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Friday, 19 September 2014


Here is our PRESS RELEASE -  


The English Democrats commiserate with the Yes campaign and the Scottish National Party and Alex Salmond on the disappointing result of the Scottish Independence Referendum.  They should however be congratulated on an excellent campaign against all the lies and propaganda and dirty tricks put up by the British Political and Media Establishment. 

The abiding memory for the People of England of the Scottish Referendum will be the sight of senior “British” politicians demonstrating again and again and again that they have no interest in properly representing English interests, England or the English Nation and every intention of selling us down the river. 

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “It is now England’s turn to be heard and the English Democrats have every confidence that the People of England will reject the shabby deal concocted by the Unionist Westminster elite in a conspiracy against English interests.  This was rushed through for the purpose of subverting the democratic process in the Yes/No Scottish Referendum after the same gang had refused to allow the Devo-max option to actually be put on the ballot paper.   The Westminster elite has shown itself to be utterly self-interested, dishonest, undemocratic and unfit to run our country. So far as England is concerned the English Democrats call upon all those who care about England to block the implementation of “Devo-max” until exactly the same is offered for the whole of England as a national unit.”

Robin continued:- “The great danger now facing England is an equivalent, undemocratic, dishonest conspiracy by the Westminster elite to try to ram through, without any democratic mandate, their plans to break England up.  Any such attempt is totally unacceptable and is nothing short of an act of war against England.  It should be met with a response that is appropriate for an act of war!”

Have you seen the following link asking if I am the English Alex Salmond?  >>>? BBC News English Democrats Robin Tilbrook on party conference - YouTube

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats
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Key facts about the English Democrats
The English Democrats launched in 2002. 
The English Democrats are the English nationalist Party. We campaign for a referendum for Independence for England; for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England; and we support a YES vote for Scottish Independence.
The English Democrats are England’s answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date include:- in the 2004 EU election we had 130,056 votes; winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in 2009 and also the 2012 referendum; in the 2009 EU election we gained 279,801 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £25,000; we won the 2012 referendum which gave Salford City an Elected Mayor; in 2012 we also saved all our deposits in the Police Commissioner elections and came second in South Yorkshire; and in the 2014 EU election we had 126,024 votes for a total campaign spend of about £40,000 (giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK).


  1. What is being suggested in the final paragraph - that we all buy a balaclava and start planting bombs?

  2. My heart hoped for a s but I prepared myself for a no. However, I was surprised that the result was still so close. I think that many lost the bottle to vote yes in the end. However, it was noticeable that the bankers of Edinburgh were delighted with the result whereas the workers of Glasgow and Dundee voted yes. This was a case of history repeating itself as the Union was created by Edinburgh's mercantile elite over the heads of the ordinary people. In a way this is today's world writ small. It was noticeable that Barroso welcomed the result fearful that this outbreak of democracy might spread to the likes of Bavaria and threaten the New World Order's financial and oligarchic Marxist totalitarian empire of which the EU is just a part. Also, the repulsive Anders Fogh Rasmussen the head of the bankers' and American corporations'private army that is NATO welcomed the result as well.

    Rather than a divorce we now have the couple destined to live in separate houses and more and more live separate lives. As more powers are devolved and the Scots enjoy having them you may find that a second referendum which the yes campaign thinks is coming soon but Cameron thinks not for another 20 plus years might finally bring independence.

    Opinion polls had already shown that the Welsh were wanting more devolved powers and now they are pressing for the same powers as Scotland is to get. We demand the same for England but this will not be possible without a parliament to devolve them to, a parliament which must be situated outside London. The corrupt Westminster elite controlled by the City of London and the New World order must be left with as little power as possible. Cameron has promised a devolution revolution. He must be kept to it and not be made to lie again as over the EU. He is meant to be devolving more powers to Scotland before May 2015. He should also be made to promise an English parliament before then as well. Only 17% of the English see themselves as British first and most of those are probably non-ethnic English.

    The Scotland bid for freedom is part of a massive fight between the dying New World Order and the up and coming newer World Order which is Eurasia and the rest of the world. An American commentator on Russia Today said about Poroshenko's speech to Congress - controlled by the banks - which mimicked an earlier one by Obama, that the oigarchic elite have now met their match but are determined to go down fighting and are using war to achieve their ends of bringing down the Russia China alliance and their BRICS adherents and those who adhere to BRICS. He said that this is the work of the City of London, the British Empire and Wall Street. This underlines that the City still owns the British Empire as it has since Dutch bankers created the Stock Exchange and that the US is still a financial and military colony.

    As for Poroshenko's speech. He was given twelve standing ovations which shows not only that Congress is bought but how low in intelligence America's rulers are and how detached from the rest of the world. They see the world as just somewhere to conquer and control.
    They are totally paranoid thinking the world hates them, which is largely true, so they bomb the rest of the world making them hate them even more creating a vicious circle of paranoia and control. Their time is running out but the great risk is that as with their ally or master Israel they will ultimately bring about nuclear confrontation as they refuse to relinquish their bid for total world hegemony.

    1. The result is now being presented as massive majority for 'no'. It is nothing of the sort.

  3. Robin

    My words exactly. One of the saddest parts about this referendum is that tbe Scots people this time were bribed and fell for it. The result should be declared null and void. Take the case the UN SNP.

    it is noe time the SNP form an alliance eith us.


  4. Sturgeon will make a good SNP leader they will sweep westminstet next year.

    Time for referendum on monarchy too. They probably instructed the last minute bribes


    1. I doubt they will. If Sturgeon has any sense she will join the Labour Party and have a decent political career rather than waste any more time on a party that serves no purpose now..After all, the referendum was loaded in their favour and yet they still lost. It was also ON THE ONLY POLICY THE SNP TRUELY HAVE AND THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THEIR EXISTENCE AS A PARTY. They were DEMOCRATICALY DEFEATED ON IT IN A SPECIFIC REFERENDUM HELD ON THAT POINT AND THAT POINT ONLY (IE IT WASN'T CLOUDED BY A SECONDARY QUESTION ON 'DEVO-MAX', 'DEVO MINUS' 'DEVO-WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT'.

      There is nothing wrong with the institution of Monarchy.

  5. The standard excuse for dismissing any mention of an English parliament is "We don't want another layer of politicians." The issue we need to address in the light of the above, (not the warfare bit!) is, what happens to Westminster when England gets her parliament?
    Given that the USA, with a population 5 times ours has 435 Representatives, against our 650 MPs, and 100 Senators, against our 800 odd Lords (and counting!), Westminster needs to be considerably scaled down.
    Here are two possible options.
    1) About 100 people are elected to Westminster to deal with U.K.-wide matters.
    2) Scrap Westminster altogether. The first ministers of England, Scotland, Wales and Nortern Ireland, together with their respective Cabinets, meet at appropriate regular intervals to thrash out U.K.-wide issues. The venue can rotate between, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Lichfield.
    No "extra layer of politicians" in this arrangement, whatsoever.

    1. An English parliament cannot be any more expensive than what we have now with the Lords being packed with super annuated party hacks, and all those second homes we're paying for in the most expensive town in the country.

  6. Robin

    Ive been told that 15% of the Scottish electorate are not Scottish. This could be why the referendum failed.

    My wife and I are both upset about the result hpwever she pointed one impprtant ppint. If the snp won a landslide in 2011 then why did they need a referendum when their voters have already demanded independence? We cpncluded that it was a slow mechanism. Scotland should now declare UDI and the Queen and Westminster can do nothing about it.


    1. Of course they could. ANY such declaration of UDI would be INHERENTLY ILLEGAL because the Scottish Parliament is a DEVOLVED PARLIAMENT OF WESTMINSTER and thus it has NO INHERENT SOVEREIGNTY of its own. ALL CONSITUTIONAL matters including THE UNION, the MONARCHY ect are 'RESERVED MATTERS'.

      Ian Smith thought he was being clever by declaring UDI for Rhodesia in 1965 but it didn't do him much good because both the Queen and the British government refused to recognise his rebellion.

      It just goes to show what a dangerous party of fanatics the SNP truely are if this is a serious intention of theirs.

  7. Nigel Farage was reported on the BBC "red-button" news as saying that he favours an English parliament. The much publicised John Redwood's "English Parliament" is nothing more than "English votes on English laws" which is Cameron's "vision" for English devolution. My best guess is that Farage's is no better. We must guard against his pulling the rug out from under us and expose any subterfuge. After fifteen years of watching the Celts "have it all", the starving English could be persuaded to grab any dry crust that purports to be "devolution".

    1. Right on! Clive. John Redwood talks a good fight, but when it comes the crunch, he is just a Tory party hack underneath, like so many of the so-called Eurosceptic Tories. Douglas Carswell is an honourable exception, but even he defected to the unionist Ukip, not to the only party which could and is willing to extract England from the clutches of the UK and the EU. That is the English Democrats

  8. I have a friend, a UKIP member but now trying to get away, who feels that Salmond is not all he seems and may be a place man, as Farage is suspected of being. However, I do not wholly share this view and felt very sorry for him when he made his resignation speech.

    Interested to see somebody suggest Lichfield as a possible home for the English parliament, York is a better bet although perhaps too far north for the Devonians. The Scottish referendum has sounded the death knell of Westminster. Huge working class labour areas voted for independence and with the majority of Scots under 54 doing so independence is far from dead. However, since the Labour heartlands ignored the blandishments of Ed the Red they will stay loyal to the SNP in May of next year. This means that Labour will be desperate to ensure Labour seats in England to beat Cameron. However, already Labour voters are switching to UKIP which is meant to win the by-election in Manchester. The result may be that the Tories weakened through UKIP may just win against Labour in England which would ensure a demand for another referendum in Scotland. The Scots will not tolerate a Cameron government after they have been so deceived. Are you trying to tell me that when Cameron spoke of the devolution revolution he never realised that his fellow Tories would not back it? Pull the other one.

    Scotland will be gone within a decade and then Wales may follow. It will be interesting to see what the future hold as regards EU membership and immigration if Westminster is challenged by the UKIP vote. Apparently, if there were to be a referendum tomorrow on EU membership, Scotland would vote to stay, England bar London would vote to come out. However, the Scots may be changing their minds after the EU elites welcomed the no vote. As regards London, it is now a foreign country to most of the rest of England and a fiefdom of the City of London. I heard recently that the City virtually controls the whole of London and not just the square mile.

    The English Companions in the latest edition of their quarterly magazine are becoming more and more vocal regarding the Norman Yoke and the destruction of the English countryside and Anglo-Saxon values, not the ones so trumpeted by the Yanks in terms of free markets. There was reference to Roger Scruton who has just been interviewed by RT. He is like many of us a left-wing conservative. This means who wants free markets to be kept in their place with even a mixed economy but to conserve England which is under attack from gobalised turbo-capitalism and the financialisation of the planet. I mused on the fact that the Normans' White Tower is now encompassed by the gleaming towers of turbo capitalism which is also burying the house of God that is St Paul's.
    This links those two Norman vices, the oppression of the Anglo-Saxons and croney capitalism. As for Westminster, it was already taken over by the Normans even before Edward the Confessor - that waste of space - died. And they rule in Edinburgh as well as the Stewarts were the descendants of Alan the Breton, William the Bastard's sidekick, plus the Balliols and the de Comines. Edward the First was fighting his own as the French took over Britain and destroyed England. In the magazine Dr Glover says our natural allies are in Scandinavia, which we know.

    There is an interesting book published called the Wake which is written in an English devoid of Norman French words so it sounds like Old English set in the time of Hereward. A characted in there asked the old Germanic gods when the English would be free and the answer came "never". We must never allow this. The Normans and their descendants have dominated us for 1,000 years and now want to obliterate us. They must not succeed. By the way as for planting bombs a friend said that this might now be the path that the Scots choose and who can blame them.

    By the way, Ron Paul told us that the founding fathers wanted to trade and live in peace with the world so when did America embark on global hegemony.

    1. Answering my own question I think it was after America suffered mass immigration from certain areas of the old world by peoples whose primary interest in life is to make money and to achieve domination by that means. Such money makers need a military wing to achieve their aims.

  9. I don't know where my question as to Douglas Carswell's stance on immigration went to - perhaps it ended up in the trashcan or was weeded out by GCHQ. Perhaps it will re-appear shortly. My poinst was; from multicultural hotch potch to white genocide, bar Russia, in a hundred years if nothing changes. What a sheer paradise this country was in the 1950s unless you were a murderer or a homosexual. Anyhow, the Daily Mail tells us that Cameron said the Queen was pleased with the no result in Scotland. I can't believe that she expressed any opinion and if she did he is not at liberty to disclose it. All conversations between the Queen and the pm are in strictest confidence. I smell a rat. Cameron has made it up for his own political advantage and the Palace cannot comment. It stinks. Very sorry to hear that Dave was developing stomach ulcers during the referendum campaign. Perhaps the job is too stressful for him and he should step down. After all, Alex Salmond was ultra cool by comparison. There are some in theTory party who are beginning to see him as a liabilty. But he has a job to do for the Zionists and is getting ready to have us bomb Iraq or even Syria. Children have already been killed in the American air strikes on Syria with their Gulf allies. These are the same countries that have been funding and arming the Islamic State, as have the Americans and the Turks. As for the Turks, they want to leave the Syrian Kurds to the mercy of the Islamic State, of which there will be little and will not allow them across the border. And Dave tells us we are a Christian nation whilst selling arms to the Islamic State via Saudi Arabia. In north west Syria a Christian town of 45,000 is awaiting extinction by the IS with weapons that this Christian nation has sold to Saudi Arabia. If Dave is a Christian then the Pope is a Bhuddist. We must just hope that Westminster still has the courage to say no on Friday. Doubtless David Davies, one of the only decent Tories left, will oppose it as before. Perhaps he will say, as Ron Paul did, that it should be left to Syria and Iran to sort out. We are gearing up for a confrontation between the entire Sunni and Shia worlds. Perhaps this has always been American/Zionist policy as Zbigniew Brzsinsky ( sorry can't spell it) said the aim was to get the barbarians i.e Sunnis and Shias fighting one another.

    Meanwhile back in blighty the Westminster scum are running round like a crowd of headless chickens following the referendum result. The SNP have just got another 17,000 members following Cameron and Milliband's lies. Still, as for the Angelcynn, in order to apease the Scots there is talk of equal measures for the Welsh and the English with even talk of a parliament at last. Westminster can then be reduced again to the rump of Cromwell's days. By the way, he was of Norman descent as well. As I said before, Robin, time to hammer it home.

    Interestingly, what we are seeing is the gradually waning of the three main mendacious parties. The Lib Dems are vanishing, Labour losing its Scottish voters to the SNP and English ones to UKIP in England and hopefully the EDs in time and the Tories are losing people to UKIP as well. As on the Continent the main parties through their lack of democratic accountabillity have been found wanting are the writing is on the wall. Everywhere the backlash against the EU and multicultural one worldism is gaining momentum. Apparently even the number of Americans wanting to secede from the Union has now reached 25%.

  10. The English Democrats should be at Doncaster this weekend, September 26th and 27th, to expose UKIP's false promises on an English parliament and the big lie about any party's ability, let alone Ukip's, to take England out of the EU while still the country still remains part of the UK.

  11. Robin, if by throwing the party's resources at unwinnable seats in the middle class south and neglecting the working class north, you concede the likes of Barnsley, Middlesbrough, Bolton, Gateshead and Hull, where the sense of Englishness is highest and the sense of Britishness lowest, to Ukip, which is supported by the BBC and the Daily Mail, you will face the judgement of history.
    Ukip would hurt working people if they get into power.
    Don't let Ukip get away with telling us that they’ll sort out problems on immigration. They’d make it harder to get France to sort out the Calais crisis.They’d make it harder to send foreign criminals back home. They’d cut employment rights and make it harder to stop employers using immigrants to undercut local pay.
    Don’t let them get away with telling us that they stand for working people when their plans hit jobs, scrap our rights at work, charge us to see a GP and cut taxes for millionaires by more than David Cameron. That’s not helping working people, that’s hurting working people. UKIP claim to be on the side of working people, but the truth is they’re more Tory than the Tories. Now they want to go even further than the Tories by giving another tax cut to millionaires. If Ukip gets a strong showing in the Heywood and Middleton by-election in Greater Manchester in October, and gets established in the north, it will set the cause of England and English nationalism back by at least a generation, and put an end to any chance of stopping immigration or getting England out of the EU..

  12. Just as the question of air strikes on Iraq or Syria was suspended for the Scottish referendum so as not to even further erode the no vote, the question of constitutional reform has now been shelved to deal with continued moves towards the removal of Assad. So far very few fighters from the Islamic State which was an offshoot of Al Qaeda created by America in Afghanistan have been killed but civilians including children have. But the aim seems to be to destroy the Syrian oilfieds through this pretext and leave those in Iraq intact. Whilst purporting to destroy the Islamic State they are probably hastening the day when they can take over the whole of Syria. Mr Cameron speaks of restoring justice freedom and democracy. All this is being done with the help of the very countries, which, along with America, are arming, funding and training the Islamic State, namely the gulf states so renowned for their democratic regimes, like Bahrain, about the most oppressive regime in the world. Iran has pointed out the mess that the New World Order has created but Iran we are led to believe is a Pariah state. My guess is that once the Islamic State has taken over Syria then next stop will be Iran.

    It is strange that this body seems to be steering clear of attacking Israel.
    The infamous Rodney Shakespeare says the whole thing is a Zionist project and that the US and the UK and other western nations are just doing their bidding. The reporter on RT asked him why this narrative was not being communicated in the West, a silly question. Interestingly, Mr Cameron suddenly during his UN speech referred to the fact that many islamists view 9/11 as a Jewish plot although perhaps that should have been a Zionist plot. He may have just set a few people thinking. I have a French friend who tells me that Israelis who worked in the World Trade Centre were told to stay at home that day. Perhaps it is less a Jewish plot as a joint CIA/ Mossad operation.

    What is interesting is that countries such as Norway and Holland are now caught in the multicultural trap. Geert Wilders has been villified for speaking out against the dangers of mass muslim immigration into Holland and yet we now learn that Dutch service personnel have been ordered to dress in mufti when away from their bases for fear of attack since the Dutch promise to send six fighters to launch air attacks on Iraq.
    And in multicultural Norway where, since Anders Breivik's attack, any attempt to discuss the wisdom of mass muslim immigration has been silenced, we have seen, as in London, the black and white flag of the islamic state is being flown. Their prime minister is the next in line to follow Anders Rasmussen into the NATO leader's seat. As for London it appears we had a sea of black and white flags bringing the traffic to a halt. I have a theory that all this "war on terror" has as it aims, apart from getting American, French and British hands on the oil and ensuring a Middle East too enfeebled to challenge Israel over Palestine, the sending of thousands and thousands of more muslims into Europe.

    Interesting what you say about leaving the EU. The Scots were told that if they became independent they would automatically be out of the EU so I assume you are implying that the only way for England to leave as well would be if the UK disintegrated. We know that Mr Cameron has now intention of letting us leave. As for UKIP the point to make is that UKIP will be arguing for a long time about an English parliament, we are already there.

    I noted that there was a programme, which I did not watch, about Britain's 20,000 muslim polygamous marriages. If this is illegal then why isn't anything being done about it? And were those black and white flag flyers in London arrested and questioned about who or their mates were going to fight in the Middle East, another silly question.

  13. I suppose it's fair to assume that Farage has been allowed to park his Ukip tanks on the English Democrats' lawn in Doncaster, without a pip of protest from the English Democrats, despite having culivated the ground which Farage's tanks are churning up.
    My fear now is that the party will perversely stand and lose ignominously in Clacton, which it should not contest, but will fail to stand in Heyworth and Middleton which it should contest for strategic reasons.
    Anti-English Ukip is using the English Demcrats' rhetoric to win over to the Ukip side northerners who think that Ukip speaks for England, when Ukip couldn't care less about England and is only concerned with the UK. The English Democrats must expose Ukip for lying to the English people.

  14. Whilst I appreciate fully the sentiments you express, I suggest that at the heart of the problem is the question of resources. Are you willing to stand in either of these by-elections? Do you have the resources?
    UKIP has wealthy members and wealthy backers. It is a sad fact of politics that money buys votes.
    There is a general election loming and our very limited resources are being saved up for that. If I had the resources, I'd stand in one of these by-elections. I do not.
    I'd like to give the general election a go, however.

  15. I tend to agree with anonymous. UKIP has swept up the pro English vote in the south of England. I just cannot see at any point in the near future a time when southern UKIP (former Tory) voters will start to differentiate between the UK and England. Look how the predominantly southern based England football fans belted out god save "our" Queen at the recent match against Switzerland.
    Anonymous's point is that the ED's have continued to focus its efforts on the south with little success whilst they have neglected to focus their attentions on the north. The north of England being the area in which the ED's pose their only genuine potential for success.
    What is the ED's strategy? I think they should market theirselves as the party of the English workers. The 'do the right thing' party, the party for the people who put in a days work will be justly rewarded.

  16. UKIP is wrong in believing that it can be a party for the whole of the United Kingdom and England and Scotland as well. The 45ers are on the march in Scotland and are determined to have another referendum in five years' time. By that time, even those Scots who voted no will have come to realise that Westminster and the main three parties don't really care a fig about them. My prediction is that come 2023 Scotland will go. Perhaps this is what Farage is preparing for.

    As for financing, I have just read the speech by Stuart Millson at the Traditional Britain Group annual conference. Despite talk of Britain it concentrated mostly on the culture and identity of England quoting Enoch Powell who said that 10 Chinamen in a town would not change much but a majority of Chinamen would. London is marching towards a non-white let alone non-English identity. My thought is that there must be many in said group who have the financial resources to back the English Democrats, including Lord Sudeley their president. Millson ended by referring to Morton's reference to Scottish identity and culture, something which Salmond was desperate to distance himself from in the recent referendum debate in the name of civic nationalism. How about approaching the aristocracy - keep quiet about the Normans - for some cash?

    As the Marxist one world state desperately tries to extinguish ethnic nationalism it is popping up again all over Europe refusing to die. This is because the love of one's tribe, one's history, one's culture and one's homeland is so much a part of human nature that you cannot eradicate it. This is why reference is made to the fatherland or the motherland meaning that the inhabitants of such a country are all related, all its children - as we indigenous English are all meant to be to the Queen. A nation is a family of common blood and ancestry. It can be no other to be a nation. The exeption is the United States of America, that offspring now of the French revolution as it has finally become, the ultimate civic nation, no nation at all and in the process of disintegration.

    I suggest that you all read Stuart Millson's speech. It is heart-rending and very pertinant stuff. As America disintegrates, so will most countries in Western Europe over time. It does not work and this is the main message that Enoch Powell was trying to get across. As we continue down the road to enfeeblement, the homogeneous giants of Russia and China, as we once were, are forging ahead.

  17. If I've got the right speech, (the copyright was 2011,) yes, it was good stuff. Mr Traditional Britain spoke almost exculsively about England. And is this not where the problem lies? They say, "Britain" but they MEAN, "England". "Britain" is broken, fragmented and damaged beyond repair. It is being held together by Westminster sticking-plaster; (Elastowestminster!) We need to convince every Englishman (and Mr "Traditional Britain" and his ilk) of this. The general election is little more than seven months away.


  18. My wavering UKIP supporter says some of us are banging our heads against the wall because the English do not seem to have woken up to the fact that they are doomed. I am sure many have but they do not like to put their heads above the parapet. This is why when they were told that "White British" will be in a minority in the UK by 2066 in a poll last year and asked for their views the majority said they were "not very happy" a pretty muted response for those of us whose blood flows from the heart of the Danelaw. But that is what you are faced with. They know exactly what is going on but - as I have explained before and as I said to him - they are like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. They are transfixed, unable to move or respond, gripped by fear but unable to show it and just waiting for the inevitable extinction.

    Meanwhile, former CIA operative Scott Rickard - whose life must now be on the line for what he is revealing on Russia Today - has pinned the blame for what is happening in the Middle East squarely on the major banking cartel who, originating in Europe he told us, have been running things for the last 250 years. He also claims that Israel whilst remaining silent is working with ISIS in Syria alongside the CIA. Elsewhere he has repeated Edward Snowden's claim that their leader was trained by Mossad.

    This led me to check on the history of the Rothschild banking family - something I am always wary about touching on - but I see that Mayer Amschel Rothschild first set up shop in Frankfurt in the second half of the 18th century so I assume that that is what he is alluding to. This was about the time that the stock exchange began in London whereas the Bank of England began at the time of William of Orange probably begun by those he brought from Amsterdam. Said Mayer made his money in the Napoleonic wars by giving loans to all sides and selling arms to all sides as well. His four sons then fanned out across Europe settling in London, Paris, Naples and Vienna.

    This brings us back to the impartiality of our prime minister. We know that his own ancestor was of the same financier stock and his own father had banking and investment as his profession. We also know that his ancestor worked with the Rothschilds in the financing of the Russian Japanese war which ultimately led to the collapse of Tsarist Russia and the Russian Revolution. This would colour not only Cameron's views on Russia but also on the nature of war itself. It is my belief that he may still be benefiting from the bankers' prosecution of war for their own financial gain and possibly also from arms sales. Is it any wonder that it was he who lead a team of arms salesmen in Saudi Arabia recently. Some of us suspect that our leaders since the 1970s at least have been chosen for their involvement in this vile business of war and destruction and bloodshed for money. Blair is an obvious example. Gradually the truth can no longer be surpressed and those such as Blair and Cameron will one day be brought before the international criminal court in the Hague. His cry of Freedom, Justice and Democracy for the Middle East is now ringing so hollow in so many quarters; especially since he and his fellow placemen have denied all these to the English since the War at least and have ensnared us in a Marxist totalitarian oligarchy bent on perpetual war and the end of England. Indeed, not only was the recent NATO foray in Yugoslavia aimed at Serbia and by extension Russia but the First World War may have had the same aim. Certainly, the bankers and the arms salesmen must have done very well out of that one, too. As has been said, Iran and Russia and China are still outside the bankers' control; funny that.