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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Government corruption - politicising the military?

The next Armed Forces Day is to be staged as a propaganda event and held in Scotland in 2014. In explanation the UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the "event would help underline the strength of the Union"!!!

The great English patriot and scholar Dr Samuel Johnson is reported as saying:-  

"(False) Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."
Whereas he said:-

"A (true) patriot is he whose publick conduct is regulated by one single motive, the love of his country; who, as an agent in parliament, has, for himself, neither hope nor fear, neither kindness nor resentment, but refers everything to the common interest."

I think it is all too very clear from the story below which catagory Philip Hammond MP falls into!
What do you think?

Here is the
BBC News article:-

Stirling to host Armed Forces Day ahead of referendum

The national event for Armed Forces Day is to be held in Stirling next year ahead of the independence referendum.

UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the event would help underline the strength of the union.

Scotland's veterans minister, Keith Brown, said he was not concerned with the UK government's motivation for bringing the event to Scotland.

He said the Scottish government was just glad to be hosting the national day - held annually in June since 2009.

Over the past four years Armed Forces Day has been marked by hundreds of local events around the UK.

It is the second time the national event will be held in Scotland, after Edinburgh played host in 2011.

'Testament to Stirling' Mr Hammond said the events represented what was best about the UK.

"They remind us in a very graphic way that we are stronger together.

"Britain, the United Kingdom and Scotland benefit from the scale and the power and the capability of our armed forces.

"And I know that the people in Scotland have a deep affection for the armed forces."

Mr Brown said there was "no patience" for bringing politics into such events.

"I'm just delighted that the event is returning to Scotland," he said.

"I think that's a testament both to Stirling and also to the success of Armed Forces Day in 2011."

The event highlights the role Britain's armed forces play in national life.

A member of the Royal family will be present to witness the parades, medal ceremonies and a military fly past.

Stirling Provost Mike Robbins said the city was "tremendously proud" to be chosen to host the celebrations.

"We can now look forward to a truly spectacular set of events next June," he said.

The people of Scotland will vote next September on whether the country should leave the United Kingdom.

They will be asked the straight yes/no question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

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  1. UKIP Preston Branch - LCC Election Results

    UKIP polled almost 4,500 votes across the 9 contested electoral divisions in Preston. This was a fantastic result given the fact that the UKIP PRESTON BRANCH WAS ONLY FORMED IN JANUARY 2013.
    The anti-English Ukip got these results in May in what should be English Democrats' home turf. There must be great potential for the English Democrats by exposing Ukip for what it is.

    1. UKIP will ALWAYS appeal to a wider range of the Electorate than will ED.
      The simple fact that ED is only for the English, middle class and Whites
      means it can never get anywhere in elections. The entire set-up is too narrow, better to join UKIP as soon as possible.

    2. Always assuming that anyone that does so is not an English Nationalist!

    3. Ukip will not survive exposure of its contradictions. Its core belief that the UK can be taken out of the EU intact is untenable.
      With up to 90% of folk in the East Midlands and the North identifying themselves as English rather than British. That seems like a wide enough constituency for the English Democrats to do very well here. Any English nationalists who find themselves in Ukip, had better join the English Democrats as soon as possible.
      The SNP is Scottish, largely middle class and white, Plaid Cymru is Welsh, largely middle class and white. They haven't done badly; better than Ukip in their own countries. The English Democrats being similarly English, largely middle class and white will do just as well as the SNP and Plaid Cymru; ultimately all three nationalist parties will do better than Ukip.
      The three parties appeal to nationalists, Ukip's only appeal is to traditional Conservatives and their support for Ukip is flaky depending on whether or not the Conservative Party returns to its traditional values (or they think it has).

  2. What a "coincidence" that Armed Forces Day should be held in Stirling (the earlier capital of Scotland) in 2014, after being held in Edinburgh (the current capital of Scotland) as recently as 2011. Oh! and 2014 is when the independence referendum is to be held in Scotland, another amazing "coincidence".
    Typical Tory arrogance.

  3. It 's exactly the same reason for the Coalition's idea of commemorating the START of WW1.

    Old Albion

  4. Perhaps the most significant words in the published artice are, "Britain, the United Kingdom and Scotland..."
    NOT "England and Scotland..."

    1. This might suggest that the government is thinking in terms of a Britain of ten regions, one of which would be Wales. And without Scotland (and the name of England would completely disappear, divided into nine 'British' regions).

  5. The Tories are not so much politicising the military, i.e., encouraging the military to become active in the political arena as in Egypt, as using the military's reputation for its own party political purpose of promoting the unionist cause.
    We have a history in this country, in which the military does not take sides between political positions. The Tory Party is breaking an unwritten contract by using the military to support the party's unionism.
    I wonder if the Tory's misuse of the military in this way can be challenged in court.

  6. This union buttering was started with the saving of Scottish regiments at the expense of English ones. The Duke of Wellington's has just suffered this fate very recently

  7. The way things are going when the ethnic English are in a minority then the non-English will not care whether the country is in regions or exists at all. I am sure that this was the plan all along as part of the One World State.

    1. I'm sure you're right that this is the intention, but are the ethnic English going to let it happen? There is yet time to restrict immigrants to London. Immigrants in the rest of England can either be assisted to return to their homelands or to transfer to London.

    2. It's great that someone is standing up for the English, but don't you think
      that UKIP can achieve a better result for all. Both parties are anti-EU, both want immigration to be regularized, and both would surely want
      to sort out ALL aspects of finance in a totally pro-British way. If you
      concentrate only on immigration into England youn will find that a higher
      proportion of immigration exists in England than in the Celtic Fringes. I
      guess over 20% of England is immigrant or immigrant descended. This
      is a high quantity to deal with, especially as more immigrants vote per head of population than do Native English. The task is too great, again
      the fact that most Native Britons are going for a party that represents
      all our people, rather than a single cultural group is significant. Is this a
      question of big fish in small ponds ?

  8. We're going to have four years of the establishment boosting the union with the hundredth anniversary of the First World War offering a load of excuses to push the unionist message.