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Friday, 24 May 2013


In the last few days there has been some talk of Old Testament values.
The Old Testament quotation and statement of Israelitish Law is “And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for live, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, would for wound, stripe for strip” and is taken from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 21, verses 23, 24 and 25. (Jesus reverses this for christians in the Gospel of St Matthew, Chapter 5 verses 38 to 42).

On Wednesday we had both an atrocity and, much less well reported, the echo of an older atrocity.  

I don’t personally know any of those involved in Wednesday’s atrocity but I wish every ill to the perpetrators and every condolence to the bereaved amongst the family and friends of Drummer Lee Rigby.

I was somewhat more personally connected to what happened in Hyde Park on the 20th July 1982 because, as an 18 year old, I was in the Brigade of Guard’s Brigade Squad for potential officers and trained with the admirable Lt Anthony Daly who was killed that day together with 3 other soldiers of the Household Cavalry.  His family were also friends of my family too. Had he lived he might have been retiring as a general now.

This is what was said about that incident:-
"Men and horses lay dead and dying in the park

Detective Inspector John Stevens was one of the first police officers to see the carnage of the IRA Hyde Park bombing in 1982
WE came on a scene of appalling devastation in the South Carriageway, on the bottom edge of the park.

A bomb loaded with 4in and 6in nails had been detonated by remote control in a blue Morris Marina, just as the Queen's Lifeguard, a detachment of the Household Calvary, was passing on its way from Knightsbridge Barracks to Horse Guards Parade. Men and horses lay dead or dying, and more than twenty people, as well as several horses, had been severely injured.

The regimental farriers, who had sprinted from their barracks when they heard the explosion, were splashed with blood from head to foot on their bare torsos and long leather aprons. Debris was scattered everywhere, and human remains were being taken away. The atmosphere was desperately tense, for there was every chance that a second bomb might go off.

The regiment's commander, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Parker-Bowles, had raced to the scene on foot, and as he arrived had met a groom leading a severely wounded horse, which had blood gushing from a huge hole in its neck.

Immediately he told the man to take off his shirt and stuff it into the wound but that was impossible, for one of the groom's hands had been pierced by a four-inch nail, which was sticking out on both sides. Another man sacrificed his shirt and staunched the blood. But for that, the horse would never have reached its stable. It survived and became a hero Sefton and lived to the age of thirty."

On Wednesday the Irish Republican, John Downey, who killed them was arrested.  He had not dared to show his face and had detonated the bomb that killed them by remote control from a cowardly safe distance and kept his hands clean of their blood.  Sinn Fein’s, Gerry Kelly, MLA has just claimed that arresting him now was “vindictive”.

Many of the similarities and differences between these two events are obvious but the most striking thing to me is that both demonstrate that the idea of multi-culturalism is clearly demonstrated in both cases to be deeply flawed and dangerous nonsense.  As we say in the English Democrats’ Manifesto:-
“It is a fact that during the past forty years people of many different cultures have come to live in England. Our country is in that sense a multi-cultural society. However, multi-Culturalism is an ideology which suggests that a mix of many cultures in one society is desirable and that it is the duty of government to actively encourage cultural diversity within the state. Further, it suggests that all cultures should be treated as equal. A logical extension of this is that all languages, histories and law codes should be treated equally. This is clearly impossible in a unified country. All ethnic groups should be free to promote their own culture and identity but the public culture of England should be that of the indigenous English. This position is consistent with the rights of indigenous nations everywhere.”

Here also are the comments of a genuinely moderate Iman about yet another recent and utterly appalling example of the same flaws in the current British Establishment’s concept of multi-culturalism:-

The Oxford sex ring and the preachers who teach young Muslim men that white girls are cheap

By Dr Taj Hargey

Daily Mail 15 May 2013

The terrible story of the Oxford child sex ring has brought shame not only on the city of dreaming spires, but also on the local Muslim community.

It is a sense of repulsion and outrage that I feel particularly strongly, working as a Muslim leader and Imam in this neighbourhood and trying to promote genuine cultural integration.

There is no doubt that the evil deeds of these men have badly set back the cause of cross-community harmony.

In its harrowing details, this grim saga of exploitation, misogyny, perversion and cruelty fills me not only with desperate sorrow for those girls and their families, but also with dread and despair.

If I were the judge in this case, I would hand out the harshest possible jail sentences to these monstrous predators, both to see that justice is done for their victims and to send out a message to other exploiters.

And when I say harsh, I mean it: none of this fashionable nonsense about prisoners being released only a quarter of the way through their sentences. There is no pattern of good conduct these men could follow behind bars that could possibly make up for all the terrible suffering they have inflicted on others.


But apart from its sheer depravity, what also depresses me about this case is the widespread refusal to face up to its hard realities.

The fact is that the vicious activities of the Oxford ring are bound up with religion and race: religion, because all the perpetrators, though they had different nationalities, were Muslim; and race, because they deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls, whom they appeared to regard as ‘easy meat’, to use one of their revealing, racist phrases.

Indeed, one of the victims who bravely gave evidence in court told a newspaper afterwards that ‘the men exclusively wanted white girls to abuse’.

But as so often in fearful, politically correct modern Britain, there is a craven unwillingness to face up to this reality.

Commentators and politicians tip-toe around it, hiding behind weasel words.

We are told that child sex abuse happens ‘in all communities’, that white men are really far more likely to be abusers, as has been shown by the fall-out from the Jimmy Savile case.

One particularly misguided commentary argued that the predators’ religion was an irrelevance, for what really mattered was that most of them worked in the night-time economy as taxi drivers, just as in the Rochdale child sex scandal many of the abusers worked in kebab houses, so they had far more opportunities to target vulnerable girls.

But all this is deluded nonsense. While it is, of course, true that abuse happens in all communities, no amount of obfuscation can hide the pattern that has been exposed in a series of recent chilling scandals, from Rochdale to Oxford, and Telford to Derby.

In all these incidents, the abusers were Muslim men, and their targets were under-age white girls.

Moreover, reputable studies show that around 26per cent of those involved in grooming and exploitation rings are Muslims, which is around five times higher than the proportion of Muslims in the adult male population.

To pretend that this is not an issue for the Islamic community is to fall into a state of ideological denial.

But then part of the reason this scandal happened at all is precisely because of such politically correct thinking. All the agencies of the state, including the police, the social services and the care system, seemed eager to ignore the sickening exploitation that was happening before their eyes.

Terrified of accusations of racism, desperate not to undermine the official creed of cultural diversity, they took no action against obvious abuse.

Amazingly, the predators seem to have been allowed by local authority managers to come and go from care homes, picking their targets to ply them with drink and drugs before abusing them. You can be sure that if the situation had been reversed, with gangs of tough, young white men preying on vulnerable Muslim girls, the state’s agencies would have acted with greater alacrity.

Another sign of the cowardly approach to these horrors is the constant reference to the criminals as ‘Asians’ rather than as ‘Muslims’.

In this context, Asian is a completely meaningless term. The men were not from China, or India or Sri Lanka or even Bangladesh. They were all from either Pakistan or Eritrea, which is, in fact, in East Africa rather than Asia.

What united them in their outlook was their twisted, corrupt mindset, which bred their misogyny and racism.

If they had been real, genuine followers of Islam, they would not have dreamt of indulging in such vile crimes, for true Islam preaches respect for women and warns against all forms of sexual licence, including adultery and exploitation.


By all accounts, this was not the version that these men heard in their mosques. On the contrary, they would have been drip-fed for years a far less uplifting doctrine, one that denigrates all women, but treats whites with particular contempt.

In the misguided orthodoxy that now prevails in many mosques, including several of those in Oxford, men are unfortunately taught that women are second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority.

That is why we see this growing, reprehensible fashion for segregation at Islamic events on university campuses, with female Muslim students pushed to the back of lecture halls.

There was a telling incident in the trial when it was revealed that one of the thugs heated up some metal to brand a girl, as if she were a cow. ‘Now, if you have sex with someone else, he’ll know that you belong to me,’ said this criminal, highlighting an attitude where women are seen as nothing more than personal property.

The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent and sleazy - sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers.

Their dress code, from mini-skirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded.


On one level, most imams in the UK are simply using their puritanical sermons to promote the wearing of the hijab and even the burka among their female adherents. But the dire result can be the brutish misogyny we see in the Oxford sex ring.

For those of us who support effective and meaningful integration, it is dispiriting to see how little these criminals, several of them second-generation Britons, have been integrated into our society.

If they were possessed by the slightest sense of belonging or shared citizenship, they would have had some respect for the welfare of these girls.

Instead, they saw only people from an alien world with which they felt no connection. For them, there was no sense of kinship or solidarity for people in their neighbourhood who were not Muslims.

It is telling, though, that they never dared to target Muslim girls from the Oxford area. They knew that they would be sought out by the girls’ families and ostracised by their community. But preying on vulnerable white girls had no such consequences — once again revealing how intimately race and religion are bound up with this case.

We will build a secure society only when we are all taught to have respect for one another, regardless of creed or colour.

Horror over this latest scandal should serve as a catalyst for a new approach, but change can take place only if we abandon the dangerous blinkers of political correctness and antiquated multiculturalism.


  1. The sheer lack of critical thinking that has been displayed in the UK since a soldier was murdered in South London is breathtaking. It's as if this happened totally out of the blue. If you think the UK can bomb and invade other countries at will without nasty stuff happening as a result then you're stupid. You're not stupid, are you?

    1. Yes, we all know that thank you very much. What you have seen since the occurrence is simply a Human reaction. You are human aren't you?

  2. Robin, perhaps you should define an indigenous nation. To my mind an indigenous nation is what the nations of Europe were before multiculturalism/multiracialism were imposed on them by the Left and by others it is difficult to pin down. They were racially, culturally and religiously homogeneous and cohesive; bereft of the inter-racial friction which is now such a feature of modern western society since Liberalism ruled such countries illegal, particularly here in the UK. You are old enough to remember, Robin. Soon there will be few of us left who are.

    Most European countries are now ceasing to be indigenous nations at such a speed that before the end of the century at the latest, by the middle of that century in the case of some; France, possibly Holland, Sweden and certainly England, the indigenous population will be in a minority. This will not be the case in Japan, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East, North Africa and certainly not black Africa whose population is due to rise to 1.5 to 2 billion shortly whilst Europe's is a mere 500m.

    This is the problem Europe and North America (where in the case of the US children of European descent are now in a minority whereas until very recently they were the overwhelming majority) and now even Australasia are facing.

    There is no half-way house for European or if you prefer hitherto white nations, they will ultimately cease to be white. This is the circle that cannot be squared but it is now such a taboo subject that nobody is allowed to discuss it for fear of falling foul of the culturally Marxist law.

    You may be aware that a French historian and essayist, a Monsieur Venner, recently took his life in that symbol of French history and culture, Notre Dame Cathedral. The explanation was that he was opposed to gay marriage. But that was not the full story. He could not face the end of France's historical national identity, the indigenous French with their 2,000 plus years of history. There are many of us beginning to feel as depressed and despairing as he did but we hope that we will not feel urged to resort to the same ends.

    The white race is now at a tipping point on its route to extinction. Some, particularly on the Left, may rejoice at the prospect feeling that the white race has done immeasurable harm. But I always return to the challenge I put to them. Would they like to imagine the world today if the white race had never existed and to imagine it tomorrow when it has been replaced by the peoples of the third world who have never done so much to advance the human race. Liberal Europeans are besotted with the third world, with the colourful and chaotic world beyond the shores of Europe and countries of European settlement. But do they really want to replace Europe with that? Sweden with sub-saharan and North Africa, America with Mexico, England with India, Pakistan and the West Indies? I realise that this is a personal view which could never find a home in the manifesto of the English Democrats. If there is nothing that can be done to save Europeans and their Christian Civilisation, Western Civilisation if you prefer than the few of us left have no option but to immerse ourselves in the past, in a gentle and civilised place that was England but that is now destined for oblivion. We never made that choice. No Englishman or no other European made that choice; it was made by elites who thought they knew best. But there are very very many, even amongst the intelligentsia, who violently disagree with them. And if this is deemed racism then what is racism but self-preservation as practised by those non-European nations listed above?

  3. For the first time the slaughter of Drummer Rigby has sent a shockwave through the multicultural apologists and the minority immigrants that have benefitted from the free pass that diversity and equality dogma has given them. I have never seen the media try so hard to gain the British public's support for Islam and its moderate majority. The hateful, murderous violence meted out to a young Englishman in his capital city has hardened the opinions of many against all the lies of the establishment. Genuine fear oozed out of the BBC pending a backlash of the majority finally having had enough. This time the anger passed without too much incident.

    However I believe the Rubicon has been crossed and the goodwill of the people has been tested too far.

    The rebellion this time was buying out Help for Heroes hoodies as a silent but visible protest. Next time I think it might not be so British.

    1. Yes, I thought the reaction from the media was very telling. They knew this was something different and it was.

      The first poster on this thread had his breath taken away at the reaction that this act of butchery received. I for one am glad of that reaction (non-violent type) as it shows that we still value life here and that we abhor the shear savagery that was displayed. I think that if we ever become completely desensitized to this sort of violence on our streets then our slide into third world status will be complete.

      Excellent post by the way, it outlines my thoughts exactly. It is also a view shared by all of the people I know. Extrapolating this, I think you're right and that a Rubicon has definitely been crossed. I think - and i hope i'm wrong - that if something similar happens again any time soon then the country will go up. I think the media and the Muslim community know that as well, hence the response we have just witnessed.

  4. I have just been sent a piece by a UKIP supporter no less by a German psychologist comparing Islam to all those forms of totalitarian socialism, the Nazism of Hitler and the communism of Stalin and Mao where the majority silently went along with the fanaticism of the few and scores of millions died. However, Churchill said that the next form of fascism would be anti-fascism and the majority in this country and in many other European countries have had no option but to go along with the fascist fanaticism of the few on the Left where multiculturalism is concerned. They did not want it but were bullied, cajoled and intimidated into staying silent for risk of losing their jobs or even being beaten up. This fascist multicultural Marxist agenda imposed on European countries was probably planned by the Labour Party - then mostly communist - in this country even before the War. Hitler gave them the excuse they needed to press ahead with it as soon as they were in power in 1945 and so they continued right through the 60s and 70s until the 90s when they vowed to fully multiculturalise the country. We were not helped by Heath who now has so much blood on his hands as he refused to heed Powell's words and stop the lunacy before it was too late. But then he was a funny sort of Conservative. Conservatism is meant to be about preservation and self-preservation but his aim was to further dismantle the nation of England.

    As regards events this week perhaps the most staggering was the arrest of an 85-year-old woman in Gillingham for hurling abuse at worshippers entering the mosque. She was clapped in handcuffs and placed in a police van. The officer on duty then smiled at the worshippers and patted them on the back implying that they were jolly good fellows and she was an evil old witch, albeit one who had lived through the War. Sad to think that that pc hates his own people so much.

    1. Heath "a funny sort of Conservative"?

      Paul Uppal is the Conservative MP for Wolverhampton South West. He is of Sikh origin and says he understands the challenges facing his party - but is adamant they are on the right path.

      He said: "I accept that for a long time maybe people have been looking for us as a party that's not been open to everybody but I wouldn't be a Conservative if I didn't feel that this party was trying to change things, open the door, and actually open the door for everybody in the UK regardless of their ethnic background. I think it's important for us as a party to focus on connection - to actually show we're inclusive - and we're doing that."

      He is one of 11 ethnic minority Conservative MPs - which is a leap from 2005 when there were only two. The Indian-born MP for Reading West, Alok Sharma, has been assigned the task of generating more ideas on how to woo minority voters. Downing Street is also thought to be seeking advice from the Conservative Party in Canada - which has increased its popularity among minority voters.

      The former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine believes the solution lies in more integration: "I doubt there is much substitute for the policy of personal involvement, of just getting to know people and being seen around, and canvassing areas where the ethnic minorities live as well as everywhere else. I don't think one is looking for what one might call policies - it is about attitudes and language."

    2. A woman in the North West has been arrested for carrying a union flag in a town centre.

      The police will soon become more hated than the establishment politicians if they carry on bending their knees to this nonsense.

    3. The case of the 85 year old woman being handcuffed, put in a police van (her husband was refused permission to go with her to the police station) and, apparently, charged with 'hate crimes' is a very serious case. Eye witnesses said that she had shouted 'go back to your own country'. The other week Nigel Farage had the same thing shouted at him in Edinburgh, not by an old, old woman, but by a mob of baying young people. They weren't arrested for a hate crime, and it was Farage that was put in a police van. The idea that an 85 year is put in handcuffs is appalling - it is, in effect, an assault. The idea that one old woman shouting in the street is deemed to be a public order threat, especially given the context of the butchery in Woolwich, is dreadful. The Chief Constable of Kent is very proud of the actions of his men and women in arresting the old lady. We're not proud of him, nor of the cop who put her in handcuffs. Kent is, supposedly, what passes for a stronghold of the EDP. If this old lady ends up in court over this, the EDP should be outside, showing her some support, fighting for free speech, fighting the emerging police state. If the EDP can't manage that in Kent then it might as well pack up and call it a day.

    4. What will be interesting to see is the extent to which the funeral arrangements for Drummer Rigby are kept secret. It will indeed be a military operation to ensure that as little notice as possible is given so that the public cannot show their respect along the route of his return.

      The police will be out in force to prevent 'racists' ie ordinary English people showing their respect and hijacking the event and humiliating the establishment by the extent of the support for the family's and England's loss.

      It should be a point of principle to stand on the route of the cortege and honour that young man and mourn his loss and our loss. Our nation, our self respect our dignity and our pride and independence.

  5. I suppose from what the commentator above was saying about today's conservative party, they have since the 1970s at least been actively working for the New World Order as much as the Labour Party and the Lib Dems have.
    Why do these people hate England and the English so much and want them replaced? Not one of them obviously has any sense of or feeling for our history. Enoch will be right, eventually England will be a mirror image of the Indian Sub-continent with a bit of Brazil thrown in for good measure.

    However, today the Daily Mail tells us that the housing minister thinks houses are better than green fields and that people prefer them. Which people is he talking about apart the the Conservatives' developer friends? The Campaign for Rural England, David Attenborough, Chris Packham, Jonathan Porrit et al might as well be p..... in the wind along with the Optimum Population Trust. The Optimum Population is 30m for the whole of Britain as was the population in those halcyon Edwardian days a mere century ago.

    England is turning into a third world country rather than anything remotely connected with Europe not only in terms of its demographics but also because it will be built on from end to end and seething with people like Indonesia or India, even though they are less densely populated.

    I read a comment from a gentleman of 60 who left Leicester when the first demographic change occurred in the 1970s with 20,000 Asian arrivals. Now of course that demographic transformation - race replacement - is almost complete and from Leicester, London and Birmingham the replacement programme will continue for the whole of England. The gentleman's advice to his children was to just abandon ship and head at best for Australia. This is our future, just to abandon the mother country to the third world hordes. The only thing is that this preference of the housing minister for homes over our beautiful countryside comes smack after the killing of Lee Rigby and made the paper's front page. Somebody else commented that the country is now so full that it is about to explode so the two combined might just drive people into the arms of the alternative parties who don't want the countryside built on, like the EDs. I am even beginning to wonder about a resurgence of the BNP. An unnamed major on Russia Today said that the army were fuming about what had happened to Lee Rigby and presumably the government's response so I hope that translates into votes. As regards the Sikh gentleman, I am told by the mother of somebody who lived in Luton that inter-religious strife amongst Asians there was rife. So this is England's future as I always predicted. Once we are gone they can carry on fighting as in India.

    1. The sixty year old gentleman's advice to his children to abandon ship and head for Australia is futile. Australia's white only immigration policy was ditched years and years ago.

    2. Yes, but I don't think they are or are ever likely to be as culturally enriched as Britain is.