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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The English Question - part 2

A few days ago I set out the first part of Sir William Mckay's Commission's report on the English Question. Here is the remainder, I have been able to enlist the necessary help to make Blogger reproduce the tables set out in his report. His conclusions are striking and are mostly highly satisfactory, from an English Nationalist perspective (albeit much less so from a British or EUish Establishment/Elite perspective!).

Here is the text of the report:- 

1.         Some witnesses  were sceptical, however, that the issues raised by the West Lothian Question and other concerns about the balance of interests between England and the devolved nations were especially salient for people in England. That is, while these concerns may in principle be felt to prompt a sense of grievance, there was doubt that people in England felt that it was much of a priority, in practice, to address them. The 2012 FoES survey offered a new perspective on the question of salience by asking respondents to identify those constitutional issues that in their view needed “urgent action” (Table 5). It will surprise few that the UK’s relationship with the EU was  the most popular choice, at 59%. However, 42% felt that “urgent action” was also needed on “how England is governed now Scotland has a Parliament and Wales an Assembly”. This was a strong second preference for action and suggests that the complex of fiscal, economic and representational issues that produce a broad English Question does indeed have salience.

2.          People in England appear less able to envision more concretely the set of governing arrangements that would better suit them than those they have currently. The BSA has a stock question asking whether respondents want England to be “governed as it is now, with laws made by the UK Parliament”, or through the alternative options of elected regional assemblies or an English parliament. The “as now” option has been fairly stable at 50–55% since 2000 – with support for regional assemblies, which peaked at 26% in 2003 and stood at just 12% in 2011, ebbing in favour of an English parliament (17% in 2003 and 25% in 2011).

3.          But the BSA question does not offer insight into attitudes towards the possibility of introducing procedures within the UK Parliament for dealing with England-specific laws. The FoES, however, provides a different menu of options, including that of “England  to be governed with laws made by English MPs in the UK Parliament”, alongside the more conventional options of the status quo, an English parliament and regional assemblies (Table 6). The lead preference in both 2011 and 2012 was for “England  to be governed with laws made by English MPs in the UK Parliament”, with a little over one-third of respondents in favour. Next, and only just edging out the option of an English parliament, was the status quo option of England governed “with laws made by all MPs in the UK Parliament”.

4.          A further question in the 2012 FoES offers an alternative wording: “Thinking about possible arrangements for making laws for England, two options are often mentioned. If you had to choose, which one would you prefer?” In fact, three options were offered; top was for England to be governed with laws made solely by English MPs in the UK Parliament, at 30%, just ahead of an English parliament, at 29%, and keeping “things as they are at present” at 25%.

5.          These are extremely significant findings. In neither variant of the FoES questions does more than a quarter of the respondents favour the status quo. And, if support for law- making by English MPs in the UK Parliament and support for an English parliament are added together, support for some form of England-specific procedure for making laws for England has the support of over half of the survey respondents.

6.        This lack of support for the status quo, combined with an openness to England- specific institutional change, can usefully be read together with two other findings in the FoES. Table 7 reveals a remarkably low level of trust in the UK Government at Westminster to “work in the best long-term interests of England”. Around six in ten respondents do not, it seems, trust the UK Government “very much” or “at all” to pursue the interests of England.

7.          This finding may, of course, reflect to some extent the mid-term unpopularity  of the incumbent government at a time of economic difficulty and/or amid a sense of disillusionment with politics. But the figures in Table 8 suggest that, beyond just short- term dissatisfaction with the government  of the day, people in England think their interests are not currently being met. Asked which political party best stands up for the interests of England, the top preference in both 2011 and 2012 was that stands up for those interests. Strikingly, only 45% in 2011 and 38% in 2012 felt that any of the established parties – Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats – stand up for the interests of England. Even more strikingly, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) overtook the Conservatives and was pressing Labour as the leading defender of the interests of England in 2012. And, taking “none of the above”, UKIP, and the other non-establishment parties of right and left together, the “non-establishment” total clearly exceeded that of the established parties in 2012. (Isn't it bizarre that an anti-English, British Nationalist Party, like UKIP should get this entirely erroneous English nationalist credit? It shows that the English Democrats have some work to do on breaking that down!)

8.          These survey findings suggest a potent combination of dissatisfactions in England. There is a clear and enduring sense that England is materially disadvantaged relative  to the other parts of the UK, especially Scotland. There is a clear sense in recent surveys (and more enduringly around the West Lothian Question of Scottish MPs  voting on English legislation) that the current institutional arrangements for making laws for England are wanting and need to be modified to establish some form of England-specific legislative process. And there is a growing sense that people in England feel that they lack effective advocates for their interests in government or (conventional) opposition.

9.          These dissatisfactions exist in a fairly uniform way across England. Table 9 sets out region-by-region findings on some of the indicators explored above which suggest that people in England feel that they are being unfairly treated. These findings are not skewed by unusually high responses in particular parts of England, but are strikingly similar in all parts of England. Variations around the mean are limited, and – with the exception of a sample of Londoners generally a little less dissatisfied than the average – are patternless. These are genuinely England- wide – not just northern, not just peripheral, but general – dissatisfactions.

10.     Survey findings are of course a snapshot, and can be read in different ways. On balance, though, the findings set out above provide compelling evidence that there are distinct concerns, felt across England, that lack sufficient opportunity to be expressed through current institutional arrangements. We have heard evidence from a range of sources16  that reinforces this conclusion and suggests a need for a significant response to enable those distinct concerns to be – and to be seen to be – addressed, and for them to be addressed in a way that takes into account the measures taken since 1997 to give voice to the distinct concerns of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. As Professor Arthur Aughey put it, the English feel that “if we are going to construct a union that is open and fair and genuinely democratic, then our voice must be heard”.


  1. Published on Tuesday 16 April 2013 02:41

    THE date of the by-election for David Miliband’s old seat of South Shields was officially confirmed as 2 May, after the former foreign secretary formally stepped down yesterday.

    The by-election writ was moved in the House of Commons by Labour chief whip Rosie Winterton shortly after Mr Miliband took up the post of Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead

  2. The South Shields by-election for the South Shields constituency will be held on Thursday, May 2, the earliest possible date and the same day as the English local elections.
    The South Shields constituency returned an 11,109 Labour majority at the 2010 general election.
    The four major political parties have already announced their candidates. South Tyneside councillor Emma Lewell-Buck has been selected to defend the seat for Labour. Karen Allen is standing for the Conservatives, Hugh Annand will run for the Liberal Democrats, and Richard Elvin is the UK Independence Party candidate.

  3. As Professor Arthur Aughey put it, “if we are going to construct a union that is open and fair and genuinely democratic, then our [English] voice must be heard”.
    The English Democrats could raise their profile nationally by mounting a campaign for 'English' to be included in all those "What is your ethnic identity?" requests. "White British" should only apply to naturalized citizens; folk born in England of English parents should be classified as 'English'

  4. Whatever her achievements, Margaret Thatcher did nothing for England; she decimated the north.

    1. The White Dragon of England18 April 2013 at 08:30

      I am sick to the back teeth of hearing sob stories about 'the north'. I was born in north Yorkshire , and when I was growing up there was the same whining, particularly from the Newcastle area, long before Mrs Thatcher came on the scene, led by some old socialist dinasaur, called T Dan Smith, later locked up for corruption I think, how 'the north' was being ignored by 'the south', how there were not enough shipbuilding orders, how the mines were being closed down, on and on, endless pleading for more subsidies.

      Too many people then and too many people now think the world owes them a living. No-one does. The anti-Thatcherites blame her for their own failings and weaknesses, and so deserve challenge, they live in a fantasy world. Times have changed, we were almost all Unionists then so blaming her for being anti-English is a distortion.

    2. The Germans and the French (and the USA) support their home grown industries. The ship building industry did not die; it was killed (and the unions' demarcation disputes played their part in that). The same with our steel industry. And we import coal. If northerners whine about Thatcher, they have cause. Scargill was an idiot but closing down the coal industry was Thatcher's aim. Scargill fell into the trap which she had set. But she would have found some way of breaking the NUM, without Scargill's help.
      The world doesn't owe the north a living but Thatcher was batting for global capitalism; against the English.

    3. The White Dragon of England18 April 2013 at 19:36

      The argument that it was Thatcher attacking the miners etc., cannot go unchallenged. There was a group of miners in another union which did not go on strike, there were miners in the NUM who did not want to go on strike. But Scargill's Stalinist thugs threatened and indeed committed acts of violence against them, as they did aganst other workers who wanted to go to work but who were prevented by 'flying pickets'. It was Scargill and his revolutionary friends who wanted to bypass the democratic process and bring down an elected governmant and replace it with a Soviet Communist style dictatorship. Thankfully he was challenged and defeated. That is the truth of the matter and the hard Left of today should not get away with peddling their false analysis.
      And by way of Postscript I wish there were fewer 'Anonymous' posts, ideally none at all, it makes following the threads of views extremely difficult to say the least.It is not rocket science to think up a 'nom de plume' and remember it.

  5. So Mrs T had "I vow to thee my country" at her funeral. What an irony. I also heard today that she considered Tony Blair her finest achievement and David Cameron is reputed to admire Tony Blair. This merely goes to show that this country has, since the days of Edward Heath at least, been run by a cosy globalist club who are constantly conning the public, the sad ones who thought she actually cared about England, into believing they want to retain this nation state and its people. As Nigel Farage says, you can
    't put a fag paper between the three parties, they are all singing from the same anti-nationalist globalist hymn sheet. Mrs T, if she really cared about England, could have refused to sign any of those treaties destined to bring about an ever-closer union. She must have known what was in them and she was just obeying orders from the top.

    I doubt if you would get away with having ethnic English on any document as the Establishment for the last 70 years has been violently opposed to the ethnic English. As somebody pointed out, in past centuries our leaders would have defended us against invasion and colonisation. Now they have turned on their own people and defended the invaders. We would have done better under Hitler.

    As regards Mrs. T's funeral, I didn't watch it but have just listened to the news; it appears that George Osborne was in tears. What a shame he does not cry for those for whom we are collecting food in this part of the country, including the farmers. He just cried for another millionaire I suppose. I don't think I will be ending my days in the Ritz.

    On another tack, I was in my early teens when Churchill had his send-off. The dockers lowered their cranes. If the dockers were around today instead of being replaced by those who crave the wealth of Cresus, would they have done the same for Thatcher? Also, the crowds stood in a show of quiet respect. Where on earth did this un-English hysteria at funerals begin which first showed itself with Diana, chucking flowers, cheering and clapping. Was it the Italians who brought it here from the Mediterranean? We are not a latin country but a North European country where people are meant to behave with dignity not as if they are greeting the return of a conquering hero instead of the departure of a dead politician. Labour are clamouring for the same treatment for one of their ex-prime ministers. Please God not Tony Blair, pardon me I feel a bit queasy.

    1. Margaret Thatcher proved as divisive in death as she had been in life. The affluent south turned out in their thousands; the impoverished north sat at home and seethed with anger.
      Cameron thought that by over-hyping the funeral to, as near as damn it, a state funeral and comparing her to Churchill would improve the Tories standing in the polls and damage UKIP. Thanks to his efforts, the reverse has happened and UKIP has seen its support go up.
      The curse of Cameron's omnishambles and poor judgment strikes again

    2. Well, Thatcher did regard Tony Blair to be her political heir, and her greatest achievement; greater than defeating the miners and greater than the victory in the Falklands.


      South Tyneside Council

      South Shields parliamentary by-election confirmed for 2 May

      News and press releases

      16 Apr2013

      South Shields parliamentary by-election confirmed for 2 May

      Press release

      Martin Swales, Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council and Acting Returning Officer is receiving the formal writ from Mayor of South Tyneside, Councillor Eileen Leask in the Mayor’s Chamber in South Shields Town Hall.

      The date has been formally set for the South Shields parliamentary by-election, which was triggered by the recent decision by David Miliband MP to stand down after 12 years in the post.

      A writ has been moved in the House of Commons and was delivered to the Mayor of South Tyneside, Councillor Eileen Leask, at South Shields Town Hall at 9.45am on Tuesday 16 April 2013.

      Following receipt of the writ, the Acting Returning Officer for the South Shields constituency has determined that the election will take place on Thursday 2 May.

      A formal Notice of Election was issued by Martin Swales, Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council and Acting Returning Officer, at 10.15am on Tuesday 16 April 2013, and can be viewed at

      Anyone wishing to register for a postal vote, or who still needs to register to vote, should contact the Elections Office on 0191 424 7230 before 5pm on Wednesday 17 April.

      Nomination papers for candidates can be obtained from the Acting Returning Officer at the Elections Office, Town Hall, South Shields, and completed nomination papers must be delivered to the Acting Returning Officer by 4pm on Friday 19 April. Candidates will be required to provide a deposit of £500. The Elections Team can be contacted on 0191 424 7169 or at

      Media information about arrangements for election day and the official count will be published on

  6. While Robin publishes very thought provoking articles like the above on this blog, the only articles that appear on the official English Democrats website are of the "please chip in just £10" variety.

    If it hasn't already. donor fatigue will kill the party. People don't want to read begging letter after begging letter. They want to know what the EDs can do for them.

    If this path continues to be pursued, there is a real danger that the EDs will be further marginalised at the forthcoming local elections, leaving us nowhere come the Euro and national elections.

    1. The White Dragon of England18 April 2013 at 18:20

      Not sure what your agenda is but maybe you are one of those people who thinks that money grows on trees. 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country'. President Kennedy.

    2. Unfortunately, unlike the Conservatives, we cannot rely on people like developers, estate agents and big business whom they do favours for to put money into our coffers. Unlike Labour we do not have a captive donor base of trades union members. I do not know where the Lib Dems and UKIP get their money from; but it cannot just be from the membership fees.

      I believe that Robin funds a lot of the EDs from his own resources and there may be other members who also have the money to chip in large sums. Unfortunately, I do not and this makes me feel perpetually guilty as I do want the English Democrats to succeed in their mission of saving England. However, I cannot think of any other way of getting the money in.
      Neil Morissey has chosen to live in America rather than in a country which he feels has totally lost its national identity. People like that - John Cleese? - might be worth a letter, except that Morissey of course is of Irish descent.

      I have just read that Teresa May's husband is an investment banker. The Tory party do seem to consist of an awful lot of the stinking rich. Perhaps that is why they are so out of touch but perhaps no more so than New Labour or the Lib Dems who are driven by the inane ideology of international socialism, saving the third world (a probably impossible task) by bringing it to live in the first. The English Democrats could be very much in touch if only they had the clout to get their message across and the English electorate had the courage to stand up for themselves for once in their lives instead of being bullied and cajoled and manipulated by ideological fanatics and the greedy and the stupid. The latter is probably even more difficult to achieve than the former.

      On another matter, I have just read Sue McGregor's interview with the Queen's ladies in waiting (or was it maids of honour?)from her coronation. I never thought I would be thinking this way when I was in my 20s but I realised how the country has changed since patriarchal inherited wealth was overtaken by new money. This is not only our new money but new money from all over the world whose earners have flooded into this country over the last 50 years. The whole structure of society has collapsed. Breeding does out. Those young ladies in 1953 were beautiful and elegant. They were pale and interesting. I am afraid that fake tans that look coarse and like dayglow paint do nothing for me. Now American-style vulgarity and the lowest common denominator (from anywhere in the first or third world) is the order of the day. Standards have been undermined, manners done away with. I know this sounds like snobbery but since the 1970s the aim seems to have been to go for the easiest option and ally ourselves with the least able and most slobbish rather than aiming for the best. The idolatry of wealth has taken over. It all reminds me of the worship of the golden calf.

    3. Ukip has a few wealthy donors as well as MEPs on the EU gravy train.
      Back in the days when the Liberal Democrats were the Liberals, it is said that they were kept afloat with money donated by their local Conservative Associations.
      The Liberals always had very wealthy backers, the Liberal "Democrats" probably have too.

    4. Do not go gently into that dark night, rage, rage against the dying of the white (community) as we are called these days (don't know if I should have said that). The £10m that was spent on Margaret Hilda's wake would have done us some good. I see that UKIP's support has actually gone up since the funeral. Perhaps those people actually thought that Mrs T actually wanted us out of the EU and to stop all immigration and it reminded them of the good old days. They are so gullible. Still, it seems to have backfired on slippery Dave who thought he could boost his flagging fortunes by bringing on a stiff and giving her the biggest party in the world.

      Still trying to think of a possible big money donor. Even the aristocracy are on their uppers these days. If I win the euromillions I promise to slip you a million.

    5. Sadly "Anonymous" politics is an expensive business and the question is:- whether the English are prepared to pay for an English nationalist party or whether they would prefer to go silently into the night?

  7. I think you are all missing the point - hence the EDs are struggling, trying to milk an ever decreasing circle of people.

    I know money doesn't grow on trees. Even more reason to drop the begging letter format of the main website. It costs the same to have a website that tells people what the ED offers them than one that just wants their money.

    People with an interest in the EDs will visit the website often as their first port of call. Their first thought will never be "What can I do for the EDs?" It will be "What do the EDs offer me" so the Kennedy quote is inappropriate.

    All they will find is page after page of "lend me a tenner".

    Only once you have shown them what the EDs offer will you be in with a chance of getting their votes and support.

    To put it very bluntly, the ED website should not be one long begging letter. It should be so much more.

  8. Whats a tenner look at the money wasted on poxy football teams !

    Country "ENGLAND" before Chelsea,WestBrom,Man Utd Newcastle,Everton,Leeds,Norwich City,Portsmouth,Bristol City,Plymouth Argyle.

    says one who was a season ticket holder for 20 years never again ! they have ruin the English League ! well the premier especially with all the NON HOME GROWN PLAYERS in our local teams and 2 welsh teams in our English Premier is a disgrace, Keep the English Premier in England restrict foriegn players to FIVE PER TEAM the rest must be home grown ! Just look at the money involved and people are worried about a tenner to SAVE ENGLAND ! apony amonkey sqillian at least for "ENGLAND".

    1. Well said, Alfred 99. How about nationalists giving the price of ticket for a match, or better, the cost of a season ticket if you can afford it? We are talking about the future of England here

  9. In today's paper there was a proposal that Antony Gormley be commissioned to make a massive statue of Lady Thatcher out of recycled rusty colliery belts which would gaze north with one hand raised in a Churchillian gesture and in the other a banner bearing the words "My name is Torymaggias, ruler of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Scargills and despair!". The title to be "the Spirit of the South in triumph".

    1. A report in the Times showed that the best hospitals, if you want to survive heart surgery, are all in the south. If you don't mind dying under the surgeon's knife, live in the north where all the worst survival rates are to be found. The top hospitals are in London, luckily for MPs and the London set. We are not all in it together: the northerners are more in it than the southerners and certainly more in it than the well heeled residents of Chelsea and Hampstead.

  10. The by-election will take place on 2 May, the same day as local elections across England.

    Candidates (in alphabetical order):

    Karen Allen - Conservative

    Hugh Annand - Liberal Democrat

    Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brookes - British National Party

    Phil Brown - The Independent Socialist Party

    Thomas Faithful Darwood - Independent

    Richard Elvin - UK Independence Party

    Howling Laud Hope - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

    Ahmed Khan - Independent

    Emma Lewell-Buck - Labour

    Lee Nelson - Independent (nomination withdrawn).

    1. Why didn't the English Democrats put up a candidate in South Shields? It looks like a lost opportunity.

    2. Did I miss the English Democrats' candidate somewhere? Oh well, next time perhaps and when we have got together a bit more money. I am suprised by the BNP candidate. So there you are Mr Cameron et al., they are not all knuckle dragging yobs. This reminds me of Lady Jane Birdwood, scourge of Searchlight. I suppose she will be dismissed as another dotty inbred aristocrat. The Empire strikes back. Does anybody know anything about her? Could she be lured over to the EDs with all her money? - if she has any. Or would be Macbeth bit make her Scottish?

      Meanwhile in the United States the unworkability of the concept of civic nationalism, that child of the French Revolution, becomes day by day more obvious as Texas is preparing to form its own republic as a bulwark against the days of the coming white minority. Diversity and pluralism. It worked to some extent with a 90% white christian majority but as the US becomes more of a mosaic it all begins to unravel.

      Meanwhile, the left-leaning BBC has been caught out again. When they discovered that the Boston bombers were pale-skinned they began drooling at the mouth and jumping up and down with joy thinking, oh good, they are white supremacists, possibly even harbingers of President Obama’s new terrorists, the Evangelical Christians. Sadly, they turned out to be the usual suspects. This is the second time that the Beeb has jumped the gun. The last time was the shooting of Jews in France. The BBC excitedly pointed the finger at anti-semitic right wing French nationalists. This is the work of Marine Le Pen’s vile National Front they wanted to tell us. But no they turned out to be anti-semitic muslims who believed that Hitler had the right idea. Poor old BBC, they are desperate to pin anything on the hideous white race and hideous European Christian Civilisation and those who wish to preserve both in an anti-Marxist counter-revolution.

      Here in Britain, parliament wanted to pass a law outlawing the use of the caste system as practised by Hindus here. But they took fright under pressure from those Hindus who have rapidly enriched themselves. Remember that Lakshmi Mittal is the richest man in London and hence one of the richest in Britain. They dropped the bill and vowed to press for a programme of education of said Hindus. So they will turn a blind eye as they will to honour killing, paedophilia, the implementation of sharia law, the serving of halal meat to Christian Europeans etc and all the other horrors that have been brought here from the Indian sub-continent. As muslims breed at a horrifying rate and Hindus acquire wealth equally as quickly then the British parliament will ultimately be able to do nothing as Britain turns into the Indian sub-continent, just as Enoch Powell predicted. As for the indigenous British, they will have to just run away or keep their own counsel. They will have no other choice. Meanwhile, Lib Dem minister Vince Cable’s, half-Indian son is out in India trying to educate them there about the evils of the caste system. He is probably not making much progress. Too late, it has crept round him and in at the back door of his father’s homeland. Still, isn’t good we are getting rid of British Britain, it was such a backward and uncivilised place when 99% of the population were indigenous white and Christian; and we never had the voodoo style sacrifice of bewitched children; how we needed to get up to date.

      Sorry if Hope not Hate don't like this but I am getting sick to the back teeth of the whole silly multi-everything nonsense. Here in the north if you had suggested it to my grandparents in the 1930s or 40s they would have said,"Don't be so daft".

    3. It is neither here nor there if the BNP candidate in South Shields has a Scottish name or Scottish blood if her loyalties are to England. That is unlkely given that she is standing for the anti-English BNP.
      The author of the above piece writes that "[it] isn’t good we are getting rid of British Britain". But it is, and good riddance. What we want is England for the English, Scotland for the Scots and Wales for the Welsh.
      There haven't been "indigenous British" since Roman times, unless you mean the Scots and the Welsh. The English are certainly not indigenous British.
      In modern times, Britain has meant the multi-ethnic British Empire, now the Commonwealth, and the British have been the citizens of the Commonwealth plus naturalized aliens; but very definitely not the indigeous English.
      It is a great pity that the EDs could not scrape together the £500 needed for a deposit to put up a candidate in working-class South Shields which should be fertile ground for the English Democrats. (Unlike Eastleigh in the well-heeled south of England, which is a desert for English nationalism and will be for decades to come.)
      Now, the anti-English BNP and the anti-English UKIP will have a free run in South Shields..

    4. The PrangWizard of England23 April 2013 at 19:19

      "There haven't been "indigenous British" since Roman times, unless you mean the Scots and the Welsh. The English are certainly not indigenous British."

      I thought the idea that the Anglo-Saxons et al drove out the 'British' from England and into Wales for example had been debunked long ago. There are surely many descendants of the original British living around and about. Trouble is we don't know how many there were to start with, nor do we know how many invaders came, so I imagine we can't work out the percentages.

      I'm intending to find out what my origins are, via DNA testing. I can trace my name back many hundreds of years in the records, starting in Lancashire.
      If we have settled in England we must call ourselves English, adopt an English outlook and put England first.

  11. Robin, Sir william MacKay's opinions are all fine and dandy, but they are way above my head. I lost my job (which was in another town thirty miles away) three years ago. There is no work in this town. All the shops are closing (the shopping has moved out of town and I can't afford to run a car). The town gets shabbier all the time. We've got fewer police. The council won't employ traffic wardens and the police refuse to deal with parkng or traffic offences and anti-social behaviour, because they are run off their feet dealing with 'real' crime. The place is full of drug addicts with pit-bulls shitting everywhere.
    I apply for dozens of jobs every day. No one gets back to me. The other week I had offers of two interviews for clerical jobs at £16,000 a year. The were both for six months. One job involved a two and a half hour bus journey to get to. The other, a three hour train journey costing £30 return (do the sums) and a half hour walk from the station at the other end.
    Just over as week ago, I had a query for the Job centre about a lengthy job application form. I walked round there and was told no one was available to answer my question and that I should come back later. Being concerned with filling in the application form, I forgot that it was Friday,. When I got round there, the Job Centre was closed.
    The following week, I got a letter from the Job Centre telling me that my benefits had been stopped because I had failed to keep an appointment.
    I had no money. I went to the Job Centre and was told to go to the Food Bank. I had to get an emergency loan to pay my rent or lose my flat. My landlord wants me to move into a smaller tatty one he owns, so that he can let my flat for more money. I'm at my wits end.
    I'm as good a nationalist as the next man, but I want to know what the English Democrats are going to do for me and my family. The local schools are falling apart and we can't get to see a doctor, because they're all retiring because they can't cope with all the government's changes to the NHS. They've got good pensions and they don't want the hassle.
    Putting England first is all very well, but it doesn't put food on the table. How about putting decent English families first?

    1. The White Dragon of England22 April 2013 at 14:03

      MMM!!. I think I need to think about this latest 'Anonymous'. There is something about it which doesn't quite gell. Could the author perhaps add some verification. Or if caught out, come clean.

      And may I raise the issue again of 'anonymous' posts - is it possible that the moderator could announce that he is unable to accept them - should he wish to do so of course. As I have said before it is not impossible to think of a 'nom de plume' and remember it for future use if a regular contributor.

  12. Here we are collecting food for the local food bank which is even going to farming families, almost bankrupted by having to feed their sheep and cattle during the long winter. Meanwhile George Osborne cries because the woman who decimated the North and ended up living in the Ritz - how much is that, £1,000 a night? - had died. He will not shed a tear for you Sir, nor for all the others we are collecting food for. Crooked billionaires from all over the world, as we have just learnt, are keeping the country going by laundering their money in the London property market and forcing the dwindling number of indigenous English out of the city that has been their capital for 1500 years and the capital of Britain for at least 2,000. All is greed and money and the poor can starve for all they care.

    And don't tell me Labour are any better, Barbara Castle, Dennis Healey, Tony Blair and many more all ended up being loaded whilst their voters lived miserable lives. Margaret Thatcher was never one of us and neither were they.

    We are being outbred and pushed down the wealth ladder by immigrants. Even the Queen is now way down on the rich list. These plutocrats, homegrown or foreign, live in no country but flit between them and have no attachment to nor feeling for the land. Even the homegrown have have no attachement to or feeling for their own fellow English.

    Somewhere something has to give but I don't know where or when. If only the stupid English would realise that the three many parties don't give a damn about them. I was speaking to a lady yesterday who has realised and said she was giving up voting as they all lie. We need more to think that way. As it is only a third of the population bother to vote. The English seem to have slumped into a sort of resigned resignation that there is nothing they can do. We have to tell them there is and they have to find the guts to do it.

  13. Oswald the Englishman21 April 2013 at 23:18

    By not standing a candidate in South Shields you are allowing UKIP to build on its success in Eastleigh and portray itself as a national party, of the north and not just of the south. UKIP can afford to spread itself thinly across the north, it is awash with cash. The English Democrats will not be able to afford to do the equivalent in the south for at least a generation.
    You have to cut your suit according to your cloth, and forget about the south where UKIP is well dug in. It remains vulnerable in the north, while the BNP is on the way out everywhere.
    Farage is going round saying that UKIP is the party of the north. The English Democrats have to prove him wrong, but on the evidence of South Shields, the auguries don't look hopeful.

  14. Farage turned up in Carlisle in those yellow Rupert Bear trousers, a cap and a sort of shooting jacket, looking every inch a home counties Tory. He looked hideously upper middle class I'm afraid. Not wonder that old lady said she was going to carry on voting Labour (not that they are working class any more but she hasn't cottoned on).

    The English Democrats need somebody who looks and sounds northern to take on the north. Of course, David Milliband, did neither, more Hampstead or Golders Green. The north needs a Yorkshireman with a bit of passion but we also need to take northern tories with us as well.

    As regards St George, cry God for Harry, England and St George, I read recently, although I find it hard to believe, that half the population of the North of England is muslim. If that is true and only 50% of the population describe themselves as Christian now then does that mean that there are more muslims in the north than Christians?

    Sometimes I think I am living in some sort of a dream or a surreal world. If I had sat down 60 years ago and set out ways to destroy England and the English then even I would never have reached the point of what has actually been done to us by our own people. Of course, there are some who say, that it was actually all laid down in Frankfurt in the 1920s, including copying the way in which Rome fell.

    1. Oswald the Englishman23 April 2013 at 08:41

      I went to a UKIP meeting once and Farage was boasting about how he was living it up in Brussels on the best food the best wine and the best cigars all at our expense.
      When I saw him when it was just the two of us in the car park he looked like a scared rabbit

  15. Oswald the Englishman23 April 2013 at 08:18

    The plan was hatched by the Frankfurt School of marxists in the 1920s. What's being done to England and the English is not being done by the "our (i.e., English) people" but by cosmopolitans like the Belgium Miliband and the Dutch-Russian Clegg, the American Oliver Letwin and their fellow travellers like Cameron, Osborne,and their friends in America, bankers and the global capitalists

    1. I think that the Millibands originated in Poland. His father fled to England before the War to avoid Nazi anti-semitism and left his sisters behind to perish. David's grandfather reached Belgium after the War but we would not let another raving Marxist in, especially since his son, after being given refuge here from the Nazis, said he hated the British and hoped they lost the War. Which would have meant he would have ended up in Auschwitz after all.

      Have just looked up Clegg on Wikipedia. That man must be very confused. He is half Dutch and a quarter German, Russian, Ukrainian; almost as confused as Borish Johnson. Cameron is part Scottish, part English and part Jewish financier.

      Clegg (married to a Spaniard to make his children even more rootless and confused)has said he does not have a shred of racism in him. Methinks you will find that none have any time for nor feeling for the ethnic English and their plight; isn't that racism?

      By the way, the Russian Revolution was, as the Zagorsk Prophecy predicted, nothing to do with the Russians either. It took them 80 years to throw of the foreigner-imposed Marxism. Since this Marxification of England started after the war, we have another 12 years to go before we cast it off as well.

  16. Facebook fans - who is most popular?

    Conservatives 159000
    Labour 144000
    Lib Dems 91956
    BNP 88232
    UKIP 29462
    SNP 26039
    Green Party 19746
    Monster Raving Loony 11748
    Plaid Cymru 7696
    English Democrats 6598

    Social media needs to be a bigger priority. Its FREE and it works.


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