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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

St. George's Day after Dinner speech in Leeds 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are gathered here this evening in a celebration of St George and many thanks indeed are due to our hosts the Leeds branch and Joanne and Chris Beverley in particular for organising such a superb event.

Now I know that we English are traditionally known as being a bit stand-offish and for sometimes being a bit kill-joy and not keen on celebrations.

But ladies and gentlemen I think this is a celebration worth making something of. Let me explain.

The fact is that St George as the patron saint of England is a reflection of the history of our country, but I think he is a good patron saint for England, not least because of his visually striking red cross on a white background, an emblem which for 700 years has adorned our English flags.

In history St George seems to have been a Roman soldier, indeed it has been said that he was of the rank of Legate in the Emperor Diocletian’s Pretorian Guard. If so, that makes him not only a career soldier, but roughly equivalent in status to the Lieutenant Colonel in Command of my old regiment of the Coldstream Guards.

The Roman Empire had been going through a terrible period in the run up to Diocletian’s seizure of power in which Emperors came and went kaleidoscopically in bloody civil war. The Empire seemed to be tearing itself apart whilst it was also under almost constant attack from the barbarian hordes outside of the Empire. By this stage the Roman Empire was less heavily populated than the barbarian lands on the other side of the Rhine in what is now Germany.

The General who was to become the Emperor Diocletian had commanded the Roman armies in the Roman province of Britain, a province which then was made up of most of England and Wales but not that part north of Hadrian’s Wall. The Roman province of Britain was frequently the source of rebellious and ambitious Generals seeking to become Emperor. The usual pattern would be that he would get the army in Britain to acclaim as Emperor and he would then march on to wherever the then current Emperor was and seek to defeat him in battle. If he succeeded in doing so, or succeeded in getting the current Emperor murdered, he was then in a good position to have himself accepted as Emperor, at least until the next rebellious General came along.

Usually the legion that had been most supportive of the new Emperor became his Pretorian Guard and, accordingly, if the story about St George being the Legate of Diocletian’s Pretorian Guard is true, then St George probably did do a considerable period of time serving in Roman Britain and therefore in what is now England.

St George appears to have come from what is now either Turkey, Lebanon or Israel. He would appear to have been a Hellenistic Greek. Some oddball commentators have talked about his being Turkish, but the Turks did not actually arrive in that part of the world for another 500 years because it appears that St George was martyred in 303. 303 is a number with other associations.

Those with an army background will recognise 303 as being the calibre of the British army rifle bullet from late Victorian times until the 1950’s. British soldiers sometimes referred to applying Rule 303 when they were talking about shooting the enemy, such as shoot to kill policy against Boer guerrillas in the Boer War or indeed the shooting of British deserters.

The lawyers amongst us will recognise Rule 303 as being a rule in company law which allows for shareholders to fire the directors of companies.

As I say it is also the year of St George’s martyrdom and the anniversary date is of course the 23rd April.

The story goes that St George had either always been or had became a practising Christian. Diocletian was the last of the successful pagan emperors and introduced a new system of rule which is known in history as the Dominate in which the Emperors became much more like oriental despots and the last vestiges of the old republic were shed. Diocletian also sought to support the established pagan religions and issued an edict of persecution against the religion which was increasingly challenging paganism within the Roman Empire, that is Christianity. It appears that St George sought to personally argue with Diocletian about this. If he was the Legate of the Pretorian Guard then St George may have thought that Diocletian would listen to him. In the event it appears that St George was tortured to death.

Ladies & Gentlemen you should remember that the Romans were probably the most accomplished torturers ever and indeed Latin is the language that has the most words of all languages in human history for executioner and torturer because they had so many specialisms.

There is a lurid tale from Roman history of a Carnifex, a maker of meat, who received a standing ovation in that most impressive Roman public building the Amphitheatre for removing every last piece of meat from his still conscious victim over the course of an hour or so.

St George’s tomb is in what is now Israel in Lydda (Lod) is approximately 25 miles from Jerusalem. His tomb is in the Christian church and next door is a mosque and the Palestinian Christians and Muslims of Lydda jointly venerate him and maintain his tomb. In Islamic tradition he is thought to be Al-Khidr, a white knight.

The legend of the dragon and the knight is a medieval morality story. St George who is the classic military saint is here depicted as fighting against Evil and the classic image of the dragon is the emblem of Evil. The image of Goodness is dramatically represented as the virgin princess whom he saves. This story has all the elements of such a visual story that it has remained fixed as the myth of St George ever since but it was a moral allegory rather than ever intended to be a description of history.

St George has a long history in England and indeed the original Anglo Saxon Church in Doncaster was dedicated to St George. So it is particularly appropriate that we are holding our dinner not that far from Doncaster and also during our campaign to win back the Mayoralty of Doncaster.

It is also interesting that there is such a hatred of St George and all he stands for in the ranks of our opponents and in a way it is symbolic that the Welsh born, leftist, milksop, Marxist Curate of St George’s Minster Doncaster is trying to strip out all reference to St George from the church and that David Allen, our candidate, is determined to reverse this. So here we are ladies and gentlemen gathered – despite our English reserve - to celebrate a brave soldier and Christian martyr who through history has become an emblem of our English Nation.

St George became increasingly popular as a saint during the Crusades and its said to have fought for them when the crusaders were attacked outside Antioch and helped to bring the crusaders to the sensational victory of taking back Jerusalem from the Muslims who had then occupied it.

After this the Genoese adopted St George as their patron saint and as they regularly transported crusaders to the Holy Land, his red cross on its white background became increasing associated with crusading.

Richard the Lion Heart adopted him and then eventually he was formally adopted as England’s patron saint in 1325 and his feast day as the 23rd April.

Edward III’s armies in his three famous victories against the Scots at Halidon Hill and the French at Crecy and Poitiers were emblazoned with the Cross of St George and English armies ever afterwards until the Act of Union in 1707 always carried the Cross of St George which then became incorporated into the new Union Jack.

Ladies and gentlemen, England has three patron saints, the traditional patron saint of the English monarchy being Edward the Confessor, the last King of the Saxon Royal Family and St Edmund, who was the much earlier King of East Anglia, who was shot to death with arrows by Vikings. St Edmund is traditionally the patron saint of the English as a Nation, folk, or people. Some people say that St Edmund should be treated as England’s patron saint, others St Albans and various others like St Cuthbert but I think that somewhat misses the point and is really a diversion from what needs to be done politically in England.

The issue isn’t which patron saint we support, or what the emblem of England is, but to try and concentrate on what we can do to celebrate our English Nationhood.

Our history has given us St George and his visually striking red cross on a white background as the patron saint and the emblem of England.

It would appear that he actually has more connection with England and English history than St Andrew, who after all certainly never visited Scotland and one of Jesus’ Galilean and Disciples.

St David was actually Welsh. It is unusual for a patron saint of a country to be of the same national origin as the country he is the patron saint of.

St Patrick came from somewhere near Bristol but was captured by slavers and taken to Ireland.

All in all I think England is fortunate to have St George as our patron saint but there is certainly no reason why other days should not be celebrated, some want to celebrate St Edmund and I would encourage that. I would also encourage the celebration of the anniversary of the Union of England into a single united nation state when King Athelstan became King of all England on the 12th July 927.

So here we are ladies and gentlemen at a feast organised by our Leeds hosts to celebrate St George and so ladies and gentlemen I give you the toast:- England and St George!


  1. The growing sense of English identity is a great worry to those whose politics demands that all bonds of kith and kin, nation, and religion be broke for their murderous intentions to succeed. Hope not have I see have begun a laughable campaign to claim St George for themselves as they see their campaign against the English people failing.

    St George for the Anti Christ

    What larks

    Happy St George's Day

    1. Oswald the Englishman23 April 2013 at 18:25

      Campaigners including the Muslim Council of Britain and the interfaith organisation the Christian and Muslim Forum have called for the hijab, or headscarf worn by Muslim women, to be as welcome as 'bangers and mash' in England. They want the Palestinian St George to symbolise inter-ethnic unity and not be "hijacked" by groups on the "extreme right"intent on creating division.

    2. The PrangWizard of England25 April 2013 at 20:17

      The odious Baroness Warsi, whilst unconvincingly and sickenly claiming to be English, at the same time poured scorn on the symbolism of St George as the English patron Saint, saying it was ridiculous as he was Palestinian. This is the argument used by the enemies of England and English identity.
      It is clear where her loyalties lie and they are not with England. No-one should vote Tory after that performance. You could see the insincerity if not hatred all over her face.

  2. Outstanding performance by Robin on the Daily Politics Show:

  3. Hope Not Hate are a blatant Labour Party front organisation and ironically considering their title are full of REAL hatred for the ethnic English and indeed the other ethnic nations of this island.

  4. Oswald the Englishman23 April 2013 at 18:05

    St Andrew never went to Scotland and St George never came to England, he was a Palestinian. St George the patron saint of England and St Edmund the patron saint of the English.

  5. Robin has just said that St George was not a Palestinian but a Hellenistic Greek so that is one in the eye for the muslims who want to forge some sort of unity through him.
    Plus, even if he had been a Palestinian, he was a Christian as were all the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East and Turkey until they were forced to submit to Islam or suffer the consequences; and Christians are still being murdered and persecuted in those areas today by muslims. One consequence of the removal of the "dictators" in the name of "freedom" in Iraq and North Africa and other areas, Syria, being affected by the NATO inspired Arab Spring is that Christians have lost all the protection that those "dictators" afforded them from the muslims who would wipe them out. The Christians in the interfaith forum must be as do-goody dim and naive as their counterparts on the Continent and in Scandinavia.

    I am pleased to report that our moot hall here in our Cumbrian town flew the St George's flag today as did the Castleberg in Settle, that I visited, where the union flag is normally flown.

    1. Oswald the Englishman24 April 2013 at 09:07

      Good that in Cumbrian towns the England flag is flown on St George's day, rather than the union jack. Why can't it happen everywhere

    2. Oswald the Englishman24 April 2013 at 14:22

      More is known about St Edmund, king and martyr, as an actual person, than is known about St George.
      St George was either a Greek, or a Turk, or an Egyptian, or a Libyan, or someone with a Greek father and a Palestinian mother.
      The country most people associate him with is Palestine and he is the patron saint of Palestine among a number of other countries including Greece, where George is a very popular Christian name.

    3. Why can't it happen everywhere. Why not have a campaign for the England flag, rather than the union flag, to be flown over public buildings in England all year round, except those which house UKwide public bodies, and on those days of UKwide importance such as the birthdays of members of the Royal family, when the union flag would be flown.
      A similar rule would drastically reduce the flying of the EU flag, if it could only be flown over buildings with a direct connection to the EU in Brussels.

  6. The PrangWizard of England24 April 2013 at 08:30

    I was pleased to see that the pupils at the school in Manchester visited by the Duchess of Cambridge yesterday were waving St George's flags.

    1. Oswald the Englishman24 April 2013 at 14:26

      You have to look to the North for real English patriots and nationalist.
      In the South, English nationalists are thin on the ground

    2. The Prangwizard of England25 April 2013 at 09:13

      I was born in North Yorkshire and now live in Oxfordshire. I worked in Manchester for 20 years so I know NW England and west Yorkshire quite well although it is 15 years since I moved away. Please try not to be too northern, and not 'holier than thou', we don't want to divide the nation.

      While out yesterday (24th )I saw 4 St George's flags in Burford and others elsewhere on my journey, one in a garden in Snowshill. This may not seem many and I can't make a comparison with how many were flying in the north. I imagine I am one of the thin 'thin on the ground' but I 'keep on keepin on'.

  7. Robin was more than a match, on BBC2 politics, for Baroness Warsi who boasted of wrapping herself in the union jack on St George's Day to show how English she is, LOL. Robin quickly put her right about that.

    When contacted by the BBC, no BNP spokesman was available for comment.

    On its website, the party describes the English Democrats as "a part of the liberal-left attack on our nation". It adds: "They are just another safety valve, designed to lead good people up a blind alley, and to divide the true nationalist cause."

    The BNP are every bit as confused as Baroness Warsi, they also think that the union jack is the flag of England. They talk about the British, but they don't say whether they mean the original British, i.e., the Welsh and the Scottish Cumbrians of Strathclyde, or the new British from the British Empire (in Victorian times also known as 'Britain'). The English are not British in the former sense nor in the latter sense.
    The BNP, (they keep saying they represent the British) either only represent the Welsh and Scottish Cumbrians of Strathclyde,i.e., the original ethnic British, or the new British from the British Empire and later immigrants. Whichever it is they don't represent the ethnic English, because the English are not ethnic British.

    1. In Cumbria they are still a bit confused as to whether they are Celts or English. Westmorland was eventually part of England as Athelstan set the border of England at Eamont Bridge on the Westmorland side of the Eamont south of Penrith. However, I believe it fluctuated between England and Strathclyde even after that. Cumberland is still really the land of the Cwmry. But Cumbrians definitely think of themselves as English these days. Quite a few look darkish like South Walians contrasting with the Viking input - others look like Danes. The dna is meant to be 50/50 Celtic/Viking and Penrith is meant to have the highest Norwegian dna in the country, which is strange as it has a Celtic name. Very few place names are still Celtic. The majority are Anglian, Danish or Norwegian/Irish. The accent is meant to be heavily influenced by Old Norse and listening to it I can hear that. On the other hand they still count their sheep in a form of old Brythonic/Welsh. Plus Donald is a very popular boy's name. The last king of Cumbria was Dumnhail or Donald and I often wonder whether beneath all that English exterior they are still harking back to their last king defeated by the English. Chosing the name Cumbria was rather retrograde in my view as Westmorland and Cumberland are English names. Many would like to go back to the old counties and they fly the flags of the old counties on their buildings. There is no flag for Cumbria!!

    2. Cumbria does indeed have an official flag. It was taken from the Arms of Cumberland.

      It is pictured at the bottom of this page and is well known throughout the county:

      One of Carlisle United's most popular songs is "Cumbria My Lord, Cumbria!" so please don't doubt Cumbrians' love for their county, no matter how new.

      Cumbrians are also very proud to be English.

    3. Sorry for my ignorance. Obviously, there are probably a majority of Cumbrians now who were born after the boundary changes and have never known the old counties. Quite why you see the Westmorland flag rather than the Cumbrian flag in Westmorland I do not know. However, the fact that the flag of Cumbria is taken from the Arms of Cumberland may explain it, Cumberland not Westmorland.

    4. They do. They recognise the British collectively as the ETHNIC English, Scottish, Welsh and Ulster-Scots. Unlike the traitors of the Lib/Lab/CON party, the British to the BNP are ONLY inclusive of those who are ETHNICALLY English, Scottish, Welsh, Ulster-Scot.

      British nationalism was a civic concept FOR the English, Scots, Welsh and Ulster-Scots (formerly ALL the Irish). The globalists of the Tory Party, Labour and Lib Dems decided post-WW2 to expand this concept to include Third World and other immigrants.

  8. A car bomb has exploded outside the French embassy in Tripoli because of the French fighting the islamists in Mali. A spokesman from the newspaper Figaro said that Libya was now ungovernable, because of the rise of Al Qaeda backed islamists. I feel sort of sorry for Colonel Ghaddafi. He tried to warn the French and the British that this would happen but sensible William Hague knew best and is now up to the same thing in Syria where the EU tells us that hundreds of "Europeans" are fighting, many from Luton and Brum and receiving help from Al Qaeda to bring terror back to the streets of Europe.

    These white multicultural maniacs really are pretty stupid aren't they? Now Canada is getting it and we must remember that it was "Canadians" who were involved in the seizure of that gas plant in Algeria. But, hey, Europe, Canada, Australia and now New Zealand, all so diverse, vibrant and exciting, as exciting as wondering whether it will be you or some other poor sod who will be blown to smithereens next.

  9. Robin. I happened to catch a few minutes of Night Waves on Radio 3 last night and suggest you listen to it on the i-player. They seemed to be talking about the status of England if the Scots vote for independence. I think somebody even referred to the need for a parliament.

    I had not heard of any of those talking apart from Michael Wood and Maurice Glasmann. Wood was getting very excited about the prospect of the revivial of Anglo-Saxon England.
    Somebody made the point that the English were finally defeated by the Danes and then the Normans but that they bounced back and England emerged in its old Anglo-Saxon form in terms of its administration, democracy and institutions despite all that.

    There was a lady who called Joanne who chose Alfred the Great as her favourite Englishman, Wood chose Shakespeare, a chap called Paul chose Hereward the Wake provided he was not a Dane. I don't know why. I have mixed feelings boasting, I hope, Danish Viking blood. Glasmann, being I suppose not ethnic English, steered clear of the Anglo-Saxons and chose Cromwell. Then there was a lady called Lisa Goldmann, presumably also not ethnic English, who said she did not believe in nations but a borderless world. I suppose she is part of the diaspora and wants us all to be like her, rootless and wandering, even when she now has a homeland in the Middle East.

    Wood thought that Indians and West Indians could all read and love England's history as well. The question is whether they would all have the same feeling of attachment as you or I. Their ties are to places thousands of miles away not to the soil that our ancestors have trod for 1500 years. In a hundred years time when the population of this country is Afro-asian and mixed race will anybody care about the Anglo-Saxons in a way that Wood and you and I do I wonder. Even in America as it becomes a Hispanic and Black majority country I wonder whether the Anglo-Saxon heritage will be of any note. It seems to matter less and less there. Sorry to say this but I curse the people who have done this to Anglo-Saxon England. I don't want its whole identity to be wiped out in the name of one world government or a plutocratic few. Why do I have to accept this? The Chinese never would. I heard today of a gentleman of 90 who started with Alzheimer's Disease. He said he wanted to go to London again as he had not seen it since the War. Perhaps he did not realise what had happened but he was so angry and shocked at the demographic change there that it sent him over the edge into full-blown Alzheimer's. Shock often can. I think it was Alfred Sherman who spoke of the sheer cruelty of what has been done to us and this is an example, like the old man who returned to Birmingham for a funeral after 50 years and cried all the way in and all the way out. I suppose that Sonia Gable of Hope not Hate would not be moved by any of this. She would say that we deserve it for the cruetly we showed others in imperial days and that the Marxist revolution is much too important to be sacrificed to the feelings of silly old men. The interesting thing is that we still seem to be reluctant to ditch our national identity for the New Britain. We still see ourselves as white and Christian, a bit like a man being forced to jump out of 'plane. He knows he has to take the plunge but does not really want to do so.

    1. Glassman and Goldman show how Jewish people are loyal to their identity in different but very effective ways, and so they should. We should be more like them. Glassman probably chose Cromwell as he let the Jews back into England after their expulsion by Edward I in 1290. In other words he is honouring an ally. Goldman is propagating the internationalist idea that all nations and peoples should be borderless and identity free to ensure that national socialism ( in this instance) is less likely to rear its ugly head and once again threaten the Jewish people.

  10. Oh my lord! The sight of London today causes Alzheimer's!

    I really have heard it all now from the fruit cake brigade.

    Nonsense like that does the ED cause no good whatsoever.

    1. I would add that the constant negative portrayal of Jews by fruit cake commentators on this blog does nothing for the ED's moderate nationalist party image.

    2. It was not me that suggested that Glasman chose Cromwell because of the fact that he brought the Jews back into England. I surmise that it was because Glasman is a socialist, I don't know. And I think it is probably true that those of us whose ancestors were around at the time of the Anglo-Saxons feel differently from those whose ancestors probably only arrived a hundred plus years ago. As regards Lisa Goldman, I do get annoyed at recent arrivals to this country - like the Millibands - who feel they can impose their international socialism on the people of England to whom it is wholly alien and use this country as a test bed for the same. This does not mean that all Marxists are Jews or even recent arrivals, far from it, there are plenty of ethnic Europeans who are as equally naive, infantile and demented and refuse to accept obvious truths with regard to the different races and human nature. Cultural Marxism is now deeply entrenched in all western countries. I do not view Jews in a negative light. Alfred Sherman, if he is still around, is Jewish and sided with the ethnic English over mass immigration. I do find for a population of only 15m the Jews seem to encompass some very divergent points of view, from extreme capitalism to the total opposite; but that's the way it is. There are only half a million Jews in this country and they do not cause us any problems. International bankers are wrecking the world for their own ends but I do not hold the view held by some that they are exclusively Jewish.

      As regards the gentleman with Alzheimer's disease, this does happen to be a true story. Obviously, the Alzheimer's disease played a part in his reaction to what he saw. But you cannot blame him for being upset and annoyed, like the gentleman returning to the funeral in Birmingham, at seeing his city wholly transformed into something wholly alien without his consent and for no apparent common sense reason. There is no common sense or logic to mass immigration. It has taken place because of the ideological fanaticism of the Left and the globalizing greed of international capitalism. None of it would have happened had democracy triumphed in Europe and North America.

  11. The media establishment in this country seems hell bent on denying the English any right to a sense of their own identity. What did we get from the biased BBC's 'The One Show' to mark St George's day. Of course the BBC drafted in non other than the left liberal Norwegian, Sandi Toksvig chucklingly telling us that St George was 'not even English anyway, but in fact a Palestinian'.

    Whatever the history of how St George came to be the Patron Saint of England, he is recognised as the figurehead of English national identity and pride and Toksvig has no right to demean and belittle this on England's national day of celebration.

    But just watch as the National Anthems, Guinness hats, three leaf clovers, dragons, daffodils, shamrocks, kilts, thistles, bagpipes, stories of bravery and valour etc are brought out as 'The One Show' celebrates the national days of the British Isles other constituent countries. It seems the British media and political establishment allows the celebration of ones own national identity as an inalienable human right bestowed on those people of all nationalities,, just not the English.

    1. I think you will find that Sandi Toksvig was born in this country of Danish parents not Norwegian. Actually, I have always rather liked her but her attitude is not because she is of Danish extraction but because the liberal consensus just likes to make fun of the English. For some reason the English are scared stiff of blowing their own trumpet. Perhaps it is a sort of cowardice. If I put myself down then nobody will come and hit me for being over-assertive. I think also it is a sort of guilt at the fact that we did once control the biggest empire the world has ever known and think that the rest of the world have it in for us as a consequence. That is why we put up with mass immigration because we are scared of being screamed at by the rest of the world. There is no doubt that this guilt, as in the case of all Europeans, is being exploited by our enemies. The immigrants are just the tool they are using against us, the immigrants themselves are being used as we are.

      Robin said it was unusual for countries to have a native-born patron saint. It is not in the case of Germany and Norway at least. It would be good if we could revert to St Edmund - Sandi Toksvig might think she has good reason to object to that because of her ancestors' part in his martyrdom. And also we could avoid the accusation that St George is a symbol of the Crusades, not that we have any reason to feel ashamed of that but the Marxists and their muslim allies are twisting the Crusades, even though they would never have taken place if Islam had not forced Christians in the Middle East and North Africa to convert or be slaughtered.

      On the positive side, Mervyn King, often a thorn in the side of our leaders, has chosen Sir Winston Churchill for the £5 note and spoken of him in glowing terms. I am waiting for the backlash from he confused left. They will blame him for carpet bombing in Germany and for wanting to keep Britain white in 1955.
      They forget he defeated Hitler; but he was just another socialist fascist like themselves; and saved the Jews whilst they are happily handing them over to islamic anti-semitism all over Europe, including in this country. The Jews have left Ken Livingstone - that lover of Palestine's anti-semitic pro-muslim Rainbow Alliance for that very reason.

    2. I don't think that the crusades have anything to do with it. St George is venerated equally by Christians and Muslims and he is the patron saint of Palestine.
      We don't have mass immigration because we are scared of the rest of the world screaming at us. The reason is that democracy depends on the existence of nation states and the globalists of the Capitalist-Marxist alliance are out to destroy the nations of the world.
      Thatcher was the arch-globalist, as she said, she believed that there is no such thing as society (i.e., the nation) only individuals and their families, the more easily to be isolated, exploited, and destroyed if necessary.
      Without the nation state and democracy most lives would be "nasty, brutish and short", and there have been numerous examples of just how nasty, brutish and short.

    3. Yes, the Nation and Democracy are both necessary.

  12. Of course, you're right, Sandi Toksvig was born of Danish parents and is not Norwegian as I had said. And I have to admit to always having 'rather liked' her also.

    But really Toksvig and the type of liberalism which she believes in and promotes are the reasons why the England we knew is in its dying embers and the future England looks to be in for real trouble. The version of liberalism which Toksvig and other 'progressive' liberals promote is that the whole world can live together as one in harmony and the only obstacle in the way of a united, borderless world are regressive, stuffy, traditional attitudes of Christian, former imperialist 'oppressor countries'. It is to promote the alternative and denigrate traditional western values at all costs because in a liberals fluffy mind anything traditional that originates from a former 'oppressor state' is bad, outmoded, responsible for centuries of minority oppression.

    In a liberals own mind they are progressive and forward thinking. The teachings of what the tragedy of human history, inter ethnic quarrels and religious strife might be relevant to today or the future are of no concern to a 'progressive'. Liberals see themselves as of superior intelligence to the average joe so for anyone to even question the legitimacy of a liberals views will be belittled and seen as inferior. Those countries which in a liberals mind are seen as having any form of minority or oppressed status can be allowed to go ahead and celebrate their national identity and culture of tradition, hopefully as far as liberals would like, in perhaps a rather kitch, post modern way. But, to a liberal, in no way must the 'aggressor' countries, (north western hemisphere, former imperial and superpower countries) which to the liberal mind caused the suffering of the minority group status, oppressed countries and peoples in the past, be allowed to express any form of their own identity or culture as this would be a regressive and backward step to the process of one world of harmony and freedom and of co-existing traditions, cultures and religions.

    Western media organisations employ staff who have identical liberal views, and their liberal guests such as Toksvig who appear relentlessly on their shows subtly yet deliberately again and again drum into the publics minds that we have nothing to be proud of and they mock our own culture. This is how the guilt for the deeds which we and our ancestors were supposedly responsible is washed into the minds of the masses of all western nations.

    I'm all in favour of tolerance, liberty and fairness for all myself, therefore i realise that the media should stop indoctrinating the peoples of all western nations with guilt and allow the people of all western nations to appreciate that they too have their own right to protect and preserve their individual identities, freedoms, heritage, cultures, traditions and borders just as any other country or culture would wish to protect their own identity, culture and traditions from unwanted change.

    1. They say that you never appreciate what you have got until it is gone and sadly I fear that these people will eventually wake up from their silly, infantile, utopian dream and find themselves living in a total third world nightmare. They think they are intelligent but sadly I don't rate their iq levels very highly.
      People like Winston Churchill and Enoch Powell unfortunately exceeded them by far in brilliance and intellect and they could see the logical consequences of such muddled thinking. Time is now running out so fast for Western Civillisation and Europeans that it will take a massive shock to wake these silly Liberals up and bring them down to earth with a bump. I don't think that massive shock can be too far off now or at least I hope not.

  13. A Ukip surge in counties like Essex and Oxfordshire may rob the Conservatives of overall control in key southern shires in the local goverment elections.

    In contrast, with Ukip polling 16 per cent in the Midlands and 13 per cent in the North, twice the Lib Dems’ ratings, it is just as likely that Mr Farage will cause as much of a headache for Mr Clegg in the Midlands as for Mr Cameron in the South.

    Even so, Professor John Curtice, of the University of Strathclyde, ­believes talk of a “substantial Ukip intervention” may be overblown.

    Ukip’s problem is that its support is geographically thin and spread fairly uniformly. It will struggle to convert votes into seats.

    There is lesson here for the English Democrats, which must first establish themselves as the party of the north, before spreading themselves to the rest of the country.
    Ukip challenges the Conservatives in the South and the Liberal Democrats in the Midlands. The English Democrats have to occupy the niche of challenging Labour in the North.
    Having missed the opportunity to put up a candidate in the South Shields parliamentary by-election, the EDs have, no doubt, also failed to stand a candidate for the North Shields election for Mayor.
    To win a war an army has to have strategy. The English Democrats don't seem to have a coherent strategy for establishing the party, just a series of gimmicks like putting up candidates for the Welsh Assembly or the apparent fiasco in Kent, where the party is wasting its time and efforts in a part of the country which is irrelevant to capturing ground from which to spread territorially. The north/south divide is real and it is widening. It is there to be exploited politically, and the English Democrats are uniquely placed to do that.

    1. Oswald the Englisman30 April 2013 at 16:04

      The British National Party (BNP) is standing just 102 candidates across England, compared to 450 in the county council elections four years ago. What is worse for the BNP is that they are a serious contender in just two or three seats. Even Sharron Wilkinson, who is the BNP's only current county councillor, has decided not to defend her seat in Burnley.

      The BNP could not even find candidates for the Mayoral elections in Doncaster and North Tyneside.

      The BNP apples across the north are ripe to fall into the laps of the English Democrats.

    2. Oswald, the only BNP apples are rotten ones.

    3. Oswald the Englishman1 May 2013 at 20:11

      Anonymous. Just to clarify the point, the BNP apples that I had in mind were the seats they currently represent, not BNP members. But surely not all BNP members are bad apples

  14. Thoughts from a Young Ukipper. (Ukip if you want: Ukip's not for learning.) He doesn't seem to have heard of England. It's all about Britain, which is a Ukip and London-centric fantasy.

    Sunday, 28 April 2013

    Thoughts of a Young Independence member: Immigration

    After watching the latest episode of BBC Question Time, I really get a feeling of how Ukip foreign policy is still seen by many people: as something very Nationalistic, and possibly leaning towards xenophobia. It's very saddening, particularly because Ukip is the most global party of the lot - seeing prosperity beyond the regulation fuelled shackles of the EU. Admittedly, foreign policy is still quite elusive. There is also a sense that Ukip does not appreciate the melting-pot granted by immigrant populations settling in Britain over the past decades; and this sense is false. I want to differentiate between integrated immigrants and incoming immigrants; as well as assemble some picture of foreign policy, or to the least how I see it.

    Yes - Britain is a melting-pot, and that's obviously wonderful, as the diversity instilled has really driven our economy forwards, especially in terms of small business which our county has always naturally thrived out of; but mass open door immigration, which brings forth unskilled labour, just increases exploitation. And then there are those who don't work and seep out of the benefit system, as well as getting involved with a lot of criminal activity. Basically, if we left the EU we can get some co-operated skilled immigration from English speaking counties, [like Nigeria] whose people can integrate. How can we embrace such immigration? It's simple; they've been right under our noses all along. The people of the Commonwealth.

    1. It seems that he wants to turn England into the New Commonwealth which it is at a rate of knots. But then the Old Commonwealth is being turned into the New Commonwealth as well, i.e. Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Has he had a good look at the countries of the New Commonwealth - like Nigeria - and whether they can afford to lose what skilled labour they have? More importantly has he ever wondered why the New Commonwealth is thus - witness the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh - and no it can no longer be attributed to imperial ransacking - and why people from the third world feel the need to flood into the first until eventually everywhere will be the third world? There is perhaps a reason, which is not even allowed to be discussed, except I noted by a UKIP member on a Conservative website. As the first world sinks down to the level of the third then perhaps he and Sandi Toksvig et al will realise what it is like and why. As for our economy, if you count a booming service sector (hikes by the utility companies making us avoid another recession) and manufacturing shrinking away then I would not really say it has been driven forwards. And I don't think that everybody would agree that a melting pot is so wonderful compared with pre-mass immigration England which was infinitely more civilised.

    2. Bigamy is illegal in England, unless your a Muslim. The remedy being proposed is that the law should be changed to accomodate Sharia. In the meantime, secondary wives married under the nikah Muslim marriage law are being maintained by social services paid for from national taxation.

    3. Welcome to the New Commonwealth or the extension of the Indian Sub-continent as Enoch Powell predicted. It seems to me that there has been nobody, apart from the obvious two, who have had the courage to stand up for our country, its laws and values in the last 60 years. Eventually, the country will take on all the laws and customs of the third world, from bigamy to the Hindu caste system to child sacrificial murder. Is there not one single person in the British establishment who has the courage to say, no we don't do things like that here? It is all reminiscent of our attitude towards children here now and in all European countries. To say no to a child, to exercise discipline is rated as being cruel so we let them run all over us and get away with murder. Spare the rod and spoil the child and in some ways these third world immigrants are like children and we do not have the courage to say no to them either.

      I was interested to hear on the news that we are no longer to send £19m of aid to South Africa per year as it is now the powerhouse of the region according to the BBC. Presumably, we only started sending it once the apartheid regime had been dismantled. As for South Africa being the powerhouse of the region, at least since the disappearance of the European empires it has been the powerhouse not only of the region but of the whole of Africa, just as Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa where all were fed, clothed and educated but Zimbabwe is now a basket case. If the remaining whites leave South Africa or are murdered like the farmers there then I wonder if it will still be a powerhouse. Interestingly China now seems to be taking over from the Europeans in the rest of Africa; don't mention iq levels.

      Europe and North America were the powerhouse of the world but as they are rapidly replaced by the third world the lights are going out all over. Civilisation is going into reverse before disappearing. We will eventually have third world instead of first world hegemony. Who will help the rest of the third world then? I hope those who have brought this about will enjoy reaping what they have sown.

    4. Oswald the Englishman1 May 2013 at 20:16

      The native peoples of the USA and Australia are right at the bottom of the pile with life expectancies of about 50 years.
      The native English could be heading in the same direction - strangers in their own land.

  15. HS2 presents the English Deomcrats with a great opportunity to be seen to be defending the English countryside. UKIP has established itself as the party opposing HS2 between London and Birmingham.
    There is every bit as much hostility to HS2 between Birmingham and Manchester. That could be fertile ground for the English Democrats.

  16. UKIP seems to have revealed itself to be a coalition of Thatcherites and Empire Loyalists.

    1. David Cameron's conservatives are now well and truly rattled at the prospect of tomorrow's elections and the threat from the nationalist parties. Whereas head in the clouds, only a small percentage of me is English anyhow, Clegg wants the Afghan intepreters to be given asylum here, Cameron wants them to stay put. I can only think he said that because of his party's problems at the hustings. However, in parts of the country like mine where UKIP offer the only alternative to the conservatives and Lib Dems then I am afraid that there is no other option but to vote for them to try and dislodge the threefold Cultural Marxist alliance.

      A good idea that the English Democrats should fight HS2. As regards HS1, it will save 20 minutes off the journey but will deposit passengers 20 minutes outside Birmingham, thus no saving whatsoever. And it will be designed and built by the French, just like our new nuclear power stations and just like the nationalised supplier of much of our electricity. Wellington and Nelson must be spinning in their graves at the speed of light.

      A good idea

  17. Good luck to all English Democrat candidates tomorrow. These elections will be a powerful springboard to win EU seats next year.

    So vote early, vote often ;-)

  18. Some good early news for everyone:

    English Democrats “Out Poll” UKIP 20 to 1 in Doncaster Postal Vote Returns ……
    English Passport has reliably been informed that at the Doncaster Postal Vote opening sessions, the English Democrats are out polling UKIP on a ration of over 20-1.
    This is very encouraging not only for Doncaster, but also for the rest of England”.

    This could be mega.

    1. This is good news but sadly there are many places in the country today where this option is not available and the only way to shake off the three main parties is to vote UKIP. If people start by voting UKIP then they are thinking along nationalist lines and may be more inclined to switch to the EDs once a candidate manifests him or herself.

      I have been reading about Iceland on Russia Today. They have rejected the EU and told the bankers to take a long walk off a short cliff. Interestingly, the Icelanders have something of our ethnic mix, North European/Celtic having taken wives from Ireland and elsewhere on the Celtic Fringe back to Iceland so that their blood group is, unusually for Scandinavians, type O.

      That was very nice of the Afghan taxi driver but the First World cannot take every person from the Third World who wishes to flee to the First. Most of them seem to want to and are having a go. Hungary is now overwhelmed with illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa all trying to get into the Schengen zone over the border in Austria and hence to Northern Europe. Even though Britain and Norway are not members you can be sure that they will try to get in there as well.

      European countries are rapidly losing all sense of national identity, just as the Marxists planned. If you watch Swedish crime dramas you will become aware of how many non-ethnic Swedish actors there now are. The new King of the Netherlands' Argentinian consort has the job of integrating immigrants into Dutch society, most of whom are muslims. In the end Sweden will no longer be Sweden, Holland no longer Holland, Norway no longer Norway and England no longer England. Apart from the fact that there are different languages in the different countries you will soon have no idea where you are, just as the Left intended and will be rootless individuals with no sense of history or culture. This will be a very sad loss and will make the world less and not more diverse and much less interesting and enjoyable. By the way, a commentator about Iceland said something about Marx and Adam Smith - of libertarianism free market economics- marching hand in hand. This is how I was told it was going to be 30 years ago but now it is becoming obvious that this is what the New World Order is all about. Iceland has said no and it is time for the rest of us to do so also.