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Thursday, 17 January 2013

England's demography discussed

A few days ago I wrote a blog article on the first official statistics from the 2011 Census shoing a huge rise in English 'National Identity'. Here is a link >>>
One interesting reflection on the bias of the British 'national' media has been its total silence on these very striking statistics. Here is a response form the academic Left. What do you think?

London and the English

Eric Kaufmann

Professor of Politics at Birkbeck, University of London, and author (website >>>

Here is a link to the original article on Mehdi Hassan's Huffington Post:-


  1. The PrangWizard of England17 January 2013 at 15:14

    I heard Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister saying in the Scottish parliament today that he has learned that 'a number of Scots' are among those being held hostage in Algeria and he was concerned about them. Quite correct for him to do so for which he should be applauded. He called others 'UK nationals'.

    My concern is about the Englishmen among the hostages. Are any of our English MPs in English constituencies asking if there are any and how many? How many are trying to get their worries out in the media to show the people of England that someone is worried for their compatriots?
    If not why not?

    Some say they speak for England, are they speaking up for Englishmen in peril, or are they satisfied with 'British'? Are the English to remain forever invisible?
    Until they come forward and speak assertively for the English, putting them first as Alex Salmond is for his compatriots, they cannot be regarded as true English. They are merely part of the British Establishment paying lipservice.

    We must get the British out of England, and an English parliament is the only way to do it.

  2. 'Places like London and Cambridge are standing against the English tide'.

    As though we were the problem, in our own country and must be stood against! I'm sure Mr Kauffman will depart when the place gets a bit too diverse and leave us poor sods to fight for every yard of ground we can.

    As poor Ms West STILL langiushes in gaol for her crimes against the liberal orthodoxy the muslim men who roam London boroughs declaring 'no drinking' and burning underwear posters and declaring 'This is a Muslim area' go free about their business.

    No wonder English sentiment is growing.

    My youthful respect for the police is fast turning to contempt.

    1. The Prangwizard of England18 January 2013 at 12:59

      I think the problem of muslim intimidation on the streets was obliqely referred to in a question by a Conservative London MP this morning during the PM's Statement about the Algerian hostage problem.
      Mr Cameron seemed to acknowledge that it was something he understood and which needed to be addressed. I hope he was being truthful in this very serious debate.
      This hostage incident has brought it much more to the fore that we are fighting a war to protect our civilisation and the MSM media must no longer play this down or ignore it.
      They must reflect the concerns of the indiginous people of all our home nations, rather than lie to us in the name of a perverse philosophy.
      'Keep on keepin' on'.

  3. What about the Oxford trial of child rape, child imprisonment, forced under aged child prostitution by yet again Asian muslim's
    We have a British Government with English MP's British Media with English editors,journalists,academics,etc all saying "NOTHING" about this Racist discrimination and persecution against defenceless young underage English Girls !
    What a disgrace to democracy and Justice! Those men should be vilified and lockup for 30years apiece.
    Yet all you here about is in the 60's Savile "did this" and in the 70's "Savile did that !

    1. That is precisely the reason why Savile was unleashed, both to protect the venerable Islamists and the politicians and their under age shenanigans and the homosexual agenda of the BBC.

      Notice all the abused were girls.

      Wot no boys - perish the thought.

    2. Yes, I did think it a bit funny that there was all of a sudden a witch hunt of indigenous paedophiles and suspected it was the establishment trying to prove that we are no different from the cultural enrichment.

  4. I am assuming that Mr Kaufmann from his name would have put himself down as British rather than English. So perhaps he will not flee. He probably relishes being a minority amongst minorities, of which the English will just be another one if the Marxists and their Bilderberger masters have their way. This is why he considers that the English are swimming against the inevitable tide.

    Looking at the map then the places where the English are the fewest to be found are places where the English are becoming or have become a minority. Oxford is no surprise as once English working class Cowley or East Oxford has become in the last 40 years mostly black and Asian. Rich North Oxford is still operating a sort of apartheid. As regards the muslim area referred to I gather that one of those harassing passers-by said that the area was no longer in Great Britain. That says it all. It is obviously now a part of Bangladesh with all governments of the last 60 years having actively encouraged this colonisation.

    The Bilderbergers and their Marxist useful idiots are doing very well in their project to ensure that England and the English are history, outbred or bred out. The question is will the English just to continue to flee, as are the Dutch, Belgians and many other Europeans to countries once of European settlement but in which eventually, also, they will find themselves part of the white minority surrounded by those hostile to them.

    The white world is disappearing like snow before the sun and with it the most advanced and inventive civilisation the world has every known with its preponderance of high iq individuals - only equalled by the Chinese and the Japanese. They have trapped us with their brainwashing and guilt mud slinging. It seems that all those whom Europeans and especially the Anglo-Saxons have crossed are now bent on revenge. Obama may be anti-British but I came across an article written at the time of Teddy Kennedy's death. It would seem that he chose to push forward Obama, whose passage through the Harvard Law School was paid for by Saudi Arabia, because he considered the Clintons not left-wing enough. The enemies of the Anglo-Saxon founders of the United States are ganging together. We know the Kennedys inherited from their anti-British father Joseph, a strong Irish anti-British and therefore anti-WASP streak. Interestingly, the majority of Jews in America voted for Obama despite his stance on Israel, presumbaly because they also want to make inroads on WASP or European Christian power.

    The article informed me that it was Teddy Kennedy who in 1965 overturned a bill to preserve the European identity of the United States so that we have now reached the point where whites will soon be in the minority. From being an offshoot of Europe America will soon be black and hispanic and more like Central America. How this will play out we do not know but a comparison of average iq levels between Europeans and non-Europeans there does not give the world much cause to hope. But then Britain is gradually coming to resemble Brazil. Is Brazil really preferable to pre-mass immigration Europe? Looks like we have two Edwards to thank for the current plight of Anglo-Saxondom, Edward Heath and Edward Kennedy. Thank you Mr Kennedy or do we blame Oliver Cromwell for his anti-English Irish American stance? As for Edward Heath, he was either just plain stupid or he was bought out, can't be sure which. But it was nice to see that some real men, the miners of Yorkshire, did for him in the end.

    Yes, Emma West is our Joan of Arc but they are determined to prove she is insane if she resists Marxist re-education and continues to protest her innocence, all in true Stalinist tradition. Perhaps they will bring back burning at the stake? She must be an anti-Marxist witch after all.

  5. from the above. the middle class south considers itself British, the working class 'gritty' north thinks of itself as English and as English nationalism comes out of the closet, cosmopolitan London increasingly appears a place apart.
    the English Democrats must wake up to these realities and first make itself the party of the "gritty" northern working class.
    last night's BBC 'any Question's' from Ukip heartland of Barnstaple in Devon the audience proved stongly pro-immigration and pro EU membership

    1. Remember who selects and vets the QT audience, the BBC. The audiences for QT are the zenith in manipulation of opinion and liberal indoctrination.

    2. Exactly, I cannot believe that the majority of the audience were strongly pro-EU and immigration unless they were all Liberal Democrat voters (a dying breed thank God). Remember Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time. Even those who on the surface dismissed him as a despicable racist - but probably agreed with him - protested at this BBC Marxist arranged show trial.

      Unfortunately, Mr Griffin, for all his faults, as was Enoch Powell, has proved totally accurate simply because he merely projected trends far into the future. On that programme he talked of the ethnic cleansing of London and his largely immigrant audience booed and hissed. And now we have the census results showing that the English are in a minority in our capital. Love him or loathe him he was speaking the truth.

      The same is true when he spoke of the slow genocide of the English and was attacked by the non-English Archbishop of York and the liberal wet and totally useless Archbishop of Canterbury. What is it when you take a race and either drive if out or breed it out so that the resulting population is a totally different breed if not genocide, just more subtly carried out than erecting gas chambers?

      Somebody did try to table a motion in the House of Commons along the lines that this constitues genocide under the terms of the United Nations Charter. Needless to say our mps treated it the same way they did with the demand for a referendum on the EU. One day, if nothing is done, when some historian, perhaps one of the few English left in these islands, writes the history of the hundred years from 1950 to 2050 perhaps he will muse on the fact that all this happened without even the semblance of democracy and with barely a wimper from the native population whose fate had been decided upon.

    3. I have read a lot recently about the Vikings and about late Anglo-Saxon England and the most problematic people were the Anglo-Danish of Northumbria based in their capital of York. Reading all this I was struck how Yorkshire folk, God bless them, have not changed a jot and I can only put this down to a healthy admixture of truculent Viking blood. This is why William the Conqueror who gave us an inkling of what the Nazis would have done if they had ever landed, decimated the population of Yorkshire and laid it waste so that it never recovered for at least a hundred years.

      Perhaps Yorkshire should declare independence and send its cultural enrichment in West Yorkshire down to the capital where they so love being vibrant and diverse and cosmopolitan. I am sure those taking up residence could join up with their colleagues in the culturally enriched, no longer Great Britain, muslim area of Tower Hamlets. That would include Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury of oourse who could scream at the local members of her sex to put on more clothes and stop strutting around like sluts.

    4. Ms Warsi has suffered at the hands of the extremists of her own faith. She has been publically abused by muslim men( it is on you tube), for her tolerance of western ways.

    5. I apologise for wronging her therefore. I see that David Cameron mentioned her home country of Pakistan today as being one of the three areas of Islamicism in the world. North Africa has just become the third where Al Qaeda's influence is strong. I had a horrible feeling that he was planning North Africa to be the next area for military intervention.
      By the way isn't it marvellous that Britain and probably other European countries are getting most of their natural gas from an area that is so unstable. Thank you Mrs T for locking our coal in the earth so we could never make gas of our own again. Short-sighted in a way only our politicians can be.

      I wonder whether Cameron was also suggesting that Al Qaeda's influence is still strong in Afghanistan as I thought we had flushed them out of there at the cost of nearly 500 British lives and probably over the border into Pakistan.

      As long as Pakistani communities in Britain are, therefore, offshoots of the home country I should imagine that Baroness Warsi is in a minority.

    6. The implication of the reply was not a defence of Ms Warsi. She is a politically correct placement with no democratic mandate to speak on anybody's behalf. Her treatment illustrates her generous representation of her faith, the inability of muslim men to accept women in authority and anything other than submission to sharia. Islam does not tolerate 'communities' they submit - or else.

    7. The anti-Islamification blogsite The Gates of Vienna has just been closed down. It is unclear whether this was by Google, the US authorities, where it is based, or through Islamicist attack.

      Criticism of Islam is virtually illegal anywhere now, especially in Scandinavia, Holland and Belgium. The leaders of the EDL have been arrested, Tommy Robinson is in prison and his deputy may follow him there.

      It is weird that the Bilderbergers and their cultural Marxist useful idiots, including our prime minister, give the impression that we are fighting Islamicists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Africa and the Middle East whilst doing nothing to halt and reverse
      islamification in Europe, North America and the Antipodes i.e hitherto white Christian countries; but obviously not for much longer.

    8. The Gates of Vienna is now back on the air but I am sure that the views they express in no way accord with those of the English Democrats.

  6. Nobody understood why Britain and France chose to remove Ghaddafi. However, Russia Today has just informed us that the Al Qaeda supported Islamicists and the high tec weapons in Mali have come from Libya. They showed Ghaddafi two years ago warning the West that he was holding North Africa together, keeping Islamicists down and keeping terrorists out of Europe. Now he is gone and the other "dictators", Assad is next, the Middle East and North Africa are being taken over by anti-Christian Islamicists mostly of the Muslim brotherhood who, we are are told, have infiltrated the regime in Washington. Somebody has just pointed out that Obama at his inauguration put his left hand on the bible - he had to borrow his wife's as he presumably does not possess one - rather than the right. Was this a mistake or was it to invalidate this Christian oath?

    1. I think he is 'keggy' handed.

    2. Yes, would you believe that Wikipedia has a list of the handedness of American presidents. If you learn it by heart you could use that fascinating information to pull the birds. You are right Obama is keggy handed. I will never find the paranoid so and so who posted that about the hand on the bible on yahoo but I am not very grateful to him/ or her for not checking the facts first.

    3. I hesitate to suggest that the left hand way is literally sinister.

    4. Apparently MI5 know Obama was not born in America and hence has no right to be president. If he will lie about that then what else will he lie about so his oath is pretty pointless anyhow. But as a muslim, swearing on the bible can mean nothing to him. There are those in the muslim world who think he is the muslim messiah. Others might think he is the anti-Christ, a mixture of charm and evil. Russia Today has commented that he has imprisoned more whistle blowers than any other president and is turning the US into a (Marxist) police state. As for him being the anti-Christ and the muslim Messiah, perhaps the two are the same thing.