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Friday, 4 January 2013


The Office for National Statistics gathered a total of 53,012,468 responses in England (which is officially defined as the 39 traditional counties - thus not including Monmouthshire). 

As anyone would know who completed the Census form, the Census collected statistics for a great many types of information. 

One which of political interest is “National Identity”, which is the self-identification of a person’s nationality by which nation they adhere to. 

The Census also collected statistics on what they described as “Ethnicity”, which included "White British". This is not a category which is legally recognised under the Equality legislation.

"Ethnicity" under Equality law means a sub-category. The leading example of "Ethnicity" being that Sikhs which were found by the House of Lords to be a sub-category of the North Indian racial group. 

However in the 2011 Census, "Ethnicity" was in effect treated as the legal concept of a racial group and as a result 42,279,236 respondents stated that they were “White British” (79.8%).  After adding in “Irish” and the “White Other” categories to the white category there is left over the 15% of the respondents to the Census who were apparently “non-white”. 

In considering these results I think it is important to bear in mind that whilst it was legally required to fill in and return the Census form, it is highly probable that recent immigrants and the generally non-settled population, together with illegal immigrants, would be, statistically, very likely not to complete the form.  The statistics therefore will underplay the extent of immigration.

Turning however to the issue of National Identity which is what will be politically significant in the growth of political English Nationalism, the statistics were that those who stated their "National Identity" to be “English Only” were 32,007,983 (60.4%); “English and British” were 4,820,818 (9.1%); no English element of national identity 15,834,059 (29.9%); Welsh identity 409,582; Scottish identity 555,171; Northern Irish 142,683; those that claimed "British Only" national identity 10,171,834 (19.2%); Irish identity 376,866; “Other identities” 4,921,225 (8.3%). 

As a curiosity, in the duchy of Cornwall, those that claimed Cornish only national identity were just 58,969 (9.9% of the population of Cornwall). Is this a result which leaves Cornish nationalism holed below the waterline?

So, in round terms, 32 million people living in England consider themselves to be "Only English", whereas 15 million consider themselves to be "English and British" or "British Only". 

The potential core vote for English nationalism therefore is that 32 million or 60.4% of the population in England. 

The potential swing voters are those that consider themselves to be "English and British" that is 4,800,000 people (9.1%). 

The "British Only" and "Other" national identities which combined is only 15.8 million people (29.9%) are likely to be the core opposition to any political agenda of "Englishness".

In considering how politically significant these statistics may be we should bear in mind the fact that Tony Blair won his last landslide General Election victory with the votes of just 21.6% of the electorate. 

If English Nationalism could galvanise to vote for English Nationalism even only half of those that consider themselves to be “English Only”, then English Nationalists would not merely be elected they would be in government

Another point of interest is that already in England those that identity themselves in anyway as being British appear to represent less than 30% of the population.  It would appear therefore that any party basing its appeal on British Nationalism is competing for support in a “declining market” and one also in which there is a significant proportion of “Non White” voters.  

As we know in Scotland and Wales the decline of Britishness is even more dramatic.  It follows that, in the longer term, the future is bleak for political britishness.

It should surprise no-one that the more astute amongst the British Establishment Political Class are already picking up on the importance of this change in national identity in England - even Ed Miliband is making noises about being supportive of English national identity!

The challenge for English nationalism will however be to wean off from voting for their old tribe, of either Labour or Conservative, those that consider themselves to be “English only”or to actually get them to go out and to vote (indeed also to get potential English nationalist voters to actually register on the electoral roll). 

Here we come straight back to the great and central task of Effective Politics - which is to get organised and to get sufficient resources, including money, to make things happen. 

In this regard English nationalists should bear in mind that the ever elusive “they” will not help us, we must help ourselves. 

There is also no use imagining that politics is about having the best manifesto.

It does of course require 'political positioning' which appeals to potential supporters, but it mainly requires organisation and money. This is in exactly the same way as my lay clients often imagine that court cases are won on the arguments rather than on procedure.  In fact over 97% of court cases never get as far as an argument because they have been won, lost or settled in the procedural stages! 

So let us English Nationalists use 2013 to get ourselves organised to try and start galvanising our potential core support of over 60% of the population of England to stand up for England, Englishness and English interests!

We now know that if well organised and well resourced together we really can win!

The Office for National Statistics nationality statistics can be found here)>>> The Nationality results are at: 2011 Census: KS202EW National identity, local authorities in England and Wales.


  1. It is worth emphasising that the Census of 2011 was the first time that a question was asked about 'home' national identity. And that, when asked, the majority of the people of England chose to state that they are English rather than British. There have been various surveys over the past decade, e.g. the British Social Attitudes Survey, that indicated a rising, but much lower, sense of English national identity. The Census was the first real count and so the result is both highly significant and quite astonishing. It matters. Yet in the plethora of comment on the Census findings in the media this statistic was studiously ignored. I never heard it mentioned nor did I find it in the printed reports. Clearly, it was not good news for the British establishment. The people of England have spoken but politicians, the press and the broadcast media chose to ignore them. They can no longer afford to do so.

  2. Perhaps an worthwhile campaign for the English Democrats Party could be to encourage/highlight the fact then when most 'survey' questionares ask for a racial group that we, the English should put white or black 'other' rather than Irish, British etc.

    1. The ethnic English are white by definition, so they can't be black other.

    2. Indeed they are and they can only be white but if you say this essential truth then Labour, the CONServatives, the Lib Dems, the Greens, UKIP and the English Democrats will condemm you for it as you are consided to be a 'racist'. ONLY the BNP won't which is the the PC media call them that slur.

    3. Racists recognise that there are ethnic differences. Racialists go a step further and say that the one race is superior, hence the Nazi's master-race lunacy. There are white racists, black racists and asiatic racists, who are not racialists (some are). The liberal consensus is the mirror image of the Nazi's.

  3. The English question is one the establishment greatly fears. Recently, after doing some research into the Scottish 'independence' movement and the Scot Nats and Scottish attitudes to England and the English, it is clear that the independence that the suppossed nationalist party wants is a curate's egg - good in parts. After the disaster that has befallen the euro zone, Salmond has been sneaking down to see the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street to secure the pound as the currency for the faux indpendence, and the Bank of England as the lender of last resort. Any failure of the Scottish economy or banks (again!) would result in English taxpayers bailing out the Scots, as we did in the 1707 act of union. Some unattached nationalists recognise that true independence can only be achieved with seperate fiscal and monetary policy.

    That is true independence.

    When the buck stops in Edinburgh.

    Any supplementary question to the 'Do we want to be independent ' question that might or might not be put before the Scottish people should involve the English as the outcome of any such arrangement would involve Westminster and the English electorate and purse.

    One cannot have one's cake and eat it Mr Salmond.

    Sadly the nationalist agenda seems to be driven by a desire to be dissociated from England and the English, rather than being Scottish and independent in both the eyes of the Scots, and the English.

  4. The press and politicians can quite happily ignore this finding as long as the docile electorate continues to vote for the three main parties who are united in their belief that England and the English are not worth saving.

    Meanwhile, one of our local Liberal Democrat euro MPs is putting himself about extolling the virtues of the EU and its wonderful achievements over the last 40 years, including on human rights. For a start, as much as we may hate its rulings, the European Court of Human Rights predates the EU. As for the rest, it would have happened without the EU. Europeans would have always been hell bent on avoiding a repetition of the traumas of the two World Wars. The First was caused by the collapse of the multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire, a precursor to the EU and the second in response to Marxism's first endeavour to enslave the whole continent. As it is they have now created a Marxist totalitarian monster which is destined to tear itself apart. My guess is that the collapse will begin in Greece or Spain.

    But the good news is that this shows how out of touch the do goody Lib Dems are with public opinion and it is no wonder they are sliding down the polls, leaving more room for the EDs.

    Finally, I see that Common Purpose have now infiltrated the girl guides and are discussing removing God and the Queen from their oath. It is all designed to destroy the European nation state as a bulwark against international totalitarianism and produce a world of rootless individuals who can be easily cowed and manipulated. I can't remember who is the guides' chief but I hope that she (or even he these days, who knows?) makes a stand.

    God bless the Queen, defender of the faith and don't let the Marxists destroy her ( undoubtedly the EU's long term aim is the removal of the remaining European monarchies ) or the faith she defends for us.

    1. Is it Common Purpose that has initiated the changes in the Scouts and Guides? Interesting. A pack of Scouts local to me has been very popular, successful for many years. Whe girls were allowed to join, they flocked to the Scouts and boys left in droves. The Scouts quiet success at maintaining old fashioned masculine pursuits with discipline, respect and Christian values is being wrecked.

      Where will those boys go now? They can't and wouldn't nor shouldn't join the Guides.

    2. My statement that Common Purpose were behind this proposal by the guides was merely an assumption. If it is not Common Purpose then it is probably the same sort of woolly immature screamers that constitute Common Purpose or perhaps terribly terribly nice do-gooding ladies who really don't like upsetting anybody or excluding them.

      As regards the oath to God, there have probably been millions of Scouts and Guides over the last hundred years who have mumbled the oath and were largely agnostic. But they never felt victimised for having had to go through the motions.

      The matter of the oath to the Queen is different. Even if you are ardent republican the Queen is still the head of state and the oath is more a pledge of loyalty to the country than one of actual loyalty to her. Of course, this is just the sort of thing that Common Purpose or their ilk do not want. A pledge to a country is nationalist and they are internationalist and want the abolition of all nation states. So by abandoning this oath they want the Guides to confirm themselves to be citizens of a borderless world, rootless internationalists and thus part of the one world revolution.

  5. One interesting thing to emerge from the census is that, despite the fact that the non-white population is now so high - probably much higher than Enoch Powell would have predicted despite the accuracy of his predictions - at 15% or 9 million i.e. nearly one in six, the establishment is still largely in denial and anxious still to portray the country (the olympics apart) in its historic identity.

    I always measure this by leafing through the Radio Times. Going on ethnicity one in six of the photographs of people shown should be non-white. But this is not the case, it is probably about 1%. We are now reaching the stage that the great and the good have buried their heads in the sand about for 60 years when Britain begins to slide from being a white country, as from the dawn of history, to being a non-white one. How the chattering classes react and whether they will call a panic-stricken halt will be interesting to see.

    Meanwhile, I see that David Cameron thinks he is going to be running the country in 2020. You can see why he admires Tony Blair, both of them are so totally narcissistic and incapable of realising the contempt with which they are/were held that they are simply not psychologically the full ticket. I believe that narcissism is an actual personality disorder and at seems that our present leaders actually suffer from it or are psychopaths, meaning that they are totally unaware of the feelings of others.

    In actual fact, if the "radical right" continues to make such steady progress then it is obvious that the Conservative rank and file will ditch this blue rinse liberal/cultural marxist and replace him with a real conservative. Already, I gather he is facing opposition in his own party to his plan to fast-track ethnic minority candidates on the grounds that it is positive discrimination. Keep on watching this space, Enoch and as you knows, everything you predicted will come to pass.

    1. An opinion poll published in the Mail On Sunday showed that support for UKIP now stands at 16%, enough to lose Cameron the next general election and to sweep Miliband into power, and ironically to keep the Lib Dem party alive.
      An analysis of the poll results shows that UKIP support is a southern phenomenon, which seems likely to hand the south to the Lib Dems and the North and Midlands to Labour. The English Democrats are no match for UKIP in the south, but there is fertile ground in the north where their opposition is the Labour Party and where disillusionment with the Tories is less likely to convert into votes for UKIP

    2. We easily beat UKIP whenever we encounter them on a level playing field of equal resources. Sometimes we even beat them when they vastly outspend us as they did in the recent South Yorkshire Police Commissioner election!
      UKIP is now being puffed by the Labour supporting elements of the media because they consider UKIP to be a threat to the Conservative Party.

    3. I can't see why anyone apart from Tory anti-EU phobes votes for UKIP because UKIP is basically the Thatcherite anti-EU Tory Party in exile. Their economic policies are globalist lunacy which will only benefit the ultra-rich in society. Yes, UKIP is being puffed-up by certain sections of the media to undermine the Tories but Tory papers also do it to steer working-class people away from voting BNP.

    4. Have just listened to a local radio debate between two Euro-mps, the Lib Dem who is celebrating 40 years of the EU and the UKIP man who was saying that being like Switzerland should be our goal.

      However, one interesting point the UKIP man made is that on a vote in parliament regarding a referendum on the EU, Nick Clegg threatened all his mps with sanctions if they voted for such a referendum. So much for democracy. Personally, I fear that the lies and the brainwashing would be applied just as in the 1960s to steer the great British public into voting to stay in.

      If all the Tory strongholds in the south ended up Lib Dem then I think there would be a revolution there. And of course with the New Labour Marxists in power in the north then the Marxists really would have triumphed.

    5. Robin, your party needs to face up to reality. Your support is in the NORTH. Build on your geographical strength. If you overstretch you are finished, putting the cause of English nationalism back a generation.

    6. If the Tory strongholds in the south end up Lib Dem after the next general election because of Ukip's intervention, they would go to Ukip in the following general election as the refuge of "proper" Conservatives fleeing the establishment Tories represented by Cameron and friends.

  6. Dear Robin
    the English language absorbs and then adapts, just like the English has over many centuries, as the English are an admix of people from the Continent, either allies or conquered people, unlike the Celts who find it hard to do this,and mixed with this the Christian faith and the family.
    so colour of skin or where we come from, it is being able to work together which we have proved can be done, the British on the other hand have used colour and differences to their own advantage and now think we all think and act like they do, well we don`t we judge a person by what they say or do and will they accept and work with us and accept our way of life adapting accordingly, which many refuse to do, and this causes the problems which we see today, when in Rome do as the Romans do otherwise go back to your own.
    Stephen Bennett

    1. Let's have a fund to revive our language. The introduction of a fund for an English Books Council modelled on the Welsh Books Council would be a truly great idea. The sum of £4.1 million has been suggested which could be used for new writing in New English. In the first instance though, that would be needed for translations from the mixture of languages which goes unde the name of English. That would involve replacing non-English words such as "decade" with their English equivalents, in this case, "ten years". It would also mean reviving words which have been lost, such as "breme" (famous), "athel" (noble), "muchness" (amount), "wulder" (glory). Much arveth (labour) lies ahead before we have fuldone (accomplished) the great work of bringing English back from the grave.
      In the meantime, English needs the kind of support given to Welsh in terms of radio and television channels dedicated to broadcasting in New English, and teaching in schools and universities.
      After the disaster of 1066, English re-emerged briefly in the 12th century before being transformed under the Normans.
      For more about New English using words from Old English, see David Cowley's - "How We'd Talk, if the English had won in 1066", and "Hastings 1066, words we'd wield if we'd won".

    2. Professor Stephen Oppenheim has shown that DNA reveals that the majority of the people of England are descended from folk who arrived when the ice retreated

    3. It has been shown that in Wales and Ireland there is much dna similar to that of the Basques. These probably were the first people to reach these islands after the Ice Age. It is well known that these Iberians travelled up the coast of France and then across to Britain. It is believed they were the people responsible for the standing stones which are found in Brittany as well.

      Interestingly, there is something on youtube called Basque faces and they nearly all have blue eyes and black hair, some have red or fair hair. To me they look more like the Bretons than the Welsh or Irish. The reason they have blue eyes may be because North Europeans sought refuge in Southern France and Northern Spain when the Ice Age began.

      The problem is that one of the stated aims of the Marxists was to achieve power by destroying national identity in European countries through mass immigration. So the belief of some is that people from the third world have been deliberately imported to make this possible. Put simply, we are all being used by those who have an agenda which is not ours.

      National identity which has been established for thousands of years is a difficult thing to change. Only Europeans seem to be being asked to do this. Africans are not being asked to become yellow, Chinese to become white or Indians to become black. This is why things are now becoming so fraught because what is being planned is wholly against human nature. We cannot blame immigrants who, given the chance, rushed here. But neither should they blame us for feeling uncomfortable with or even hostile to the prospect of our country being altered into something wholly alien and non-European. Nobody is to blame apart from those who thought it would be a jolly good idea but failed to consult those involved.

  7. am english and proud regardless of my colour :)

    1. One can be culturally English, loyal and true. However there is ane element of Englishness that is ethnic and the preserve of a broad group of people - hard to define - but the vast majority who are ethnically English. Britain is a northern European Collection of isles with low sunlight levels for long periods. The ab original Britons have pale skin to maximise the absorbtion of vitamin D from the sun. There are a preponderance of blue eyes for similar reasons: the long dark winters and murky gloom are suited to the blue eye's ability to define in lower light conditions.

  8. Personally, I dislike the use of the words "black" or "white" to describe a human being. All humans are Brown, the only difference being the Shade thereof. A man is English if England is where his loyalties lie. The shade of brown of his skin is irrelevant.


    1. A rose by another name.

      Tell that to the lighter shaded Africans who are being eradicated from their 'rainbow' nations. You are correct in theory, but in practice, unfortunately it is not always the case.

      I can outline how I feel and illustrate to others using the words of another man's pen.

      Ironically the episode from which this excerpt was taken was to condition the populace to think that the English ethnic identity was a possible source of racially motivated crime and a great threat to our society. In the ten years since the production of the programme the harmles and legitimate concerns of the orator were then and are now regarded as dangeous and 'criminal'. It is also galling to note the caricaturing of Powell as some sort of English fuhrer.

      There is also an uncannily accurate prediction that in fifteen years London would be less than fifty per cent English. In fact that has occured in twelve. I do not subscibe to the violence the actor suggests, but in all else the sentiments are my own.

      Look on You Tube for: 'I am an Englishman'. The actor is Mark Warren.

    2. Clive, Weston-super-Mare,
      Cross a red setter with a jack russell and the offspring will not be red setters.
      An Englishman born in China will never be Chinese and vice versa.
      This applies as much to white Poles as to black Africans or brown and yellow Asians
      Nationalism is racist.
      There is no getting away from it.

    3. It is all down to numbers, even non-Europeans can be absorbed into European societies in small numbers. It is rumoured that the Portuguese carry in them the genes of Africans who lived in Lisbon in the 18th century. In 18th century London there were black servants who must have intermarried and disappeared. The same absorption of non-Europeans probably goes for the French, the Dutch and the Belgians. After all Audrey Hepburn who was Dutch had Indonesian blood. And we know that a BBC reporter, Chris Choi, gets his surname from a Chinese ancestor, although you would never know it.

      As for those from the Continent and Scandinavia, sharing the same blood, they,too, have been drifting in in small numbers even since the Norman Conquest. A great many Dutch came over with William of Orange and there were refugees from the French Revolution, such as Brunel and Bessemer, let alone the Huguenots. A great many non-Jewish Germans came at the end of the 19th century to London. And there was Handel and Holst and Delius.

      But when numbers are so small, the country is able to absorb them and retain its historic identity. As regards the Poles, many of them stayed on after the War or came over later, as did refugees from Hungary in 1956. Even Poles who came back then have criticised the vast numbers of their compatriots here now.

      Since the War, European countries have been subjected to immigration by vast numbers of non-Europeans who cannot be absorbed or just disappear and may choose not to and are now changing the whole character of Europe. This is the problem. As the gentleman said, an Englishman born in China could never be Chinese and that might just be one. Something has to give or Europe ceases to be Europe and becomes a totally different part of the world completely, an offshoot or a collection of colonies of totally alien countries, races and cultures.

    4. You have put the problem in a very eloquent way. I don't think I could improve upon it.

    5. Thank you. I hesitate to say it is just common sense but I hope that is what it is. The Left just doesn't seem to possess any, that is the problem. Logic just isn't part of their armoury and that is why white countries are now in such a mess.

      It was the Left who overturned a bill in America to preserve the European nature of the Union in 1968 and now whites are on the verge of becoming a minority and civil war is unavoidable.

      Of course, the others who choose not to apply logic are their globalizing bedfellows, the big industrialists ( that is why big business is threatening us if we withdraw from the EU ), the bankers and financiers, especially the biggest bankers of all, who were taken into the desert by Satan and promised that the whole world could be theirs if they only bowed down and worshipped him. So they did and now he has nearly delivered on his promise. Watch the link up between Obama's Marxist US and the Marxist EU. Fortunately, Satan has been shown to over-reach himself so, hopefully, we will once again escape by the skin of our teeth and he will be cast down into the abyss once again.

    6. Yes, it isn't strange to see big business having the same interests as lefties. Globalists whether they are capitalists or communists/socialists should be avoided like the plague.

    7. I am told that at the first meeting of the Bilderbergers there were (ex)communists like Dennis Healey as well as (ex)Nazis like Prince Bernhardt and representatives of the biggest banking family.

      Now, this seems a strange mix, after all, you wouldn't think that the ethnically determined big banking family would want to rub shoulders with (ex)Nazis, or that (ex)Nazis would want to rub shoulders with (ex)communists, except that Nazism was really anti-Christian totalitarian socialism like communism.

      But they all sat down together to plan the one world state and one world government (as Dennis Healey has told us). What did they have in common? Anti-nationalist, anti-democratic totalitarianism is the answer. After all, Nazi socialism was to be Europe-wide and worldwide given the chance. Europeans were going to be forced into this, even if it means their obliteration, whether they wanted it or not. This is the missing link that everybody is looking for. Nationalism and racialism - the belief man is tribal and cleaves to his own, that the races are best kept apart and even that certain races have qualities that others haven't - were to be expunged from the planet so that the rich could rule the world and the Left could triumph with their criminally lunatic belief that human nature can be bent and genetic inheritance denied.

    8. Excuse me but I am not brown I am white tinged with pink I have green eyes and dark hair

  9. In Northern Ireland, the Irish nationalists have restricted the flying of the union flag over Belfast City Hall to those days stipulated by the DCMS guidelines. We need a campaign in England to restict the flying of the union flag on our public buildings. The union flag is more relevant to Northern Ireland than it is to England, as it represents the three nationalities living there, those of Irish, Scottish and English ancestry (represented by St Patrick's cross, St Andrew's cross, and St George's cross, respectively). England only needs the St George cross, except when a pan-UK occasion occurs, i.e., a royal birthday, as today - the birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge. Flying it every day devalues those pan-UK occasions.

  10. Mass immigration into European countries has always puzzled me as there is no logic or common sense to it and there remains the mystery as to why whites alone have been subjected to such treatment.

    The conspiracists amongst us may be interested to read the following. Dennis Healey, leading Labour mp of the post-war decades, was a pre-war communist and one of the founding members of the Bilderberg Group, that shadowy group that meets in secret and always includes our pm and other world leaders in it. In 2001, he said, "To say that the Bilderberg Group is aiming at one world government is a bit of an exaggeration but not totally unfair". Presumably Healey supported the idea because he was a communist but it is also beloved of those who want to create a world-dominating plutocracy so that all the enemies of true democracy will be happy.

    Europeans are the only ones amongst the three races of the world with the highest iqs, the others being the Chinese and the Japanese (as well as the Jews), to have a measure of individualism. The Chinese and the Japanese tend, like most orientals, to be more collectivist, subsuming the role of the individual to the collective good.

    Who then is most likely to resist a move towards world government and the creation of a world-wide totalitarian state from which there would be now escape? Third worlders probably would not have the wherewithall to do so. This being the case, what is the best way to neutralise them? Fragment them and/or eliminate their homogeneous nation states and ensure that they can never gang together and use their intelligence and wherewithall to resist. Just a thought. The idea that mass immigration just happened for reasons of cheap labour or imperial guilt is less plausible in view of the dangers that it posed to national security and stablility and democracy of course.