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Friday, 9 January 2015

Islamist threat rises to DEFCON 1?

Islamist threat rises to DEFCON 1?

The awareness of the threat from battle-hardened and well-armed Islamists has just leaped into focus, even for our most self-righteous and complacent Leftist media figures!

The Charlie Hebdo assassins were after people exactly like them – Leftist journalists.

As if to rub the lesson home, MI5 has confirmed publically that such an attack here in England is only a matter of time.

R.T. invited me on yesterday for a TV interview about the English Democrats’ response to the Paris assassinations. 

Here is a link to my interview>>>

What do you think?


  1. I watched the interview and you did extremely well - right down to the strategically placed "English Democrats" poster which hid the messy shelves that were the subject of responses to your previous RT interview!
    It reflects badly on our so-called "democracy" that some quango is able to dictate whose points of view get any media coverage. Cameron wants the Greens to participate in the leadership debates and will take his ball home if they do not. If the Greens, why not the English Democrats? That said, it seems that Russia Today is willing to give us air time and they are to be congratulated.
    I maintain that the purpose of "Politically Correct" is to make it easy to silence people. We have only to look at the rise of UKIP. The Politically Correct continually scrutinise the utterances of its principal members in the hope of being able to call one a "racist", "xenophobe", "homophobe" or "islamophobe" and thus silence him.
    I was listening to BBC Radio Five's breakfast programme on the way to work on Thursday. They had the boss of the Muslim Council of Britain on, who was quoted by Nicky Campbell as saying (with regard the fatwa handed down to Salman Rushdie,) "Death is too easy for him. His mind must be tormented for the rest of his life..." words which he confirmed were his. Campbell asked this individual if the answer to the problem of books that one might consider offensive is "just don't read 'em."
    Later on the phone-in "Your Call" we heard a Muslim cleric say that whilst he was in favour of freedom of speech, he believed that a burden responsibility accompanied this freedom and started rambling on about "human dignity" and the like. I accept that one cannot be allowed to say with impunity things such as, "All (people of this skin-colour) should die."
    However, this is the bottom line. We either have freedom of conscience/freedom of speech or we don't. Any restriction upon that freedom however noble the motive might appear, will lead to further and further restrictions. No respectable person would advocate being openly offensive but he would still defend the freedom to be so. The "responsibility" referred to by the cleric is not, not to be offensive, but not to take offence. The taking of offence is a choice. Choose not to and the offensive person is the loser. Choose to and he wins.

    1. Salmond is claiming a place in the television debate, because the SNP is likely to emerge as the third biggest party in the UK after the general election. That would give the SNP two bites of the cherry, [1] across the UK and [2] in Scotland.
      Surely, the solution is to have the leaders' debates in the four countries and not UK wide. Thus in Scotland - Miliband, Sturgeon, Bennett, Clegg; in England - Cameron, Miliband, Farage, Bennett, Clegg, Tilbrook.

    2. A pithy comment I came across on another forum: "Few things are as absurd, as irritating, and as hypocritical as the caged parrots of the mass media flapping furiously and squawking about 'freedom of speech'."

  2. Robin. Sorry I missed your RT interview as I have been down in Nowhere Land as I call the South East of England now or New York on Thames.I was aware of what went on in France but did hear former CIA employee Ray McGovern on RT saying that the security services were tracking these people so why did they let it happen but then suggested it was once again, as with Lee Rigby, to make us afraid and more controllable through the "war on terror". Now we hear that the EU and Cameron are set to further increase the police state.

    When I heard the excellent Ray, my cynicism and suspicious nature went into overdrive. It looks as if this was a further case of entrapment by the western security services driven by the CIA, MI5 and probably Mossad. As I see it it will serve two purposes. That unity demonstration was massive and rapidly organised, almost pre-organised and those leaders, including Netanyahu, got there very quickly. Firstly, the parties of the "Far right" will now be viewed as opposing the unity consensus and attempts will be made to vilify and marginalise them. However, in Germany events in France have just led to further anti-Islamification protests. The second thing is that Europe is trying to back a Palestinian state and all of a sudden we have instances of Muslims/Arabs killing Jews and Net telling the Jews to leave France. He will say, this is what they will do to Israel if they get their state. I could be wrong but I remain sceptical.

    Meanwhile, it seems that the South east is engaged in a building frenzy where the economy is entirely based on property and everybody is encouraged to greedily get in on the act. But now Oxfordshire is saying enough is enough and they want no more estates on what is left of their countryside. But as long as the developers are making money and the flow of cheap labour continues and the liberal utopianist dream of white genocide continues nothing will change. There are still too many English left. The South east has now ceased to be England. The aim must be to stop the eradication of our national identity and even the English spreading to those areas as yet untouched.

    I have just read a book on the countdown to the end of the first world war. The pm at the end of the 19th century, Lord Salisbury, hated the Americans most of all because he saw them as greedy, materialistic, vulgar and hypocritical. Nothing changes there but the same psychopaths who flooded into the US in the 19th century are now here . The Austrians a hundred years ago blamed socialists and the new money outside the old order for the destruction of the Europe of centuries. These people are still at work. There is now longer any order, identity, cohesion, homogeneity or stability, all is driven by the insane greed of the psychopathic few. They have done the same to the muslim countries that they have done in Europe for their own ends and are leaving wastelands of centuries of history, tradition, ethnicity and culture.
    Islam seems to be one of their major tools in their destructive rampage.

  3. If you didn't see "The Big Questions" on the Beeb on Sunday morning, catch it on i-player and witness Raza Nadim of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (apparently there is one,) taken apart by Douglas Murray of the Spectator, (no declared religious affiliation,) Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim from Quilliam and Jonathan Romain, a rabbi.
    The programme demonstrated that chinks are appearing in the armour of the "Politically Correct".

  4. Robin. Events in France now would be laughable if they were not so serious. The Muslims are calling for their mosques to be protected from a wave of attacks since Charlie Hebdo whilst the Jews are calling for protection of their synagogues against attack by the Muslims. Don't you just love the new pluralism? Apparently, there is now a Jewish police force operating in London to protect potential attacks by Muslims on them.

    Meanwhile in Germany, Angela has changed tack on multiculturalism in view of the demonstrations calling for a halt to the Islamification of Europe and a counter-demonstration by Muslims in Berlin. She has said that Islam is part of Germany now. This is all well and good but Szarkozy told the French that theirs would ultimately be a Muslim country and Sweden will have a Muslim majority in a few decades, too. Plus we know that Islam will be the major religion here in at least ten years. This is a ticking time bomb and the elites have just kicked the matter into the long grass in the hope that it will go away and by calling for unity marginalise any Europeans objecting to their ultimate demise and disappearance. Nothing must stop the liberal pluralist utopia even if it - like the cuckoo - pushes Europeans out of the nest.

    I am surprised that you have not as yet, Robin, marked the 50th anniversary of Churchill's funeral this month. You are probably old enough to remember it. I can remember the dipping of the cranes along the Thames as the funeral barge sailed past in a time when London still had docks where now it has the glittering towers of the heart of darkness that is turbo capitalism. I wonder whether Churchill is now due for a Marxist revisionist makeover. After all, he called for Britain to remain white and had some unpleasant things to say about Islam. I am sure if he were to return today he would be aghast but I am also sure that he will shortly be ruled totally politically incorrect. It is now illegal to refer to his comments on keeping Britain white. Somebody recently was trying to maintain that Churchill wanted to be a Muslim. In view of his views on Islam I smell a Marxist, multicultural rat. I recently had reason to travel through the centre of Birmingham where white faces were in the minority. Powell, too, would be alarmed but not surprised at what has happened to his home city. Despite the claim of the chap on CNN that said city is 100% Muslim the figure is 22% but that is just Muslims. However, Birmingham seems to be sending plenty to fight with the Islamic state; and fellow Muslims claim they are powerless to stop it!?

  5. Robin. It transpires that Charlie Hebdo and even the French communist paper l'humanite are no longer all that they seem. They have been bought by the same media companies that own all our media now; those linked to the banks and big corporations and the military and industrial complex. Just as the black against white confrontation in the US is probably being engineered, so is the natives against muslim battle in Europe being engineered also. It was pointed out on Cross Talk on RT last night that all those leaders who joined hands in the unity demonstration were responsible for the carnage in the Middle East and North Africa, especially France where Libya is concerned where Al Qaeda is now operating and sending fighters to Syria. And if you wanted a red rag to stir up French Muslims then you send in Benyamin Netanyahu; although apparently President Hollande begged him not to go.Net, however, does exactly as he pleases being a paranoid psychopathic bully. Having said this the strongest laws in France are against those who criticise Zionism and Charlie Hebdo sacked an employee for criticising Israel.

    The aims seems to be to create continuing and increasing "blow back" and send more and more Muslims and more and more terrorists into Europe just finalising police state Europe about which Muslims in Britain are now complaining. They are pitting Shia against Sunni in the Muslim world and Europeans against newcomers in Europe. The aim seems to be to create total chaos in a policy of divide and rule. The speaker even said, what I have long suspected, that Saudi Arabia and Israel are joined at the hip where Syria and other Shia states are concerned.
    We know that Saudi is not only backing, funding and arming the Islamic State but that it is also funding the wahabis and the building of mosques and the spread of Islam in Europe and probably elsewhere in the hitherto white world.

    However, the Irish spokesman also said that there is now a battle of extremists, the jihadists and the "far right" in Europe and that we should all live together happily as in Moorish Spain, Muslim Jew and Christian.
    I will have to check whether Christians did indeed live happily there.
    Had it been a few amongst many then Europe and North America could have coped. As I have said previously, Europeans, especially those with empires, always did absorb a small amount of Non-European blood and retain their identities. But now the numbers are too huge to be absorbed and Europeans are in danger of being outbred or bred out completely. Such a situation is unsustainable. But as long as the hegemons create chaos and exploit the homelands of the immigrants and do nothing to develop them then this situation will continue and get worse. Such countries as China and Russia, who have no intention of suffering the fate of Western Christendom, know that the aim should be to keep people in their own countries and develop those countries and help them to prosper rather than risking their lives in crossing the Mediterranean or flooding in from the New Commonwealth. But as long as those seeking total power see the destruction of those homelands and the destruction of ours, too, as they way they will achieve it and until people have the courage to challenge them through the ballot box or by other means then the world will be further turned into a desert ruled by the Anti-Christ and his acolytes.

  6. Robin,
    Your interview on BBC Radio 4's News at Ten came across well

  7. The government is looking at setting up LGT (lesbian, gay and transgender) schools, probably starting in Manchester. How far matters have changed since Mrs Thatcher's Clause 8, which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools.
    Allegedly, the BBC moved to Salford, because of Manchester's long established lively Gay Scene.
    Militant homosexualism also represents a threat to England as a Christian country.

    1. Mrs Thatcher's Clause 2 was a complete nonsense based as it was upon a fundamental fallacy ie the premise you can somehow 'promote' people to change their sexual orientation from being straight to being gay/bisexual. Perhaps, this was the reason the law gathered dust and was NOT USED FOR A SINGLE SUCCESSFUL PROSECUTION because even Tory public-schoolboy judges COULDN'T with the best will in the world and with MANY, MANY YEARS of legal training under their belts put a precise meaning upon that all-important word 'promote' in the leglislation?

      When is the 'far right' in this country going to stop its weird OBESSESSION with the 6% of the population that was BORN gay/bisexual? It was because the BNP refused to update itself over this question and follow the scientific evidence (ie that somebody's sexual orientation is NOT FREELY 'CHOSEN') that people were suspicious of the BNP's motives NOT JUST with regard to this issue but to others too because it made them look very authoritarian and it gave credence to the Left's claims the BNP were 'fascist'

      There is no such thing as 'militant homosexualism' nowdays. They have their rights and it is time that all political parties in Britain excepted them including 'far right' ones. The ONLY people that should have a problem with gay/bisexual rights are Muslims and equal loonies of Christian fundamentalists.

      It is wrong to set-up separate schools for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students. They should be educated with their straight peers and ALL of them should be taught not to fear people who have a different sexual orientation to them.

  8. Turkey has now come out and said that this was entrapment. This is Turkey that is now turning its back on the US. I think there may have been mention of the fact that Al Qaeda is the work of the CIA and was born out of the attempts to dislodge Russia from Afghanistan. Islamic terrorism in the west probably had just one aim, to launch the "war on terror" which was a war to destabilise the muslim world for reasons of western oil interests and the Zionist agenda. As for Afghanistan, the Taliban were stopping the flow of drugs for the money laundering banks and others and the country is rich in minerals that the Oligarchs wanted to get their hands on.

    Meanwhile, Angela Merkel's position is interesting. Suddenly she is saying that Islam is part of Germany. Is this a consequence of her having been spied on by the NSA or do they have some dark secret from her GDR past? This is the second volte face she has made following on from her being spied on. She, along with most Germans, did not want either conflict with nor sanctions against Russia but after her trip to Washington she began to toe the line. She is now a puppet of the New World Order just like the rest of them.

    I am afraid that I had to take something to settle my stomach after the love-in between Slippery Dave and Obama in Washington. It seems that Dave is all set to try to convince the sheeple that TTIP will do marvels for our economy - just like fracking. The rest of the world must look on with anger and confusion but they probably don't realise that Dave is just the front man for the City and the Crown Corporation of which the US is a mere subsidiary or the military wing. I note that prior to 1914, the rest of Europe and most of the world still hadn't forgiven the Crown Corporation for their mineral grab from the Boers in South Africa. Nothing seems to change where they are concerned, except some of us are no longer proud of being part of a nation that stinks to high heaven.

    So the Greens are making massive gains as former Labour and Lib Dem voters flock to them. The Labour voters now view Labour as doing the bidding for those wanting constant war; and Lib Dem voters realise that Slippery Dave has had their party by the unmentionables. In theory, the Greens should be in favour of an end to and a reversal of mass immigration and also in favour of the optimum population for Britain of 30m, not more than twice that number. But as they are positioned to the left of either Labour or the Lib Dems the environment has to take second place to the anti-racist fight. This is why they are hoping to trounce the "bigoted" UKIP. This is a clear case of woolly middle class intellectual thinking taking priority over common sense, logic and the need to protect England from total environmental obliteration. And if they thought about the consequences instead of following the Marxist theorem that all cultures are equally valid from the extinction of one of the most gifted races the world has ever known. Bonkers, bonkers, bonkers the lot of them.

    As some of us can see the approach of our mortal span on the horizon we begin to wish to return home. This is entirely normal. But home is a country that has been obliterated by the mad and the bad. So we become more and more angry and despairing in facing a future where our land and our people are being totally destroyed. And for what end bar the obscene enrichment of the psychopathic few.

  9. I was interested to see the very sane John Laughland who works for a Paris based organisation to improve relations between Russia and the rest of Europe rather than, as the hegemons want, drive a wedge between the two for their own objectives of total world power. Somebody in the oil industry has now openly stated that the reason for the plummeting of the oil price is purely to harm Russia and China and blow those other oil producing nations that are now facing catastrophe, including Scotland.

    The discussion was about the Charlie Hebdo incident and mass immigration and the far right. A gentleman in London, whose name I forget, said that the problems were all down to the economic situation and when this improves - which the bankers will never allow of course - opposition to mass immigration in Europe will wane and the "far right" will be put back in the box.

    The sensible John pointed out that he did not agree. The problem was the changing structures of Europe. By this I assume he meant the substitution of pluralism as opposed to homogeneity, something that Europeans never consented to and which is now proving so problematic in the United States. He also said that the "far right" was more the old conservative consensus. Russia is, of course, now deeply conservative and a pariah for the liberal utopianist West. That conservatism was the norm 60 years ago before the Marxist revolution in Europe and the US began. In the 1970s America wanted to vote to retain its European identity but that was thrown out by the Left.

    The economic situation, created and sustained by the bankers, has made things worse but the principal problem is changing demographics and the approach of white minorities in many European countries as in the US. Interestingly, the chairman of Cross Talk on RT, Peter Lavelle, who appears to like the conservatism of the Russia in which he has lived for 17 years, finished by saying that it seems to be the end of the EU dream. For the EU is the utopianist dream of the Left, wholly non-democratic, but backed for their own ends by the banks and big business. The whole think went against human nature, born of the French revolution which is forcing the French republic to try to make it work and then passed on to pluralist America. One spokesman on the problem said one option would be deportation which we cannot possibly contemplate. Looks as if it might just come to that or to more bloodshed.
    This is what Enoch was talking about but the Marxists and their dream - and most political parties in Europe and the US are basically Marxist - pushed him aside.

    1. It seems that the American West was not won by plucky dirt farmers or even cowboys, but by global capitalism armed with barbed wire (and the law) to privatise the prairies and bring about the holocaust of the native Americans whose lands were stolen by corporate bodies in a process of legalised theft.

    2. That will be our own Crown Corporation in the evil City