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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

'Bigoted' Multiculturalists Exposed

For those of us with children, now is the holiday season so this excellent and thought provoking article from the Spectator is the perfect antidote to any feeling of family complacency!

The author does however seem oblivious that he is discussig the same kind of multiculturalist bigotry which led to the disgraceful failures, by the 'authorities', to act, amongst other examples, in the recent mostly pakistani muslim male paedophile sex gang case in Rochdale, which we discussed here:

We English Democrats have long had a robust manifesto with items relevant to this issue:-

On Multi-Culturalism "3.16.1 It is a fact that during the past forty years people of many different cultures have come to live in England. Our country is in that sense a multi-cultural society. However, multi-Culturalism is an ideology which suggests that a mix of many cultures in one society is desirable and that it is the duty of government to actively encourage cultural diversity within the state. Further, it suggests that all cultures should be treated as equal. A logical extension of this is that all languages, histories and law codes should be treated equally. This is clearly impossible in a unified country. All ethnic groups should be free to promote their own culture and identity but the public culture of England should be that of the indigenous English. This position is consistent with the rights of indigenous nations everywhere."

And on Policing"2.11.2 English Democrats seek a return to a system of policing which recognises the principle that all citizens are treated equally. In their efforts to prevent crime and catch criminals the police should not be hindered and demoralised by unreasonable ideological constraints."

I am intending to stand in the Essex Police Commissioner election in November. If elected, woe betide any Essex officer with the attitude of Commander Foy!

Here is the article. It is well worth reading and is an interesting indication that the British Establishment mindset supporting multiculturalism is breaking down!

The racism of the respectable
Nick Cohen
24 July 2012

To be a racist in Britain, you do not need to cover yourself in tattoos and join a neo-Nazi party. You can wear well-made shirts, open at the neck, appreciate fine wines and vote Left at election time.

Odd though it may seem to older readers, the Crown Prosecution Service now regards itself as a liberal organ of the state. This week it is making a great play of its success in deterring violence against women. Its lawyers brought 91,000 domestic violence prosecutions last year and secured 67,000 convictions. As I have mentioned in this space before, many criminologists believe that the willingness, not just of prosecutors and the police but of wider society, to take violence against women and children seriously explains the welcome fall in homicide rate. But officialdom’s concern for abused women is strictly colour coded. The CPS will defend women’s rights, but only the rights of white women. Girls with black or brown skins can go hang — or, rather go have their genitalia cut to pieces.

In a report for BBC Newsnight, Sue Lloyd Roberts investigated what euphemists call ‘female circumcision’. I have sympathy with the German court which said that male circumcision was an assault on boys unable to give informed consent, that no rabbi or imam parroting the dictates of Judaism or Islam could excuse. But the female and male versions of ‘circumcision’ are not comparable. Twenty thousand British girls, mainly the daughters of immigrants from Africa, are at risk of what the World Health Organisation calls Type III ‘infibulation’. Their mothers or grandmothers, or maybe an iman or some other variety of priest or ‘traditional healer’ cut off the inner and outer labia and clitoris with scissors or a knife. They tie together the girl's legs for a month so that the labial tissue bonds. It forms a wall of flesh and skin across the vulva, leaving only a hole the size of a matchstick. Sexual intercourse and childbirth, and the passage of urine and menstrual blood become incredibly painful.

Beyond continuing a barbaric tradition, and one should never underestimate the appeal of doing what has always been done, FGM ensures that women remain the property of men. The bridegroom can be certain his bride is a virgin, and have some confidence that she will not sleep around, because the second object of the exercise is to reduce the woman’s libido.

Britain made female genital mutilation a criminal offence in the 1980s. Later we said it was illegal for parents to take their children abroad for the ‘procedure’. Yet although thousands of British girls are the victims of wounding with intent, the CPS has not instigated one prosecution, let alone secured a conviction. Sue Lloyd Roberts illustrated official indifference when she interviewed Somalis in Glasgow. She came up with sensible proposals to prevent child abuse. When doctors saw a mother whose genitals had been mutilated they could insist that medics monitored her daughters. Or when families from an — how to put this in PC language? — ‘at risk’ group left the country, female doctors could examine the daughters on return. She tried to put these ideas to the representatives of Glasgow’s liberal professions — teachers, health and social workers. Not one would go on air.

To his credit, I suppose, Scotland Yard's specialist in child abuse cases Commander Simon Foy found the courage to speak in public. Unfortunately, his words were a disgrace. ‘I am not necessarily sure that the availability of a stronger sense of prosecution will change’ the incidence of FGM ‘for the better,’ he said. Is there any other law that Commander Foy and his superiors think it pointless to enforce? Do senior officers say that prosecuting burglars or rapists or murderers makes no difference? Or is it only in the case of the mutilation of girls from other cultures that the cops abandon their belief in the deterrent power of punishment?

Imitating the French by having medical staff check girls, would infringe the girls’ rights, Foy continued, as he used the language of human rights to justify his failure to uphold the rights of women and girls. In this instance, and in this instance only, the police not only believe that putting alleged criminals on trial is pointless, they add that investigating an alleged crime is a criminal act.

Under white imperialism, colonialists had one set of rules for themselves and another for ‘lesser breeds without the law’. Nineteenth century liberals and socialists berated their double standards. Now the roles are reversed. Men and women who call themselves liberals are the new Blimps.

Their respect for other cultures and celebrations of diversity has undermined equality before the law. Anti-colonialism is no longer an opposition to foreign occupation but opposition to the ‘inappropriate’ imposition of ‘western’ values on the formerly colonised. Fear plays its part in the silence. I know doctors who worry they will be accused of racism if they protest about the mistreatment of girls. They suspect that their employers will not report protesting parents to the police but punish them instead.

I often wonder which of the beliefs or practices that we take for granted the future will regard with repugnance. My best guess is that our insouciance about man’s mass extinction of species will provoke the greatest disgust. But the liberal toleration of illiberalism may run the destruction of the natural world a close second. ‘Just think,’ people will say, ‘in the early 21st century prosecutors, teachers, doctors, social workers and police officers, who considered themselves respectable citizens, did nothing to protect innocent children from injuries they would carry for rest of their lives.’

A brave daughter of African immigrants described the racism of the respectable better than I can. ‘They are so terrified,’ she told the BBC. ‘They are using cultural sensitivity as a barrier to stop themselves from really doing anything. What would you do if the girls had blue eyes and blonde hair? Would FGM still be going on in the UK?’


  1. Actually, there is a list as long as your arm of laws that the police do not bother to enforce

  2. I'm not sure what this bloke is on about. Liberal jews like him have heralded in these practices and peoples with vigour and branded all arguments against tolerance as a virtue as fascist.

    If indeed white girls were subjected to this, these practices and practioners would have been routed out of white Christian society hundreds of years ago. We don't do that stuff and never really have.

    What blue eyed and blonde haired girls do have to suffer is the rape and murder whilst 'cared' for by social services and the police.

    The social Marxism forced on us by the likes of Mr Cohen has silenced the English people and corrupted the establishment to even deny heinous crimes against their own people by their foreign brothers to satisfy the fashionable and perverted political idealogies of a powerful group of anti Christian minorites.

    Faced with the overwhelming evidence of these crimes that have become so widespread and so obvious, they must look for victims from these imported minorities and their home grown perversions enacted on their own offspring, rather than someone else's that you don't care about, to divert attention once again from the crimes associated with the immigation of vast quantities off inassimable, unnecessary, foreign stock on white Christian folk.

    Mr Cohen's homeland deal with these people as they please, they deport them as they have recently deported 60000 somalians.

    Even in the face of the travesty foisted on English girls in England theses vile sounding brasses continue in their mission against us.

  3. This article is itself guilty of predjudice. It ignores the ongoing sexual mutilation of boys in the circumcisions that are forced on them by Jewish and Islamic communities.
    These barbaric practices, whether the victims are male or female; black, brown or white; should be outlawed completely. They have no place in a civilised society.To hell with the whinging from the communities involved. The protection of children should take precedent over the infantile and outdated beliefs of their elders

  4. The article itself is prejudiced as it ignores the similar sexual mutilation of infant and young boys in the circumcision rituals demanded by both the Jewish and Muslim faiths.
    The mutilation of infants in barbaric, outdated and infantile religious rituals should be outlawed and those who break the law prosecuted. If the 'communities' involved don't like it well that's tough. The well-being of children should always take precedent over the stupidity and arrogance of people clinging to idiotic religious beliefs.

  5. The only people who ever thought that the transition from the homogeneous nation states of Europe to "vibrant multicultural societies" was a good thing were those bent on bringing down European Christian Civilisation, the most advanced, progressive and developed the world has ever known. But the fight back has now begun in Scandinavia where Sweden is on the brink, probably destined to be Western Europe's first muslim state. A lady called Ingrid Carlquist, a journalist, together with a Danish colleague are determined to reverse things before it is too late. In 1960 Sweden was peaceful, happy and homogeneous. Now it is a multi-cultural hell with the highest incidence of rape in any erstwhile white country. Sweden, like 1950s England was probably pretty dull but it was civilised and at ease with itself. Now it is "vibrant" but chaotic and crime-ridden and Swedes, forced into silence, are told that the old Sweden is gone for ever and they must integrate into the land the foreigners have made. Not even here would they dare say that even though that is what they are forcing us to do. In Scandinavia, too, the authorities turn a blind eye whilst muslims attack Jews in schools and indigenous Scandinavians are raped by immigrants, one on the steps of the parliament building in Oslo whilst a policeman stood by, frightened of being accused of racism no doubt, after all they would claim she consented.

  6. did you know about the "Muslim SS" in WW2?, now WHO are the Fascists again?

  7. Retrovirus- a not alive organism that can subjugate host cells to self destruct whilst unaware of the attack [as defences are turned on itself] Cured/survived by high temperature, induced internally, which destroy the invaders.

  8. Anthony Whitehead Hodges, Putney.26 July 2012 at 17:56

    The type of simpering, pusillanimous democracy prevalent at the moment in this country embraces all this nonsense of which female genital mutilation is but a small segment. Our politicians are rapidly assuming the posture of politicians in the German Weimar republic and look where that led. We need democracy but we need strong, determined leaders who can make quick decisions that the public are crying out for. My favourite one amongst scores of actions required is the immediate abolition of all quangos and non governmental committees...

  9. It all reminds me of the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The modern-day piper, being an assorted bunch of infantile, immature, pea-brained, self-seeking and totally bonkers liberal politicians, is playing his merry tune whilst the last generations of white children entranced by the Marxist dogma of multiculturalism with which they are bombarded constantly at school and via the media, are led away to extinction. This is no different from the cattle trucks heading for Auschwitz but it is being done in a much more insidious and devious fashion. And it is all, as in the Pied Piper tale, because of the sins of their elders and forefathers, in this case against all peoples who are not of European stock. Beware, for we can already see the opening of the cave in the hillside approaching which will be their tomb. When Nick Griffin said this he was castigated by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. Did the latter really care though? As regards the former, I am sure that he knew that Griffin, for all his faults, was right but to have agreed would have meant an instant fall from grace. I hope he has since prayed for forgiveness.

  10. I like that sort of talk. Close down all the ‘Quangos’ (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation). Also why not investigate Charities many of which are simply holding grounds for young trendy radical Marxists. I have to admire the audacity of the left in using publicly funded organisations as training and employment for future Marxist politicians. I mean if you are a Nationalist you will find there are no publicly funded organisations for which you can turn for employment or support in times of recession, or anytime, for that matter. Not that Nationalists should expect employment by the state doing nothing of any value but then why should Socialists expect such treatment.
    Would it be totally audacious to suggest that most the so-called opposition outside Nationalist movements in the UK is actually funded by the state both directly and covertly?

  11. AS Winston Churchill predicted, the Nazis would rise again. This time they would come in the guise of 'anti-fascists' All the more dangerous as they would be hidden behind a screen of lies and deceit. Perhaps Gerry Adams was right in that politics should be a mixture of the ballot box and armalite. There's certainly a few in Westminster I'd like to see on the business end of a gun.

    1. The Germans fought for their self determination against communism, but the forces of international capital defeated them with their proxy armies.

      Commuinism rose and destroyed the East, as it was bound to do. It has since moved west and begun its conquest by stealth with the long march through the institutions.

      Defeated by outright conflict communism morphed into intellectual social warfare against Christ and white men with political correctness (cultural terrorism}. It is destroying the west from the inside and top down.

      Gerry Adams is a communist and has destroyed Ireland and delivered it to the banks and satan and its native people to the hell of multiculturalism and debt and chaos.

    2. I have just been sent a piece about the danger of fascist Islam written by a German aristocrat who thought the Nazis were just fools until it was too late and he then opposed them and ended up in a concentration camp. Fascist anti-fascists and fascist Islam are now joining forces so that the former are even able to turn their normal thinking on its head and demand the banning of teaching of the holocaust in schools because it offends muslims who deny it.
      We thought Marxist students in the 1970s were just fools, too, but now cultural Marxists, anti-fascist fascists are in power in nearly all the North European countries including this one and of course dominate the EU institutions. But the backlash has begun in Holland and Scandinavia, the traditionally freedom-loving, independent and democratic countries of the protestant north; but how we ever extricate ourselves from a situation where we Europeans will be a minority in large parts of our own continent without bloodshed is the question we must be asking ourselves. Not as long as Europe is dominated by this cultural Marxist political elite. They must be toppled somehow. As regards shooting the people in Westminster, even the modest and unassuming Frank Field is suggesting that. The quiet ones are always the most dangerous!!

  12. I don't know if you will even dare publish this Robin but I have just read some frightening statistics. The average IQ of the Japanese is 105. That of the Chinese 100. That of European countries between 90 and 102, with North European countries, like the UK, being 100 to 102. The average IQ of India is 81 and that of Afro-Carribean countries below that. Is this why Europe, North America, Australasia and the Far East are the way they are and the third world is just that. The Marxists want to stir and stir for a hundred years or more but will that mean the average IQ of European countries and those of European settlement dropping to that of India or below? If the Marxists are aware of this then they are quite obviously total raving lunatics.

    1. A former Leeds University lecturer, Dr Frank Ellis carried out research into just this subject and lost his job for his pains. On the 'Traditional Britain' site there is posted a lecture by him - ' The rise of new variant liberal totalitarianism and the war against England'. It is a chilling and truthful account of our predicament. I commend it to you.

      Similarly, Michael Johnson has just suggested and produced through a msm documentary the idea that slave owners bred their charges selectively, to produce strength - hence black athletes domination of certain events today.

      A baseless and insulting charge if ever there was one, and has he been made a pariah?

    2. The high IQ of Orientals absolutely indubitably works on the fact that that Chinese and Japanese children have to learn writing Ideograms at a very early age and they start sitting down with paint brushes and sugar paper and they have to learn all the elaborate brush strokes necessary to create an Ideogram. The average Chinese child can draw as many Ideograms at the age of ten as a Western University graduate has learned at the age of twenty or even more. I believe that is in the region of five hundred separate signs. There are thousands more. It concentrates the mind wonderfully. Also and maybe because of this Chinese schools are monocultural.
      In poor old England we will see in the state sector a continuous decline of IQ in children due to multiculturalism. In the sense that multiculturalism is like a human form of Gresham’s law; i.e. Bad money drives out the good money in the sense that low intellectual standards due to immigration drive out high intellectual standards. In South London the lowering of standards will utterly damage the educational opportunities of English Ethnic children when they are already a racial minority, I see the crocodiles of school children and straw-poll may ten per cent or less of the children as being ethnic white Caucasian. It is quite simply a total national disaster.
      It is a noticeable fact that politicians like Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron can through their enormous wealth buy their children into the catchments areas of the few ultra high-class state schools in London. No low standards for their children.
      There are simply no words one may use to express the betrayal of the English urban working class by the Liberal classes.

  13. Thanks for the information. I have read what Dr Ellis had to say. I see he is a former member of the SAS and hence no limp-wristed academic. Strange how Leeds University seems to be a hotbed of resistance, partly due to being in Yorkshire I suppose as Yorkshire folk seemed to have inherited from their Viking forebears the same spirit of freedom, independence and democracy as our cousins in Holland and Scandinavia. It is from those countries that we gained our democratic institutions which the Normans destroyed ( sorry to say that they were Danish Vikings too but frenchified by 1066 ). It is with those countries that we need to ally and their freedom parties, especially that of the immensely courageous Geert Wilders in Holland. Another reason why Leeds may be resisting is that they only have to look a few miles west to Bradford to see England's future. I have just learnt that all the Christians have now been driven out of Iraq by the Islamists, fled to Syria where the Islamists are to drive them out again, as out of Egypt, Libya etc. So you can see the future for Christianity here, aided and abetted by the Marxists. As for the black athletes, I always heard that they had an extra bone in their feet which meant they could run faster but they cannot swim like Europeans. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was a Marxist anti-nazi rally designed to be the mirror image of the 1936 Olympics. I think Hitler had some idea of all this even in the 1930s. Blond and blue eyed people are to be driven to extinction by the Marxists, either as was always planned or in revenge for Hitler's extoling of them. As I have said before, if Europeans go down then the Chinese and the Japanese will be the only ones with the IQ to help the rest in any way, shape or form. Where is the logic or is it just sheer hatred of their own race and civilisation by these people, who must be as psychologically unbalanced as Hitler was as he shot off a thousand miles in the opposite direction.

  14. The piece by Dr Frank Ellis on the Traditional Britain site is extremely lengthy but well worth ploughing through. Above all he makes the same point about the abandonment of the working classes by the liberal elites of the left. He even predicts the formation of at least one separate muslim enclave in this country backed by Saudi Arabia et al. I have always thought that eventually West Yorshire and East Lancashire bordering on Greater Manchester would be where that would happen. Whether the English would raise any objection or just pack their bags and leave the way they have in vast swathes of the country over the last 60 years is anybody's guess. Take comfort from the fact that we are not alone. Many countries on the Continent and in Scandinavia are heading the same way.

  15. It is telling that the media have said virtually nothing about the massive Spanish and Grecian uprisings against the eu and the political assasination of their peoples. There is huge and violent opposition that is never mentioned lest we get the same idea, I suppose. Yet the relentless war drums for the annexation of one of the few independent middle eastern nations - Syria contiues.

    Oh, and that dreadful Olympic opening ceremony, one could write a thesis on that travesty. I could be very rude, but I won't.

    1. I have come across a piece by a citizens' rights organisation in Germany and their opposition to the new fiscal treaty designed to produce further integregation in Europe and hence "heal" the euro. Apparently, the new treaty removes the last shred of sovereignty from those countries that have signed up to it. Frank Ellis is very good on the fact that we are being shepherded into a totalitarian Marxist state where free speech is being totally removed. They are getting us accustomed to losing our free speech by creating multicultural states where any criticism of this process will be viewed as racist or a form of hate speech. Once we are accustomed to keeping quiet and look how many people making comments here choose to be anonymous, myself included, then they can press ahead with the further creation of a police state. I wonder how many of you are aware of what Tommy Robinson of the EDL is being treated to by the police. If you were to read it without knowing the victim or the police force you would think it was Nazi Germany or the old Sovient bloc. The police state is now here. Eventually it will be used to silence any criticism of the EU totalitarian centralised state and its eventual successor the one world centralised totalitarian state from which there will be no escape. Thanks for the information on Greece and Spain. I can only think that the spreading of "democracy" via the Arab Spring and eventually "democratic" Islamist states is part of the process of the creation of Eurabia the expansion of the EU into the middle east and from then on eastwards to India. I have mentioned Ingrid Carlquist in Sweden and her attempt to reverse the multicultural process there which, as Frank Ellis says, is the tool the Marxists are using to bring down Western Civilisation and destory white christendom. She has openly stated that she fully expects to be accused of hate speech and to have to defend herself as Geert Wilders did in Holland. Time is running out very fast for Christianity and for the white race and I fear that bloodshed everywhre is now becoming inevitable.

    2. There are indeed genuine nationalist voices, and there are those with their voices muffled. I'm afraid the edl might be constrained. A wily and sophisticated opposition could garner and therefore be able, to a large degree, to control the most fearful and active part of the nationalist spectrum - the young working classes in this way. Mr Wilders has a large degree of support from Israel and allow islam bashing but not much else in my experience, understandably not being great fans of rampant nationalism.

    3. As I have posted elsewhere, Geert Wilders has promised to take Holland out of the euro and the EU if elected. We must hope he is able to do that and put the skids under the one world totalitarian Marxist state. I see that Traditional Britain is in the sights of Searchlight. Who do those vile people speak for?; a motley crew of infantile Marxists; or perhaps there are more powerful people behind them, like our own dear government? I have often spoken of the common sense and logic of those who oppose the Marxists' unworkable project. Frank Ellis speaks of the millions of lives that utopian ideologies like Marxism and Nazism have cost. They are invariably led by people, like the bankers and globalizers, whose one aim is power for themselves, either political and financial. Rather than illogical or lacking common sense he used the word irrational for their utopian projects, simply because they deny human nature and cajole people into going along with them. The word irrational implies some form of psychological impairment and that is what they have whether it was Hitler who blamed all Jews for the involvement of politicised Jews in the Russian Revolution and thought he could actually sustain an empire stretching from the Urals to the Atlantic or the Marxists who think they can dragoon the peoples of the ancient nations of Europe and beyond into abandoning the natural love that all normal people feel for their own race, tribe and nation. Why do they not accept that if the peoples of Yugoslavia, who were all white and spoke variations of the same language, could not be forced forever into a multinational union then why should the peoples of Europe who speak what must be about a hundred and whose cultures are as different, let alone the millions of non-European immigrants be ready to be straightjacketed in this way? I have a suspicion that the next move of these people will be to make xenophobia an imprisonable offence, that would cover any opposition to multiculturalism; but only Europeans can be xenophobic of course; as well as opposition to the EU on the grounds that it is forcing together European peoples with other European peoples that they are not particularly fond of and don't want to share a bed with. I expect that Germans would be the winners there unfortunately, all over the Continent.
      Such a law would silence us all, including any references to the advantages that the other nations of these islands enjoy over us.

    4. I'm not sure why Hitler wanted to continually expand his borders. It was certainly not the original intention. I think that he realised that he would never be allowed to succeed and knew that he might as well fight on all fronts and die with some honour rather than accept the inevitable.

      At the risk of being called a heretic, and the rest, I commend a bnp film on the structure and organisation of the forces that are attempting to control or own the growing nationalist sentiment through native european peoples. Mr Griffin is not kind about civic nationalism but his presentation is interesting and educational.

      Perhaps a warning for us.