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Thursday, 2 May 2013


The day before St George’s Day I was rung up by ‘Penny’ from the BBC’s flagship political show, Daily Politics, and asked if I could go on to the show to talk about St George’s Day. I said I would be delighted and arrangements were then made for me to be picked up the next day and brought into the studio. 
On St George’s Day itself the BBC car duly arrived, driven by a delightful and interesting Afghan, so the journey in was spent in interesting conversations about that country’s troubles. He also assured me that he had been to many countries in the world and, so far as he is concerned by far the best that he has ever been to is England, in his view, for our amazing tolerance, but also how much free-er we are than almost any other country he has ever visited and how relatively un-corrupt we still are. 
I was then dropped at the BBC Milbank Studios for my interview and taken straight in to follow on after the SNP’s Treasury spokesman had finished being savaged over details of how an independent Scotland’s monetary system would be organised. (As the hundreds of new states have emerged in the space of the last 100 years can attest the Unionists’ attacks are the stuff of political theatre rather than addressing the philosophical basis of Scottish nationhood). 
It was then my turn and, as you can see from the BBC’s web page and the video clip on it, I wasn’t really invited to discuss St George’s Day after all, rather to be attacked for the Party having dared to allow ex-BNP people to join us.
Click here to have a look >>>
Do look at the link and see what you think, but in my view, this attack, given that we have only stood 43 candidates in these elections, suggests that the BBC is worried about our growth.
Given the BBC’s transparent pro-Labour bias such concerns can only mean good things for us.
The idea that ordinary people are worried about previous political affiliations of converts to our or for that matter any other Cause is not borne out in my experience. The only people that seem obsessed about it are Establishment political hacks and jobs-worths and those within the prevailing media, politically correct, mind-set.


  1. Why invite you on at all if they were worried about the EDs? Why give you the oxygen of publicity? I'm not buying the worried bit I'm afraid. Sorry, but the EDs have a long way to go before the Beeb get worried!

  2. Oswald the Englishman3 May 2013 at 06:49

    In a radio program broadcast on Thursday the 2nd of May with an audience from Manchester, among other proposals was one that if Scotland were to win independence in next year's referendum, the north of England should become part of Scotland. Among half a dozen proposals, this was the favorite.

    1. This mystifies me. If you were to witness the number of St George's flags flying here up against the border you would know that the people are proud to be Engish and do not want to be Scots. They might choose separation from the South of England but that is not an option.
      You cannot say that UKIP is only a party of the South of England when they came second in South Shields after taking votes from Labour and the Lib Dems. Their best showing was in Boston in Lincolnshire which has been swamped by East European migrants, somewhere I would not classify as the South of England. It was nice to hear a Lithuanian admit that he understood their predicament. I am sure the Lithuanians would be up in arms, as would the Poles, if this was happening to their countries. As it is, mass immigration makes no sense whatsoever. In Eastern Europe it has taken their skilled employees so that they their economies are not recovering at the rate that they should. As for the third world, there again it is taking their most talented who come to the First World to enrich themselves and leave their compatriots in their poverty. An example is Italy's first black cabinet minister, a Congolese doctor, as if the Congo could afford to lose her. Mass immigration is weakening the First World to such an extent that if it continues we will not be in a position to help the Third World at all. Given the chance, most of the Third World would move to the first and they have been given that chance over the last 60 years.

    2. The White Dragon3 May 2013 at 19:55

      Would this mean that Burnley, Blackburn, Bradford and more like them would go? Not a bad idea I say! PS Care with spelling -'Favourite' not 'favorite'.

    3. The Gold Dragon4 May 2013 at 12:57

      Anonymous, the reason that UKIP did so well in South Shields was because there wasn't a party representing the English standing there.
      I suspect that it was the same with Boston in the local elections. Bostonians voted UKIP because they have yet to realize that UKIP is not an English nationalist party.

    4. I'm getting a bit tired of this aloof, superior, middle England attitude from some which denigrates towns such as Burnley, Blackburn and Bradford and almost dismisses them as expendable to the greater good of England.
      'The White Dragon' and his like should realise that towns such as these were the fulcrum of the industrial revolution and without the backbreaking hard work of their townsfolk in the cotton industry England would not have become the powerhouse that it became.
      The global capitalists abandoned such towns in the 1950's and 60's because they saw that greater profit could be made by exploiting the workers of India instead. Towns such as Burnley, Blackburn and Bradford have subsequently been let down and abandoned by consecutive governments and the political elite in this country.
      Ironically though, it seems that things may well be going full circle. While the British economy is being stagnated by the towns of middle England who were over reliant on a service sector economy, much of the North is rejuvenating itself as a hub of high tech manufacturing. In the case of Burnley alone, a recent BBC report found that the town, with it's thriving engineering and aerospace industries had one of the highest expectations of growth of any town per capita in the whole of the UK. Best not mention the glorious countryside and rugged hills which surround Burnley and the other northern towns you would rather were part of Scotland.

    5. White Dragon, "PS 'favourite' not 'favorite'". Who cares? Why not 'faverit'? It's not a real English word anyway. It is from Latin. See David Cowley's books "How We'd Talk if the English had won in 1066" and "Hastings, 1066 - Words We'd Wield If We'd Won'.
      Would that there'd been a foremear (famous)English sighe (victory) at the Beadow (Battle)of Hastings.

      One thing the English Democrats must commit to is the revival of the true English tongue.

    6. The Gold Dragon. I understand that the English Democrats were well represented in Boston and Lincolnshire at one time. Something seems to have gone wrong at this year's local elections. Hopefully, the EDs will do better when elections come up in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.(Next year?)

  3. Oswald the Englishman3 May 2013 at 06:58

    It is a shame that the English Democrats did not put up a candidate in the South Shields by-election. They could have gotten more votes than the Lib Dems who came seventh and lost their deposit, AND taken some of the shine off UKIP's result.
    Better than 'putting England first', which is an abstraction, would be 'putting English folk first' which is about us and our families.

  4. The White Dragon3 May 2013 at 08:40

    I saw the interview and I think it went well. I agree we have nothing to apologise for and as we have seen Nigel Farage seems to benefit from a 'so what' response to such attacks by the types you mention.
    I am a long-term opponent of the BBC and they are in no position to take any position on the moral high ground. We've had Savile, and now Stuart Hall messing with young girls on BBC premises. We've had Helen Boaden admitting talking direct with Mark Thompson about Savile when she said she didn't, so she lied. Mark Thompson ran off to the US and has questions to answer on this and many other issues. We've had claims of bullying, and the list goes on. All this quite apart from the bias and partiality to which they admit. Maybe some of this should be thrown back at them when they make accusations.
    The license fee is a tax to fund a State Corporation. It totals around £3.5 billion pounds each year. What is a State Corporation doing making programmes for entertainment? What is a State Corporation doing creating a vast website which they once said they wanted to be the biggest in the world? What is a State Corporation doing broadcasting sport? What is State Corporation doing choosing the news and current affairs issues that we should see?
    The bias and partility of the BBC cannot be denied or hidden, indeed the Corporation acknowledges it. And it sets the news agenda in Britain.
    It is beyond internal reform, it must be broken up. The entertainment and sport should be sold off or dissolved where there is no value.
    The news and current affairs should be given to each of the nations and re-named, they can then decide how they are to be funded.

  5. It was a HUGE mistake to welcome with open arms former BNP members. You gave the media a stick with which to beat you. Voters don't want to vote for ex-BNP any more than they do BNP.

    UKIP's stance of not allowing ex-BNP members to join means that same stick can't be used on them.

    The result? Well, the local election results say it all.

    Totally agree with the post above re putting the people of England first and not England. Marketing 101.

    1. Anonymous we have simply been honest about it.
      Yet UKIP are standing an Ex National Front candidate in Kent! Gross hypocrisy?
      Click here for the story >>>

    2. Did you not see Nigel Farage posing with a Fascist in all the Sunday papers?.
      Also, UKIP don't need any ex-BNP members to boost their rascist agenda. Their members are more than proud to post blogs full of homophobic & zenophobic rants.

      Maybe it was a bad idea to actually allow Ex-BNP members in (and maybe we should terminate their membership). If the EDs wish to grow their membership then simply doing it by holding out a branch to Nazi's is probably not the right way to go about it.

      Most of the people I have spoken to consider the ED to be a fragmented group of crackpots. Why ?, because there is no 'centrepoint' to the structure.
      The ED's need to start acting like a big Party with one website (rather than one per district), one central bank account & central place to obtain advise & materials for campaigns.
      When we get this right, then membership will increase & we will start winning seats.

  6. Oswald you are spot on ! with all your analysis.

  7. Oswald the Englishman3 May 2013 at 17:40

    It is believed that UKIP has benefited from rising English national consciousness. UKIP is seen as representing Englishness. The electorate needs to be disabused of that mistaken idea. The English Democrats must hammer home that UKIP is as anti-English as the three traditional parties.

  8. The End of Britain.

    The Coalition has spent the last two years very publically saying that it is desperately trying to get our finances in order. We’ve had an “austerity” budget. We’ve had tax hikes. We’ve had “the cuts”.

    But for all that, our national debt is still growing at an incredible rate.

    Despite David Cameron’s talk of “austerity”, he’s going to add an estimated £700 billion to the national debt in just five years. That’s more than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown added to the national debt in eleven years. It’s more than every British government of the past 100 years put together.

    The fact is, when you look at our finances as a whole, the Coalition isn’t cutting anything. State spending is going up… our national debt is going up… and our interest payments are going up.

    By the next general election in 2015, our national debt is estimated to stand at almost £1.4 trillion.


    It’s clear: our public finances are in an enormous mess. Anyone can see that. And to some extent, some politicians will admit it. But add in our financial, personal and private debts… and an even darker picture emerges.

  9. Robin you aren't just being honest you are being delusional. Gross hypocrisy is claiming to be a moderate party and then welcoming an influx of disaffected extrwme right wing BNP members. It was an incredibly short-sighted move and you are now paying the price.

    If UKIP had known he was an NF member (in 1979!) he would not have been allowed to join. He obviously lied on his membership form. He will never stand for them again. That isn't gross hypocrisy.

    Contrast that with the EDs. You took thirty pieces of silver in ex-BNP membership fees and in doing so condemned the EDs to political obscurity. Huge mistake - and you still don't see it.

    1. Oh dear! Oh dear! There's none so blind as those that will not see!?
      Nigel Farage is well aware of him and the others and has said it was merely "Youthful indiscretion". Here is the story of another ex-NF one >>

    2. Oswald the Englishman4 May 2013 at 09:21

      On BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Dr David Owen who founded the Social Democrat Party in the 1980s said that the important thing about UKIP is that it is NOT a nationalist party.
      The English Democrats are nationalists. That is the Party's 'unique selling point'.
      The residents of the town of Boston in Lincolnshire, a couple of years ago identified themselves as 'British'. Now they identify themselves as English. They give their English identity as the reason why they voted for UKIP in the local council election.
      The English Democrats have to keep hammering home that they ARE a nationalist party, 'putting English folk first'. UKIP cannot say THAT. UKIP's real appeal is to the comfortable middle class mostly in the south of England (disgruntled Tories) who feel more British than English. The English Democrats constituency is the hard hit working class members who DO think of themselves as English, but were persuaded by Farage to vote for UKIP. That means the English Democrats have to concentrate on the north and the midlands which have been destroyed by the loss of traditional heavy industry and the globalization being imposed by the City of London and Wall Street.
      The Tories are in disarray. Theresa May is trying to make out that her party will maintain its "commitment" to "stemming" immigration. And Cameron wants Tories who defected to UKIP that he will have a referendum on EU membership. He has offered referenda before which never materialized. The fact is that the Tories' word cannot be trusted. The Tories have a crisis of sincerity. So ultimately has UKIP, because their appeal is to real Conservatives who have been alienated by the Tory modernizers, but Farage and Co. are selling a false prospectus to the working class.
      UKIP's success can be seen as a response by the disenfranchised rest of the country, whether blue rinse southern Tories or the northern working class,to concentration of power in cosmopolitan London.

    3. The Gold Dragon4 May 2013 at 13:07

      Theresa May has said that any referendum must take place after the general election. Cameron's is predicated on if,if,if; if he remains the leader, if the Tories win the election, if he is unable to find some other way of wriggling out of it.

    4. The new "Conservative" Party is re-defining itself in order to appeal to ethnically diverse young university educated liberals. That has alienated older Conservatives who are turning to UKIP as the natural party of traditional Conservatives and Unionists.
      Now the Tory Party hierarchy is wondering how to win back its traditional support.
      That is likely to prove impossible despite trying to frighten them with the bogeyman (vote "Conservative" or you'll get Labour), but it is a problem which the Cameron and his buddies are hoping will be solved by the grim reaper.
      The Tories are becoming the party of a London centred metropolitan increasingly international liberal elite.
      Many of those from the working class who voted for UKIP are not natural supporters of that party, but they are natural English nationalists who can be won over by the English Democrats.
      The English Democrats came in third in the Doncaster mayoral elections above the Conservative candidate. In four years time the party should retake the mayoralty of Doncaster. Prospects are also good for the English Democrats in four years time for the mayoralty of North Tyneside where only Conservative, Labour and the Lib Dems stood this time round.

    5. Oswald, it's not "unique selling point"; it's "unique selling proposition"

  10. The White Dragon4 May 2013 at 08:14

    This stuff about the BNP and the NF is becoming rather boring and predictable. It doesn't really wash any more. I don't know who is whom in all this but going back to 1979 smacks of sheer desperation on the part of the Left.
    When I was 16 I thought Communism was to be the saviour of the world but 'when I grew up' after a year or two I recognised the danger and falseness of it all.
    On a serious point it is the Hard Left which is the enemy of freedom and is making friends and alliances with the the forces of terror yet they still attempt to claim the moral high ground.

    Their tricks, claims and accusations are looking increasingly pathetic, they have very little impact.

    1. The Gold Dragon4 May 2013 at 13:17

      the White Dragon is right the more the Party is attacked over ex-BNP joining the EDs, the less strength that angle of attack will have.
      The point is that they are Ex-BNP. That means that they have realised that the BNP are wrong. Otherwise they'd still be members of the BNP.

  11. Gold Dragon, your assumption that ex-BNP "means that they have realised the BNP are wrong" couldn't be further from the truth.

    What the EDs got was those who lost a BNP power struggle. There was no argument over policies, only leadership. Had they won, they would have been in charge of the BNP. As it is they were forced out and needed a new home. The EDs were the only party to welcome them.

    Nobody seriously believes their views miraculously changed when they joined the EDs, least of all the voting public.

  12. If the people of Boston or South Shields voted for UKIP thinking they stood for the English then by the English they mean the English and not the British.

    All over Europe a watershed is being reached. Farage has spoken of our successful immigration policy prior to 1997 when the numbers were small. They were not small they were huge compared with the numbers between 1066 and 1948 and altered the whole identity of the country from its historic European Christian identity in line with its geographic location to a piece of land occupied in some areas by a majority by diverse peoples, cultures and religions from outside Europe. He spoke of successful race relations, this was because people faced with multi-ethnicisation either fled or kept mum because of draconian legislation. The battle lines are now being drawn all over Western Europe between ethnic Europeans and the masses pushed into Europe by political elites or international bodies. Like every other European country the English see the end of hundreds of years of inherited identity in sight and a new ethnic entity ocupying the bulk of their land. Faced with the news that they would be in a minority by 2166 the vast majority dared to say that this would not make them very happy.

    We now have to ask ourselves whether "racism" or more correctly "racialism" is evil or a positive thing to preserve the homogeneous nation, the strongest and most successful way in which mankind has chosen to live, or in which darwinism has led it to live and of preserving a diverse world.

    Eventually, sadly because of all the heartache it will cause, the likes of Churchill and Powell will prove to have been correct. People who look to the future and work out logical consequences tend to have superior intellects and sharper minds, even though so many choose to look the other way. The Left, the Cultural Marxists elites, live in a utopian fog of muddled thinking refusing to acknowledge the logical consequences of their actions even when they are plain for all to see. Human beings are made to cleave to their own and as a result need to be kept apart. Good fences make good neighbours and their demolition has led to the chaotic state of Europe and North America today.
    Worrying about an influx of BNP members is like discussing how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Time is running out very fast.