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Friday, 16 August 2013



A guest post by "Broadcaster, Columnist & Blogger David Lowe".

David sent me this and I liked it so much that I asked him if I could post it up and so with thanks to him I do. What do you think?

YOU may already have seen reports in the News about a £75,000 cap on social care for the elderly. That is to say, those of us who are owner-occupiers and/or those of us with substantial savings, and/or an appropriate insurance policy will not be expected to contribute more than £75,000 of the value of our property, savings or policy, should we need social care in our later years.

In February of this year, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced in Parliament that his proposal for such a cap would be of help to a significant number of people in England. He added that, up to now, many families have faced ruinous costs with little or no assistance from the State, so the proposed new framework would "bring greater certainty, fairness and peace of mind."

Okay, so how many of us assumed that this £75,000 cap covered care … i.e. nursing and all other related costs … in their entirety? I certainly did, and if you did too, we were wrong: big time! Only now, is it becoming clearer that the cap covers basic nursing costs and nothing more. It does not cover the costs to the individual of retirement or nursing home fees or even the food served at such establishments.

As if that isn't enough to be getting-on with, there's a big sting in the tail too. If you are assessed at having "low" or "moderate" care needs, the care costs you incur will NOT count towards the £75.000 cap. Only if your needs are assessed as "substantial" or "critical" will the cap come into play. And, as if to add insult to injury, there's yet another aspect to this sorry state of affairs that the politicians seem to think is of little or no consequence. The relevant legislation is not likely to come into force until 2017, and if … note the word "if" … the legislation is approved, those who qualify for assistance, over and above the £75,000 cap, are unlikely to start receiving support before 2019 at the earliest.

For quite a few years now, local government authorities have been stressing that the care of the elderly is grossly under-funded. So why has the issue been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent? Some campaigners point to 1997 when Tony Blair came to power, and claim they've been pressing for - and promised - action ever since. Promises, promises!

Clearly, this is yet another major UK issue involving the retired and elderly that could be resolved overnight by the suspension or scrapping of the largely discredited Overseas Aid we dole-out to all-and-sundry every year. I'm not usually given to quoting chapter and verse but, as a former Sunday school teacher, I'm reminded of a passage from the New Testament … "Why do you seek the speck in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" (RSV Matthew 7 verses 3 to 5 inclusive). In other words, let's put our own house in order FIRST, before we try to resolve the perceived, and sometimes wholly imaginary, problems of other nation states.

By the way, I make no apology for using the words "Con Trick" in the title of this article.


  1. As I have said before, I am involved, as perhaps are some other EDs in the collection of food for a local food bank. Demand is growing all the time at a tremendous rate. No tins have arrived yet from the multimillionaires Cameron, Clegg or Osborne.

    In the wake of the Bongo Bongo Land controversy I discovered that Nigeria is planning a space programme, India already has one as well as nuclear weapons. We know that aid in India has to be targeted because if it goes to those at the top it is syphoned off at every stage by greedy and corrupt officials before it gets to the bottom. I suspect the same thing happens in Nigeria and the rest of Black Africa.

    As I also added, people from the third world sneak in here whichever way possible in order to live off the benefit system or to get us to look after them and then expect us also to pay out for the relatives they have left back home. The first world cannot afford to keep doing this. The reason the West and countries like China and Japan are more prosperous is because they have made efforts to restrict their birthrate. When Indira Ghandi attempted this in India she failed and was then subsequently assassinated but possibly because of a spat with the Sikhs. Until the third world follows our example then nothing will change there. In the days of the Dark Continent or before European expansionism people in the third world would have simply starved as they did in Europe.

    Many people are now switching to local charities helping local people not only because they cannot be sure that their money is not ending up in a Swiss bank account but because they don't know if the chief executive of any national charity is not on silly money.

    It is very hard for what is left of the Christian West to abandon the third world because it is unchristian. The alternative is to return and run their countries for them as in the past which, of course, would never be allowed. It is a real moral dilemma.

  2. Alex Deane, David Cameron's former Chief of Staff, speaking on BBC Radio 4's 'Any Questions' said that he was in favour of unrestrained immigration. There speaks the true Tory voice.

    1. All those from the third world should be sent straight to Chipping Norton and housed in tents. Not that I want this to happen to poor old Chippy but perhaps when it does it will be bring it home to slippery Dave and his Chipping Norton set. One better would be to pitch those tents around Dave's constituency home which I think is at Churchill (another spin in the grave for Winston) but I could be wrong.

  3. I have just re-read an article in a national newspaper about Professor Coleman's prediction made earlier this year that the indigenous inhabitants of this island would be in a minority by 2066.

    We now have a battle raging between the survivalists (nationalists) and the extinctionists. The extinctionists seem to welcome the extinction of the native race and culture of our country as something imminently desirable; and it seems to worry them little that they are also rejoicing in the accompanying extinction of our native flora and fauna through gross overpopulation. Without mass immigration the population could have been reduced and these species saved and we could still have rejoiced in being part of the mosaic of nations, races and cultures that Enoch Powell spoke of the need to preserve.

    One comment likened white left-wing liberals to lemmings gleefully throwing themselves over the cliff edge as the third world tide catches up with them. At the moment, these lemmings seem quite happy with the fact that they are in a minority in London being aware that in the hinterland their own people are still in a majority. They seem to rejoice in the prospect of London being writ large in the whole country assuming they will be safe when they are in a minority. There is no guarantee of this.

    I have learnt that membership of the Traditional Britain Group has increased since the recent Jacob Rees-Mogg business. Unfortunately, even though it has made the beleaguered English aware that there is an organisation that recognises that both mass immigration and multi-culturalism will be fatal for this country, the nationalist cause is not helped by certain opinions held by Gregory Lauder-Frost of that organisation, a shame as he has just written well about the politicisation of our judiciary. His belief that we never needed to declare war on Germany is patently ridiculous. Also his insensitivity towards Doreen Lawrence and other immigrants is crass. Doreen Lawrence's son was murdered as have been thousands of others, native and immigrant, wholly unnecessarily. Our argument must never be with the immigrants themselves, even though there is a certain arrogance in some Asians and none of them has ever considered those indigenous millions they have displaced.
    Our argument is with the political and globalizing elites who have brought us to this disastrous position.

    We have now reached a crucial point as regards the future of England. Those who thought that introducing a bit of exotic colour into dull old post-War England would be a good idea will soon realise that like the grey squirrel and Japanese knotweed they are rapidly forcing the indigenous species out.

    The present situation is unsustainable as Paul Weston of Liberty GB has said, both on demographic and environmental terms. If there is not going to be conflict, total ethnic cleansing, the wholesale eradication of our national identity or environmental collapse then millions need to be encouraged to return home, which is what Lauder-Frost suggested on Newsnight, before there is bloodshed and evacuation, although he has stupidly spoken of immediate forced repatriation (he seems to think that this could occur peacefully). Incidentally, there is fighting between Hindus and Muslims - the future opponents when we have lost the land - which never makes the papers.

    If this does not happen then England will be like Trinidad with mostly Africans and Asians and mixed race peoples and a small white minority. Chinese historians writing in the next century will record with a certain bewilderment how the most advanced race ever joyfully opted for extinction rather than survival.

  4. Overseas aid is a drop in the ocean, compared with other government spending. It is an observed fact that social provision depends on having democracy and the ability of a country to elect its own government. England does not have that ability, because we now have an English government, but it is not elected by the English people. The UK government in cosmopolitan London has had its day. The English Democrats need to discuss at their Annual Conference where England's independent parliament might be. It should be located in an English part of the country, i.e., the North or the Midlands. (Leeds or Nottingham, or an ancient city such as York or Lincoln.)

  5. The bottom line here is that elderly people in England are having to sell their homes (the homes they had saved for and worked for and had hoped to leave to their children) to pay for their care because English tax money is being sent to Edinburgh to enable the Scottish Government to provide care for their compatriots free of charge. From the cradle to the grave, the Scots get everything for nothing and we English pay for it all whilst we pay again for ourselves. It's all part of living in a "United" (ha b****y ha!) Kingdom; one in which David Donald (I'm a Cameron etc, etc,) Cameron believes "passionately".

    1. While not condoning the flow of English money to Scotland, the money going north of the border pales into insignificance compared to the billions of English pounds going towards cosmopolitan 'global city' London and the increasingly multi-ethnic centres of England's other cities.

  6. I wonder how many people saw Paul O'Grady's programme on the working classes on ITV. Suddenly it became obvious from harking back to the 1960s and 1970s how rapidly - a mere 40 years - the English had gone from being the overwhelming majority to approaching minority status. According to Professor Coleman by 2050 the England will be the most ethnically diverse country in the world. Quite when we ever chose this path I am still waiting for the political elites to tell me. By the way I see that Tony Blair gets £2.5m per year from J P Morgan Bank in New York. I expect he always did even when he was pm and hence did their bidding with his multiculturisation programme; and according to Russia Today that bank controls the Federal Reserve and are trying to get the US tax laws changed so that credit unions are closed down. It stinks. What say you Mr Blair? The comment was that this should provoke a revolution in the US but the population are now so demoralised that they no longer have the fight. Does that sound familiar?

    It is obvious that the globalizers' aim has been to destroy any homogeneous community and replace us by nations of rootless individuals of every racial combination who could never combine to resist. From the programme it became clear that from being a cohesive entity we have been smashed into a fragmented mosaic incapable of joining forces or having anything in common.
    As that gentleman said on Question Time and was booed for his pains; a multicultural society is an oxymoron i.e. a society is a cohesive unit and a multicultural society can never be so.

    Also in the programme we were told that the cockneys of Hackney had moved out to Essex. We were given the impression that they were moved out to new towns. But I know from somebody who lived there that this was not the case. They were ethnically cleansed through mass immigration.

    It also became obvious how the working classes and have been used and abused by the movers and shakers; moved out of their close-knit communities and put in tower blocks by those who thought they knew best - which they never have and never will - and never thought to ask the people involved. Now it is even worse we are just economic or political units to be done with as they will by the globalists of all persuasions. Sorry that Michael Wood's programme is finished; but with Athelstan, another Anglo-Saxon hero for the English whose legacy has been abased.

  7. "A Political Toxic man" Cameron who loves to Frack England.
    This slimey slug of a career politician must be up in lights with all the other traitors,and slimeballs Wilson,Heath,Blair,Brown,Clegg,and our man of injustice David Donald who have sold "ENGLAND and WE ENGLISH" down the River.

    1. David Donald? - of course, that'll be 'Wee Davie Cameron" you're meaning.

  8. It seems that white flight has come to Birmingham. London has been irrevocably lost to the New Britons. Now it looks as though the same thing could happen to the second city.

  9. It seems that the expense of care may not be such a concern in future, because the government is considering sending us to care homes in India when we get elderly and infirm.

  10. According to Professor Coleman, Birmingham is to have a white British minority by the end of the decade. Through the exporting of the residents of such cities to social housing elsewhere the Last Labour government is achieving its aim of full multiculturalisation as Ian Hislop's dark clouds drift further and further afield. The news about shipping our elderly out to care homes in India is news to me. Presumably that won't include those whose roots lie there.

    On the news today we hear that India is to solve its poverty problem by throwing 11 billion pounds at its poor and undernourished. They obviously have no need of our aid therefore. Perhaps they could send the governments of Europe and the US aid so that we can feed our own poor who are reliant on food banks. Pleased to hear that a business lobby has come out against HS2, we want HS1 scrapped as well. Perhaps then we would not need the food banks.

    Meanwhile the New World Disorder is about to turn its attention to Syria. According to Hans Blix we are backing Saudi Arabia in its battle with Iran as Syria is shiite.
    Watch Russia Today where you find things out you are not told in the West. Cameron and Obama have no intention of letting the UN inspectors do their job. They are doing another Iraq. The aim seems to have been in the last ten years to remove any strong Arab leader and leave chaos and Al Qaeda behind. Libya is in turmoil and sending Al Qaeda men into neighbouring North Africa states and there is friction between the darker peoples in the south and the lighter skinned in the north. Sadly it looks as if all this might be to benefit Israel but there is no proof of this.

    The aim of the New World Disorder seems to be to create an impoverished world with the First World no different from the third and one in constant turmoil. What is happening in North Africa and the Middle East will soon be coming to the hirtherto white world as the demographics change. I can only think that this was the intention. I can see how all these people want us to be credit slaves so we are too poor to resist - including the students - but as for the rest the aim seems to be to destroy any strong cohesive units and communities, whether it be the hithero homogeneous nations of Europeans or the dictatorships of the Arab world. Rootless indebted credit slaves is their aim and they are getting close to ruling the world with David Donald Cameron as one of theri prime movers.

    It seems that our only hopes against all this are Russia and China, perhaps not the latter where a further revolution may be in the offing. The former was always predicted to be the overthrowers of the Marxist terror and the Bankers' rule. God Bless Holy Russia for all her faults. And the Left want us to boycott the Winter Olympics because of a polcy which has been in force in this country between 1983 and 2003 i.e. the protect of primary school children from pro-gay propaganda.

    Meanwhile in Germany a rally for Alternative fur Deutschland - now having to bail out Greece for the third time - which wants Germany out of the EU and the euro has been disrupted by globalists, presumably the Left but who knows?