will will fightback with lots of nationalist venom.

      I am now writing an article called 'Devolution For Slow Learner' and I have included a time line of all major events that have happened in England and the rest of the UK over the last 500 years. Believe it I can see history repeating itself. Replace Ulster/Munster Plantations in Ireland with mass immigration into England we have parallels. Look what happened in Ireland because of that? Yes sectarianism, rebellions, demands for home rule (opposed by minority community) followed by wars of independence and partition in 1920. Is England going the same way as Ireland 100 years ago? Possibly.


    2. Francis, my recent heart op was carried out by an Indian heart surgeon. He appears to have done a good job but the morning after the op he told me that I needed a back-up pacemaker and I was blocking a bed and it had to be fitted that day even though I was running an infection which could have proved fatal if it reached the new heart valve. Then a mature Scottish pacemaker doctor appeared and told me that she would not allow it until I was clear of infection as the risk was too great; so I was pumped full of antibiotics for a week and the pacemaker fitted after that. The Indian heart surgeon then told me I should have been out of hospital a week ago and he would see me at my local hospital. When I told the cardiac rehabilitation nurse she was shocked and arranged an appointment with someone else. The cardiologist at my local hospital was horrified that he was thinking of fitting the pacemaker the day after such a dangerous piece of heart surgery. I say that the surgeon treated me the way he would have treated a lower caste in India which some people have found a bit naughty. Sometimes though I wonder if he views us much as we viewed his compatriots in the days of the Raj.
      Certainly he was displaying all signs of what I call subcontinental arrogance and his behaviour was not in the tradition of English medicine. And yes, Francis, somebody quoted Northern Ireland to me recently. And it has not stopped, there are security alerts there every day still.

      Meanwhile, we hear that in Freital near Dresden "neo-nazis" have blown up the car of a left-wing politician who wanted to flood the town with more and more of the boat people. Tensions are mounting all over Europe now as the Left - backed by big money - insist on more and more immigrants/asylum seekers pouring in. As I have said with Hanne Herland, we are back in 1939 as the communist left meets resistance from the conservative right. And it will all end in blood and tears. By the way, Freital means free valley or up north Freedale. Probably the name dates from the Middle Ages when its inhabitants were free of local feudal control. Is this significant? Plus, being in East Germany, is the Marxist EU just more of what they rejected 20 years ago.

  3. Well said Robin. Remind them of the case BBC v Mark Douglas Souster at the Scottish Court of Session in December 2000. That was at an Appeal Court and we English do exist as a race by reference to our English national origins. This definition applies equally to the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Order Act 1986.

    When are going to get an Indigenous Peoples' Act?

    I urge all English People to make complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman for complaints about public sector mitreatment and Ofcom concerning the behaviour of the MSM and BBC.

    What do other readers think of my ideas?


    1. Francis, it has been shown by dna tests that the male dna of the English is different from that of our celtic neighbours and is indistinguishable from that of the Frisians in Northern Holland. If this is the case then we are a people. I was speaking to a gentleman yesterday who is an expert on Anglo-Saxon architecture. He and his wife had both been dna tested and he had Danish Viking dna whilst his wife had Anglo-Saxon dna, although I am not sure how they distinguish the two. This proves it. We are an Anglo-Danish people.

      However, David Cameron yesterday said that all our minorities were now well integrated bar a few Muslims. That smug imam in Southampton said that this proves that the majority of Muslims are integrated as well. But this begs the question as to what it is all about and why it has happened. Was it just a ideological exercise to see if it could be done? There are two other possibilities, one is that of white genocide for the purposes of world wide power for thousands of years by a select few. I was told 30 years ago of a quote in this respect but I expect it will be shown to be a forgery. The other was suggested by Joanna Lumley in Russia last night when it was revealed that the Soviet Union deliberately moved different ethnic groups around to produce a mixture as a way, probably, of maintaining totalitarian control. Perhaps the two come down to the same thing. Mr Cameron has said that nothing is going to change but of course it is going to soon reach a point when we the English become the ethnic minority. Already Afro-carribeans from the big cities have been moved to social housing in the Dales market town of Settle and the Pakistanis set up their market stalls on Market Day. Dalesmen and women from a mere 50 years ago if they were to return would be confused and incredulous. But then Settle is now becoming a commuter town for Leeds and Bradford as are so many places within reach of Leeds and Manchester. They are becoming outer suburbs or satellites as are towns in the South-east. England is becoming totally urbanised and multi-culturalised and England will be like New York from Land's End to the its borders virtually.

      On that point, David Dimbleby in Britain and the Sea spoke of the Channel as our fixed border which has protected us unlike shifting borders on the Continent. Not any more, David, the Channel and the North Sea, thanks to the Channel Tunnel and air flight, have become totally irrelevant.

  4. What angers me about the entire so called Equality industry is the asymmetric nature in which it applied to favour non white and non ethnic English minorities in every single case. The same applies to the hate speech provisions within the Public Order Act 1986.

    Robin it is time ti sue the Diversity Officers in person too because it is the training and advice provided by them that causes or induces the racial discrimination in the first place.

    In my previous work in human resources I met many diversity trainers and they were mostly members of the ethnic minority communities. You will also find many Heads of HR or Personnel are either minorities or marxists or both and therein lies the problem.

    One of my former closest colleages in Human Resources turned out to be a closet homosexual marxist jew. We really need to hit these people in the pocket.


    1. The problem is, Francis, that the English just seem to swallow it all and carry on as if nothing was happening. It is all a bit like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic or going meekly into the cattle trucks. I feel like screaming at them; don't you realise what is being done to you and why? They would probably become a bit flustered and embarrassed and ask if anybody would like another slice of sponge cake. They don't seem to realise or accept that all those listed above have an axe to grind against the English and are bent on revenge whilst pretending to be terribly nice. Haven't they heard that Prime Minister Modi of Indian told "all patriotic Indians" to demand reparations from the British Government. They may pretend they like us but they probably don't but still want what we have to offer them. Can you imagine the outcry from the establishment if somebody would say that all patriotic Englishmen and women should demand an end to all immigration and a planned programme of resettlement to their homelands which have not improved one iota by their flooding in here?

    2. Too many people are sadly brainwashed. They only realise what's going on when they are confronted with evidence and I have spent umteen times convincing a few people. A few former lefties have come over to our side but we need everyone coming over, righties too.

      I am on the verge of filing the UN's Procedure 1503 concerning the implementation of the UN's Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples. Having once been a Human Resources professional I was able to find the entire BBC v Mark Douglas Souster anti-English discrimination case where Scotland's Appeal Court, the Court of Session established that the English did in fact exist as a racial ground under the embrella term 'national origins'. Therefore we can use this Declaration to our advantage.

      I will be forwarding my submission to the UN in Geneva because I am sick and tired of nothing getting done despite promise after promise.

      The House of Lords blocking of the EVEL quite frankly is the straw that broke the camel's back as far as I am concerned. EVEL as we all know is not good enough but that was all that was offered. Now we have to go to the international authorities because there is nothing else we can do.

      If we do decide to go for guerilla warfare we need to read UN Resolution 3103 concerning the rights of peoples under alien rule or racist regimes.


    3. My experience is that, even when "confronted with the evidence", the English just shrug and do nothing. The simple truth is that the only thing they CAN do, if they want anything to change, (IF they want anything to change), is to join the English Democrats and get involved.
      They'd rather stick with the LibLabCon British devil they know.
      Good luck with the UN thing.

    4. Clive,

      The UN so far has taken a lot of interest. The General Assembly had advised me that the Council of Europe had already ticked off the UK in March 1997 over the unfair FPTP system, consistency of application of law, and the dodgy appointment of judges.

      I may even send a copy to Russia and Serbia because I am frankly fed up now.

      The sheeple are awaiting a leader to do it for them


  5. Watch:

  6. Watch, mark and learn:

    The English Democrats can too, as the party of social justice in England.

  7. The actor Terence Stamp can't buy mangoes at his favorite East London market because 'no one speaks English'

    Stamp, the symbol of ‘Swinging London’ in the Sixties says that he now feels like an alien in his own city.

    ‘It’s very sad how few English people there are in London now,’ he says.
    ‘When I grew up in East London everyone spoke English, but now you can barely get by speaking the language. I’m lucky if I can buy a mango now at all because no one speaks English. It’s changed so much in such a short space of time, that God knows what London will be like in another decade or so.’

    In a provocative outburst, the 76-year-old actor, who went on to star in Hollywood blockbusters including Superman, added: ‘You see these mums wandering around with their prams and four out of five of them have these scarves wrapped around their heads. I feel like London’s not England any more; it's not the London I used to know anyway.

    The liberal vision of the multicultural society should not be at the cost of our own nation, culture and history. It's very sad that London has stopped being English, but that's the way it is. It will be British; not English.
    We've lost London, but we most not lose any more of our country.

    1. Haven't heard this from Terence Stamp. I remember London in the sixties and it is the London you see on Top of the Pops from that era without a non-English face. They only seemed to appear in the 70s on TOTP. But it is nice that Stamp has finally blown his top. As I have said above about Settle, we will lose control of our country if Cameron et al are to have their way.

  8. On the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, speaking about David Cameron's foot dragging over the 'Vow' given to the Scottish people before last year's independence referendum, former SNP leader Alex Salmond MP raised the question of Conservative plans for so-called "English votes for English laws (EVEL)"
    He said: "IF YOU WERE DOING IT PROPERLY, YOU WOULD HAVE AN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT, because you have to have some sort of symmetry between what's happening in Northern Ireland, what's happening in Wales, what's happening in Scotland, what's happening in England.

    "There are four nations in these islands and if you were to take the prime minister at his word and this was an equal partnership, then each of these nations would have equality with each other AND THAT WOULD MEAN AN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT"

    1. Good, about time too.

    2. Salmond says, "what's happening in England" and "there are four nations in these islands".
      The fact is that there are many nations in England, let alone in these islands, and the English will soon be in the minority in England.

    3. Apparently, now the majority of sports presenters on the BBC are now non-white, even a non-white lady doing the cricket.
      This will increase and increase until we begin to think we are in Brazil not Britain. But as regards Brazil, the very slight majority of whites still hold all the power. This will undoubtedly be the case in the US as it teeters towards civil war and in England until Mr Cameron and his friends finally escape to their tax havens and leave the remaining English to a fate similar to the remaining Afrikaaners in South Africa.
      By the way, has anybody noticed that America is on its way to becoming the next South Africa? But it was the Americans - or those controlling them - who were instrumental in overthrowing apartheid. I wonder how they will cope with a dose of their own medicine?

  9. Here is the beginning of Poul Anderson's writing settedness "Uncleftish Beholding" ("AtomicTheory"), written in English cleansed of Latinish, Greekish and French. We must speak English once more. Let the English all learn to speak their own true tongue.

    "For most of its being, mankind did not know what things are made of, but could only guess. With the growth of worldken, we began to learn, and today we have a beholding of stuff and work that watching bears out, both in the workstead and in daily life.

    The underlying kinds of stuff are the *firststuffs*, which link together in sundry ways to give rise to the rest. Formerly we knew of ninety-two firststuffs, from waterstuff, the lightest and barest, to ymirstuff, the heaviest. Now we have made more, such as aegirstuff and helstuff.

    The firststuffs have their being as motes called *unclefts*. These are mightly small; one seedweight of waterstuff holds a tale of them like unto two followed by twenty-two naughts. Most unclefts link together to make what are called *bulkbits*. Thus, the waterstuff bulkbit bestands of two waterstuff unclefts, the sourstuff bulkbit of two sourstuff unclefts, and so on. (Some kinds, such as sunstuff, keep alone; others, such as iron, cling together in ices when in the fast standing; and there are yet
    more yokeways.) When unlike clefts link in a bulkbit, they make *bindings*. Thus, water is a binding of two waterstuff unclefts with one sourstuff uncleft, while a bulkbit of one of the forestuffs making up flesh may have a thousand thousand or more unclefts of these two firststuffs together with coalstuff and chokestuff.

    At first is was thought that the uncleft was a hard thing that could be split no further; hence the name. Now we know it is made up of lesser motes. There is a heavy *kernel* with a forward bernstonish lading, and around it one or more light motes with backward ladings. The least uncleft is that of ordinary waterstuff. Its kernel is a lone forwardladen mote called a *firstbit*. Outside it is a backwardladen mote called a *bernstonebit*. The firstbit has a heaviness about 1840-fold that of the bernstonebit. Early worldken folk thought bernstonebits swing around the kernel like the earth around the sun, but now we understand they are more like waves or clouds."

  10. Well done Robin !!
    Getting on the case immediate to the Met's second (AS FIRST) language qaulification requirement is commendable.
    The picture you chose for your article of Sir Bernard Hogan Howe is very appropriate.In this case the saying ' A picture paints a thousend words ' is true! That scowl,that scornful look ! Where and WHEN did that look manifest? What was the source I wonder? It is true that hell has no fury!
    In the case of Sir Bernard, one has to ask again and again (until we all get a satisfactory answer)as to where and when did all this scornfulness and fury against England and the indigenous English come from-MMMmmmm!!-? Who or what hammered in this blatently obvious anti-English chip into those broad " BRITISH " shoulder's? Hold on! Surely it must be those accusations of racism lodged against the Met that serves as the source? OR! Was it somthing else? They say the answers to these many valid questions are to be found somewhere in Ireland of all places? Personally I am not convinced. My belief is the answer to these necessary questions are to be found deep in England somwhere! One thing I am sure of is the shadowy puppet masters pulling Britains strings sufficient to destroy London as an English capitol(rest of England to follow) are themselves ' Chip on the shoulder Specialists',so much so, they have made a vast CONTROLLING industry out of it! Victimhood can see those seeking(conveniant to the elites purposes) PAY BACK are quickly assigned to positions of authority. As such the right man for the job of destroying England for self and OTHERS like minded seems to serve as a possible title for the baleful malevolence showing in that scowling scornfilled picture.God help England and the English!!

    1. As I have answered to Francis, there are so many from beyond our shores who have an axe to grind and whilst smiling at us are bent on revenge for our supposed past misdeeds. This does not just include those from our former empire but even the Jews. Anti-Semitism before the War was rife in England and had been off and on since the Norman Conquest when they first came to England. I am not saying that this is correct but could well be.

      I am beginning to worry about the latest news from Syria, with the US and Turkey following the strategy used in Libya. And now we hear that Israel is engaged in major military exercises and wonder if the plan is to enter Syria from the south as Israel and her western allies are still hell bent on ousting Assad.
      Libyan style chaos will follow but then that seems to be the agenda on the part of Israel and others. A Jehovah's witness tells me that there will be a great shout for peace and then Armageddon. I hope that the great shout for peace didn't happen in Vienna re Iran and that Armageddon will be unleashed when Israel responds. I am sure that Iran is the next goal after Syria and Russia. God help us.

      As for the English we must still remember Chesterton's quote along the lines of pay us, smile at us, pass us but never quite forget that we are the people of England who never have spoken yet. Perhaps somebody could quote it correctly for me.

  11. Lester Holloway of Caribbean heritage on Russia Today said last night that we should move our border to Dover and let all these healthy young men who are storming our border in. They are escaping persecution he claimed. What about their families have they left them to persecution and death. I do not believe that most are genuine but if they are then the same people have caused it who have created mass immigration for the last 70 year. My wife predicted that this would happen when the Tunnel was built and Holloway admitted that most would just vanish with millions more to follow. Why do many immigrants back further immigration? Do we the natives have no say? If the border was moved it would mean sealing off Dover from the rest of England. And would we be allowed to shoot them if they ran. I doubt it. Brazil or Mecca here we come.

  12. The migrants waiting in Calais say that a foremost reason they want to come to England is the mixed international so-called "English" language. If we spoke TRUE English, they would be less interested in coming to England.
    We need to cleanse "English" of the foreign words, mostly Latin, which pollute the tongue of our English folk.
    And we need to restore St Edmund as our patron saint.

    1. That's all very well but cockney has been driven out of London to be replaced by an Afro-Asian patois which will have replaced it by 2020. Even the few indigenes there now speak this foreign dialect. Cockney lives on in Essex and Kent whither the cockneys have fled. I have found that non-Anglo-Saxon compounds have not direct impact as they are made up of constituent parts that do not exist in English. So Freedom stirs the heart as Liberty does not. As for St Edmund, yes, but in a few decades no-one will know what a saint is, or the liturgy or the Bible. As Francis said the first battle is to stop racial, cultural and spiritual extinction, a non-white majority and Islamification

    2. You are right that true English words like 'Freedom' stir the heart more than 'unEnglish' words like Liberty, but we are losing our English words. To by-spell, you wrote unEnglish 'decades' instead of true English 'ten years'.
      The English tongue needs to be brought back into being. It is the grounding of our tilling (culture).

    3. English now has too many words and has lost its directness.
      Comparing Oh Head so sorely wounded ( all Anglo-Saxon words by the way) from the St Matthew Passion in German with the translation in the hymn books, the German is so much more simple and direct. But to say, as in German, Oh Head full of blood and wounds would shock the now so sensitive English who fall back on euphamisms. Following the Germanic pattern by the way, decades should be yeartens and centuries should be yearhundreds.

  13. Jonathan Arkush of the Board of Deputies of British Jews was on RT talking about the lack of anti-Semitism here and our acceptance of multiculturalism which should serve as a blueprint for other ( just white ) countries. Firstly, multiculturalism was imposed on white countries by law with no choice, Non-white countries including Israel may have their homelands but not Europeans any more. Many Jews favour multiculturalism because they want to be a minority among minorities.
    Finally, whilst the attempted genocide of European Jewry was evil so is that of Europeans through mass immigration and multiculturalism. It made me wonder about what I was told 30 years ago about the drive towards white genocide.

  14. Hogie's deadline has expired. Did he bother to reply?

    1. That would have been a surprise wouldn't it! I am now looking for disappointed English applicants!

  15. I wonder whether you will be contacted by the disappointed applicants or whether they, too, will be afraid of being accused of racism. We hear that the government is trying to tackle landlords who house illegal immigrants. You will probably find that the majority are immigrants themselves like the Asians in Slough housing Poles in their garden sheds. And to tackle them will bring cries of racism. I expect just to point out this possibility will be deemed to be a racist statement itself. This should all have been nipped in the but in 1968 but did not fit the one world plan.