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Monday, 19 January 2015

750th Anniversary of the First English Parliament:- 1265 – 2015


20th January - English Parliament – First Meeting

The English Democrats are calling for all English people to have pride on the 20th January that our Nation held its first meeting of the first Parliament on the 20th January 1265. This Parliament is the ancestor of every Parliament on earth today and is one of the many unique, historic and important contributions the English Nation has made to the foundation of the modern world and in creating representative democracy.

Whilst Simon de Montfort’s Parliament in 1265 was a revolutionary development, subsequent adoption by Edward I of Parliament and its embodiment into Medieval English Royal Government was a reflection of Parliament’s usefulness in getting consent for Royal tax raising powers.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “Sadly on the 20th January 2015 almost unnoticed by officialdom in England there will pass an anniversary which demonstrates even more than the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, how ancient some of England’s institutions are.”

“The Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort, called his parliament the first proper English Parliament on the 20th January 1265 and so began the progress towards representative democracy.”

“A progress which has been of huge importance, not only in English history, but in the history of the entire modern world and is yet another unique and hugely significant contribution of the English Nation to the culture of the whole human race!”

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats


  1. An appropriate watermark appears to say...look an learn.?

  2. BBC Democracy Day

    Democracy Day takes place on Tuesday 20 January, across BBC radio, TV and online
    A look at democracy past and present, encouraging debate on its role and future
    2015 marks the 750th anniversary of the first parliament of elected representatives at Westminster
    It also sees the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta - a touchstone for democracy worldwide
    Go to the BBC News website's Democracy Day page, for analysis, backgrounders and explainers on the debate

  3. Cull the Badgers20 January 2015 at 12:35

    The BBC is trying hard to avoid mentioning England today. It is calling the 1265 event as the first 'elected' parliament, not English, and then moving quickly on to using the word British.

  4. I think I must disagree. You state that this parliament is the ancestor of every parliament on earth. Didn't the Greeks have the first democracy?
    And I always thought that the Icelandic Allthing which is about one thousand years old was the oldest parliament on earth. Plus others in Scandinavia must be equally as old. A parliamentary assembly in Northern Europe is something the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons gave us. Are you dismissing the Anglo-Saxon moots? Plus, apparently, Magna Carta was nothing to do with the ordinary people but was for the Norman/Angevin aristocracy. This gave Gascoyne de Gascoyne or whatever his name was in "Kind hearts and Coronets" the right to be tried by his fellow peers. Their parliament was definitely not one of the people as the Anglo-Saxon moots were. In any case, what is the point, our parliament today is a total farce, an elected dictatorship where all three parties work to the one world Marxist agenda overseen by the one per cent.

    On this latter point, we now learn that next year that one per cent will own 99% of the world's wealth and that most are financiers - i.e. bankers - well that's a surprise. Westminster is not a democracy, come on. It is like a small soviet working to the supreme soviet that is Brussels which is controlled by the hegemonic oligarchy.

    And now we see that Russia has two years of reserves before that same oligarchy bring that mighty and solvent nation - we would last about five days under the same circumstances - to its knees and with it, they hope, China as well. These are the nations that are trying to bring the rest of the world beyond "The West" together in a new era of trade, friendship and co-operation. Europe has been excluded now by Wall Street and the City slickers. Eventually they will bring "the West" to absolute ruin but that does not seem to worry them any more than the destruction of the European race and its culture and religion. Their reign of power over a wasteland will be short-lived, if that is any consolation.

    Meanwhile, we are all about to be pickled and the police state will be complete. In the name of curbing Islamic extremism, bruiser Eric, just like Angela Merkel, is to clamp down on the EDL or anybody showing any sign of opposition to the non-English future they have planned for us. They will undoubtedly be keeping a wary eye on the EDs with a view to silencing us all. I have no hatred for the third world masses who have been encouraged to colonise and displace us over the last 70 years. I am annoyed that they never once seem to have any feeling for us the natives and despite their hatred or our colonial past - in which most of us were not involved - are treating us in a way that we treated the native Americans or the aborigines. There is nothing to match the arrogance of the coloniser. My burning hatred is for our so-called leaders who have treated the English with disdain. However, I have a feeling that all over Europe and North America crunch time is close and when the Marxist one world experiment, backed by the one per cent, begins to collapse those same leaders will be caught up in the cross fire. The French are now all on tranquilisers we hear. That is more money for the drugs companies - big business and the bankers always seem to come out on top. We will all be on uppers and downers soon as they destroy all we hold dear. I await with interest the results of the Greek election this week-end. Goldman Sachs are preparing for a Grexit. that means they want to make sure they cash in on that as well as everything else they have manipulated us into doing.

  5. Under TTIP, international corporations will be able to overrule national governments.
    William Hague agrees that Westminster is more or less irrelevant.

    1. I had not heard that comment from William Hague. I thought that he was in on the act as well. However, I had always thought his forthcoming exit from politics was something to do with something shady in his private life. Perhaps he, too, is being blackmailed because he was ready to speak out. As I have said before, according to Vladimir Bukovsky, from what he had gleaned from the information that the Soviets had stored up in the Kremlin archives, the EU is the first stage of one world government.

      But realising that political union world wide on an EU type basis would be unworkable, the banks and big business - the latter are subsidiaries of the former - with their Marxist left-wing international socialist useful idiots, have opted to go above the heads of democratically elected governments and create what will be a world wide economic union where we are all slaves without any democratic say to change anything. They have slipped up with China, however, who are refusing, along with Russia and the other BRICS nations to play ball. I surmise that the attempts at regime change in North Korea, which is what that film and the false claims of North Korea's cyber hacking are all about, is a way of getting at China. They are attempting regime change in Russia through economic collapse through sanctions and oil prices and China will be next.

      It is nice to know that somebody has at least spelled out the truth regarding TTIP. This is something that the whole of Europe knows and hence the demonstrations including an attempt at such outside Westminster. The problem is that the sheeple haven't a clue and Cameron is telling them that TTIP will be their economic salvation; it is a bit like telling somebody that a prison cell would be a warm and cosy place to live or that as a slave you will at least be fed and watered.