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Thursday, 4 April 2013

UKIP's evasion and equivocation on the English Question

UKIP's Nigel Farage is a great performer but he is not a sincere English patriot as is clearly shown by his evasive answer to the question as reported here:-

"7:54pm (Farage) answers a question about an English parliament by saying "Westminster has always got the devolution question wrong, any sense of the English wanting its own identity has been sneered at by the main three parties." "

In fact UKIP's real policy position on Englishness is stated in their policy document "Restoring Britishness" in which they claim that English nationalism is "increasingly resentful" and "arguably the most serious threat to Britishness."!

Here is a link to that UKIP policy >>>

And here is a good discussion on the 'lunacy' of their policy on an English Parliament (by a member of UKIP!) >>>


  1. Robin,

    UKIP's policy on devolution is reversal back to the pre 1997 days. They simply cannot accept that Scotland and Wales will never give up self government without a fight.

    When Cameron called UKIP loonies and fruitcakes, he was right because they believe that we can go back a previous faulty system.

    UKIPers obviously believe that we should re-colonise all the former colonies because in their eyes it was good for us.

    They are stuck in 1997 and refuse to move on. The union is over because Labour killed the UK Stone Dead!


  2. all very interesting, but the closing date for nominations for the South Shields by election could be April the 17th, with the election taking place on May the 2nd. it seems that UKIP has beaten the English Democrats to the draw in South Shields. if the English Democrats don't fight this one, they will be eclipsed by the anti-English UKIP in the north as they have already been in the south

    1. What angers me the most is that some English Nationalists have joined UKIP and believe that they are party to deliver an English Parliament. The BNP is better than UKIP, at least they want solve the WLQ unlike UKIP who want to go back to 1997.

      UKIP will get nowhere in the North East - they are seen as reserve Tories which is what they really are.

    2. I hope that you are right, but the bookies are expecting UKIP to come a good second in South Shields.

    3. Meanwhile the English Democrats are nowhere to be seen in South Shields.

  3. The problem here is the more people who are against liblabcon fracture into different organisations the less powerful their voice becomes.

    Ukip are an evolving party.

    1. Exactly, what we presently have in the UK is a uni-political system where the illusion of choice is presented to the bovine masses. Whichever of the
      LibLabCon axis of treason is elected will still be pre-bought by the furtive
      Globalists. On this basis, any small party which starts progressing should be supported by the entire Nationalist flock. The ' English Question ' is not
      really relevant at a time when we are being gang-raped by the Money-Power from one end, and uncontrolled mass-immigration from the other end. And before these two crucial issues can be attacked full-on, the country needs to exit the EU. The EU is the blockage which holds back everything else.

  4. It is difficult to work out what UKIP is up to here. I think we have definitely moved on from the days of World War 2 when Jock was just one of the boys amongst the scousers, the Taffs, the Yorkshire tykes, men of Kent and Kentish men. Living not far from the border I can assure you that people are now beginning to feel that it is foreign over there, as foreign as the Irish Republic.

    UKIP to the Scots probably does represent home counties Tories, hence their failure to make inroads there. It is difficult to know, however, what Scots who want an end to immigration and out of the EU are meant to do. They will get neither with Alex Salmond. The union is now fragmented so why not give us an English parliament. If the Scots do not vote for independence but devolution max then we will still have a United Kingdom but with a federal system. But if UKIP were to opt for an English parliament then how would the EDs fare? Nigel Farage was in Carlisle this week and one old lady who was interviewed said she had always voted Labour and always will. Strange that these people are incapable of seeing that Labour don't give a monkey's about the indigenous working classes like her. They have ensured that they have been swept out of the way for the last 60 years and will continue to be so and still they are loyal. If they are all like her in South Shields then nobody else need bother.

  5. Does it really make any difference whether we are British or English when the daily net rate of immigration [versus emigration] is over 2500. We are already full up and there will be no reversal of this incredibly impotant issue unless progress is made by one or other of the nationalist parties WITHIN THE NEXT 5 YEARS. Clearly UKIP is a one-trick dog but what worries me more is whether Farage is going to do a deal with Murdoch. He had a long lunch with him a week or so ago. What we don't need is yet another bought politician like the traitor Cameron or the traitor Blair. If the uni-politics of the Lib Lab Con axis of deceit has to be emulated to ensure success will ANY nationalist party have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting elected?

    1. The BNP sure as hell doesn't stand a chance. Our only hope is the English Democrats.

  6. The English Democrats must stand in South Shields, even if it is only a token candidate (why not Robin Tilbrook?). Surely someone can go around the town and get the necessary number of supporting signatures between now and the 17th of April. Anti-English Ukip must not be allowed a clear run. The BNP has a candidate and if the moderate nationalist English Democrats run they will surely do better than the anti-English BNP.
    Come on English Democrats, get your skates on, don't hand the north to Ukip on a plate.

  7. Europe is now on a knife-edge between political nationalism and popular insurrection all over the Continent. To be honest parties on the Continent seem to be doing better on the former than here. I believe that this is partly because of the English feeling for animals or the underdog and their reluctance to get nasty over immigration even if it will be the death of them and their fear of government caused by the Norman Conquest when they took such a beating that they are terrified of rocking boats.

    As regards a popular uprising, it is interesting that the English rather than their Celtic neighbours are seen as potentially violent. This could be something to do with their North European blood. In Scandinavia, all seems very peaceful and well organised and then the prime minister of Sweden is assassinated and a minister knifed to death. The same in Norway and then up pops Anders Breivik. This may be because dissent as regards the status quo is regarded as not playing the game and then somebody blows a gasket.

    This is what the government now fears here. They are probably willing it so that it will give them the opportunity to clamp down on any sign of nationalism. Hence the political path must succeed before somebody takes things into his own hands. Mind you, I wouldn't put it past MI5 to do it themselves as an excuse to shut everybody down.

    There have been rumours for a long time that Nigel Farage would be bought out. However, a commentator on an article on their North West website about mass immigration said that this is the work of big corporations wanting cheap labour and has been presumably since it began. So at least some of them are thinking along the right lines and wouldn't let Murdoch get away with it. I read somewhere that Cameron is getting £7m a year for dancing to the tune of the New World Order. It wouldn't surprise me.

  8. Robin has set a target of 394 candidates so there is every chance one will stand in South Shields.

    One point about the ED website - it doesn't follow up any stories. For example, the April 1st demo in London. Why no report on it? A golden opportunity missed. Fund raising - there are a lot of the emails republished on the site asking for donations, but why no update. If you don't let people know how fund raising is going, many will assume you have reached your target.

  9. How can you call the BNP 'anti-English'? The BNP is the only political party in this country that even recognises the existence of the English nation ie that the English are an ETHNIC PEOPLE! UKIP DON'T. To them everyone in this country is just British. I have no doubt that one of the reasons Enoch Powell was so strongly opposed to mass immigration was because he recognised that Britishness was mainly about a common citizenship, being a subject of the Queen ect and NOT an ethnicity. He was also a staunch Unionist and probably thought that if mass immigration damaged people's sense of Britishness which it has then that would constitute a massive threat to the Union. I think he was correct in thinking this.

    1. I still think that Powell knew what was planned with regard to the One World of the New World Order and knew that Heath was working for the latter. It was meant to be a political rivalry but I think it was a battle to save Britain and the British. Mass immigration and the EU are all part of the same thing, in all European countries, to destroy the homogeneous nation state and national identity so as to create an area of rootless individuals who could never group together to resist the totalitarian one world nightmare, Orwell's 1984. Fortunately, it looks, as with the Dark Ages, as if European Civilisation might once again escape by the skin of its teeth.

      The BNP is described as anti-English because it is a British rather than an English party. However, as you say, had mass immigration never taken place then the Union might never have been fractured the way it has. This leads me to believe that the fracturing of the Union was all part of the deconstructing of British Britain. By the way, I have just discovered that 50 to 60,000 New Zealanders are leaving mostly for Australia each year and are being replaced by Asians, all part of the browning of the Old Commonwealth in line with the New World Order. And in America evangelical Christians are now being labelled extremist by the Obama administration.

      I have recently spoken to somebody who has come to live in my area from inner city Birmingham. It is now apparently a crime-ridden hell-hole with reverse assimilation taking place into West Indian gun gangs and where it is not safe for a woman to walk the streets or put her handbag down for fear of it being stolen. This is Edward Heath's legacy to Enoch Powell's native city, once cohesive, peaceful and homogeneous. Today Birmingham, tomorrow England.
      In the last hundred years we have only had two leaders who pledged to prevent this and both shared the same combination of courage, sensitivity, common sense and high intellect. They were Winston Churchill and Enoch Powell. People were bowled over by Churchill's genius. All the rest have been intellectually challenged but conniving, deceitful, cunning and greedy. We cannot bring Churchill and Powell back. What the hell we do now I have no idea. Churchill was violently opposed to international socialism. How he would feel knowing that the whole of Europe is now culturally Marxist and that the president of the United States is an international socialist I can only guess at.

    2. It is very easy to call the BNP anti-English. The clue is in the party's name, BRITISH National Party.

    3. Do you mean that the English Democrats don't recognise the existence of the English nation? Come on!

    4. Yes, I do if they don't take into account that the English are English because they are an ethnicity ie a distinct ethnic 'people'. UKIP don't do this. To them, everybody in England is English merely because they live here. The BNP fundamentally disagree with that notion. I am not sure what the position of the English Democrats are on this.

      There are civic nations ie those formed by passports ie the British nation and those formed by being an ethnic community ie English,Scottish,Welsh.

    5. English is an ethnicity. Immigrants living in England are not English; they are British. The fact is that the English have withdrawn from much of England, London being the prime example.
      The English flag flies in the remaining English areas (except for London's colonial outposts, such as town halls and government offices) but the British union jack flies over London.

  10. Have just read an interview with Marine Le Pen on Russia Today. She is saying exactly the same things that the EDs and UKIP are saying. Apparently they want a referendum on the EU in Italy now. We must hope that the EU is about to collapse, which she refers to as Soviet (or Marxist) quite correctly. She also says that Hollande is also just obeying orders. They are all bought men. Meanwhile it is a bit worrying that Putin and Merkel are talking about trade as Putin represents the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa) who are meant to be forming a bloc. With Cameron in India and Putin in Germany let's hope that they are not planning the next stage in the New World Order.

    The first stage to end the power of the globalist fanatics (both globalizing capital and international socialists0 is to bring about the collapse of the EU. Le Pen is worried about the Roma influx as well. The thing I like and many people like about Farage is his ability to ridicule the EU and the three main parties here. It might be something that Robin should emulate. A shame there were no ridiculers in 1917 or the 1930s or we might never have had the Russian Revolution or Hitler.

    1. It is BECAUSE we had the Russian Revolution [ coup d'etat ] that we had Hitler.

  11. If anyone doubted what level UKIP will sink to:

    Sunday, 7 April 2013

    The deranged fantasies of the English Democrats

    The deranged terrorist appeasing, racist loving English Democrats deputy leader, Steve Uncles, has invented some more fantasies about UKIP.

    First up on his new website (Wordpress closed his old one down after so many complaints about libel, impersonation and harassment) is the claim that UKIP have done a deal with the English Democrats in Kent not to stand against each other in target seats. UKIP have done no deal with the English Democrats, nor do we need to.

    The English Democrats have 4 councillors - two of which were defecting BNP councillors - whilst UKIP has hundreds. The English Democrats have no MEPs whilst UKIP has 11. UKIP is gaining councillors all the time, the English Democrats are losing them. UKIP is on the brink of winning a Westminster by-election (South Shields), the English Democrats got less votes than the Monster Raving Loony Party and the Elvis Loves Pets Party in the Eastleigh by-election.

    The second deranged fantasy is that UKIP have decided not to stand in the Doncaster mayoral election to give the English Democrats a free run at trying to win back the seat after current mayor, Peter Davies, resigned from their party because of the BNP takeover and links with other extremists.

    The press release is clear that the local membership decided not to put up a candidate against Peter Davies and risk losing the "critical check and balance against a Labour dominated council". The English Democrats are barely a blip on the political radar, fatboy has serious delusions of adequacy.

    In what alternate reality would UKIP feel the need to do a deal with such political non-entities as the English Democrats?

    1. Thanks Cliff for this latest rant.

    2. UKIP to my knowledge (this can be verified by looking at UKIP's wikipedia page) doesn't have hundreds of councillors unless they are all parish ones. If district council wards and county council ones are taken into account then UKIP has less than 60 in total which is lower than the Green Party.

  12. Wednesday 10 April 2013
    You are here
    Sponsored by
    UKIP will put up fight for South Shields seat

    NOMINEE... Richard Elvin is the UKIP candidate for the South Shields by-election.

    Published on 08/04/2013 14:35

    THE leader of UKIP has insisted his party will put up a fight in the upcoming South Shields by-election.

    Nigel Farage accepts it will be difficult for his candidate to land the MP position as Labour “has got it stitched up”.

    And during a visit to the region over the weekend, the 49-year-old revealed his nominee for the post will be the chairman of UKIP North East Regional Committee Richard Elvin.

    Farage conceded that the number of postal votes will probably see a Labour candidate win the by-selection but expects his party to come second.

    He said: “We are going to contest South Shields.

    “South Shields won’t be easy for us.

    “There are 21,000 postal votes in South Shields. It is almost as if the Labour party has got it stitched up.

    “But, do I think we can come second in South Shields and put in a very good score? Absolutely.”

    Mr Elvin, 62, is a dad-of-two from Hetton-le-Hole and was told on Saturday that he had secured the role.

    Farage added: “One of the reasons UKIP has done better over the last couple of years is because, whilst the basic issue of governing ourselves we believe to be terribly important and absolutely fundamental, I think the fact we have broadened the policy range and the things we’re campaigning on has helped us.

    “Anyone that calls us a single issue party now is really just wasting their breath because we’re far more than that.”

    He added that he thought UKIP was a patriotic party and he believed it would be of particular importance to those living in the region.

    Farage said: “When you look at opinion polls regionally around England of people’s attitudes towards a variety of things, the 
one thing I’ve noticed is that the North East is about the most patriotic part of the country.

    “I don’t know why but it just is, it is amazingly patriotic and our basic message is that we are patriotic with a small ‘p’.

    “It’s not jingoistic, it’s not flag waving, we’re not against anyone at all.

    “But we feel as a party that our allegiances around the world are much closer with the commonwealth than they are with Europe.”

    He added that a key manifesto for his party was its opposition to wind turbines “which are just spoiling most of the North

    1. If the North East is the "most patriotic part of the country" as Farage says, and I'm sure that its true, then they will be voting for the English Democrats; not for the anti-English UKIP.

  13. Re the forthcoming South Shields by election, the lack of genuine choice for voters and the cynical way main parties seek to disadvantage smaller parties is an affront to democracy.
    Many people vote Labour in the North East not only through tradition but through lack of a genuine alternative that will truly represent their interests. The Tories long ago became a party of South East England, (as UKIP is the Party of the South West) millionaires and public schoolboys and the Lib Dems proved with their broken pledges on tuition fees that they can't be trusted.

    UKIP have gotten themselves over-excited about their prospects in South Shields but a party that wants a 25% tax cut for millionaires, fewer worker's rights, and who refer to people on benefits as 'a parasitic underclass of scroungers' (UKIP Policy Statement 'From Welfare to Workfare' 2010) are unworthy of the support of ordinary, decent people.
    The English Democrats believe democracy in Britain is dying a slow death from out-of-touch, career politicians and the voter contempt and apathy that results. The party is dedicated to combating this and offers the people a fresh and democratic alternative to Labour's betrayals of England's hard working people.

    However, the ability to offer voters a new choice will be hampered by the fact Labour will delay naming the date of the South Shield's by-election until the last possible minute, to disadvantage opponents. This is an affront to democracy. Labour should name the date as early as possible, and in doing so protect our democracy rather than attacking it.

  14. The patriotic post industrial working class North East of England should be natural territority for the English Democrats, as the South West is the natural territory of UKIP.
    Perversely, the English Democrats insist on throwing money and resources at the South of England, which is a bottomless pit.
    Northumberland and County Durham should be the English Democrats', as Devon Dorset and Cornwall are UKIP's

  15. Nigel Farage has just come out with his admiration for Mrs Thatcher. Most of us are at a loss to understand why we are paying £10m for a state funeral for her. However, Nigel Farage pinning his colours to the mast was, I believe, a mistake. I am sure she had very few supporters in South Shields. He could have just lost an awful lot of UKIP votes there.

    1. The votes of folk put off by Farages's worship of Lady Thatcher should be picked up by the English Democrats in South Shields

    2. Indeed it was as it merely confirms the view held by people who know about British politics that UKIP ideologically-speaking is nothing more than the Atlanticst, THATCHERITE, EU-hating wing of the Tory Party in eternal exile. To many in the electorate this political reality is still not clear but he has now made it so for all that care to look.

  16. The Tories are cynically using Thatcher's death and funeral, and wrapping themselves in the union jack, so as to make out that they are truer blue than UKIP in order to try to win back the support that Cameron has lost among the blue rinse brigade and Colonel Blimps in the South West who switched their allegiance to UKIP

    1. I think that many who were not Tory voters but who thought that UKIP might be heading in the right direction might suddenly begin to think twice when they hear that Nigel Farage made a special trip to Grantham to sign the book of condolence. This is something that the English Democrats should exploit in South Shields. I am sure that Labour will pick up on it and use it to UKIP's disadvantage.

      I have just read an interesting piece on Mrs T. She was a libertarian who believed that the markets should decide everything and that people basically are just pawns in the game. There is no such thing as society and there is no such thing as people. They are just economic units. Interestingly, this puts her on the same path as the Marxists who also believe that anti-nation one world ideology in which people are just rootless consumers or economic units is everything. Mrs T was about as feeling as Jo Stalin.

      This is exactly why we are in this terrible mess. Mrs Thatcher's wrapping herself in the flag was just to buy votes as was the Falklands War when her fortunes were flagging. The same went with regard to her promises on immigration to get votes which she never fulfilled. And all her huffing and puffing on the EU as with Cameron has changed nothing. They were all and are singing to the same hymn sheet. Pretend you care about people and nations but just hoodwink them until it is too late.

      Farage has just shown his true colours, linking himself to the unfeeling side of conservatism and the nasty party. The miners are having a party on Wednesday. Most people with a heart know that the miners were use by the bolshevik Scargill. Miners, in my book, deserve everything. I would love to have shoved Edward Heath, Mrs T or even Nigel Farage down a mine for twelve hours and see how they got on. This will undoubtedly be the sentiment of many potential UKIP voters in Yorkshire and the North East. Interestingly, the miners were caught between the Marxists and the Libertarians pursuing much the same totalitarian agends; as is the whole world now.

      Churchill genuinely cried at the plight of the bombed out people of the East End and their gratitude to him. Mrs T merely simpered and fluttered her eyelids to make out she cared when she felt it could be used to political effect. This was the difference and to compare her to Churchill is a travesty

  17. Exactly. Libertarianism is the real creed of UKIP along with the Thatcherite Tory Party. Thatcher should have joined the old Liberal Party because that is where her globalist economic policies had their true political home. She changed the Tory Party for the worst and some former Tory PMs such as Harold Macmillian could see it at the time. Even at the age of 86, Mr Macmillian still retained enough mental faculties to castigate Thatcher's disastrous economic policies by writing a private report to her about them which she, of course, ignored.

    Comparing her to Winston Churchill is a real insult to Churchill.

    1. We know that we will never all be equal, communism tried and failed. To say that the class system is uniquely British is rubbish. It exists in all advanced countries in different ways, especially the so-called egalitarian USA where if you are born poor you tend to remain that way. And I won't even begin on the Indian caste system.

      However, previously there was concensus on the fact that there was a type of feudalism in play. Those at the bottom were helped by the next level up and the aristocracy played a patriarchal role. All were bound together in this country by common blood and love of nation and soil.

      Now what we have is a get rich quick society of sheer greed in a country, not a nation, where anybody can come and make a mint and treat the indigenous population as fools. This is not a nation now it is a money-grabbing free for all for the whole world and the devil take the hindmost. There is no cohesion or homogeneity, no deep love of nation and soil and our history is deliberately kept hidden as we start again at Tony Blair's Marxist ground zero. This presumably is the result of a mixture of Marxism and libertarianism. But it is going to get much worse as the EU expands into Eurabia, India, Russia, China and Brazil.

      Interestingly, in a programme on tea the other day the still homogeneous Chinese were made to remark that they want to put an end to western influence which they have come to see as too pervasive. Here's a million pounds to the first European politician who says he wants to put an end to third world influence. However, on Russia Today a financial expert has said that the financial collapse of the whole of Europe and the US - thanks to the bankers - is imminent. That's your libertarianism for you. One bank at risk, apparently, is Barclay's. Better get my money out.

  18. I know this is off topic here but yesterday's football derby summed up how pathetic cultural marxism is. Why? Because groups like Hope Not Hate turned up the 'waycism' nonsense again on the build up to the match.

    Their hero, Left wing cultural marxist Alan Pardew was taking on the so called evil Fascist and Racist Paulo Di Canio.

    The Left and the MSM have tried very hard to unsettle Di Canio since he took over at SAFC (I am an NUFC fan) however yesterday he proved who was the better manager who inspired his team to win. The winner was not the multicultural team I support, it was SAFC with more English players and a never say die attitude currently lacking amongst the expensive foreign players at NUFC. This result and performance proves that Leftists are not leaders and motivators and simply cannot command respect from their workers. It's no wonder why we have so much waste in the public sector. The result was:-

    Cultural Marxists 0 - Nationalists 3

    I wrote this article in the so called right wing Daily Telegraph which received many likes, however after a couple of hours it was removed.

    The censorship continues, but the proof of the pudding is the result.

    The cultural marxists know that they are wrong but what is worse is that continually remove evidence highlighting their failings and make no attempt to put things right. Stalin must be laughing in his grave.

    Our future is in the balance however one must observe Isreal's 'Lebensraum' policies of expelling Palestinians from the Gaza. If they can turn themselves from a 5% minority into a 97% ethnic majority in 60 years, surely we can return to an almost all white English country again should we need to.

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