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Friday, 13 July 2012

Unite using London's Bus Drivers as Political Pawns

Is McCluskey’s Unite shamefully using London’s bus drivers as political pawns in an attempt to take over the Labour Party?

It seems that Len McCluskey, the Unite General Secretary, is frustrated with the Labour Party leadership and it has been reported that if his visions for the Labour Party is not implemented then Unite the Union will break links with the Labour Party.

For Red Len McCluskey the Labour Party leadership ought to consult with Unite before making or changing policy. No longer happy with part funding the Labour Party, the ambitious Unite leader wants to take on a more dominant role politically!

Here is a blog article explaining what is afoot and here is the Unite’s “strategy” document

You would think that Unite’s political ambitions would worry any bus driver contemplating strike action as no one wants to be used as a political pawn especially when striking costs money (over £100 per day) which is needed to pay for family needs and a mortgage!

It is right that London’s Bus Drivers receive an Olympic bonus but questions arise as to why Unite failed to get this implemented 5 years ago.

Red Len’s talk of "reclaiming" the Labour Party should not be his number one concern. The primary purpose of any Trade Union should be to improve the long term working condition and pay of its members. Striking should always be a last resort and focussed on long term improvements to working conditions.

It also appears that Unite were offered £350.00 for each bus driver as an Olympic bonus (TLF and bus company payment) but this was rejected. That means Unite members were duped into striking over a one off payment of £150.00 because they had already been offered £350.00.

Seeing Bus Drivers being used as political pawns for Unite’s now publicly known agenda to run the Labour Party, is of concern.

While Red Len talks about principles he is reportedly paid £150,000 a year! This is classic ‘I’m alright Jack’!

But then maybe he and Unite don’t care about their bus drivers, after all aren’t pawns expendable when you want to take over the Labour Party?


  1. There was a time when workers needed the support of the union movement, it has now morphed into a huge 'part of the problem'. They easily appear elitist and divisive. Again there are times when I feel such things are better addressed in a new context of an English Parliament. British unionist bodies seem more and more oppressive

  2. The days of unions such as Unite genuinely representing their members ended a long time ago. Virtually all of the main unions are run by left-wing loons who care more for pushing their warped ideology rather than looking after the interests of the members who pay their wages.

    Also, I wonder if Red Len will be giving up any of his salary on strike days? Even if he does, will it really affect him?