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Sunday, 14 September 2014

English Democrats: The SNP for England? English Democrats chairman Robin Tilbrook is asked by the BBC if his party is the closest thing to an English SNP.


English Democrats: The SNP for England?


English Democrats' chairman Robin Tilbrook is asked by Jo Coburn the BBC's Daily Politics interviewer if his party is the closest thing to an English SNP?

Jo Coburn chucked me several googlies. How do you think I did?

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  1. English Democrats' Robin Tilbrook on party conference
    12 September 2014 Last updated at 12:40 BST

    As the English Democrats meet for their conference this weekend, chairman Robin Tilbrook is asked [by Jo Coburn, on the BBC Politics Show] if his party is the closest thing to an English SNP, and if he is an English Alex Salmond.

    At last year's annual conference, that policy was changed to outright independence for England, both from the UKand the EU.
    Has that policy been reversered? If it has, on whose say so? Does the use of HIS, in the quote above, suggest that it was solely Robin's decision to reverse the agreed policy?
    If the party's settled nationalist position has been watered down and reversed unilaterally by the chairman, that is not democratic, and he should consider his position as the leader of the party..

  2. Anonymous, no of course I haven't changed it. You can't expect too much accuracy from the beeb!

  3. Remember the SNP are Europhile and support the Europe of Regions nonsense. The EDP are quite the opposite so no the EDP are not an English SNP.

    In the Scottish referendum resident EU citizens and 16/17 years have been allowed to vote. There's a very strong Germans for Yes FB campaign. Something stinks here. The SNP are pro multiculturalist and pro Islam, the EDP are the exact opposite.

    On the other hand I've been told many English residents are voting YES and the msm are keeping quiet about it.



    Many Scots in the YES category are opposed to the NWO but dont like the SNP.

    Only Russia can save us now, the UN wont because it does not recognise indigenous rights of people. An Irish republican told me that they went to the UN in 1979 over the Irish partition. They were told that the although the unionists were of British ethnic origin, that their majority over the indigenous Irish Catholics took precedent. The same applies to Kosovo, once part of Serbia but now occupied by ethnic Albanian muslims (who forced out the ethnic Serbs)

    So there we are if we become an ethnic minority in our lands, the UN will NOT support our right to self determination.

    Please take note Robin

    1. Francis, you and I are so much singing from the same hymn sheet and it would be very good to meet and chew the cud one day. The idea that the United Nations will save us has already been tried and Tony Blair told us that we are not an indigenous people but just a nation of immigrants so they will not come to our aid. The United Nations, as we have seen over the Ukraine, does exactly what Wall Street and the New World Order wants. Didn't Victoria Nuland when she was planning the Kiev putsch and putting Goldman Sachs' man Yatsenyuk ( with the emphasis on the yukhh) in power say that she would get the United Nations to do as she and they want and "f..." the EU which is just their puppet and going down the plughole with them?

      As for Russia the rouble has plunged in value by about 30% thanks to the sanctions that only Washington and the 51st state that is Britain seem to want and which are further weakening Europe. But the Russians will use this to their advantage through cheap goods and concentrate on producing what they previously imported from the EU like cars and food.

      The mistake that that greedy airbrain Nuland did not realise - apparently the US no longer has any Russia experts, nor experts on anywhere else so they are totally clueless as to other nations' history and culture - is that the Russians have never been defeated, more even than the English probably, they will fight for their own survival and never give in. What Churchill said about us during the War could have applied to them and more. They will win because they are strong, courageous and very bright and their country has not been feminised - neither has China - by the Liberal elites.

      Pleased to hear you talk about Kosovo. This was, just like the beginning of the First World War, another attack on Russia through one of its main allies, Serbia. Francis, just believe the Zagorsk prophecy about the New World Order which has proved totally correct thus far. Russia is destined not only to save us but to rechristianise Europe and to remove the ever advancing Ottoman Empire, as in the past, pushed forward courtesy of the New World Order. As I told the Jehovah's Witnesses, people in the West think the elites are actually fighting islam but they are not they are advancing it in Europe and North America for their own ends.

      The BBC is becoming more diverse by the hour and the Proms now not only have Razia Ikhbal but also Samir Ahmed on their team and the other evening the former was paired with a gentleman of African "heritage". Such a change compared with just 20 years ago.