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Sunday, 7 September 2014

English not voting for independence would be "an astonishing act of self-harm"! - George Monbiot's logic?

All of what George Monbiot says in his Guardian article below would apply equally to England.

I must say that it is a great article and I would certainly have given him full marks if he had submitted it to me when I was teaching and he was he was a very academically bright pupil at Stowe Public School back in the early eighties, if only there wasn't a slight confusion between the ideas of England and of Britain. Actually, of course, that confusion may be the Guardian editors's deliberate interpolation in their subheading and not what Gorge wrote at all.

Here is George's article:-

Scots voting no to independence would be an astonishing act of self-harm

England is dysfunctional, corrupt and vastly unequal. Who on earth would want to be tied to such a country?

Imagine the question posed the other way round. An independent nation is asked to decide whether to surrender its sovereignty to a larger union. It would be allowed a measure of autonomy, but key aspects of its governance would be handed to another nation. It would be used as a military base by the dominant power and yoked to an economy over which it had no control.

It would have to be bloody desperate. Only a nation in which the institutions of governance had collapsed, which had been ruined economically, which was threatened by invasion or civil war or famine might contemplate this drastic step. Most nations faced even with such catastrophes choose to retain their independence – in fact, will fight to preserve it – rather than surrender to a dominant foreign power.

So what would you say about a country that sacrificed its sovereignty without collapse or compulsion; that had no obvious enemies, a basically sound economy and a broadly functional democracy, yet chose to swap it for remote governance by the hereditary elite of another nation, beholden to a corrupt financial centre?

What would you say about a country that exchanged an economy based on enterprise and distribution for one based on speculation and rent? That chose obeisance to a government that spies on its own citizens, uses the planet as its dustbin, governs on behalf of a transnational elite that owes loyalty to no nation, cedes public services to corporations, forces terminally ill people to work and can’t be trusted with a box of fireworks, let alone a fleet of nuclear submarines? You would conclude that it had lost its senses.

So what’s the difference? How is the argument altered by the fact that Scotland is considering whether to gain independence rather than whether to lose it? It’s not. Those who would vote no – now, a new poll suggests, a rapidly diminishing majority – could be suffering from system justification. System justification is defined as the “process by which existing social arrangements are legitimised, even at the expense of personal and group interest”. It consists of a desire to defend the status quo, regardless of its impacts. It has been demonstrated in a large body of experimental work, which has produced the following surprising results.

System justification becomes stronger when social and economic inequality is more extreme. This is because people try to rationalise their disadvantage by seeking legitimate reasons for their position. In some cases disadvantaged people are more likely than the privileged to support the status quo. One study found that US citizens on low incomes were more likely than those on high incomes to believe that economic inequality is legitimate and necessary.

It explains why women in experimental studies pay themselves less than men, why people in low-status jobs believe their work is worth less than those in high-status jobs, even when they’re performing the same task, and why people accept domination by another group. It might help to explain why so many people in Scotland are inclined to vote no.

The fears the no campaigners have worked so hard to stoke are – by comparison with what the Scots are being asked to lose – mere shadows. As Adam Ramsay points out in his treatise Forty-Two Reasons to Support Scottish Independence, there are plenty of nations smaller than Scotland that possess their own currencies and thrive. Most of the world’s prosperous nations are small: there are no inherent disadvantages to downsizing.

Remaining in the UK carries as much risk and uncertainty as leaving. England’s housing bubble could blow at any time. We might leave the European Union. Some of the most determined no campaigners would take us out: witness Ukip’s intention to stage a “pro-union rally” in Glasgow on 12 September. The union in question, of course, is the UK, not Europe. This reminds us of a crashing contradiction in the politics of such groups: if our membership of the EU represents an appalling and intolerable loss of sovereignty, why is the far greater loss Scotland is being asked to accept deemed tolerable and necessary.

The Scots are told they will have no control over their own currency if they leave the UK. But they have none today. The monetary policy committee is based in London and bows to the banks. The pound’s strength, which damages the manufacturing Scotland seeks to promote, reflects the interests of the City.

To vote no is to choose to live under a political system that sustains one of the rich world’s highest levels of inequality and deprivation. This is a system in which all major parties are complicit, which offers no obvious exit from a model that privileges neoliberal economics over other aspirations. It treats the natural world, civic life, equality, public health and effective public services as dispensable luxuries, and the freedom of the rich to exploit the poor as non-negotiable.

Its lack of a codified constitution permits numberless abuses of power. It has failed to reform the House of Lords, royal prerogative, campaign finance and first-past-the-post voting (another triumph for the no brigade). It is dominated by media owned by tax exiles, who, instructing their editors from their distant chateaux, play the patriotism card at every opportunity. The concerns of swing voters in marginal constituencies outweigh those of the majority; the concerns of corporations with no lasting stake in the country outweigh everything. Broken, corrupt, dysfunctional, retentive: you want to be part of this?

Independence, as more Scots are beginning to see, offers people an opportunity to rewrite the political rules. To create a written constitution, the very process of which is engaging and transformative. To build an economy of benefit to everyone. To promote cohesion, social justice, the defence of the living planet and an end to wars of choice.

To deny this to yourself, to remain subject to the whims of a distant and uncaring elite, to succumb to the bleak, deferential negativity of the no campaign, to accept other people’s myths in place of your own story: that would be an astonishing act of self-repudiation and self-harm. Consider yourselves independent and work backwards from there; then ask why you would sacrifice that freedom.

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  1. Robin, the flurry of blogging activity is quite interesting, but I can't help thinking you would be better employed, along with other EDs somewhere like the Isle of Skye giving your support to the 'yes' campaign,

  2. The Queen beamed as she attended Scotland's Braemar Gathering but privately her mood is said to be far less sunny as a constitutional crisis looms.
    Buckingham Palace aides have revealed the Queen has a "great deal of concern" that Scotland will vote to leave the United Kingdom.

    Palace officials have publicly insisted Her Majesty is neutral over the issue of independence despite the threat to her own position as queen of Scotland.

    The 88-year-old monarch appeared in good spirits as she and the royal family attended this weekend's Highland Games in Scotland.

    But privately she is said to be very worried as the latest referendum poll showed the Yes campaign taking the lead for the first time with little more than a week to go to the vote

    1. I can't see why the Queen is worried, Salmond has already confirmed she will remain their monarch. Don't forget it was the Stuarts that created the union in the first place and Scotland doesn't seem to like giving up things they deem their own. All they want rid of is Westminster and the English electorate.

      I can't see Scotland going independent; I can't help but think this whole referendum pole is just a ruse. I quickly caught a BBC report earlier where Osborne was listing all the things he was prepared to give to Scotland if they were to say NO - Surprise surprise; they will get Devo-Max which is exactly what Salmond wants anyway. Either Salmond has played a blinder or the British have - maybe both - I can't make up my mind. Either way, England loses, again.

      I take it when Scotland gets devo-max we will still be stuck with the British government? We will still be the same down trodden, conquered peasants as before.

    2. It may have been the Stuarts who created the Union but they became extinct with the arrival of the Hannoverians. Despite a tiny drop of Anglo-Saxon blood which has seeped through our Queen is still part of the House of Hannover. As is often said, the Royal Family is more German than anything else.
      And of course, the Queen Mother was a Scot with a bit of blood from County Durham.

      Here's one for Francis. At the recent demonstrations against the NATO summit is Wales, I spotted a placard which read Stop the NATO Bilderberger Empire. The Germans are now becoming most concerned at the prospect that NATO with its offensive spearhead force will be beyond the reach of European parliaments and hence democratic control. Germany is not allowed to deploy forces outside Germany without the approval of the Bundestag. The same is true of most European countries. With a NATO free of parliamentary control they will have carte blance to have another go at Syria. There is now the risk that they will be in there to fight the IS and then turn on Assad. All this is at Israel's behest who want Assad gone to weaken and as a next step to Iran and to Greater Israel.

      What NATO is about to become is a private army for the Oligarchic 1% of which Cameron is now the established leader. When the Bilderbergers first met there were the Rothschilds with ex-commies, like Merkel, Barraso, Monnet etc and ex-Nazis. This was no accident as the aim was the creation of a Marxist-style totalitarian world to be benefit of the Rothschilds. In the Ukraine we discover that the Oligarchs have their private armies fighting in the East.
      In fact, Oligarch is now fighting Oligarch there. We are back in the age of the robber barons. The Rothschilds are the biggest of the lot and it looks as if NATO is to be their private army to achieve financial and industrial hegemony for them and the military industrial complex. Their enemies are now Iran, Russia and China. Once they have weakened Russia then China will be their next port of call. They are now in a great rush as the BRICS nations are getting together to bring them down and save us all. We are all the serfs of those same robber barons.

      Meanwhile, I learnt the other evening that there will be an hispanic majority in the US by 2030. So the days of a white minority must be fast approaching there and there is talk of a muslim majority over time. What happens there will come here and most countries in the west of Europe at least.
      White genocide is now gathering pace. To the architects of the New World Order this is what they want as Europeans are the fly in the ointment to their plans. We are too bright and too well organised. They want a world or rootless low iq slaves.

      Finally, if you have been watching what is happening in Calais then you will know that the Camp of the Saints is already here. These people know that if they get to England they will get everything. The turmoil in their own countries is being caused by American and French oil wars. But the French ignore them apart from feeding them because they know that they will be followed by wave after wave of their compatriots; just as with the Sorcerer's Apprentice nobody wil be able to stem the tide so they push them into the arms of the soft and stupid English.

      Did anybody see the cricket at Edbgbason yesterday. Asians were the majority amongst the spectators and all supporting India thus failing Tebbitt's cricket test. We have been well and truly colonised.

    3. She wasn't too bothered as the sovereignty of England has been handed to the EU in slices over the last thirty years.

    4. I don't think it has anything to do with blood, by your logic she shouldn't be our monarch either. My point was that the Scots combined the crown so the monarch is seen, by them, equally as Scottish as well as English - although, in reality they're neither. This leads to another argument about 'monarchy' altogether which I will leave for another time. I suspect things would be a whole lot different if it had been, say, an English house that had combined the crowns and created the union - now there's an interesting thought.

      Bearing this in mind they will keep the Queen. So it comes back around to my original point that I can't see how she is worried about the union ending. The only thing I can see that would bother her, her family and network of collaborators and sycophants is the reduction in their global hegemony. If that is the case then I am all for independence. Like I said, I reject Britishness, a bit like how somebody like, Farrah, obviously rejects Englishness. I am not anybody's 'subject' and I won't ever be used to consolidate and/or expand, what is essentially a foreign powers', standing in the world. If they want wars they should offer up their own.

      Whether you agree with me or not, one thing is for sure, Blair certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons.

    5. The Queen's attitude to what has happened since she ascended the throne is a bit of a mystery. On the anniversary of her coronation she expressed the view that the country had improved during her reign. It could be that she just has these words put into her mouth. I do wonder what she really thinks.

      As regards the EU and One World Plans I am of the opinion that she has to toe the line or will have to follow those European monarchs, including the Tsar, who have already been removed by the predecessors of the Bilderbergers, starting with the Russian Revolution and her remaining fellow monarchs whose position is tenuous. The Bilderbergers are hoping that their Marxist useful idiots will, over time, remove them as well, principally through the means of mass immigration which is leading to the possibility of the Queen being removed as the Head of State of Canada and Australia.
      By the way I wee that 300 of Canada's burgeoning islamic community are fighting with the Islamic State as well.

      Turning to that, I wonder if anybody saw the interview on Russia Today on Worlds Apart with Oxana Boyko when that expert on sharia law Amjed Choudhary was confronted.
      It was quite frankly chilling and Oxana appeared totally horrified by what she heard. The London imam who is free to walk our streets and probably claiming benefits for himself and his family said that Jihad makes no differentation between soldiers, civilians and journalists. The reason for this is that civilians elect the leaders and journalists are the mouthpiece for those leaders. So civilians, especially those refusing to convert from Christianity, can happily be slaughtered and we know that children have been beheaded - who never elected any leader - and their heads hung on trees, However, according to Choudhary, those who refuse to convert will be allowed to live as dhimmis in the peaceful paradise that will be world-wide islam. Eventually, the whole world will be converted, even Russia. This leads me to conclude that the attack on Christian Russia may be just part of the one world plan for us all to be muslims and hence expected to submit. Now we hear that Al Qaeda has its eyes on India - a major BRICS country, what a surprise! Al Qaeda was created by the CIA in Afghanistan and the Islamic State was created by them in Syria. Some believe they are just another tool of the New World Order.

    6. It is reported that most 'yes' voters also favor a Scottish republic.
      Salmond is avoiding opening that particular can of worms until after Scotland gets her independence.

    7. John Redwood MP continues to go to the media and portray himself as an English patriot, who is in favor of an English parliament. He should have the courage to defect from the UK unionist, pro-EU Conservative Party and join the English Democrats

  3. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of blogs that are littered with such terms as Ex-Nazi's, Rothschild, Oligarchs, and Elite, which are scripted so fluidly and eloquently, perhaps the English Peasantry like myself come along or at least awoken to the “puppet strings” of the elite minority.

    I find it ironic that NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation appears to be the purview of the German Chancellor, wasn’t that Adolf previous post? Or perhaps we shouldnt mention the War, since we are embarking on ISIS WW III.

    MAX Devo is a “proverbial carrot” that has become “too much, too late”, and can also be rescinded as easily, as proven repeatedly by past and present politicians. Britons no longer TRUST politicians. To offer more Scottish autonomy with regards to taxes and expenditure, after tax payers funded state organisations such as the Royal Mail, have been flogged off so cheaply to minority cronies and subsidising financial institutes who criminal’s serve 1 day in prison for every €50 million plundered……there’s penitence’s in a sentence.

    The Queen as not put a foot wrong in 88 years, this impeccable track record will keep her in good standing, no matter the blood lines.
    After the Scottish referendum the British Isles will NOT remain the same.

    But one aspect will remain the people of Northern Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales will remain BRITONS as they have for over millennia.

    1. I don't agree that NATO is lead by Angela Merkel. She is probably one of the least enthusiastic for what came out of the NATO summit and her position is now probably at risk as the Germans revolt against the spearhead force and the economic and other attacks on Russia. One interesting point was made on Cross Talk on RT yesterday, namely that the Continent is beginning not to look west but east and building bridges with Russia in terms of trade etc and by extension with China and the BRICS countries as well.

      Unfortunately, as long as the City of London controls England and probably the US as well there is little hope of us joining them but the New World Order is beginning to realise that the rest of the world is about to ditch the American financial-industrial and military complex and leave them to sink in their own lunacy and corruption. Hence the need to cut the links with Russia and prevent Europe from uniting from the Atlantic to the Urals and waving two fingers at Uncle Sam. This makes me wonder whether this was the aim of the creation of the Soviet Union in the first place, namely to divide Europe or keep it under the control of the New York banking cartel. When the Soviet Union fell they hoped to get their hands on the whole of Europe and the former Soviet states but unfortunately for them and fortunately for us the Russians were having none of it.

  4. THIS ONE The English Democrats should contest, if only to reverse any Ukip advance in the north
    The sudden death of Manchester MP Jim Dobbin has triggered a by-election for Heywood and Middleton.
    The looming by-election will be viewed with some nervousness in Westminster with UKIP currently leading the polls in the Clacton by-election due to be held on October 9.

    Mr Dobbin had a majority of more than 17,000 over the Conservatives when first elected in 1997 but by 2010 this had fallen to just under 6,000.

    The Labour Party may launch their campaign to keep the seat at their Party Conference, which is being held in Manchester from September 21-24.

  5. According to the Daily Telegraph, David Cameron is pleading with the Scots not to leave the Union. I always viewed him as little pleader.
    However, if I were a Scot I would make him get down on his knees and beg for his premiership of the whole of the United Kingdom and then I would still ignore him and vote yes.

    It is nice that we are recycling the massive security fence that was put up in Cardiff for the NATO summit by offering to sell it to the French to erect in Calais and put round the Sudanese and Afghans trying to storm England. Would that rate as a concentration camp? I have not heard the French reaction yet but can imagination it would be along the lines of "Foutez-moi le camp"!! ( de concentration) (all expletives in any tongue will be removed from this blog!).

    Still it is nice that NATO now has positive proof from the Dutch that it was a buk missiles ( either coming from or supplied by Russia) which shot down the Malaysian airlines 'plane. Of course one German pilot with 30 years's flying experience begged to differ claiming that the bullet holes in the fuselage prove that it was shot down by air to air gunfire.
    But the BBC and most western press knew this was not true even the day before the report was released; what a surprise! And Kiev continued to blast the crashsite so that most of the evidence to contradict the buk theory was destroyed. There has been a suggestion that ultimately it will be shown that it was Kiev's jet what did it but that Obama and Cameron and Netanyahu if he chooses - shown on a poster as the three stooges - would still blame Russia for creating the conditions in which it needed to be done so as to blame Russia and take them out. As I have said before, Enoch Powell said that Russia was our natural ally and that America was the aggressor but the New World Order turns it all around so that Russia is accused of the actions which said New World Order is itself carrying out; a well-tried proganda technique but then George Orwell gave them a few tips I think.

    As regards England's independence, a gentleman in my area who I thought was a member of UKIP has written to the local paper suggesting it is time for English independence and an English parliament. In addition he said that a Scot suggested that post-independence St George's flag should be removed and replaced by one showing England's vibrant multicultural status. The writer's response was to suggest that since Scotland will be independent first they should get rid of the saltire and do likewise, especially in view of Alex Salmond's enthusiasm for civic nationalism for Scotland and all out multicutluralism. I could supply the writer's address if you want Robin.

    Finally, we learn that the sharia law patrols are operating in Wuppertal in the same way the did in the East End. Unlike the wishy washy do-gooding we don't deserve to survive English, the Germans at the highest level has said that the only law operating in Germany must be federal law and this sharia law patrollers must be arrested and charged.
    Don't you just love a bit of German common sense. Sad to say they do have a higher iq than the English and are of course much better educated.

  6. Cameron, Miliband and Cleggy have all decamped to Scotland in a desperate attempt to bolster the 'no' campaign. How about after the ED's national conference this coming weekend hiring a bus to take willing delegates to Scotland for the last couple of days before the vote to give support to the 'yes' side?

  7. Robin,
    'WHY DON'T WE TELL THE SCOTS TO SHOVE OFF" - the title of an article by Simon Heffer in the Daily Mail, Wednesday September 10.
    Robin, you should write an article responding to Heffer's and submit it to the Daily Mail for publication

  8. The debate on television last night with the under-eighteens just shows the folly of allowing them to vote in the Scottish referendum as most were so bored that they spent all their time on Twitter. However, one did come up with a good point, namely that to be like Norway they will have to pay the same level of taxation, just under 50%. This just shows to what extent we are subsidizing them.

    There is an elephant in the room as regards the Scottish referendum and I wonder if anybody else has noticed it. The insane Obama at the behest of the Zionists and the military-industrial complex is about to break international law once again and bomb the islamic state in Syria whether Damascus wants it or not. Arch Neocon and Zionist David Cameron is desperate to follow suit saying that Assad is guilty of war crimes by attacking his own people. Following that logic then so is Poroshenko as the rather suspect Amnesty International has said; but of course that is different as Americans staged the coup and want to gobble up the Ukraine and destroy Russia. Also, Israel has committed war crimes and the US in spades. Philip Hammond has said we will not be doing air strikes on Syria as parliament voted against it. But Cameron who is emerging as the arch Neocon/ Zionist by far after having rediscovered that branch of his ancestry and his pride in it in 2007, says that that was last year. However, the point is that there were probably hardly any, if any, Scottish mps who voted to attack Syria and this probably reflected the views of nearly all Scots. So if Cameron goes ahead his goose is cooked and England will be free next Thursday. Hopefully, the Scots will realise that with independence they will be able to have a rational, humanitarian foreign policy dedicated to international trade and peace and understanding and not be forced to follow the hegemons as they reduce the world to rubble and slaughter thousands.
    An e-mail from UKIP has just blamed Iraq for all Israel's woes since the dawn of history. This is the trouble, Israel is back where it was at least two millenia ago and all of us are having to fight their wars for them.
    Balfour was an idiot but then he was probably pressured by the Zionists into doing what he did.

    I am getting hearily sick of the way that the rest of Europe is excercising some thought and common sense as regards the situation in the Ukraine and Russia's part of it and yet all I hear is the US and Britain swimming against the tide. We know that is because Britain is virtually an economic or other colony of the US or vice versa but I am a European; not an American nor would ever want to be. Europeans are on the whole much brighter, better educated and much more mature.
    Now we hear that Cameron is all for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Project which will hand over the NHS to corrupt American healthcare companies but then neither Cameron nor any other member of the cabinet probably needs to make use of the NHS. They will all use private medecine and head straight to the front of the queue. If Cameron wants us to be part of the US then why doesn't he bugger off and go and live there ( more bad language, sorry!).

  9. Having just watched George Galloway on his Sputnik programme on Russia Today I have learned from Telegraph writer Liam Halligan that UKIP's Douglas Carswell is to get a landslide in Clacton principally because he will soak up many labour votes in a way he could not have done as a Tory. This may well lead to Labour losing in Heywood and Middleton to UKIP on the same day. Either way, it is clear that a concensus is emerging against the three main parties, something which the EDs need to use for their own advantage. More importantly is that the skids may now be put under the feet of Arch Neon and Zionist, David Cameron before the election as he may now be becoming an electoral liability. By the way Galloway revealed that he voted no in the previous EEC referendum which shows a coming together of the left and the "far right".

    We then saw the lovely Stacey Herbert, Max Keiser's sidekick, who has just returned from America where she said, as I suspected, Planet Yank has now idea of what is going on in the rest of the world. There was no European news, including the UK and terrorism in the Middle East was referred to but with no delineation as to country. This just shows that America is totally detached from the rest of the world which is just there for it to rape and pillage.

    However, there are interesting developments there. Stacey tells us that the main contender against Hillary Clinton in the next presidential election will not be Jed Bush but Rand Paul the son of Ron Paul of international peace and understanding fame. This is Ron Paul who is a southern republican but with left-wing leanings and wants to engage and seek peace with the rest of the world and not go out and bomb it and kill thousands. As Hillary Clinton has now shown herself to be as much a neocon as Cameron and Obama then this is good news. Ron Paul is always appearing on Russia Today showing that he wants to work with Russia and Russia is not the bogeyman that the neocons and Zionists have made her in their bid for world hegemony.

    The Neocons and the Zionists have met their match in Russia as predicted and now they were on the wane. This is very good news for the world and for the English but very bad news for Dave Cameron.

    Stacey also told us that of children starting school this autumn in the US the majority will be non-white. This is the beginning of the browning of America which will turn Europe more and more towards Russia as the great remaining white Christian power. Birds of a feather fly together and as the US becomes less and less Anglo-Saxon and more and more like South America, the native Americans reclaiming it, then England will have to choose whether it goes the same way or remains what it has been since the dawn of time a white country and a Christian country for 1500 years. America will show the way as it becomes non-white with a muslim majority. This is probably not what the English want. After all they are destined to be in a minority by 2066 at the latest. The next few decades will be marked by turmoil and conflict. It will be interesting to see what does happen in America as Western Europe will follow it down the path to extinction if nothing changes.

  10. A message for the EDs is that the party's strength is very much in the North West, and Yorkshire and Humberside. The party must build there, or it is done for.

  11. The BBC needs to be disavowed of the belief that the English Democrats are not a nationalist party, but a federalist party. As was definitively established at last year's annual conference, the EDs are a nationalist party dedicated to independence from both the EU and the UK. See the BBC's report of the pre-conference interview with Robin.

  12. Robin,
    During period in the Guards, ascertaining whether a career as an army officer was for you, you do not seem to have been instructed in strategy, tactics and logistics.
    A definition of madness is following the same unsuccessful course of action over and over again.
    The EDs have thrown a disproportionate amount of money and effort into losing in the Tory (now Ukip) south. The result has been virtually no presence in the south.
    Despite the leadership's neglect , the EDs have a respectable presence in Lancashire and Yorkshire. the party must hold on to that and expand in the Labour north. Learn from the Lib Dems and build from the grass roots.
    In particularly the EDS need to establish a presence in the North East which the party has studiously ignored. Also in Lincolnshire. That is, build where the sense of being English is strongest; not waste time and effort in Essex, Kent, London and Hampshire where the sense (and often the fact) of being English is least.

  13. With three days to go to the Scottish referendum, the EDs should SHOUT for England; no one else will do it

    1. A sign that the worm is turning is the advance made in the Swedish general election by, the English Democrats' Swedish equivalent, the anti-immigration, anti-EU Sweden Democrats

  14. Of course the English Democrats should be concentrating on the Danelaw not Wessex. Viking blood injected a "will not be pushed around attitude" into the bulk of England and Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are two areas with the highest concentration of Danish Viking blood. As regards the North East, the area around Newcastle is meant to be even higher.

    Russia Today have started showing the film The Four Horsemen which is detailing the collapse of European Christian Civilisation, which is following the same path as previous civilisations and for the same reasons. However, many of us know that most of this happened just as nature taking its course but as the result of deliberate engineering by the foolish Marxists and their masters. One symptom of such as decline was stated as bread and circumstances and most people realise that this is how the corrupt oligarchy is keeping the masses happy.

    One thing that is bringing about collapse has been mass muslim immigration into Europe as evidenced by the impasses that western governments are now in with regard to the Islamic State because of their own imported muslims communities. Sadly the muslims should have been held back as in previous centuries. However, I have just read an article in the Guardian regarding the success of the Sweden Democrats in the Swedish elections. A spokesman for that party said their their immigration was not extreme but that of the other parties was. By this he probably meant that open door immigration is Marxist and predatory capitalism's form of extremism. But the Guardian dismisses the Sweden Democrats as an offshoot of the Swedish Nazi Party so what do you do? Sadly, you cannot even rely on the Vikings to have any fight in them any more. Common sense with regard to globalisation and mass immigration is just dismissed as Nazism by these people. Even with mass immigration we are following the example of Rome where the destruction of homgeneity in the end led to collpase. Of course, Enoch Powell was a brilliant classicist and knew his history of Rome backwards. Hence, his quote that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. The problem is that those who were sane and logical like Enoch and others were terrified into silence or sent into internal exile.

    1. I agree with you about the northerners' bloody mindedness which contrasts with the southernerns' readiness to accept what they are told by anyone in authority. Besides which, while English north was a land of free men, the Saxon south was worked by slave labour from Ireland and Wales. In fact the term Welsh was taken to mean slave ('slave', itself, originally meant Slav). The mixture of English (the Angles/Engle) and Viking (Danes in the east, and Norwegian in the west) Dano-English blood could well have something to do with it. But while the Danelaw was known in Alfred's time, according to The OED online the name Wessex was coined in 1868 by the wordsmith the Rev William Barnes, to refer to a small area where the counties of Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset meet, and was modelled on the names of the counties of Essex and Sussex, but Barnes's county of Wessex never came into being, except in the novels of Thomas Hardy. The kingdom the West Saxons was merged with those of the East Saxons, the South Saxons, the Kentish folk and the East Angles in 825 AD.