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Tuesday, 16 September 2014



Constitutionally there is no power to make such promises because no Parliament can bind its successors. 

The promise to retain the Barnett Formula is shamelessly at the expense of England which loses £49 billion per year by the Barnett Formula. 

Having different tax regimes in different parts of the UK (Wales and N Ireland will surely demand the same) will set one part of the UK against another. That is a recipe for perpetual conflict. The same would apply between English regions if the Westminster elite manages to break up England.

Here is the report:-

David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg sign joint historic promise which guarantees more devolved powers for Scotland and protection of NHS if we vote No

WESTMINSTER'S three main party leaders have signed up to a historic joint statement that was demanded by the Daily Record on behalf of the people of Scotland.

Three party leader's promise to Scotland
The joint statement also rubbishes claims from the SNP that the Barnett Formula for calculating Scotland’s budget could be changed to leave Scots less money for public services.
It pledges: “Because of the continuation of the Barnett allocation for resources, and the powers of the Scottish Parliament to raise revenue, we can state categorically that the final say on how much is spent on the NHS will be a matter for the Scottish Parliament.”
Last night, Brown said more powers for Scotland are now “locked in” to a No vote on Thursday .

“Not even the most ardent and optimistic nationalist would claim that there is an overwhelming majority for separation, as there was for devolution.
“I believe that there is, however, a programme of change that can bring the people of Scotland together.
“I sense that people want change that can unite Scotland, rather than divide Scotland.
“They want to know that a No vote does not mean no change and instead seek guarantees of change, locked in and clear assurances that from September 19, the pace of change will not stall but speed up.
“But they want a promise of change they can trust – without the risks and uncertainties of an irreversible separation. I believe they are saying to us, ‘Give us the guarantees of change and with
these guarantees, we can vote for a strong Scottish Parliament within the UK’.
“We have heard important statements in Glasgow on Friday by Ed Miliband and Scottish Labour Party leader Johann Lamont and in Aberdeen by the Prime Minister.
“I believe that tonight, having listened to what the pro-devolution parties are saying, we can give these guarantees, that lock in change that is better, faster, fairer and safer than anything the SNP can offer through independence.
“So let us lock in three guarantees that will deliver the best deal for a stronger Scottish Parliament
within the United Kingdom. The guarantees that we now have pave the way to the future – a great
Scotland as a driving, successful and vibrant nation playing its full part in Great Britain.
“I believe what I am saying locks in a period of constitutional improvement and progress in preference to the risk-laden and dangerous change offered from an irreversible separation from which there is no going back.” Cameron backed the timetable for more powers in an emotional speech in Aberdeen yesterday .
He told more than 800 party members and activists that the UK is not a “perfect country” and pledged to change it.
The PM added: “The question is, how do you get that change?
“For me it’s simple. You don’t get the change you want by ripping your country apart. You don’t get change by undermining your economy and damaging your businesses and diminishing your place in the world.”
Cameron said the plans outlined by the pro-UK parties amounted to “real, concrete” change.
He added: “The status quo is gone. This campaign has swept it away. There is no going back to the way things were. A vote for No means real change.
“We have spelled that change out in practical terms, with a plan and a process.
“If we get a No vote, that will trigger a major, unprecedented programme of devolution, with additional powers for the Scottish Parliament – major new powers over tax, spending and welfare services.
“We have agreed a timetable for that stronger Scottish Parliament – a timetable to bring in the new powers that will go ahead if there is a No vote. A White Paper by November, put into draft legislation by January.
“This is a timetable that is now agreed by all the main political parties and set in stone and I am prepared to work with all the main parties to deliver this during 2015.
“So a No vote means faster, fairer, safer and better change.”
Cameron seemed close to tears as he made a direct appeal to Scots to vote No. He admitted that many people might be tempted by a Yes vote just to get rid of his Government. But he warned Scots not to “mix up the temporary and the permanent”.
With his voice breaking, Cameron added: “Don’t think, ‘I’m frustrated with politics right now, so I’ll walk out the door and never come back’.
“If you don’t like me, I won’t be here forever. If you don’t like this Government, it won’t last forever. But if you leave the UK – that will be forever.
“The different parts of the UK don’t always see eye-to-eye. Yes, we need change and we will deliver it.
“But to get that change, to get a brighter future, we don’t need to tear our country apart.”
He asked Scots to consider what would provide the best future for them and their family when they cast their vote.
Cameron said: “As you stand in the stillness of the polling booth, I hope you will ask yourself this – will my family and I truly be better off by going it alone? Will we really be more safe and secure?
“‘Do I really want to turn my back on the rest of Britain and why is it that so many people across the world are asking, ‘Why would Scotland want to do that? Why?’
“And if you don’t know the answer to these questions – then vote No.”

Guarantee One

New powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Holyrood will be strengthened with extensive new powers, on a timetable beginning on September 19, with legislation in 2015.

The Scottish Parliament will be a permanent and irreversible part of the British constitution.

Guarantee Two

The guarantee of fairness to Scotland.

The guarantee that the modern purpose of the Union is to ensure opportunity and security by pooling and sharing our resources equitably for our defence, prosperity and the social and economic welfare of every citizen, including through UK pensions and UK funding of healthcare.

Guarantee Three

The power to spend more on the NHS if that is Scottish people’s will.

The guarantee that with the continued Barnett allocation, based on need and with the power to raise its own funds, the final decisions on spending on public services in Scotland, including on the NHS, will be made by the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Parliament will have the last word on how much is spent on health. It will have the power to keep the NHS in public hands and the capacity to protect it.

Here is the full article:-


  1. These scoundrels have no mandate to deliver this "devo-max" thing. The biggest single difference between our "democracy" and a dictatorship like, say, Cuba is that we can exchange our dictator for the other one, every five years.

  2. The Scots are being promised the earth and these politicians think that the English are so meek and mild they will just carry on accepting everything they dump on them. However, I was interested to see that the BBC has been showing blatant bias in favour of the No campaign.
    Basically the British establishment wants total control, be it over the Scots or ourselves.

    The problem is how to dislodge them but their time may well be running out. One point made in the Four Horsemen is that they and the rest of the political and financial elites running the West never counted on the internet which is allowing people to join together, as here, to oppose them.

    But having destroyed European Civilisation with their Marxist useful idiots their time is over and the future belongs to Eurasia. Whilst the US and their NATO lackeys were busy bombing everywhere and killing thousands, China has been going around the rest of the world making economic deals so that as Russia and China now huddle together for their own protection from the New York and Washington based hegemons they are drawing not only the other BRICS nations but the rest of their world into their sphere of influence. What America is trying to do with military bases and bombing they are doing through trade and co-operation.

    As I have said, Europe, caught in the Atlanticist trap is going down with America and their only option is to turn east and join with the rest of the world. China is already the world's chief economic power and has plans to build a high speed rail link across the Baring Straights to western Canada and the United States. When North America is like South America then it will be an add-on to Eurasia as well.

    China and Russia have retained their homogeneity and that is their strength, the strength that Europe and North America and Australasia once had and threw away for reasons of the greed of the few and the stupidity of their immature Marxist cohorts. Diversity is not strength as wiser heads than mine have said, It was interesting to see how the thousands demonstrating against the Sweden Democrats' victory in Stockholm yesterday were almost all the young and idealistic. Sadly, with age, we realise that such idealism is unworkable and with age comes a dose of realism. Sweden received 80,000 immigrants this year in a population of less than 10m. Sadly, too, there are some of the baby boomer generation who never did grow up and they are part of the reason that Europe is in such a mess now. On the report on last night's demonstration the report said there looks to be much more trouble ahead caused through mass immigration. The same should be said for England and most other West European countries. Eurasia will triumph because Europe has shot itself in the foot, or rather greed and stupidity have triumphed over common sense and logic as everywhere where the New World Order treads. Thank you very much. It will all end in tears but we did try to tell you so.

    1. Sorry my spelling is going to pot as senility sets in, that should have been Bering Straits.

  3. And another thought. Salmond initially wanted THREE questions on the ballot-paper;- 1) Independence, 2) "Devo-max", 3) Status quo. The Westminster elite told him it had to be a straight "Yes" or "No". It is now clear that they wanted to keep "Devo-max" as an ace in the hole, to bribe the Scots, should the vote be close. (Q.E.D.!)

  4. I have nothing to say ....


  5. The whole of Europe is watching what is going to happen in Scotland as there are other regions which wish to break free. The inference was that this has been because of the EU which has effectively taken power from the national governments of those involved. It could be because of the EU but more so because parts of Europe want to break free of the EU which is only being channelled through their national governments.
    Basically, like every true Englishman or woman, we want to be free from all malign outside powers, be it the British government, the EU or the hegemonic dictatorship coming out of Washington and Wall Street.

    I don't know to whom our prayers should be addressed tomorrow; perhaps St Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of Moscow, as Russia fights our corner and battles the demonic cohorts of the New World Order led by Satan himself in a bid to make evil triumph over the entire globe and to crush us all for their own financial gain. Max Keiser tells us that the financial world is now virtually run by algorythmns and computers and impies that the human faces to the fore are little different, just people like machines with not an ounce of humanity, empathy or the milk of human kindness. They must be brought down and they will be. St Michael always triumphs over their like in the end.

    1. I thought St George was the patron saint of Moscow.

  6. Robin,
    The Westminster parties (particularly Labour), using the outcome of the Scottish referendum as a cover, are back pushing devolution to the regions, despite being told by the North East to get stuffed. This is in persuance of the EU's 'Europe of the regions' policy promoted first by Major under the Maastricht Treaty, and then by Blair. Nationalist must oppose this with all means at their disposal. What must be resisted even more strongly, is the Frankfurt school's "resurrection" (actually a modern invention) of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, with its phoney kingdoms designed to appeal to the romantics among us and to wipe the name of England off the map and create alternative objects for our allegiance away from England.
    Devolution to city regions, however should not be rejected. They have merit, and would reduce the power of Whitehall, with its globalist agenda, while leaving England as a country.

  7. Lord Barnett author of the Barnett formula is very angry about the way it has been used to disadvantage the English. He never intended that. It was designed as a short term measure to deal with a particular problem at a particular time. He believes that its contunued use is a dishonest subterfuge. He is particularly annoyed about how it is being used to bribe the Scots to vote 'no'.

  8. Now it seems the political establishment is using the threat from Islamic extremists as an excuse to brow-beat the native English over opposition to the continuing immigration aimed at destroying the English as a nation.

  9. The Scotland referendum result was probably the best outcome for the English Democrats. If the Scots nats had won, England would have been saddled with Wales and Northern Ireland forever, and Ukip would have become confirmed in its quasi English nationalist role beloved of the political commentariat's dreams. The Scottish result leaves Ukip as just the pro-UK, anti-English party that it always was.
    The English Democrats are the only party with a policy (i.e., English independence from the UK) capable of delivering a sovereign English parliament.

    1. The English don't want 'independence'. A fair constitutional settlement within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is all that is needed. We just want what the Scots have.

  10. Big Brother is watching you - comments to the latest blog - "Scotland has failed the independence test" - have been blocked -

    "This content has been blocked because it does not comply with our acceptable usage policy.
    Your access to the content you have requested is time limited. You have 1 hour left.

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    1. Big Brother is called Smoothwall.